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Let me build upon this in the light of the murder of six Fulani kids in Oba:

Each time a new militia comes up, people tend to support them because they think that what the militia are doing aligns with what they agree with.
A very recent example is when #BokoHaram started. A lot of Northerners tacitly supported them because the group's teachings aligned with the Wahhabi Islam that is prevalent in Northern #Nigeria, and so they felt that Boko Haram was something for them.
Of course, #BokoHaram didn't start by killing Muslims, and many Northerners saw the initial victims as "the enemy".

When "the enemy" is being killed by the militia that is "on your side", you either give overt support, or you become complicit by not saying anything.
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#Nigeria tells us that today is #ArmedForcesRemembrance Day, a day set aside for our “heroes” in uniform.

We'll do well to remember the lives that have been lost to various atrocities in this blood-stained country of ours...
While there is no doubt to my mind that many officers in @HqNigerianArmy are heroes, think Sani Bello who saved the life of Gen. Ironsi’s ADC, Andrew Nwankwo, or Usman Jibrin, who flew many Igbo officers to safety during the pogroms of 1966...
or even Mohammed Shuwa, who ensured that Igbos were protected in the area under his command, the fact is that on the balance, @HqNigerianArmy has a murderous reputation, and as I once referred to them, are an equal opportunities brutaliser.
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#Nigeria #Gujba #Yobe #Military #BokoHaram #Terrorism

The Nigerian millitary eliminated 28 Boko Haram terrorists in the dangerouse north eastern Area as they tryed to invade the town of Gujba on January 9th. This was part of a ongoing military operation in the area against
Daesh (ISIS) and Boko Haram. There are reports of sole escapes but according to the military most of the escapers are injured threw gunshoots as the military outolayed the terrorists. One soldier ded and one got wounded.
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#BREAKING Boko Haram releases video claiming to show kidnapped Nigeria students Image
#UPDATE The Boko Haram jihadist group released a video on Thursday claiming to show schoolboys seized in a mass kidnapping in northwest Nigeria last week #Katsina #Kankara
#BREAKING Abducted schoolboys in #Nigeria released: presidential aide #KatsinaStudents #Kankara Image
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Nigeria’s Terror King, Shekau, Connects East, West And Centre In A Puzzling Agenda

Published on July 12, 2020

Scorned and underrated, Abubakar Shekau, the leader of #BokoHaram is currently pulling a massive stealth strategy in an organisational makeover destined to connect the northeast, the north-west and the north-central in a bewildering expansionist agenda.
Defined by welcoming former apostates; engaging in factional reconciliations; admitting of modest ideological shifts; and proposing a balanced role for clerics and combatants in his group,
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‘No Demands Made Yet’: Boko Haram Confirms Abducting Kankara School boys

Boko Haram has confirmed that it was responsible for the abduction of over 300 students from Kankara, Katsina State, last Friday, and says it has yet to declare the conditions for their release, contrary to reports.
The terror group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, stated this in a 4:28 long recording released in the wee hours of Tuesday and obtained by #HumAngle.
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NEW: @USAfricaCommand warns #alQaida-linked #alShabaab "remains adaptive, resilient, and capable of attacking Western & partner interests in #Somalia & East #Africa" in final @DoD_IG report on US counterterrorism ops in Africa
Despite ongoing train/advise/equip efforts by US, others "The Somali government...has not met milestones for the development of its security forces" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell

#Somalia #alShabaab
In North #Africa, #alQaida in the Islamic Maghreb (#AQIM) & #ISIS-#Libya "significantly degraded & currently pose no threat to the US homeland & a minimal threat to US interests in the region" per @DoD_IG Sean O’Donnell
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#ISIS announced that the Brigadier General of the #Syrian army and 6 soldiers were killed in the Deir ez-Zor desert. Image
Brigadier General Bashir Ismail, commander of the 137th Regiment of the 17th Division, was killed in ambush by ISIS cells while conducting reconnaissance and surveying in the desert of Al Mayadeen.
#ISIS announced that it has attacked the town of Agiri in the Nigerian state of Borno.
It is alleged that the attack was against a militia loyal to the Nigerian army, but there are no militias in the area.
There are armed villagers who do not pay allegiance to ISIS. Image
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Was Abubakar Shekau ever dead?

