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7 Aug
Two of my colleagues, Sodiq (a Yoruba Muslim), and Livinus (Igbo), are househunting together.

They saw a place near Ojodu, paid the caretaker yesterday. Landlord returned their money this morning. He doesn't want a Muslim in his place, and he definitely does not want Omo Igbo.
Is there a public spirited lawyer on the TL that can help take this up pro-bono?

Let's get a legal judgement against this kind of discrimination. There is evidence of transfer, and return of funds. Or is the case too weak without a recording of the landlord giving his reasons?
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4 Aug
I found myself in the strange position of playing Agony Aunt during a long phone call this morning, but after speaking, I felt the issue is one that a lot of young couples will benefit from.

Take note that I've been married for just 7 years now…
A young friend of mine got married just before this pandemic.

Now he's having a serious quarrel with his wife. Can't give full details here for privacy reasons, but as I mentioned to him, and he gave leave, I'd like to talk about the key thing I think is the issue.

C has been living by himself pretty much since he left his parents' when he went to university.

He matriculated 12 years ago now, which is more than enough time for him to have gotten used to certain patterns of behaviour.

As such, a new wife is a pretty unsettling event.
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25 Jul
There aren't many things that display the shortermism of @NigeriaGov than this NIPOST kerfufle.

It's just the logical continuation of various schemes to extract money from a dwindling formal sector in order to continue funding the hedonistic lifestyles of our elite. Image
Think about it.

In Lagos, #Nigeria's "most successful" state, an association of thugs virtually ran ride-hailing companies out of the market, because of avarice, and because they couldn't compete. But hey, state capture...
I've heard murmurs that the failure to complete 2 raillines that would unleash the state's productivity is because of interests such as these.

We've seen the drama surrounding #Nigeria's most successful telecoms firm, accused of treason, all in a bid to shake them down.
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16 Jul
I published this some hours before Magu was sent home to rest, but the spirit remains the same.

#Nigeria is a country where irony comes to die.

As @elnathan_john says, “You can’t write satire for Nigeria, the country will always top your creativity.”
I feel a bit of deliciously hilarious irony when I see headlines about the man who illegally warmed the seat at @officialEFCC for a long time, Ibrahim Magu.

For Magu, I feel zero sympathies, and to some extent, even enjoyed the drama.
The Magu drama is a solid example of the abuse of power to settle scores, so there is a need to speak out against what is happening to Magu because if anything, the principle of enlightened self-interest means that even a bad actor like Magu should have his rights protected.
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13 Jul
The generalisation here is not necessarily wild.

Despite conciliatory noises some of them are now making, truth is a group of APC online supporters burned whatever bridges they may have had.

They did it by moving from online activities into real life.

Let me tell a story.
Back in 2016, a friend of @sisiogelagos wanted to do a survey but did not have the funds to pay for the data collection by one of the big 4. So he mentioned it to her, and she recommended me.

Naturally, the chap wanted to meet me, so she arranged a meet where three of us met.
We met at a lounge in Lekki, had an extensive discussion about my work, our methodology, and how we analyse information.

By the end of the discussion, @sisiogelagos's friend said, "You are the person I've been looking for. Let's talk on Monday morning so we can get started."
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30 Jun
A few random thoughts about £20 and abandoned properties, in response to some questions posed to me this morning...
First, some cities fell/were liberated (depending on how you look at it) by the federal side earlier than others.

However, the £20 thing only started in November 1969 when it was certain that the war was won.
Just as importantly, is that the war economy ruled in all parts of the South-East until the decree regarding money was enacted in 1970.

Then there was the sore point of Asaba and Onitsha.
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28 Jun
@Naijapikin12 Quite true actually.

The girl I married, a Yoruba girl, was quite unaware of the war and how intense it was until the first time she visited my parents and saw my father's fence.…

When she got back to Lagos, she asked her mother about it...
@Naijapikin12 Her mother, who was 12 when the war broke out was completely unaware that there was a war.

What she confirmed was that some of her childhood friends disappeared for 4 years, then some returned to Lagos, others didn't, but for the most, they didn't talk about what happened.
@Naijapikin12 What I took from that long discussion, was that to them the whole war business was completely abstract. They had the sort of distant relationship with it that many of us in these parts have with #BokoHaram, minus the 24-hour newscycle that constantly reminds us that it exists.
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16 Jun
Watch these three videos, and spot the common trend in each of them.

