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This figure is astounding. And the problem is particularly acute in the north. What an indictment of the Nigerian elites… Has anything been learned from the #BokoHaram experience? It’s in the very name of Boko Haram, ffs. “Western education is forbidden”.
Even if that name is a derisive designation by critics, it is true that the movement has criticised state-style education, and has brutally targeted it. It’s not just the Chibok girls: remember the massacre of schoolboys, the destruction of schools!
And even before things got violent, Mohamed Yusuf was criticising state-promoted, state-producing, Western-style education. For some of the content. But also because he perceived it as the beginning of an “allegiance” to the Nigerian state.
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Seeing new #JASDJ #BokoHaram videos doing the rounds… Different groups of fighters in different settings, talking in different languages (Arabic, Buduma, Kanuri, Kanembu and Arabic). Clearly, we are near the Lake. A thread. Image
In these videos (complete with antics à la Shekau), they affirm their loyalty to their imam, Abu Umaymah (mentioned in a prior video as replacement for Sahalaba, recently executed by JASDJ). It's not a pledge, though. It's about rejecting unambiguously any agreement with #ISWAP. Image
JASDJ does not name ISWAP. They call them apostates and “murjiah”, a term that refers to an old interpretation of Islam according to which one has to delay (irja) passing judgment on people, God being the only judge. In modern Salafi-jihadi parlance, this means “softies”.
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Some thoughts on the BLA attack in #Karachi University [Thread]

No doubt, the #Baloch insurgency has been redefining itself since 2011. What is surprising is how Baloch separatists, many of whom define themselves as secular nationalists, have now started following the same
strategy that has been used by hardcore Islamists such as #Bokoharam in Nigeria, Islamic State (#ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, Al Qaeda, and #Taliban in #Afghanistan. Use of women as suicide bombers.
This is the fifth rebellion in #Balochistan, and the current one is the longest, which broke out in early 2000. Still, it’s the first time the separatist GROUP #BLA has used a female suicide bomber to attack #Chinese nationals in #Karachi. There are many reasons.
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Learning something about Mohamed Yusuf, founder of the movement often known as #BokoHaram, known for his opposition to aspects of Western education ("Boko") which he deemed incompatible with Islam...
Yusuf was not always hostile to "Boko". His own children, including Habib Yusuf, who became the wali of #ISWAP in 2016, used to attend Al Kanemi College in Maiduguri, a private institution of repute, using English as teaching language (but also teaching Arabic).
But after Yusuf developed his criticism of "Boko", he removed his kids from Al Kanemi and sent them to a Quranic school in Maiduguri.
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"Hindutva means the Indian culture and not merely the Hindu religion" - The Supreme Court of India, 1995.


#SalmanKhurshid in his new book compared 'Hindutva' to the ideology of #BokoHaram and #ISIS.

This thread is a rebuttal to this outrageous claim.

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1/ Minority Rights

Boko Haram & ISIS: No place for minorities.

India: Minorities constitute about 19% population. India is the birthplace of many religion such as Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc. Version of Islam such as Ahmadiya movement & Sufism found home in India.
2/ Tolerance

Boko Haram & ISIS: Co-religionists who do not adhere to the specific endorsed version are persecuted too. Eg: Shia persecution

India: Hinduism is known for its diversity & tolerance. Every region has different manifestation. Yet they coexist peacefully.
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#Nigéria vidéo de 16:51 de l’#EI sur les opérations dans le #Borno & #Yobi sur plusieurs mois. Extrait 1 qui confirme encore une fois l’usage de blindé en tête des troupes pour percer les défenses de l’armée
#Nigéria #EI Extrait 2 qui confirme encore une fois l’allégeance absolue au calife Ibrahim en full gear. S’il faut encore le rappeler, si les dynamiques locales priment l’allégeance et la filiation sont bien réelles
#Nigéria extrait3 démonstration de force depuis plusieurs localités suite à l’absorption de la majorité des forces du #JAS [#BokoHaram] suite à la mort de #Shekau. Discours du porte parole en fond. Mise en scène rappelant la période d’apogée de l’EIIL puis #EI en #Syrie #Irak
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A thread on recent events in Sambisa. There are some reasons to think #ISWAP has largely prevailed for now in the struggle that broke out in August with malcontent #JASDJ groups who refused to rally. #BokoHaram
A 15-minute ISWAP video has been circulating for a few days, which discusses the issue of the JASDJ dissenters. The video comprises of four segments.
First, there is a short extract by Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi, the official spokesperson of the Islamic State, taken from a speech he made after Shekau’s death. The extract chosen welcomes the victory of ISWAP over the “khawarij”, the “extremists”.
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Significance Of September 6: From Nigerian Army Declaring Me Wanted To Shaping HumAngle

