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22 Feb, 42 tweets, 11 min read
So I dug into this much further since media seems to still be honouring the taboo about challenging the beliefs of those who identify as devoutly faithful.

Note: these beliefs are common in certain church teachings.
This is the central issue with Grace Life Church. The pastors and congregation have decided obeying secular laws interferes with their obedience to god.

Though I struggle to see where god or the bible commands the faithful get to pick and choose which secular laws to follow.
That’s what this showdown is all about. Religious freedom.

Do those claiming fervent religious belief have the freedom to choose which secular (read government legislated) laws they will honour and adhere to?

JCCF says yes, it’s a religious freedom to ignore secular laws.
Meaning, human rights laws, public health laws, perhaps even tax laws etc. can be selectively ignored and disobeyed if a case can be made that it contravenes God’s law.
In case people are wondering, the church & many other churches with similar beliefs state “Keeping the Sabbath Holy” is God’s law. The only way to properly submit oneself to obey the commandment is to worship in a church with the entire community.

Pandemics are no excuse.
The interpretation by this church, and several other churches, states worshipping as a community is a requirement of God’s commandment. Though there is no evidence of this in the bible, as several other churches are operating within covid mandated orders without disobedience.
But, the argument hinges on God’s commandment. Meaning challenging god himself is required to refute this belief. At least it is a direct challenge to God in the minds of the congregants and pastors.

This presents a very tricky situation.
This far, the CMOH, the RCMP and the Justice of the Peace have all challenged God by enforcing public health orders.

That’s where the furor and rage from the Evangelical Christian community is coming from. They believe their religious freedom is being threatened and undermined.
Closing the church until Covid is less of a risk or alternatively allowing this church and many other church communities to independently select which public health laws they will adhere to are the disparate choices available to AHS and the provincial government.
Compliance doesn’t seem to be an option. The pastor’s refusal to adhere to JotP orders and today’s overflowing church attendance make that clear.

JCCF and John Carpay are committed to see this court case through to the Supreme Court of Canada regardless of the Alberta decision.
Several other like minded churches across Canada have filed court cases. In BC, Manitoba and Alberta.

This is a coordinated strategy to challenge constitutional rights & freedoms & provincial and federal govt’s legal ability to temporarily suspend rights during emergencies.
It’s tied closely to the Liberty Coalition’s stated issues. Notice the demand to release Grace Life’s Pastor Coates is in addition to demand to allow restaurants to open.
Additional support has been provided for this religious freedom and freedom of association challenge by Rebel Media, Restaurants Assn of Canada and a Stollery Hospital physician.

Same issues, same demographic supporting this cause.

This is the far right base supporters.
Radicalized Christian Nationalist Extremists, White supremacists, Restaurant owners, Q’Anon members.

It’s not a coincidence that MP Gallant was stating Liberals want to legalize child sex.

It’s a coordinated campaign to challenge government authority and the constitution.
Backed by some federal, provincial and municipal politicians across Canada. This is not limited to Edmonton or Alberta. And someone or a group is funding this initiative. Beyond Restaurants Canada.
This is a well funded and organized attempt to force a minority’s demands on the rest of Canadians.

Led by Dominionist Christians, and supported by radicalized evangelical Protestants, Catholics and Charismatic Christians, Q’Anon believers, white supremacists & conservatives.
Sound familiar? It’s the same demographic as Trump’s insurgents who stormed the Capitol building in DC in January 2021.

What were they doing? Attempting to prevent constitutional transfer of power procedures.

Challenging the constitution and the validity of the 2020 election.
They turned on one of their own Christian Nationalists, VP Mike Pence, when he refused to block the declaration of electoral college votes. Many threatened to hang him.

They also threatened to kill House and Senate Democrats for treason.
Fuelled by Evangelical beliefs that Christians can pick the secular laws they honour & reject as invalid the laws they don’t want. Like election laws and who should possess suffrage.