Ahmadu Bello in 1964 -
Pastor Telebran in 2020 -
Unnamed touts in Ladipo -
The common thread in all of them is this - they are not complaining that the Igbos are stealing from them.

They are not complaining that the Igbos are cheating them.

No, they are complaining that the Igbos are "taking over", legally.
In other words, the Igbo man did the work, and bought the land, or earned the position, that you have turned around to complain about.

There are many things I find interesting about the timing of the emergence of the recent videos.
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15 Jun
Apparently today @PoliceNG will set up a panel to probe Madam First Lady's ADC, a chap called Usman Shugaba.

They will also discipline him and the five others, and then ensure that they are not returned to her excellency's vicinity.
Then we can all go home happily, while another set of policemen will be sent to Madam First Lady to ensure her every whim is fulfilled.

Problem not solved.

Vintage #Nigeria.
You see, the fact that up to 80% of our policemen are handbags to our low quality elite ensures that those policemen exist to serve the whims and caprices of said elite.…
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30 May
As long as there is no foundation of justice in #Nigeria, all kinds of agitation will continue. Essentially, we are all Biafrans...
53 years ago today, the military governor of the Eastern Region of #Nigeria, Colonel Emeka Ojukwu, declared the region as the independent Republic of #Biafra.

Most of the existing history will tell you that he took this action unilaterally, but that is incorrect.
4 days earlier, a consultative assembly made up of people in the 11 provinces of the Eastern region had by a majority voted to break away from #Nigeria following @NigeriaGov's reneging on the Aburi Accord of 5/1/1967, and the creation of 3 states out of the East on 5/5/1967.
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20 May
This is Senator Ibrahim Gobir (APC, Sokoto East)

Yesterday, there was a motion on the floor of the Senate by Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi (APC, Niger North) on the need to expand the military onslaught against bandits.
Senator Gobir, contributing to Senator Abdullahi's motion dropped a bombshell.

“The situation is so bad that we only get help from Niger Republic,” he was quoted as saying by @daily_trust
Yesterday, @NewsWireNGR website had this report:

In part it reads, "In-country however, community theft has gone up, armed robbery cases have become rampant, and increased police brutality is being seen across the country."
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12 May
The coronavirus is showing #Nigeria up in a big way.

Government revenues have entered the toilet and are unlikely to come out soon.

So much so that @NigeriaGov wants to seize #COVIDー19 donations and use them to fund #budget2020
The move to divert #COVIDー19 donations to #budget2020 is rather shortsighted if you think about it, but here we are, and it is all as a result of government laziness and it shows that all the talk of wanting to diversify the economy is nonsense.
The numbers bear this out, #Nigeria's economy is already diversified.

Oil is 7.32% of GDP.
Agric is 21.2%.
Industry outside oil is 18.5%.
Services are 52%.

I wrote in detail about it in today's @BusinessDayNg
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4 May
It's important to build on this thread and talk about this new law that @HouseNGR is trying to ram through...
The Infectious Diseases Act is meant to replace the National Quarantine Act of 2004, and it was mainly sponsored by @femigbaja.

According to its sponsors, it seeks to provide a legal framework for relevant authorities to manage disease outbreaks.
The bill has been found to be problematic however, close scrutiny by @DavidHundeyin showed that it was plagiarised from #Singapore's Infectious Diseases Act of 1977
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4 May
I've seen a lot of commentary about the crowds at banks in Lagos today, and while it is truly tragic as this will almost definitely lead to a huge spike in cases of the disease here, there should be a bit of time taken to understand what went down.
First, we live in a cash society. Truth is that @cenbank's recent policies have all but killed the much-vaunted #OperationCashless.

I've talked about this recently, so should it surprise anyone that many people made a run for the banks?
I'm not quite sure of the numbers, but a lot of people don't have ATM cards, and back to the demise of #OperationCashless, oh well.

Still on ATM cards, many cards have expired. Until this morning, I fell into that category. My card expired on 30 April.
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1 May
The recent arrest of @MubarakBala has brought a lot of recrimination on social media, has put a lot of Muslims in #Nigeria on the defensive, and has, again, brought up the accusation of religious fanaticism.
FTR, I do not agree that anyone should die for blasphemy, and the Holy Quran seems to agree that the way to deal with blasphemy is to shun such people until they begin to talk of other things, and not to kill them.
About 20 years ago I used to live at 6/23 Nnobi Street, Kilo, Surulere.

