GetYuu/GetIta: Not so Different

Warning/Tags: This isn’t really romantic or shippy, it’s angst filled so be warned but my thoughts are kinda on this. Spoilers if you aren’t caught up in the manga. This is more my imagination and thoughts on everything and comparing the two characters Hints of GoYuu and FushiIta
Suguru has watched over the boy ever since he was first brought to the college.

Yuji Itadori, bright and hopeful, just like Suguru and his friends were until everything fell apart.

Suguru didn’t care for non-shamans, they were worthless in his opinion but-
-he couldn’t help but watch over the boy as he was thrust into the jujutsu world.

His soul had been following Satoru after dying, maybe it was his own punishment to watch how broken he made his friend.
But this young boy seemed to put the pieces of Satoru back together that Suguru left broken.

He felt bitter at first, but when he saw Yuji hold Satoru as the man woke up from a horrible nightmare about Suguru’s death, the deceased man couldn’t hold his bitter feelings any longer
Suguru had done this to someone he cared for, Yuji was simply fixing his mistakes.

From then on, he had followed the boy finding himself caring deeply for Yuji and his bright smile.

When he died at the detention center, Suguru had felt the same rage Satoru had felt
Both thinking of killing those old bastards who planned this.

When Yuji came back, when Satoru kept him hidden to train, Suguru was there.

Watching over the boy.

And then Suguru watched as Yuji faced the dark part of the jujutsu world…
Suguru wishes he could be there for the boy physically. Kento and Satoru weren’t the best with emotions, Suguru may not be much better but as he watched Yuji sob over the loss of his friend…

Suguru desperately tried to hold the young boy, praying he didn’t fall-
- into the same darkness Suguru did when Riko died.

He hated that Yuji couldn’t hear him-

“It’s not your fault.”

“I’m so sorry..”

“Satoru tell him it’ll be okay!”
Suguru just wanted to take the boy after that, take Yuji away from this world, put him back where he should be living a normal life for a non-shaman.

He was the only non-shaman that Suguru cared for.
Satoru showed his feelings in actions, which is why Suguru was pleasantly surprised and pleased when Satoru had gone to Yuuta to ask for a favor.

To protect Yuji if something happened to him.

Suguru couldn’t believe anything happening to Satoru but then again..
he never saw this as his future either.

A dead spirit watching over his friends and the new generation of sorcerers.

Suguru tried to save Satoru when that fake him showed up. But that body wasn’t his anymore…
Suguru isn’t sure but for a moment he swears that Satoru locked eyes with him, not the fake Geto.

“I promise I’ll protect Yuji.” Suguru spoke just before Satoru was sealed away

The heartbroken look in Yuji’s eyes-

“Give him back!”
-Suguru felt his heart break for the first time in a long time.

It was only a matter of time…

He wasn’t ready to see it.

It came in the form of Kento Nanami.

A cruel death, right in front of Yuji’s eyes.

Suguru felt himself back in the hall leading to Tengen, trying to-
- save and give Riko a choice, only to watch as they were taken away.

Yuji watched as Nanami was cruelly taken by Mahito.

Suguru watched as Yuji began his descent, just as Suguru once did.

“Yuji…” He’s tried again and again to hug the boy with no luck
The murderous rage, the bloodthirst, the feeling of hopelessness, the dead eyes..

It was like looking in a mirror as he looked at Yuji.

He followed though, hoping if a god existed that they would spare Yuji from following the same path as Suguru.
Suguru left his friends.

Yuji refused to meet his again.

Suguru hurt people he cared for in his descent in madness.

Yuji indirectly hurt his friends when Sukuna took control.

Suguru can only imagine how that Fushiguro boy must feel.
Maybe he’s reliving what Satoru lived through, losing his best friend to the madness of the world.

He misses Yuji’s innocence, his smile, his laugh, the light in his eyes.

This is his fault. It all started with him and now history will repeat itself-

“It’s our fault.”

“Don’t be selfish and give up all alone. We aren’t heroes fighting for justice. We’re just Jujutsu Sorcerers.”

Suguru stared at the dark-haired boy. He resembled his father but his personality...was nothing like him.
Suguru looked over at Yuji, seeing a flash of that light in his eyes once more.

He watched as the two hugged and couldn’t help the relief he felt in that moment.

No, history won’t repeat itself.

Not this time.
Unlike Suguru and Satoru, Yuji and Megumi had a bond that was more than just mutual respect for each other’s strength. More than just power.

Suguru hates that he’s caused all of this even after dying, but maybe…
Just maybe….

Where Suguru and Satoru failed….

Yuji and Megumi can succeed.

• • •

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He even thinks Megumi could reach Satoru’s level if he tapped into his full potential.

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Even more surprising is how the kid was the complete opposite of Megumi.
The kid’s name was Yuji Itadori, soft pink hair, golden brown eyes, loud and constantly smiling.

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That’s fine! Yuji knew he could work with that.
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A maid outfit. Cliche as it was.
Yuji had to admit it was cute though, it was pastel pink with white stockings.
He looked over to his beloved Sensei, rolling his eyes at the adorable pout directed at him.

“Fine fine, give me a minute to put it on.” Yuji laughed softly, grabbing the outfit and heading to the bathroom.
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Yuuta had expected some pretty girl from the way Gojo-sensei described Yuji, but what he found was even better.

The Higher-ups showed him a file with information on Yuji, a picture-
- attached of a pink haired boy, bright smile with bright eyes.

He could outshine the sun if he wanted.

Yuuta knew he had to pretend to hold a grudge against the boy. He was a good actor so he didn’t have to worry about that.

When he got to Shibuya, that’s when he saw him.
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