It’s the same beliefs & values backing Liberty Coalition & JCCF constitutional challenges.
One might begin to assume it could be the same funders paying for these activities and for the promotion of anti democratic Christian beliefs to be propagated throughout evangelical church congregations and to create Q’Anon conspiracy theories.
But that would require you to consider a real conspiracy to destroy democracy was in play.

And sceptics don’t like to believe in conspiracies, regardless whether they’re real or not.

This is what happens when we do not challenge political ends using religious beliefs.
What is being proposed by the Liberty Coalition and JCCF is the abandonment of law and order: anarchy.

If a minority gets to arbitrarily (using the bible for guidance) choose which laws they follow, there are essentially no laws to follow. No one will follow the law.
Which is the whole point of these JCCF multiple legal cases and conservative premier’s multiple legal cases challenging the constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Which I’ve been warning about for 4 years.
Well, it doesn’t matter if anyone believes me anymore. It’s upon us. This is an attempted coup by far right Christian extremists to remove the constitution & impose theonomy.

It’s exactly the same strategy the US Christian far right used to challenge the 2020 election results.
So we know what comes next.

The religious “freedom” to choose which laws to follow will be denied. And a large group of people with no tether to reality will attempt to overthrow our government.

Conversely, Kenney could embolden this group and just open churches fully.
Either way, Albertans and Canadians are in for a very bumpy few months.

Radicalized extremists endangering lives, vaccinations for covid being performed, new variants causing a third wave, climate change realities making life difficult, a possible federal election.
And the ever present threat of violence from religious, cult and nationalist extremists, all tacitly approved by likeminded law enforcement.

Sounds fun! (Extreme sarcasm)

Told ya I knew what was coming.

Feel free to poke holes. But the analysis is solid.
I’ve been warning about this for three years that conservatives were attempting to replace the constitution, remove all Charter rights and freedoms except religious freedom and add private property rights as a human right.
Thus the transposition of religious freedom to ignore secular authority and restaurants demand to open with no restrictions.

Does that make sense now?

It should. Because that is what has been the plan all along.
It’s the Koch inspired long game plan to lock democracy in chains.

The stealth plan to restrict suffrage to property owners and return to a patriarchal hierarchy governed by God’s law.

Creating the Kingdom of god on earth. And fulfilling the “Great Commission.”
So, now that the plans are all out in the open, we best get to work organizing to take down this global cabal.

What would help is to determine who is ultimately behind this conspiracy to remove democracy?

That requires actual intelligence community evidence.
I only have open source evidence. And there is plenty of it.

But dark money evidence is beyond my pay grade.

I suspect many, but it’s law enforcement and national security folks who need to investigate. They have the resources. Not me. They also have the power to subpoena.
But if a stay-at-home mom with a love of history and a penchant for big picture analysis could figure this out 4 years ago, where the F have the actual people responsible for this nation been. And I mean the public servants.
Politicians aren’t responsible for surveillance and analysis. They receive & consume those reports. It’s the public servants who generate this information.

And investigative journalists with gut instincts who root out corruption and subterfuge.
Nothing has been hidden from the public. The far right Christian Nationalist agenda is well known and quite public.

But it’s taboo to challenge religious beliefs.

These are not religious beliefs. They’re political goals. Religion is a convenient cover.
There are people who fervently believe in god. There are also charlatan Christian pastors & leaders who use psychological manipulation to con the faithful out of money and replace their critical thinking skills with blind obedience.
Those behind this scam are doing it globally. It’s not just Canada, or the US. This is occurring repeatedly globally. In Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox, Hindu, Buddhist communities.

Faith is being used to achieve political removal of democracy & replaced with autocracy.
Which means the people behind this initiative are very wealthy and very well connected.

There are three main adversarial foreign states that reject democracy and promote autocracy: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia.
Whomever is coordinating the Liberty Coalition and JCCF attack on Canadian democracy is connected to those three nation’s leaders and Trumpism.