On Sept. 6, five years ago, I landed in Abuja on an Emirates flight from the UAE after the Nigerian Army declared me a wanted man on Aug. 14, 2016. I heard the news on Al Jazeera before I began to receive calls from friends and family.
I was very shocked because I had a chat with the COAS less than 2wks before the embarrassing declaration by the Army under his leadership. According to the Army spokesman at the time, my crime was that I knew where the #ChibokGirls were and refused to share their location.
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About the reports on #BokoHaram associates defecting in Cameroon & Nigeria... a thread... First, it is a welcome development, and it is clear that it has a lot to do with the Lake Chad states setting up and advertising defection/reintegration programmes.
Jihadis would not come out if it were not for those programmes, which make clear to them that there is a safe way out. It seems previous defectors play a big role in facilitating additional exits, too - informing potential defectors & contacting the authorities on their behalf.
So much for critics of these programmes... Yes, these pgs come with flaws, but if they can get some people to stop fighting, they are useful.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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I definitely agree, @judithverweijen. So let me try and reflect a bit about policy and knowledge re: global jihad and African franchises based on what I have learnt from the #BokoHaram field...
As the title of your paper makes clear, your preoccupation with the insistance on the global jihadi connection of the (former?) ADF has to do essentially with policy, not with knowledge.
I share that concern: reductio ad jihadum is very dangerous indeed, & states should not be given a free pass just because their enemy is jihadi or has jihadi connections. Jihadi draw their strength from the unfair and abusive nature of states and of the global system.
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Sergey Soygu, Russian defence minister, has subbed #America like eight times in his speech. FTT, he's right. America has lost the war in #Afghanistan.

"#Africa is of particular concern because our Western partners have not allowed them to stabilise economically."

Is he right? Image
He just reminded us that the Soviet Union supported many liberation movements with #Africa, and has offered a hand of friendship.

P.S I hate it when they (and they're all guilty of this) of talking of Africa as a country.
Another direct sub: "we will sign agreements with our African friends without imposing our ways on you like our Western partners do."
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1. Not convinced by this Soufan Center piece on the death of Shekau and the future of #BokoHaram #ISWAP. It includes some good (though by now not original) analysis but also some claims that are disputable to very disputable… A thread.
2. The piece claims that it was al-Baghdadi who “personally ordered Shekau’s ejection from ISWAP”. I wonder about the evidence for this. There has never been a statement from the IS about Shekau’s demise – in August 2016, they only announced Abu Musab as the new wali.
3. The piece mentions Shekau had “Cameroon-based fighters”. As far as I know, JASDJ’s fighters are in the hills on the Nigerian side of the border, not in Cameroon – though of course they do raid into Cameroon.
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1. Another #BokoHaram thread, this time about #ISWAP’s Abu Musab al-Barnawi audio about the death of #Shekau (Abu Musab is chatty these days). He says that Shekau was attacked in his markaz and fled, and escaped capture for several days.
2. ISWAP fighters tried to convince Shekau to surrender, but he blew himself up.
3. Abu Musab reiterates his earlier statement that they told Shekau “we didn't come to kill you, come and repent and obey the orders of Amirul mumineen. In his wisdom, he may reappoint you as a leader and we are ready to accept his position”.
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1. More news from ISWAP – in an audio released some time ago (before the Sambisa blitz against #Shekau, I think), Abu Musab al Barnawi, the ad interim boss (wali?) of #ISWAP #BokoHaram, details a point he had made in a statement that I have commented earlier. A thread.
2. This new audio revolves around Abu Musab's earlier promise to review past injustices committed by ISWAP. He reiterates. He calls all those aggrieved, whether ISWAP members or civilians, to put forth their claims. He confirms a forum will examine these claims.
3. He insists justice applies to leadership, rank and file, and civilians alike. He insists both leaders and followers in ISWAP have done some wrong. He insists that even soldiers of the Caliphate will be punished if they kill without a good reason.
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I've read a lot of the comments here. Let me give my two kobo, and most of it is reflective…

The reality is that Buhari dares not speak to the South West, the North or the South in the condescending tone he addresses the SE and #Nigeria's youth.
The man shows more deference to even #BokoHaram, bandits and other terrorists than he does to these two demographics.

