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22 Feb, 8 tweets, 5 min read
The lead story in today's @BusinessDayNg is an absolute must-read for everyone who may be interested in #Nigeria

We're six years into the Buhari second-coming, and the results are in. Buhari is the worst thing to have happened to this country.
Why is he the worst thing?

It is very simple. Under his watch, our economy has developed a chronic case of stunted growth. And @BusinessDayNg has all the meat. Let me quote a few excerpts from the article...
"With data from @nigerianstat showing a 1.9% contraction
in 2020, it means #Africa’s largest economy has now failed to match its average population growth rate of 2.6% for 6

This means that we've effectively been decelerating for the last six years.

There's more...
"When @MBuhari became president in 2015, he promised to
reform an economy hooked on petrodollars, reduce poverty
and create jobs, yet the numbers show he achieved the exact opposite."

This is VERY true as the attached chart shows...
"6 years of contracting per capita GDP has wrecked pain
on businesses and households, whether they understand what is happening or not."

It is happening to ALL of us be we wailers or hailers or ponmo eaters. The ponmo don dey cost at the same time as more people are out of work!
And all of this is happening as the naira in the pocket of all of us is losing value, and we are all getting poorer.

As @BusinessDayNg succinctly puts it, "For many businesses it has meant dwindling profit; for many individuals, a lack of jobs and worsening poverty."
There are 2 years left of this govt, but we can confidently write off 2022 as a year of politicking since all the gladiators will be jostling to replace @MBuhari in 2023.

The funny thing is, they will be jostling to take over a wreck. Under this man, our debts have ballooned.
It's just depressing to think of it, but the only thing that is apt here is Matt 25:14-30, KJV.

In 2015, we gave the talents to someone who had no idea what to do with them. He ended up burying not only the talents, but he buried us along with them.

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19 Feb
Let me build upon this in the light of the murder of six Fulani kids in Oba:

Each time a new militia comes up, people tend to support them because they think that what the militia are doing aligns with what they agree with.
A very recent example is when #BokoHaram started. A lot of Northerners tacitly supported them because the group's teachings aligned with the Wahhabi Islam that is prevalent in Northern #Nigeria, and so they felt that Boko Haram was something for them.
Of course, #BokoHaram didn't start by killing Muslims, and many Northerners saw the initial victims as "the enemy".

When "the enemy" is being killed by the militia that is "on your side", you either give overt support, or you become complicit by not saying anything.
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19 Feb
In the past few weeks, I've been on a nationwide tour. A lot of it by road. I have spoken with people in all of #Nigeria's geopolitical zones. Lots of people.

Let's just say that attitudes have hardened. Nigeria is in for a really rough ride in the coming months and years.
There will be not much added to the conversation if I talk about @MBuhari's absolute failure to manage #Nigeria's diversity.

It goes without saying that Buhari's blatant nepotism and disregard for the rule of law has created precedents that will come to bite us.
Buhari's successor is likely to do the same in terms of narrow appointments to the spoils of office, and in a country as unproductive as ours, the danger is at some point, someone will simply opt to remain in power, with the support of his "countrymen" to "avoid marginalisation".
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15 Jan
#Nigeria tells us that today is #ArmedForcesRemembrance Day, a day set aside for our “heroes” in uniform.

We'll do well to remember the lives that have been lost to various atrocities in this blood-stained country of ours...
While there is no doubt to my mind that many officers in @HqNigerianArmy are heroes, think Sani Bello who saved the life of Gen. Ironsi’s ADC, Andrew Nwankwo, or Usman Jibrin, who flew many Igbo officers to safety during the pogroms of 1966...
or even Mohammed Shuwa, who ensured that Igbos were protected in the area under his command, the fact is that on the balance, @HqNigerianArmy has a murderous reputation, and as I once referred to them, are an equal opportunities brutaliser.
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5 Jan
Umu Igbo ka anyi juo onwe anyi ajuju: Okonkwo ọ bụ odogwu?
Ubọchị ole na ole gara aga, agbaara m ntuli aka na Twitter, na-ajụ maka Okonkwo na Akwụkwọ nke a na akpọ Things Fall Apart. Ọ bụ dike?

Emechara m ntuli aka a n'Igbo, asụsụ ndị nna nna m, n'ihi na ọ bụ naanị ndị Igbo ka e mere ntuli aka ahụ.

Dika m tụrụ anya ya, imirikiti ndị zara ya, pasent iri asaa, kwenyere na Okonkwo bụ dike. mu onwem, ọ na atam echiche.
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5 Jan
An acquaintance of mine was attacked around Orlu two days after Christmas. They were taken to a literal "kidnap factory", where the people involved kept bringing in more victims.
His assailants made him open his phone, went through all his banking apps and made him transfer all the money they could see to some accounts.

These guys weren't even bothering to hide the accounts, indicating a level of impunity that is worrying.
Eventually, after extracting all they could from his accounts (he spent a day in their custody), he was stripped to his boxers, his shoes taken, then he was given ₦500 "as transport" and released.
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4 Jan
Part of my problem with #Nigeria's way of doing things (asides from the routine anyhowness) is the "unmerited favour" approach, even to governance.

Please read this story, and then let's talk about it.
At best this is government-by-wishful thinking, at the middle, it is government-by-banter or government-by-miracles, and at worst, plain sabotage.

It is what is so annoying about the way we do things here.
How can you tell us that the first batch of vaccines will arrive in the country at the end of this month, tell us you aim to vaccinate 20% of the population, then in the same breath, tell us that your committee has not yet selected the vaccine most appropriate for the country?
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