On August 2016, the Nigerian @HQNigerianArmy announced that the Air force had killed a number of senior #BokoHaram militants, including the terrorist group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau. Image
Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, the @HQNigerianArmy’s spokesperson at the time said in a statement that “their leader, so-called ‘Abubakar Shekau,’ is believed to be fatally wounded on his shoulders.” Image
Barely, a month later the wanted leader of the Nigerian Islamist group #BokoHaram released a video message refuting the claim by the military that he was killed or badly wounded in an airstrike. Image
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Lost Childhood: The Trauma of growing up in Nigerian IDP camps

Read here:

@NigeriaGov #LostChildhood
Fourteen-year-old Samaila Abdulrahman arrived Malkhoi Camp in 2014 tucked by the side of his aged grandmother, both saddled with all their worldly belongings after a journey of 30 kilometres from Gwoza, Borno to Yola, Adamawa State. @ProfZulum
The teenager had just witnessed the death of his father who tried to flee from Boko Haram dressed as a woman. Provoked by his audacity to outsmart them with a feminine camouflage, he was killed. #LostChildhood #NorthernNigeria
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'Repentant Boko Haram': A look at Operation Safe Corridor deradicalisation and rehabilitation camp

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The #BokoHaram insurgency in the North East is being fought on many fronts. #Nigeria’s response is twofold: a kinetic & a non-kinetic response.

The kinetic is the hard-knock Operation LAFIYA DOLE; the non-kinetic is the soft-slap Operation SAFE CORRIDOR.
A former orientation camp for NYSC in Mallam Sidi, Gombe, has now become the heart of intense efforts to de-radicalise, rehabilitate & re-integrate hundreds of men who had contact with #BokoHaram insurgents. The repentant Boko Haram members who've been on the news for years.
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WATCH OUT 👀: #LOSTCHILDHOOD: The Trauma of growing up in Nigerian IDP camps, by @NellyAting

FOURTEEN-yr-old Samaila Abdulrahman
witnessed the death of his father who tried to flee from #BokoHaram dressed as a woman. The insurgents killed him because he wanted to outsmart them. ImageImage
Despite his loss, he wants to continue life, become a doctor, so he can help wounded people.

But #COVID19 has disrupted his plan like that of other 400, 000 children who arrived at various camps in #Maiduguri, Yobe, Gombe, and Adamawa at the ages of 8, 9, 10.

Many had dropped out of school to either marry, joined suicide bombers, or were forced into labour.

Umar Maikif, 16 desires to become a soldier. But his brother Ahmadu is the only help he has.

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Was just thinking about the #EndsSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA and a question seem to be coming up in my mind.

If the #SARSMustGo guys are now retrenched, what would be their lot in relation to living...In the bid of
In the bid of solving a problem we create another. Come to think of it most of the officers in #SARS have being living large on stolen my vicinity they go about with their own PoS to extort their victims no need to follow you reach ATM
They have upgraded heavily...Now a lot of them live on over #500k a month...and we all know with this kind of lifestyle and affluence cum their qualification and all, there is virtually no job they can do to keep up with this level of lifestyle (income).
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#BokoHaram Roadblocks, Ambushes In Borno Claiming Prime Targets

On Sunday, September 20, insurgents mounted a roadblock on the road leading to Maiduguri from Monguno town, in Monguno Local Government Area, Borno State, northeast Nigeria. Monguno is 130 kilometres northeast of Maiduguri. State officials from the Ministry of Health in ..
Maiduguri were among the travellers on the road that day.

The health officials were on assignment to fumigate internally displaced persons camps in the garrison town. When these particular travellers got to the roadblock, it was already too late when they realised they were ..
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The thread below is a part of my column in @BusinessDayNg today:

If you want to read the full thing, click on the link and just pay them small. It's only like ₦1000 ($2.11) each month.
#Nigeria runs three criminal legal systems, the Criminal Code, the Penal Code and Sharia.

These contradictions are pulling the country in different directions.

The lack of a central identity has served to dampen any attempt to forge nationhood.
#Nigeria's foundation was steeped in violence and the setting up of @HQNigerianArmy was hinged on the need to coerce indigenous people to bend to the will of the colonialists.
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A headline speaker for the Annual Conference of @NigBarAssoc #NBAAGC2020, is Kaduna State Governor, @elrufai