At the time, it was a nice place, with the landlord in the upstairs flat facing the road, me at the back upstairs, Idowu downstairs in the flat below me, and Franca Fashions, downstairs, facing the road.
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28 Apr
So @nicholasibekwe and @TunjiAndrews, both products of a glorified secondary school, have decided to try to use this video to yab their betters.

Let me tell a story...
In 1961, Loyola College in Ibadan admitted a boy who had been born, and spent the first 12 years of his life in Ifon in Ondo State.

This boy had problems speaking English, but his mathematics scores were off the charts. However, his teachers lost patience with him, except one.
Rev. Fr. Markle, an Irish Jesuit, as well as being the principal of Loyola College at the time, had learned two Nigerian languages, Yoruba and Igbo. He was also a mathematician.

Fr Markle soon noticed that this young boy, his faulty English aside, was a mathematical genius.
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26 Apr
Last year I took my friend and partner, @TundeLeye to my homestead.

In going to that area, we did not cross the Niger River (Oshimmiri in my native dialect) the way most people cross it these days. Rather, we went the old way.
We took a boat from Cable Point (Ikpele Nmili) in Asaba, and 12 minutes later, we were sharing a beer with some of my acquaintances at Onicha Marine.

You see, for those who know the history, Asaba and Onitsha, prior to the building of the bridge, were quite closeknit.
The third point in the dictionary definition of a mongrel is "any cross between different things, especially if inharmonious or indiscriminate."

This is the classic definition of the Igbo people, something I wrote about six years ago.
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19 Apr
Yesterday a man was buried.

Abba Kyari was, to many, the de facto president of #Nigeria.

Since his demise became public knowledge, there has been a deluge of praise for him, as well as criticism of course, which will always accompany the death of an influential figure.
But something happened yesterday.

There was a concerted effort to blackmail those criticising the late Mr Kyari, in some cases by implying that those criticising him would die soon.

Like WTF?
In a century's time, not one person who is my agemate will be alive.

Heck, in half a century, most of us will be dead, so those blackmail merchants miss the point.

So let's look briefly at Abba Kyari's role.
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14 Apr
Some people whose advise I cherish have taken issue with my choosing to align with @realDonaldTrump and begin calling the pandemic the #WuhanCoronaVirus. I understand the concerns, and yes, being reactionary goes against many of the values I hold onto.
But, history has shown that there are certain people who only understand fire for fire, even if your own fire is weaker, that is what they respect.

The Chinese are one of such.

They initially tried to do a PR blitz claiming that it was the US that was the origin of the virus.
That failed, so what are they now doing?

They are turning on "defenceless Africans" as they know that to a large extent our broke governments a) do not care about their people, and b) are only concerned about what they can get in terms of handouts, so will look the other way.
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12 Apr
The history doesn't support this my brother. Both @HQNigerianArmy, and recently @PoliceNG have a habit of disobedience and mutiny.

It's the reason why PIG's since Musiliu Smith have ordered patrols off highways when they come into office, only to find those orders disobeyed.
But too many of our people don't understand why our security services tend to behave like armies of occupation, rather than being placed there to protect and serve the people.

There is a historical reason for it, so let's talk about that...
On 16/12/1929, a man was killed around Opobo in the Aba Division of Southern #Nigeria.

His name was Aromasodu Alimi, and he was Yoruba by ethnicity, the only official male casualty of what the colonial authorities branded as the Aba Women's Riot. He was a policeman.
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8 Apr
Truth is, @NyesomWlKE is wrong in this, and @hadisirika is right to blast him. But also today @elrufai's state, 748km away said they'll start quarantining travellers passing through.

Basically, #Nigeria's states are taking more power for themselves. Can Abuja stop it?
Let me tell a quick story...

In 1999, #Nigeria organised the u20 World Cup. The organisation was done entirely by the FG, and Nigeria ’99 is on record as probably the worst ever @FIFAcom competition. It led to loads of changes in the way FIFA ‘helps’ host countries.
10 years later, we were, for some reason, awarded the right to host the u17 World Cup.

When it became evident that the LOC was slacking, state governments in some state govs stepped in, and #Nigeria 2009 ended up being more successful in some areas than it was in others.
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