CM Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray’s address to state today;

We are meeting after several days. You may be aware of the reasons for today’s meeting.
I wanted to meet you for reasons apart from Corona. But you are not at home nowadays. No one wants to sit at home for no reason, including myself. Of course, these restrictions were necessary.
In the first week of March, Maharashtra will complete a year since the first Corona patient was detected.

The other day, someone asked me about my most satisfying moment in those difficult days of the lockdown. I said it was that you all accepted me as a member of your family.
I feel it takes good fortune to establish such a relationship with the people. I was fighting this battle against Corona with your blessings. We were in this war together and taking Maharashtra ahead in such trying times.
In Maharashtra, around 9L front-line warriors have been vaccinated.

Initially, there were some misgivings about the vaccine and its likely adverse effects. However, the lack of side-effects among those vaccinated have laid to rest any doubts.
In another two months, a couple of companies will give us more vaccines. Their production and trials are underway. Soon, we will get more vaccine stocks, after which we will open up vaccination for citizens.
But, till then, what do we do?

Day before, I went to Shivneri for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Jayanti. It was my good fortune to perform this sacred duty as a CM.

When I went there, I realised that the crowds were lesser than last year, but the enthusiasm was the same.
In those days, battles were fought with swords and shield. Swords to attack & shields to protect.

This is also a world war against the Corona virus. But as we fight it, we don’t have a sword as work on a vaccine is underway. But there is a shield, which is our mask.
If we fall short in wearing masks, this invisible enemy will attack. At times, he will even attack us through our friends and dear ones. Let me request you again. wearing masks is mandatory. Both, before and after being vaccinated.
There were just two testing labs in Maharashtra before and the number has risen to around 500 now. The number of beds has grown from 750 to 4 lakh. We fought this uphill battle with grit and determination and took Maharashtra ahead.
But Corona is rearing its head in the state again. We will know in the coming fortnight if we will have a wave. We got relaxed in the intervening period.

People started going out, attending weddings. Hotels, shops, locals & places of worship were opened up.
But, after these facilities were opened up, it is expected that you all should follow COVID appropriate behaviour. Those who seek that restrictions be eased should not break this discipline.
But there was a gradual onset of laxity and people stopped wearing masks. This also happened in western countries. Corona is a cyclical disease, and it has to be ended when cases are on the downswing.
In many western countries, there is a resurgence in COVID cases leading to a lockdown for 1-1.5 months in countries like Israel, Brazil, Germany, Kuwait, Dubai, New Zealand and Britain. In Britain, the lockdown is in force since December-end.
Lockdown is not the way out, but stopping physical contact is the way to break the transmission chain. A century ago, there was a Spanish Flu.

Then also masking up, washing hands, maintaining physical distancing was the strategy used.
In banquet halls, including those in five-star hotels, we have imposed strict conditions.

If we find any rules being flouted in these banquet halls, we are taking action against the management. Fines are also being imposed on those found without masks in public.
Gradually, normal activity has resumed. The idea was to revive the stalled economic cycle. Unfortunately, while the economy was reviving, the danger of Corona is upon us again.
Let me put forth some numbers before you. Please think about it. Today, there were 6,971 positive cases in our State. A fortnight ago, the cases were in the range of 2,000 to 2,500.
The number of active cases, which had fallen to just 40,000, is now at 53,000 in Maharashtra. Cases are also rising in Mumbai and Pune. This has happened in the span of just a week.
From tomorrow, all political, social and religious events will be banned for a few days.

The ‘My Family, My Responsibility’ campaign was launched when you were sitting at home, but it will be difficult to do it now and will strain the system.
I feel like this campaign, we must start a ‘Me Jababdar’ (I am responsible) drive. Here, everyone will take responsibility to mask up in public, use sanitisers and maintain physical distance.
Now, my question to you is, should we impose a lockdown?

I will seek this answer from you in the coming eight days. Those who do not want a lockdown will observe protocols like using masks, washing hands and keeping physical distance.
People who want a lockdown again, will flout these rules. Let us see who wants a lockdown, and who doesn’t. I am very clear about this.

Wear a mask - prevent a lockdown.
Observe discipline - prevent a lockdown.

Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!

• • •

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20 Dec 20
मुख्यमंत्री उद्धव बाळासाहेब ठाकरे यांनी आज महाराष्ट्रातील जनतेला संबोधित केले. यावेळी त्यांनी पुढीलप्रमाणे मुद्दे मांडले:
मी आजपर्यंत जे जे आपल्याला सांगत आलो, ते ते आपण मनापासून अमलात आणत गेलात आणि म्हणूनच मी म्हणेन की आजच्या परिस्थितीवर आपण पूर्णपणे काबू मिळवला नसला तरी काही प्रमाणात नक्कीच नियंत्रण मिळवलं आहे.
जवळपास सर्व गोष्टी आता उघडलेल्या आहेत. रहदारी सुरू झालेली आहे, कारभार सुरू झालेले आहेत, येणं-जाणं भेटणं याही गोष्टी सुरू झालेल्या आहेत. मात्र आपला कुटुंबप्रमुख म्हणून प्रत्येक पावलावर सावध रहा हे सांगणं माझं कर्तव्य आहे.
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22 Nov 20
CM Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray’s address to the state today;

I would like to thank you all for your cooperation in not bursting crackers during Diwali and celebrating it in a disciplined manner like all other festivals.
Places of worship have reopened but let’s ensure we carry out festivities and celebrations without forming crowds.
With your cooperation, the My Family My Responsibility campaign has been successful and vital in curbing COVID-19 cases. I would like to thank all the doctors, medical staff, officers and all essential staff for their efforts and bravery in making it successful.
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22 Nov 20
मुख्यमंत्री उद्धव बाळासाहेब ठाकरे यांनी आज महाराष्ट्रातील जनतेला संबोधित केले. यावेळी त्यांनी पुढीलप्रमाणे मुद्दे मांडले:
काल मी हुतात्मा चौक येथे गेलो होतो. संयुक्त महाराष्ट्रामध्ये ज्यांनी बलिदान दिले, त्यामुळे ही राजधानी आपल्याला मिळाली. ४ दिवसांनी २६ नोव्हेंबर येतोय. तोही एक वेगळा लढा होता. मुंबईत घुसलेल्या पाकिस्तानी अतिरेक्यांना बहाद्दर पोलिसांनी, NSG कमांडोंनी तिथे जाऊन ठोकून काढले.
ज्या ज्या वेळेला आपण असा लढा दिला त्या, लढ्यात आपण यश मिळवलं. कारण आपली जिद्द! एकदा का महाराष्ट्राने काही करायचं ठरवलं की महाराष्ट्र करून दाखविल्याशिवाय राहत नाही. हा आजपर्यंतचा इतिहास आहे आणि त्याच इतिहासाची पुनरावृत्ती कोरोनाबरोबरच्या लढाईमध्ये करायची आहे.
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