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This is your daily reminder that you have millions of friends and allies in the EU.

Also, for you reading enjoyment; below a thread about the #genre ”daily reminder”. Because a born-and-bred nerd like me just has to go and over-explain stuff.
A ”reminder”, @MerriamWebster usefully reminds us, is “something that calls a memory or thought to the mind”. Our spouse can remind us to remember the car keys, or we can remind ourselves to call the mayor before sunset. 1/
@MerriamWebster The reminder, thus has a clear social and cognitive function, it returns information to us that we might need for one reason or another. 2/
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My esteemed colleague @DrMJCWarren has published a fascinating book on a #genre called "hierophagy". Here, for your enjoyment and (hopefully) enlightenment is a thread on the book and its use of genre. It is written from an interdisciplinary genre research perspective. 1/
@DrMJCWarren Let me add, that I really like Dr. Warren a lot. She is both a brilliant scholar and a very nice and energetic human being. I am a better researcher and a better person for knowing her. 2/
@DrMJCWarren So, do not expect anything particularly belligerent. Today, I am not in the business of harsh criticism, but in the business of being extremely interested and making remarks to a piece of very fine scholarship. 3/
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Neuer Massenmord in einem Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Meldungen über 20+ Tote. 8chan läuft heiß mit "/ourguy/"-Feiern und "meme manifestos aren't funny anymore"-Beschwerden. White-Supremacy-Terror läuft dort inzwischen auch unter "shitposting in real life". #texasshooting
Benchmark für solche "real life effort posts" sind der #Christchurch-Terrorist und #Breivik. Kritik in der Community betrifft nicht das Töten, sondern v.a. Aspekte des Entertainments: Stil, Originalität, Authentizität.
So wie in einem Actionfilm oder einem Shooter nicht der Gehalt Gegenstand von Kritik ist, sondern die Formen seiner Vermittlung. Die Etablierung von Terror als Unterhaltungsform der Community erleichtert es Einzelnen, zur Tat zu schreiten: man kann sich auf Details konzentrieren.
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1. Hi! I'm a doctoral candidate in English at EmoryU. I'm currently writing my thesis on the object-memory interactions in #Partition Literature of India. I'll be talking about how to use @humcommons to Teach. #HCTwitterConf19
@humcommons 2. Using DH to teach: My students maintained a blog where they wrote in multiple genres & worked on multimodal projects. See: & #HCTwitterConf19
@humcommons 3. There was an excitement in class since there were no traditional research papers that most dreaded in this required course. They could experiment with their voice when writing for a more diverse audience. #HCTwitterConf19
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A new variation of the twitter poll. This #genre specimen makes the staggering ignorance prevalent in the #Brexit debate painfully obvious.

The "screengrab of something inanely stupid" is becoming a crucial #Brexit debate #genre. Possibly (see above) because "inanely stupid" has become a prevalent Brexit position.

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1/ Le 1er janvier, des millions de femmes du Kerala ont formé un “Mur des femmes” pour l’accès des femmes à un temple hindou. Un thread sur ce que j’ai appris sur #Sabarimala
2/ Je ne connaissais pas grand chose au dossier, mais travaillant sur #genre et #religion, ça m’intéressait, surtout que certain.e.s y ont vu des parallèles possibles avec l’accès des femmes au Mur de Jérusalem…
3/ ... comme la violence physique contre les femmes qui veulent prier dans un espace religieux très contrôlé, ou le recours à l’arbitrage de la Cour suprême
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Hmmmm, I am running too many threads already. But how about a "#FBPE-people attacking Tories"-thread? It's clearly a worthwhile endeavor. Feel free to pitch in.
Exhibit one is a complete Role Playing Game adventure. Man. did they have an anti-tory blast with that one:

Just copying in from old threads. Exhibit two #FBPE-person stomping a tory. Well-deserved I might add.

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The #threats invaded my #Brexit #genre #thread. It was supposed to be mostly fun and #FBPE-games, but the threads turn it grim . So. I'll establish this new thread of uses of the threat as genre in the Brexit debate. It won´t be a lot of fun. #forensic #linguistics #genrestudies
Before I get going, a little piece of research dissemination on threats by my good colleagues @TanyaKaroli and @MarieEBM:

Exhibit A: @cliodiaspora has had to bear a truckload of abuse and quite a few threats for her engagement. I admire her intensely for sticking to her guns. This one is ugly in many many different ways.

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After an intense vote (see below), it was decided that my 5k-followers celebration thread should be on genre and fake news. A topic which I, for fairly strange non-standard reasons, happen to know a little bit about.

Thanks to all who played in particular The Usual Suspects, @IAmMardikins (who suggested the winning topic; hail the chairman!) @Dogtrouser_PI @Ferretgrove @TanyaKaroli @MarieEBM and a truckload of others. Anyway. Here goes:
A thread on genre and fake news. 1/
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#amwritingromance #DolphinWriters #turtlewriters
#erotica #HistoricalRomance #amreading

This happened last September and I never got a notice or email from @Smashwords

I'm glad they clarified the process, but I'm still confused by some stuff.
Only #Smashwords and #AmazonKindle allow step-relations?

I don't understand why.

Example is "In the Distance There is Light" by #HarperBliss

One of our WIPs is a reworking of Greek Mythology. GM has nearly all taboos, yet is carried everywhere!
Other markets are "officially" banning Bestiality, but let it slide under the name of Paranormal.

@smashwords (and Amazon, apparently) claims mermaids, werewolves, bigfoot, or aliens are NOT considered "Beastiality".
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A short thread on #RemainerNow-acceptance. To my pleasure, I have noticed that when someone declares herself or himself a @RemainerNow the recepetion from the Remainer-community and particularly the #FBPE communitiy has been largely enthusiastic. 1/
However there invariably seem to be somebody that is so furious about the whole Brexit ordeal that they fire all cannons upon meeting a #Remainernow. I find that at the same time completely understandable and a very dumb move. 2/
It's completely understandable because Brexit is such an enormous act of stupidity on a national and international level that it must get tempers rising. In particular, of course, tempers with continuous remainers who have seen Brexit for the shambles it is from the start. 3/
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So, while we are resting on the #FBPE-laurels after a hot chase of #WATON, a few very preliminary thoughts on #Brexit and #genre. As my handle indicates, I came to #Twitter with an intent to talk about genre #research, but I have ended up talking about Brexit instead. 1/
Or is that indeed "instead"? A central finding of #genrestudies is that #genre is well nigh omnipresent in human culture, cognition, and communication. Thus, we think, react, and act in genre patterns, and we all have a surprising aptitude for understanding and using genre. 2/
Thus, it may never have entered your mind while discussing #Brexit (or, hopefully, the lack thereof) that you are constantly using and discussing #genre. But you are. Allow me to show you. 3/
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Cool, j'ai un exposé à faire sur un article de Virginie Julliard : #ThéorieDuGenre : comment débat-on du genre sur Twitter ?
Fun car ce sont mes binômes qui ont choisi le sujet et que ça tombe direct dans mes intérêts. Je vais faire un LT, ça me servira de notes !
Hypothèse du papier : Twitter produit un débat spécifique, en raison de ses propriétés & de la manière dont les utilisateurs s'en saisissent
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