The most self contradictory people are feminists and wokeists and they are the ones who infantilize women the most.
They claim to be powerful and at the same time do not want to be held accountable like responsible adults.

A man and woman could meet at a night club and decide spend the night together after drinking themselves to oblivion. Just like they say; one thing led to another and sex happened.
In the morning when regret creeps in, the woman becomes a victim while the man becomes a predator.

To feminists, the woman automatically becomes invalid who couldn't give consent in her inebriated state while the man despite being inebriated himself could give consent. Therefore, using their hands to pedestal the man who was supposed to be equal to the woman.

Also, absolving the woman of any accountability for her
... actions. You can't caution her against clubbing, drinking and other vices because you will be accused of infringing her liberty.

Liberty without responsibility, liberty without tether always gives room for misdemeanor.

Research has it that 70% of rape cases are influenced alcohol. So, why shouldn't a woman be careful of her drinking and take responsibility when she makes poor decisions under such influence? Well, victim card will cease to exist and feminists will have no card to play if women start taking responsibility.
A young woman is allowed to do anything, do silhouette challenge, post her half naked pictures on social media, do prostitution and whatnot and feminists will applaud her "yass queen, she's exploring and owning her sexuality".

But immediately she starts dating or gets married to
...a man in his 30s, boom! She becomes an invalid who's being preyed on by a predator.

What a contradictory! That's a woman who can do any and everything yet she can't decide on who to marry right? Right, according to feminists.

A man is not allowed to hit back at a woman
... because the pain will feel from each other's hit won't be the same.
Right, the last time I checked, "what a man can do a woman can do better".
Any job a man does, a woman should be allowed to do it.
So, why can't she take the blow she's dishing out? Yep, she's weak.
In the West, some men pay their wives a lifetime alimony after a divorce and feminists endorse.

How can a woman be paid for life by a man? Even children outgrow being taken care of at some point.

Feminists can blame patriarchy as much as they want but at the end of the day,
...they are the ones who infantilize women the most, they are turning women into children who shouldn't be held accountable, who should be taken care of.

At least, patriarchy cares for women enough to protect them from self harm which feminists interprete as controlling.
Feminists don't care about women from the right perspective. Encouraging women to be rebellious and careless in the name of liberty is not care.
Know this and know peace.

- Pick Me, ❤️ and 💡
Please, check out my YouTube channel. Subscribe too.
Thank you.

Follow @MenMatterFdn They are an NGO dedicated to attending to men's issues.

Even if you just want to vent, slide into their DM and do that, no judgement whatsoever.


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8 Apr
You can't claim that men are evil, that you don't feel safe around them and still blame them for not protecting you or other women when the need arises.

You have a sisterhood, women supporting women club where you end up creating a women against men world, yet you don't look out
...for each other. Your "women supporting women" motto is just a lip service.

A girl got harassed at the market, you blame men for not protecting her.

Take a census of the people at the market, you will most likely have more women than men. Why can't you blame the women who
... unlooked.

You always burk at the idea of men being called protectors, "we don't need protectors", "who are they protecting us from if not their fellow men?", you have this rude notion about men being protectors yet, you instinctually call upon them to protect you when you're
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6 Apr
Can we talk about God a little bit.
I'm not one to engage in Twitter theist/atheist arguments.

I've had enough encounter with God to doubt his existence.

Sometime ago, someone asked me how do I hear from but before I got back online, someone has already answered.
There are different ways you can hear from God, which are through;

* His word, the Bible
* Dreams
* Hearing of voice
* Seeing vision

I hear from God through the last three, the last two are always authentic.

I remember when I was about to go for SIWES, after submitting my form different firms, nothing came. Some of my course mates have already started. I was beginning to get worried.

One day, I was packing my bags, you know, in case I was called up and a voice said "you will start your SIWES in June". I stood there shocked and sad because that
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2 Apr
Whenever you talk about a woman submitting to her husband, feminists will shout slavery, misogyny, dismantle patriarchy and throw insults around.

The fact is, we all are guilty of demanding submission from people directly or indirectly as long as we are responsible for them.
And that's perfectly fine and normal. Responsibility comes with authority.

Our parents are responsible for us and they shoulder that responsibility, reason why it hurts them badly when we rebel against them.

Same thing goes to older siblings who sacrifice a lot to take care of
...their younger siblings.

Some people decline executive positions in some organizations where they don't gain anything because of the responsibilities and when they do take such positions, submission from the floor members ought to be automatic even though they have a say.
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1 Apr

Men and women are different and have a uniqueness that's peculiar to them respectively.

Women's major contribution to the society is the birthing and raising of great men and women, which is the greatest calling ever.
This earns them respect, honor and adoration. This is the reason why they are celebrated 10 times in a year.

Men's major contribution to the society is provision, protection and nation building. Every beautiful and luxurious life we enjoy today is their doings.

Since time
... immemorial, men have done unfathomable job to bring us to where we are today, yet women are celebrated more.

This brings me to the reason of this thread.

Women are on the verge of losing their uniqueness and feminists are making sure of that through their definition of
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31 Mar
A woman rejected a marriage proposal because she wasn't financially ready and the responses aren't funny.

I also share her sentiments and I've received "feminists are deceiving you people".

Well, I'm not feminist and I've never subscribed to feminism.

Perspective matters when
... people share such sentiments. Everything doesn't revolve around feminists and feminism.

Yes, I have a fear of walking into marriage with nothing, in fact goinh into relationship if I can't take care of myself first.

I may be a Patriarchy Princess but I enjoy being at the
... giving than receiving end. (I won't reject if you give me😉)

Back to perspective; feminism isn't the reason why I have this fear.
Just like a lot of people who lost their mom at a very young age, I lost mine when I was 16 to stroke and it was a huge blow to us. (May her soul
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26 Mar
"Indoctrination is the reason why a girl child wears pink and play with dolls, while the boy child plays with truck because we were at blank state at birth"

Feminists bring up this indoctrination when we question why women don't do or have interest in certain things.
Let's talk about this indoctrination. shall we?

When it comes to why you don't have interest in politics or other disciplines, you cry indoctrination;

- Your parents are core Catholics, you were born and raised in it but today you're a member of Christ Embassy and your sister a member of Winners chapel.
The indoctrination must be really weak for you to be able to change church.

- From the moment you had your first menstrual period, your mom told you that once a man touches you, you will get pregnant, the church teaches you abstinence till
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