It shows that the South-East political class have a lot to reflect on.

Why the disrespect from all sides?
The answer is simple: our political class are orphans and people like Buhari know it.

The SE political elite does not have the support of South-Easterners, and why is that?

Over the weekend, Ladipo Market in Lagos caught fire. The majority of the affected people were Igbo.
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1. This is #BokoHaram thread-day, it seems… This time about the situation now prevalent in the Sambisa. I indirectly got some feedback from the #JASDJ side… It looks like, with Shekau gone, the incorporation of JAS into ISWAP is well on its way.
2. First, some info about the recent events gets additional verification. Yes, there was fighting in Sambisa (and JAS fighters did not lose it all). Yes, Shekau blew himself up, killing some ISWAP members. Yes, Abu Musab is ISWAP’s leader.
3. JAS now counts 20 subgroups, each presumably under a qaid (did some qaed die during the ISWAP push? Not known. Also, is Bakura counted as one of the 20?)
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1. In the long version of the audio released in Hausa before his death on 18 May, Abubakar Shekau, the leader of #JASDJ #BokoHaram, gives interesting bits about the events that were leading to his ultimate defeat. He also sheds light on more long term issues. A thread…
2. Shekau confirms that ISWAP (never named) entered Sambisa, and that some fighting took place. He also insists that ISWAP flipped over a number of JAS members.
3. He notes that ISWAP was pressing him to pledge allegiance to Abu Ibrahim, the current Islamic State Caliph, adding that they promised him he would be acknowledged as wali of “the whole African continent” if he did.
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JUST IN: The man behind the rumored Okitipupa #BokoHaram training/Invasion has been unveiled in a new video which has just emerged. The video which time and location is yet to be ascertained shows how the man set the @HQNigerianArmy, #Amotekun and #IPOB against one another.
Part I
Part II
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If you have an interest in the political economy and governance of jihad, and its interaction with pastoralisms (or cattle-rearing), a good piece by Florian Köhler about #ISWAP #BokoHaram and cattle-rearers in the Diffa region of Niger… a thread…
If you are impatient with the growing mass of gnosis and dribble that gets published about #BokoHaram, commentaries of exegesis of interviews with diplomats, security experts and NGO workers, read that piece – it includes actual fieldwork. Yes. Interviews with pastoralists.
(I know. Amazing. I too was moved).
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#FLASHBACK 2010-2012: How #BokoHaram Started From Small Beginnings By Attacking Police Stations and Prisons…
You have seen Yobe and Adamawa.

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OK, so, the latest #yarn from @DrIsaPantami boils down to this: In 2019, when he was glorifying the #Taliban & #AlQuaeda & wishing them victory & glorifying #Jihad he was young. Mind you, in 2019, Pantami was DG of @NITDANigeria

#PantamiIsATerrorist… Image
It is impressive how we have travelled from the empty bluster of "I will rake you over the coals of crooked courts" to "I was a terrorist preacher before I was 13 yes old."

That is security under @MBuhari. What wld have happened if Pantami were to be #IPOB?

#Watchout: In the next few days, @FMICNigeria, Lai Mohammed, will address a press conference in which he will tell us how glorifying Taliban & Al-Quaeda, calling for mass culling of "Infidels" & #WeepyPreachy #BokoHaram sermonising, is better than #IPOB.

#PantamiIsATerrorist Image
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On the apparent @NigAirForce NAF475 Alphajet loss: 1) There is no evidence the aircraft was actually shot down
2) The editing with the photoshopped explosions leads one to assume that even if #BokoHaram managed to score a hit on the plane, it did not explode in the air because
3) The wreckage appears concentrated in one spot, making an mid air explosion unlikely as that would have dispersed wreckage over quite distant
4)The video shows a burning aircraft descending at speed almost vertically towards the ground
5) Yet one of the deceased pilots appears to be in an ejector seat with a partially deployed.
6) It would be useful for people to understand the difference between missiles, heavy machine guns, RPG & air defence artillery.
So What?
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Uno es Abubakr Shekau, considerado hasta hace poco, el líder del grupo terrorista Boko Haram, que secuestra mujeres.
El otro, es Gildo Insfrán, rey 👑 de Formosa
(Dejo tuit 2)
Boko Haram reivindica el secuestro de más de 300 estudiantes en Nigeria…
Secuestradas en Nigeria más de 300 alumnas de un instituto… vía @elpais_america
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