The Association's motto is #PromotingTheRuleOfLaw

So, pls, join us on a brief journey to discover why many lawyers are now asking @NigBarAssoc to #CancelElRufai2020 Image
In June 2020, @CivicMediaLab declared Kaduna the most dangerous state in #Nigeria. Its record of 493 persons killed between Jan & June, is higher than reported deaths in the #BokoHaram/ISWAP terrorised territories of Borno; 290, Adamawa; 37 and Yobe; 5.… Image
In Dec, 2019, @qzafrica named @elrufai at the head of a list of "powerful" #Nigerian govs who "now regularly use security agents to arrest & intimidate journalists & activists who dare to question their actions or attempt to hold them accountable."…
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JUST IN: Abubakar Shekau, in a new audio, has condemned the Kano State death sentence. According to the embattled #BokoHaram leader, there is no difference between the 'blasphemer' and those who sentenced him to death. More details coming soon. Image
Blasphemy: Shekau Faults Kano Death Sentencing, Says Kano is the Land of Infidels…
Shekau said, “just because you sit down & recite Quran after you have already done what made you unbelievers? & because you say there is no god but Allah, you think you are Muslims? We tell you, you & the one who insulted the Prophet are all the same."…
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Alert/Vigilance - incident: A suspected #BokoHaram #ISWAP faction riding on 5 motorcycles are spotted in #GADARAM #KANGARWA village, #Gubio 1 ward, Gubio LGA rustling cattle from vulnerable villagers @HQNigerianArmy @NigeriaAirforce @local #CJTF @PoliceNG — action required.
The rustling of cattle from locals has become the easiest source of survival for desperate #BokoHaram #ISWAP factions -the #Northern #governor’s #forum should regulate the transaction of cattle to frustrate their use by jihadist to raise survival funds.
Update - Blue on Blue Fire in #Gubio LGA response attack from local hunters & vigilantes. 4 First responders went missing in action. 1: Earlier today an attack to rustle Cattle by a suspected #BokoHaram #ISWAP faction was reported in #Gadaram #kangarwa village, #Gubio #LGA.
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In my column in today's @BusinessDayNg, I attempt to show how #Nigeria's many insecurity issues have an economic cost.

Look at it this way, #BokoHaram started at about the time the Niger Delta militancy were getting their amnesty.
A decade after, we are still paying amnesty to creek boys, and #Nigeria’s numerous internal security crises have intensified.

In pretty much all geopolitical zones of the country we are seeing rising violence, often challenging the Nigerian state for territorial control. Image
Kidnap for ransom is now a full business venture aided by lots of ungoverned spaces.

Sambisa Forest is a good example of how this violence affects the economy...
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@Naijapikin12 Quite true actually.

The girl I married, a Yoruba girl, was quite unaware of the war and how intense it was until the first time she visited my parents and saw my father's fence.…

When she got back to Lagos, she asked her mother about it...
@Naijapikin12 Her mother, who was 12 when the war broke out was completely unaware that there was a war.

What she confirmed was that some of her childhood friends disappeared for 4 years, then some returned to Lagos, others didn't, but for the most, they didn't talk about what happened.
@Naijapikin12 What I took from that long discussion, was that to them the whole war business was completely abstract. They had the sort of distant relationship with it that many of us in these parts have with #BokoHaram, minus the 24-hour newscycle that constantly reminds us that it exists.
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Attention on the extremist group #BokoHaram is dwindling. Some may feel the topic isn't "sexy" anymore.

But there's still a conflict raging in the Lake Chad area. People are still getting killed. Women are still getting kidnapped.
For those who are unfamiliar with Boko Haram and what's going on in northeast Nigeria/Lake Chad region, I recommend following Abdulkareem Haruna's reporting on @PremiumTimesng

He's done brilliant some brilliant reporting…
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish has consistently covered the Boko Haram insurgency, when many other news outlets looked away

@newhumanitarian also has in-depth coverage, much from @Enugu62 and others.

@CrisisGroup keeps an eye on the insurgency also

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Time feels so strange in lockdown: each day is painfully slow, yet every Sunday I find myself asking where the week went. Anyway, here we are again: it's time for #EyalaReads, your weekly list of recommended reads about #Feminism #WomensRights & #Africa.
Don't be like me: don't hurl your phone across the room when reading this @thelilynews piece. Mothers in heterosexual relationships are quitting jobs they love because their partners can't handle their own kids during the lockdown.

Speaking of #lockdown: I know we're all tired of reading about "Sex in the age of #COVID19" but this one is a gem. I mean, of course it is: it's on @adventurefrom. Read it!
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Remembering Nyanya Bomb Victims

April 14, 2014 is significant in Nigeria’s modern history.
That was the day that the #BokoHaram terrorists abducted 276 secondary school girls in Chibok. It's the same day that the terror group launched its first bomb attack in Abuja.
No fewer than 71 people died. Scores more were injured. That act demystified the notion that Nigeria’s capital city was safe and subsequent events followed.

Because of the attention paid to the abduction of the Chibok girls many forget this event took place.
But, families and individuals are still living through that experience.

In its promise of highlighting real life experiences, #HumanAngle will serve its readers in-depth stories of some who lived to tell the story.
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What is it with these #LagosUnrest #OgunUnrest and #IbadanUnrest reports that we're hearing?

#Covid19, among other things, has come to expose the underbelly of the dysfunctional country/society we have run for years.
The time has come for us to #rethink how we do things as a society.

The time has come to consciously begin to question the basis/foundation of our existential realities.
First, it was #NigerDeltaUnrest. Then came the lingering #BokoHaram insurgency.The #2016Recession, occasioned by the dip in global oil prices, also came. Now, the #Covid_19 pandemic has come to expose the unsustainability of the model of our political-economy.
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