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19 Mar, 20 tweets, 13 min read
BIG THREAD: When a self-professed "disinformation specialist" turns out to in fact be a specialist in circulating disinformation.

I was surprised at how many people failed to scratch below the surface of @davetroy's semi-recent yet widely circulated pontificating about QAnon

Many people know that I was among the first people in the world to call out QAnon for the giant scam/psyop that it is.

I called it out in a now famous & epically long thread that I wrote in May 2018.

That thread was picked up & amplified by Julian Assange & WikiLeaks.

My thread calling out QAnon for a psyop and warning people not to fall for it was not only written while I was living in Russia, but was widely circulated by many Occupy-related activists & WikiLeaks supporters.

Why? Because we knew QAnon was bullshit & were warning people

You can read my full thread here.…

It went into great detail to enumerate all the reasons why QAnon stunk like a skunk and heavily sourced materials from WikiLeaks publications and particularly, from the Snowden files, to prove my points.

Here is @caitoz on May 26th 2018 picking up on my thread warning people about QAnon. She is one of many people to cite my anti-QAnon analysis in 2018 and repeatedly since.

Now, what does this have to do with @davetroy?

That's where things get particularly interesting.

Dave Troy is making a name/career for himself out of posturing as being some type of anti-QAnon specialist, wrapping it under the banner of being a "disinformation specialist"

...which would be fine and good, if @davetroy had had a damn thing to say about QAnon in the years in which myself, Occupy and WikiLeaks activists were repeatedly trying to warn people away from QAnon

Except, he didn't. Here's @davetroy's 2018-2020 QAnon commentary history:

Yup, that's right. @davetroy, self-professed QAnon/disinformation expert, said nothing about QAnon in 2018 when we were working to expose it, nor in 2019, & barely said a word about it in 2020.

In fact he tweeted virtually nothing re Qanon at all til post-Biden inauguration

Sadly that's not the only oddity in @davetroy's new career in anti-QAnonship: it gets much worse.

Troy caught my eye when in Feb when I saw him attacking security state whistleblowers as being QAnon, who I know for a fact aren't pro-QAnon. He smeared Wiebe, McGovern & Binney

You would think that being a self-described "specialist" that @davetroy would be capable of the most rudimentary research into the social media history of those he was targeting with his QAnon smears.

Apparently not.

Because here's the truth re Wiebe, McGovern & Binney:

So why would QAnon "disinformation specialist" @davetroy - a man who had barely uttered a word about QAnon in the period 2018-2021 - now be trying to associate 3 national security state whistleblowers with QAnon when they had *NEVER* tweeted support for QAnon?

Who benefits?

That is where the plot thickens

It seems @davetroy is expanding his sights

Here he is trying to claim - outrageously - that the Occupy movement, and even myself - will be "exposed"

When it was myself & fellow Occupiers who were trying to warn the world about QAnon in '18

Possibly most noteworthy of all, is the fact that @davetroy has been directly trying to tie Julian Assange (and thus by proxy Julian's support base) to QAnon.

Even though in reality, Julian, along with myself, was one of the first people IN THE WORLD to call QAnon out

So @davetroy, in the name of calling out QAnon, is in fact doing the opposite - he's falsely trying to associate people with QAnon who DON'T support QAnon & never did

This makes @davetroy not a "disinformation specialist", but a disinformation agent

Not satisfied with having falsely tied multiple legitimate national security whistleblowers (Wiebe, Binney & McGovern) to QAnon, @davetroy expands his circle of targets to include @caitoz & @CassandraRules

Both of whom are ALSO anti-QAnon and always have been

So who is @davetroy and why is he hell bent on painting Julian Assange and @wikileaks supporters out to be pro-QAnon when it is abundantly obvious that we are not and never were?

Well I did a little digging of my own and what do I find:

Having studied intelligence agencies and their immoral, disgusting, internet-based smear operations & psyops for years, it was obvious from the outset that QAnon had their fingerprints all over it

@davetroy looks to me exactly like the other end of a pincer movement

On one side, they create QAnon, round up the lemmings & drive them off the ideological cliff, and once they've sufficiently pounded them with rotten fruit in the town square so as to ensure no one would dare associate with them, they falsely tie residual targets to the group

Meaning that thanks to the research-deprived efforts of pseudo-intellectuals like @davetroy, you're damned if you're a QAnon supporter & you're damned if you're not, because you'll just get called one anyway.

And who benefits? The same agencies that perpetrated #QAnon.

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