Never seen someone ask Rolls-Royce for an Easter discount or price slash.

Your market positioning can make or break your efforts.

How do I know this?

Well, as a Copywriter I used to charge peanuts for my copies, until I discovered it wasn't my client's fault but mine.

The price tag I give myself is what people will associate my copies with.

I've never seen someone pay more than what the seller asked for.

If I say my price is 50k, my copy automatically becomes a 50k copy.

And that's a very bad place to be.

What's your market position?
Cheap or High Value

Believe it or not, people associate price with value.

Stop selling yourself cheap.

You can't last a long time with that.

• • •

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25 Mar

The part of the copy that a lot of gurus pay no attention to...

But guess what?

An average copy can get a major facelift by using fire bullets.

I've seen so many controls with just one paragraph of copy and the rest of the promotion is just pure bullets.

there's no hard and fast rule for crafting bullets.

You just have to study successful ones.

Then study the product you're selling, take out every benefit or feature you can find and turn it into a powerful bullet.

Here are some examples from a recent project I worked on:
• "Why fear should be your most treasured qualities (...keep this is in front of you
and everything suddenly aligns)"

Inside the project, I was referring to how a new system was discovered due to
fear of failure.

• "One shocking reason why every graduate banker...
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25 Mar
Listen up:

Sometimes, there's no need for over-the-top headlines.

You don't walk up to a man that desperately needs a horse and say:

"How To Get To Abuja From Lagos Fast Using A Four-legged Animal"

Thats dumb!

Just tell him you have a "Horse for Sale"

That's all.

Well, because this dude knows what he wants.

He's on a higher level of market awareness.

You just gotta make him the perfect offer:

"Take this horse home for free, keep him for the next 4 weeks, observe him closely...

And then, if you wish to keep him, send me a $4k check...
But if you don't want him, I'll come pick him up at $0.

I'll send you an apology letter with a refund for every dime you paid feeding him for 4 weeks.

Can I send him over by 6:30am tommorow?"


No need for shenanigans and gimmicks.

Just hit the nail on the head.

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11 Mar
I snapped on my lecturing hat today...

So, here goes nothing:

How to write sizzling bullet points that inject more sales power into your copy...even if your body copy reads like a suicide note

Bullet points are the backbones of high selling copies.

You can get away with an...
average copy just buy crafting hot bullet points

And the good thing is...

Great ones never get rusty.

You can use them over and over again...and they'll still get the cash register ringing.

And how do you craft a good one?

Well, there are no hard and fast rule for creating..
hot bullet points.

But there's just one proven way of crafting hot bullet points and it's by studying good ones.

Get yourself a swipe file of successful ads, study them carefully and practice as you go.

To give you a headstart, here are few ones I used in a recent project of..
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8 Feb
"I'm so broke, I wish I had a second stream of income"

"I want to start my own business, but I don't have enough capital"

"I'm not a business guru, so the information marketing idea is a no-go for me"

Well, you're right tho.

Not everyone knows something👇🏿
valuable to sell that other people are willing to pay for.

Some of us are naturally tilted towards selling physical Products not ebooks & stuff...and it's not a bad thing at all

The thing is...

If you wanted to start your own ecom store about a few years ago, you would need👇🏿
Atleast 50k for a start, right?

But listen...

That's not true anymore. You can actually own a 6-figure online store with zero stocks, no shop, no warehouse, no travelling to China and the rest.

You can set up your own store using a simple model called NBE model...and make at👇🏿
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14 Dec 20
The local Igbo trader understands that customer relationship is paramount,

that's why he sells to his highest paying customers on credit, supports them and even attend their personal events.
The local igbo trader knows that scale matters in e-commerce,

that's why he constantly funds a way to get more customers to his shop...even if his profit at the time isn't that much.
The local Igbo trader unconsciously understands tripwire offer...

That's why he reduces his price a lil bit in a new market to capture a large number of audience...and then upsell them on other products once the enter his shop
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12 Dec 20
"Hey, you're fat and it's killing your self-esteem. You've tried every single thing on the market but nothing is working.

I totally understand!

For the past 2 years, I've helped 50+ overweight women get their bodies and confidence back in shape without surgery.

Take for👇🏾
instance Temi, a stay at home mum with three kids and an overweight body that kept her awake in the night.

I worked with her for only 12 weeks and today, she's living her best life, hanging with friends, wearing what she loves and most importantly, she's HAPPY.

There were no👇🏾

No surgeries...

No crazy programs...

No strict diet.

She still ate her favorite meals. But she's 40kg down!

Listen to me, losing weight isn't such a hard nut. It might be for people who are not lucky to read what you're reading now..."

Blah blah😒

Empathy is such a..
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