Yes -- a million times, yes.

OxPL-ApoB -- it's the assay I was excited about YEARS before it was available to us -- and particularly OxPL-ApoB/ApoB ratio.

I'd love if a *lot* more low carb hyper-responders (and especially LMHRs) would get this assay.
... And obligatory disclosure -- @siobhan_huggins and I are trying to see if we can get this offered through, but my comment above is not a pitch for OYL specifically, there are many ways to get a @BostonHeartDX lab done, in many cases thru your doctor...
... For anyone reading this who has a doctor who uses @BostonHeartDX, you can consider asking if you can get it ordered (and if they cover it). That's likely to be the best option.

(Also obligatory this-isn't-medical-advice, just an assay I hypothesize has enormous value)
Oh -- and hello, I should obviously link this as well:…

• • •

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30 Mar
1/ I want to tackle this question head on because it needs to be discussed -- particularly in why the #LMHRstudy is needed.

I now know a number of #LMHRs with long term data that looks very encouraging. Does that prove it's a safe profile? No. This is small, selected sample..
2/ Would a handful of #LMHRs with deleterious outcomes prove it's a dangerous profile? No -- for the same reason.

We don't which are the outliers.

As the known population of these now number in the thousands, a statistician would ask, "what the odds you *wouldn't* see both?"
3/ Those supporting this profile could point to the many showcasing excellent results. Those opposed could point to the few demonstrating the opposite.

Each feeling their examples represent the central mean and others' the outliers.
Read 4 tweets
30 Mar
2/ I love that Alan Flanagan kicked off with distinction question re bio markers.

“System Biomarkers in the causal pathway. Systemic biomarkers that can report on the overall picture”
“Biomarkers of disease progression”
3/ “... It seems to be in the wider conversation a lot of these are often conflated to a degree. Or there is misplaced emphasis placed on a particular marker...”

I couldn’t possibly agree with this more!
Read 12 tweets
27 Mar
1/ For a very layperson-friendly video on conventional view of #LDL / #HDL #Cholesterol, and #ApoB, I highly recommend this one from @NutritionMadeS3

It's very visual and IMO fairly true to the more specific position of mainstream lipidology...
2/ Love his opening: "why is this topic so confusing? well, for starters scientists are horrible at coming up with names...there's LDL...and LDL cholesterol and they're different things....but a lot of people call them both LDL....and then there's HDL, VLDL..." (trails off)
3/ He's 100% right. It's why it's so hard to convert this for the lay audience. Lipidology could use a terminology upgrade.

For example, how did "Chylomicrons" manage to get a special exception to the "-DL" acronym party? (Only fellow lipophiles will get that joke... 😐)
Read 7 tweets
25 Mar
1/ Okay, I've been getting lots of pings regarding @DBelardoMD appearing on @RealDoctorMike, particularly given discussion earlier in the video with regard to LDL-C and CVD.

I'll do a reaction thread for now, but I'd like to keep it respectful, ofc...
2/ *First, whether ur a @DBelardoMD fan or not, I have to emphasize I respect anyone willing to move against the grain of their community for where they feel the evidence takes them. While unrelated to lipids, she's endured a lot of unpleasantness for a principled re CVD reversal
3/ 2:08 @DBelardoMD: "Nowadays you want to get your LDL cholesterol as low as possible for cardiovascular risk prevention. So, primary prevention versus also secondary prevention."

->Of course, neither this or statements like these are controversial by conventional med standards
Read 12 tweets
20 Mar
1/ Thread – random thoughts on a Saturday walk...

- I used to read a lot of comics when I was a teenager, then nothing since. Reliving these superhero stories through movies have been hot or miss... until the MCU, that is. Thanks, #Marvel, you’re truly setting a new bar.
2/ if there’s one thing I definitely got wrong, it’s that I thought governments would be regulating or outright banning crypto by now, particularly with the rise of ransomware. Now it’s substantially mainstream and would be much harder to tackle given it isn’t held only by geeks.
3/ Kindness begets kindness... mostly.

I know some examples come to mind of those I’ve dialogued with where things went south, but they are far more the exception than the rule.

I’ve met so many people on social media with differences of opinion, but shared mutual respect.
Read 13 tweets
19 Mar
Okay -- watched the #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut -- my tl;dr thoughts...

Overall pros - definitely better than theatrical release, better character dev, cooler teaser moments

Overall cons - Some exposition material that didn't add much value in the first half, some meh music moments
But honestly, I'm more intrigued by the story around how this happened than the movie itself. This is the first situation I'm aware of that had a fan campaign for a rerelease actually result in a big budget do-over. This petitions are always started and typically go nowhere.
I don't know that Snyder and WB will rekindle the marriage, or for that matter, that they want to. But the teasers within the movie (you who've watched it know what I mean) are much more interesting to me than anything DC has been trying to tantalize me with so far...
Read 5 tweets

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