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1/ I'd love to take an opportunity to expand on this important topic, and if I may, suggest something important to watch for with some newly emerging data.

To @MichaelMindrum point, I too believe the #ApoB will demonstrate higher association with #ASCVD than #LDL #Cholesterol..
2/ But to be sure, ApoB can be best represented as:

(1) Non-LDL ApoB lipoproteins
- and -
(2) LDL ApoB lipoproteins

The first category is predominantly chylomicrons, VLDL, and IDL -- which associate very highly with ASCVD.
3/ You can think of category (1) as "Triglyceride Rich Lipoproteins" (TRL, aka "remnants") and category (2) as "Triglyceride Poor Lipoproteins" (TPL)

The population of #LMHRs have extremely high levels of ApoB. But this pattern is a mix of very *low* TRL and very high TPL.
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1/6 Yes -- this article is over 3 years old now and I then presented on Remnant Cholesterol (RC) at LC Denver earlier that year.

In rereading this article, there are a few things I'd update -- but the general focus on systemic outcome relevance still holds...
2/6 A more updated article on this, along with further thoughts, can be found here:…
3/6 If you read nothing else, check out this section from the article, and why I'm so vocal about *not* looking only at #ApoB (which lumps non-LDL and LDL) together.

Again -- and with emphasis -- this is part of the larger hypothesis. But all the more reason to research it...
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1/ This new MR study by @mendel_random, @mvholmes, et al makes use of UK Biobank data and determines #ApoB increases risk of #AllCauseMortality, and even #T2Diabetes

This is actually relevant timing as we are rapidly approaching the #LMHRstudy.…
2/ If you didn't already know, "Lean Mass Hyper-responders" (#LMHRs) would be considered hypercholesterolemic, with this resulting from being very low carb (typically #keto), and are often lean and/or athletic.

(You can read more on this phenotype at
3/ Setting aside why this population exhibits this (see #LipidEnergyModel for more), the most important question is whether they are at risk.

This MR study builds on the existing conventional expectation that they are, and no less in a dose-dependent manner...
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1/ For a very layperson-friendly video on conventional view of #LDL / #HDL #Cholesterol, and #ApoB, I highly recommend this one from @NutritionMadeS3

It's very visual and IMO fairly true to the more specific position of mainstream lipidology...
2/ Love his opening: "why is this topic so confusing? well, for starters scientists are horrible at coming up with names...there's LDL...and LDL cholesterol and they're different things....but a lot of people call them both LDL....and then there's HDL, VLDL..." (trails off)
3/ He's 100% right. It's why it's so hard to convert this for the lay audience. Lipidology could use a terminology upgrade.

For example, how did "Chylomicrons" manage to get a special exception to the "-DL" acronym party? (Only fellow lipophiles will get that joke... 😐)
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1/ My presentation to @stanford on the Lipid Energy Model is now up at my channel.

It was a great honor to be invited and discuss my research, experiments, and this hypothesis in depth.

Lots of discussion on #LDL #HDL #Cholesterol #ApoB and #LipidTriad
2/ For many of you who have followed my work for a while, this will feel like review. But this presentation challenged me to tie everything together as best I could for a non-#keto/#lchf audience at a university level. Given the feedback /retention, it appears to have gone well..
3/ Of course, there's quite a lot that it *not* covered, and indeed I wanted to squeeze a bit more into it. Sometimes I wish I could summarize the energy delivery throughput and cross my fingers everyone at a certain level will get it. But that's been the biggest challenge...
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1/ #ListenThread -

My guest appearance on #SigmaNutritionRadio just dropped where I have a very friendly #debate with @NutritionDanny and Alan Flanagan on #LDL #Cholesterol, #ApoB, #Atherosclerosis, #AllCauseMortality & much, much more!
2/ I did this podcast semi-sleep deprived and between interviews for #TheCCDoc. But I know my main hopes going in were to emphasize:

(1) Why I favor the "Lipid profile-centric" model over the "Lipoprotein-centric" model.
(2) How this is relevant to "the triad" ⬆️LDL⬆️HDL⬇️TG

(3) Why this triad is of particular interest to all of us as it relates to not just cardiovascular disease, but in particular -- all cause mortality (ACM)

I honestly couldn't remember how well I did in getting these core points across, thus relistening now...
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