Conservatives continue to point fingers at LPC. But that’s laughable.
This is about to come to a head in Canada. Sometime this week we will receive our answer about who is actually in charge of covid policy in the premier’s office. Kenney or Carpay.

It should be clear after that who represents the real threat to Canadian national security.
Who they work for is another question. I can’t answer that.

But I’ve narrowed it down to Dominionists. The ultra wealthy who are willing to globally conspire to maintain the traditional hierarchy.

There aren’t very many of those people around. It’s a relatively short list.
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23 Feb
JFC people are gullible & easily gaslit into believing this is actually condemnation of the TWO public protests that took place this weekend.

It’s not. It’s a PR attempt to boost the image of premier persona non grata, and complete obfuscation of what these rallies were about.
The TWO rallies were on Saturday, during the day.

What kind of useless comms people take 48 hours to write a lame response? No announcement, just a written statement.

That’s a cop out by an unpopular politician who’s obviously checked what most are opining about the protests.
How many people are focussed on the tiki torches and completely ignore the religious overtones and extremism? The two bigoted views intersect in the TWO protests, not just one.

One protest was at the legislative grounds and downtown Edmonton.
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21 Feb
This woman’s continued employment is an affront to democracy, decency, pluralism and reality. Crafting communications from this perspective is stochastic terrorism.

This is wholly unacceptable and MUST be addressed.

This will not be ignored by the public.
No more hiding behind privacy to protect people who actively promote breaking the law and spread covid disinformation.

If your rhetoric is in support of known insurrectionist violence, you are an insurrectionist in waiting.
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21 Feb
O’Toole is protecting an unhinged extremist Christian Nationalist who is inciting STOCHASTIC TERRORISM. This is the same type of rhetoric that inspired the Capitol insurrection attack.

They called Biden a pedophile & accused Pelosi & Schumer of drinking the blood of babies.
She also accuses PMJT of fixing the election.

This is how stochastic terrorism works.

Using this type of toxic “Big Lie” rhetoric raises the probability of lone wolf terrorism by far right radicalized extremists to very close to 100%. It’s impossible to predict when or where.
But it will happen if this kind of rhetoric continues to be used. That’s a certainty. Not a probability.

Q’Anon conspiracy theories are overlaying Evangelical Christian Nationalist beliefs about the divine liberty of “true”Christians.
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19 Feb
Allowing this to be propagated as is without clarification is irresponsible.

CERB was a wage replacement for employed citizens.

GST credits are federal tax rebates.

Child bonuses were an attempt to provide additional social benefits to those with children.
Carbon Tax is in response to a global (never mind national) existential threat.

Only one is an infringement on provincial purview. And is meant to supplement provincial benefits already available.

The remainder are federal purview.
Several provinces have taken the feds to court over imposing a national tax. Because they refute the federal purview to impose a tax.

Not for any concern for citizens, but to protect large corporations who are actually the target of carbon levies.
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16 Feb
Covid is airborne. For this who don’t understand this medical term, that means it spreads when we inhale covid virus that is exhaled by an infected person.

The old virus was highly contagious. About 15 minutes and a small but significant viral load was required for infection.
Over 21K people have died and 827K have been infected in Canada.

And that’s with most of the population making severe choices to distance, wear masks and eliminate unnecessary outings.

The new virus variants are more infectious.
Meaning these variants require a far smaller viral load to infect or perhaps a smaller amount of exposure time or the virus lingers in the air and stays infectious for long after the host has left the area (like measles).
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15 Feb
Remember when American far right promoted seniors sacrificing themselves so the economy could remain strong for their children and grandchildren?

In the UK, the cons have broadened that narrative to include parents of children in school.
The woman in the embedded thread was told she had already lived long enough and she should sacrifice herself for her children’s mental health.

That’s insane. The use of consequentialist ethics to ensure working parents can continue to work is reprehensible & diabolical.
In the ongoing conversation in the thread, some reference is made to comorbidities.

As if health issues are relevant to the situation?! She should gladly sacrifice her life so that her children can be with their peers and receive an education. WTAF?!?
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