Maryland’s Montgomery County voted to replace over 1400 school buses with EV versions.

Hidden in plain sight is news that the buses will become a DISTRIBUTED UTILITY, similar to what #Tesla plans

Buses built by Thomas Built Buses Inc., a division of Daimler, w. battery tech by Proterra

Interestingly, a 3rd party vendor is PAYING to install smart chargers to charge buses at night, in exchange for rights to RE-SELL V2G POWER in peak hours

But they're not alone!
School buses are excellent candidates for distributed-utility V2G. 500,000 school buses in USA sit mostly unused during peak hours

Thomas-Built buses' 220KW Proterra batteries capable of >4,000 cycles, meaning “more than half of their use case could be for use as grid asset”
Similar projects are being checked in Europe, for example this one (with regular buses) is in the UK.

But tIll now various regulations held back the development of distributed utilities in the USA.…
Recent rulings such as California's interconnection Rule 21 enable distributed providers to power the grid…
A week before Battery Day, FERC order #2222 enabled distributed providers to bid on energy prices (instead of getting paid like separate homes providing solar)…
Since rules now allow it, US DoE is backing the idea and although a bit late, numerous projects have now started in the USA too.

Maryland’s Montgomery County's Thomas Built buses are just one example among many.…
8/Final thoughts

V2G buses are just the beginning!
Over 3 years ago I predicted in a presentation about disruption that energy will one day be FREE

Yep.. 100% free, and Tony Seba now hints at this too

Brace yourself for interesting times of disruption!
I gave that disruption presentation 21 times to various audiences. Three years ago it sounded science-fiction but nowadays things seem more real.

If you want me to post that presentation on YouTube, LIKE❤ this ( 9/ ) tweet, and if enough people want it I'll make a vid
NY #V2G School buses project…
And this report checks the (huge) potential of the #V2G buses setup…
Finally, this title says it all:
"Electric buses that use vehicle-to-grid (V2G) power systems can eliminate up to 1400 metric tons of CO2-equivalent GHG emissions and up to $18,300 in air pollution externalities over the lifetime of the system"…

• • •

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2 Feb
$NVX NEWS - HUGE if true.

Found this online, couldn't confirm it elsewhere but supposedly from behind paywall of

#Novonix expanding in Bedford to make low-cost battery

Spending $1.5m to add 8,800sqft for cathode pilot processing facility
1/ ..
@NovonixBattery allegedly came up with new, low-cost process to synthesize battery material, with help of Mark Obrovac’s lab at Dal.

Process helps solve one of the greatest challenges – cost – as the current method to process cathodes is expensive and creates waste.
Likely to have effect on mainstream EV adoption. CEO Chris Burns: “Why don’t we see more EV on the road? Not bc range isn’t far enough. All “inconveniences” people have always been concerned about almost don’t exist anymore. The challenge is cost”, he told allNovaScotia.
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31 Jan
UAW preparations towards the EV disruption

Interesting interview. They realize LOTS of jobs will be lost, and are taking steps.

A few gems here
Previously UAW tried to stall EV penetration (see GM labor deal), now they realize battle is lost and are dealing with it.

Last year they made a plan... some steps are logical, some delusional.

FD: I am not against organized work. It can be important when done right.
The baseline for their plan is that 30% of jobs will be lost.

What's interesting is number is taken from OEM's assessments - so AMERICAN OEMs STILL DON'T GET IT!
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24 Jan
Especially new ones!

I disagree with most of it, but ULTRA-IMPORTANT!

Here's why

@jpr007 @stekkerauto @garyblack00 @TeslaBest @iamtomnash @TeslaPodcast @EvaFoxU @WR4NYGov
$TSLA #Investing
2/ Grantham from GMO is labeled as a value investor, but don't let it fool you. Unlike other "geniuses" he doesn't just check P/E or P/S, but also factors in growth, including possibly huge growth.

Ultimately his preference or bias is for dividend stocks, but he's doing it right
3/ He sees the current condition as a bubble that should burst in. 2 months - unless further inflated by the fed.

If you disagree don't stop reading. Important!
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8 Jan

@elonmusk PLEASE DON'T

@heydave7 suggested a GREAT idea which i OPPOSE.
Watch his vid as well as @stevenmarkryan's and @WR4NYGov's for pros and cons - BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT
2/ i agree with a lot of the points made - and that is why I oppose it. Its strengths are its weakness!

it WILL be the world's largest company. Every engineer, scientist etc. WILL want to work there. It WILL advance the move to occupy Mars.

3/ BUT the world's largest company will be stronger than states. It will also be (one of?) the world's largest monopoly, that would be hard to compete with.


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7 Jan
OTA Updates seem like a must, but OEMs are lagging due to several reasons
A. Late to the party
B. Bad Software architecture
C. Bad electrical architecture
D. Dealers...

2/ A is simple. They hadn't tried it until Tesla rammed it down their throats, so are now late to the party

B also simple. Car companies usually hav bad software skills, outsource lots of their SW. ID.3 was bricked due to bad OS. We know that, so let's get on to the new stuff!
3/ C. Bad electrical architecture

You know. Munro presenting the Model 3 VS Bolt, where Bolt has several separate systems for what Tesla uses a unified one? That's true for most cars, ICE included.

Systems are separate and ancient, and only now OEMs are starting to modernise
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6 Jan
2/ Regarding A. I'm long $TSLA, believe it isn't a bubble and the naysayers are shortsighted and wrong.

Only time will tell about A, but B we already know - $TSLA joined at an ATH of $695 then fell - but it's now at $763, so it ADDED value, not detracted.

3/ But the question of whether $TSLA brings risk to the S&P is WRONG by itself. The whole idea of an INDEX FUND like S&P500 is to be passive, and it's THE ACTIVE MANAGER DECISIONS that introduce risk

Being profitable and large TSLA should have been added ON Q2 EARNINGS.
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