@tryberg @UltraPedel Hvad tillidskrisen angår, er det er værd at notere, at der eksisterer et asymmetrisk magtforhold. Politikerne har magt over forskerne, ikke vice versa. Forskerne kan i bogstaveligste forstand ikke tvinge politikerne til nogetsomhelst. Polikerne derimod kan tvinge forskerne. 1/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Samtidig er der en vidensmæssig asymmetri. Fagvidenskaben er grundlæggende for fagspecialister, og politikerne har ikke de faglige forudsætninger for at vurdere den. De fremsatte vurderinger ville falde døde til jorden, hvis de skulle klare sig på videnskabens præmisser. 2/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Når politikerne derfor gør sig ikke bare til deltagere i den faglige debat, men til faglige overdommere, der kan dømme hele områder ude, er det rent magtsprog. En tale, der aldrig ville kunne klare sig i en faglig sammenhæng griber truende og tvingende ind i fagligheden. 3/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Det er - helt banalt - en inautentisk faglig debat, fordi den ene side mangler fagligheden, men til gengæld har magten. 4/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Derfor er der - desværre - grænser for, hvad videnskaben kan gøre i denne udveksling. Vi kan forsøge at formidle, og vi kan prøve at finde det autentiske eller legitime ærinde i en given kritik, vi har ikke det nødvendige ligeværd til at insistere på at blive taget alvorligt. 5/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Derfor er problemet - politisk. Det er en skæv tilgang hos magthaveren, som giver konflikten. 6/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Dette betyder ikke - gentager: IKKE - at videnskaben er politikfri zone, eller at politikerne bare skal "holde fingrene for sig selv". Videnskabens plads i et samfund vil altid i vidt omfang (skønt ikke udelukkende) være bestemt af politisk stillingtagen. 7/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Men det betyder, at man fra politisk side bør forholde sig meget meget forsigtigt med at trampe ind på faglighedens område. Man kan ALTID vælge at handle imod fagvidenskabens analyser og anbefalinger. Det er det, der ligger i, at man er magthaver. 8/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Men man gør sig dum som snot, hvis man tror, man kan gøre sig til faglig overdommer uden at have den nødvendige faglige viden. Man kan ikke med magtsprog bestemme, hvad der kan etableres faglig evidens for. 9/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Det højeste, man kan, er at lade som om, man har den nødvendige faglige ballast. Det bliver man ikke klogere af - kun dummere.

Det betyder endvidere, at man mangler rekursen til fagligheden, når man har brug for den, fordi man har ofret samme faglighed på politikkens alter. 10/
@tryberg @UltraPedel Udbrud afsluttes. 11/11

• • •

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2 Apr
The last year has led me to a somewhat sad conclusion about racism. I’m noting it down here. Sorry, if this is completely obvious to you, but being in a position of privilege I sometimes have to think out loud to even get the basics. So here goes. 1/
Black Lives Matter … How can that possibly provoke anyone? Well, it has. We have had at least three different ”replies”: ”All Lives Matter”, ”Blue Lives Matter”, and even, on the deep deep right, ”White Lives Matter”. Each, of course, disingenuously missing the point. 2/
But there’s another thing that has appeared very clearly over the last year. Those making the replies mostly don’t believe in them when it is put to the test. 3/
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In the spirit of the #InternationalWomensDay here's a thread of blogposts I have done over the years with eminent women of genre research holding center stage. All but one are "random" as gender-political statements. They are simply me being impressed by my female colleagues. 1/
I'll pick them up chronologically from my blog. When I first started blogging I had to pay my dues to the best genre blog around. 2/

Then, I wanted to suggest a set of reading texts in genre research for literary PhDs. Eight texts; five by eminent women. The spread mirrors the field just fine. 3/

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This is your daily reminder that you have millions of friends and allies in the EU.

Also, can I just repeat what a great favor you do your country. The government's visage as the face of Britain has been one of lording arrogance. You show the world that Britain has another face.
Interestingly the example provided by @MerriamWebster is in itself a case in point:
"Wherever French voters had turned, somehow there was still a neoliberal lording over them in the Élysée Palace, favoring the diktats of the European Union, the forces of unregulated markets, the juggernaut of globalization."
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18 Jan
I have to tell you this little story about the best answer to the worst question I ever witnessed. It was two minute masterclass in educating stupidity. If only I could ever be that good. This is not strictly #ForeniscLinguistics, but it is something with language and law. 1/
I was at a public lecture about the concept of justice in the Danish legal system, and the lecturer was the Danish public Ombudsman at the time. Quite possibly the most silver-tongued person I ever met. 2/
Now, the function of the Ombudsman is literally the rule of law. And the Ombudsman's primary purpose is to protect citizens from legal, administrative, and broadly speaking public overreach. As such he is, of course [sigh], universally detested by the tough-on-crime crowd. 3/
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8 Jan
A little inpromptu lesson on one of the enlightening corners of #genrestudies. You'll see very soon why I use this particular tweet for the lesson. 1/
#AnneFreadman is well known among #genre researchers for her insistence on seeing genre as a loose open-ended system of interrelations and differences. A key point in her understand is her presentation of what she calls "not-statement". 2/
The point is most easily made in an example. If I say "a refrigerator is not a deep freezer" the statement will almost always be more meaningful than if I say "a refrigerator is not a rhinoceros." 3/
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28 Sep 20
"Many of them are very young, have little or no experience of government and, it’s perhaps fair to say, a greater degree of confidence in their own abilities than a more objective analysis would warrant."

"... for increasingly there are reports (£) of the resentment that experienced MPs and ministers (and, I would assume, senior civil servants) feel about the transparent contempt with which they are treated by the Vote Leave wunderkinds. ...
Bad enough to be subjected to that indignity by those who are competent; intolerable when it comes from those who are serial bunglers."
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