1/ EMOTIONS & NOTES? One thing that fascinates me about Tools for Thought (@RoamResearch, @obsdmd, @rem_note & @logseq) are the deep emotional connections people make with these tools. But it isn't about the tool, it's about the "thoughts" captured in these tools!
2/ When I started using these tools, I thought people used them because of their features & that really one tool was likely better than another. The truth is they each have advantages. Let me list what I see:
+ Roam: Great graph DB outliner with strong linking

+ Obsidian: Great Markdown editor designed for thought, leveraging speed of local hardware
+ Remnote: integrating spaced learning into its DNA with roots in education
+ Logseq: opensource tool based on graph DB & markdown. Totally unique hybrid that has a solid future.
4/ Each tools for thought has advantages over the others. We have an amazing number of diverse choices for different user types (some like local, some cloud. Some like outliners, some don't. And so on). The story is much better than a year ago: there is something for everyone!
5/ Having been in IT for years, I expected there would often be "tool wars", debates between users of these products "Mine is better than yours" type rhetoric. And while we may have some fun at times, I am amazed at how peaceful & respectful these communities are with each other.
6/ My conclusion is:

It's not about the tool, its about the thoughts we keep in them.

Ironic: there is more similarities than differences between all these tools
7/ and no matter what your choice of tool is, it is this pursuit of "thought" creates a common bond between us all, a family of individuals with a common goal: the pursuit of capturing knowledge, learning, sharing and growing.
8/ I admit, I love Roam. Frequently I get caught up in the excitement of what it can do. But at the end of the day its not about the tool, for me it has been learning new ways of thinking and building for a creative and innovative future, learning from so many people every day.
9/ Many wonder why I never pursued fiscal reward for efforts on Roam42. Simply put, the payment I have received has come in learning from so many others. Working with people in "their world" teaches you what yours lacks. This is the best payment, a real gift.
10/ You can't put a price tag on learning from others. You can't feel more reward than giving to others. The effect is cyclical. You give, you get -- repeat.
11/ So no matter which Tool of Thought you use, you are a part of a greater family, seekers of mental riches.

This is the bond. And it reveals why we are so emotionally connected with our tools. They are an extension of the mind and heart. An external piece of one's self.
12/ They are inanimate things, but we treat them as if they are human, alive, breathing and will be with us years to come.

So I am curious, what is your opinion: Why do we develop such strong emotional bonds with "Tools for Thought?"


• • •

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1/ Over a year ago I tried out Obsidian. At the time I found it to just be another Markdown editor. I was actually frustrated with the @obsdmd devs because it seemed like a shift from @DynalistHQ which is a fabulous product, but needing love. Well I was wrong, they were right
2/ In recent months I have seen many dear friends move to @obsdmd from @NotionHQ, @RoamResearch and other such tools. I honestly thought they are crazy (Ok they are and they know it.) But they are so happy with Obsidian and brag about it like teenagers in love, it is irritating.
3/ But I have to say, these friends, some former Roamans, are really good, smart, hard working and caring people. I told myself, there must be something to @obsidian if these individuals are so happy. They know me, I know them. They would not waste my time.
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1/11 Spaced Repetition (SR) is amazing for learning. With it, I learned 2nd language. I wish I had this article by @andy_matuschak when I started. His article: [How to write good prompts: using spaced repetition to create understanding](andymatuschak.org/prompts/) #roam
2/11 Advice from real world experience. I admit, earlier I would have been too stubborn to listen. I am ready now & advice came just in time. Thanks Andy! We may not be friends in real life, but I hope to be twitter pals when you start to use @roamresearch (It's going to happen)
3/11 Let me share some of my highlights and personal takeaways. PLUS: please share your advice with me of lessons learned from your own experience with SR.

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1/ @Conaw really liking new CSS work you are all doing & we appreciate whenever UID's are included in HTML stream. The page UID is often included. Would be nice to get UID when HTML renders for:
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+ attributes
+ #tags
+ and bonus, but not crucial Alias
2/ Page UID's in the HTML. Well done team @RoamResearch
3/ Tagged element with hash # but no UID
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1/ @RoamResearch has silently pushed out a new feature called Command Palette (get to it through CMD+P or CTRL+P).

However the big news is the AUTOMATIC BACKUP feature (AMEN, an angel gets its wings today)
2/ This is what the schedule backup feature looks like. You can configure the backup directory and backup frequency.

Note this screen is a little confusing, it serves two purposes. Upper area is for "export all" which we had before.

Lower half is for scheduling EDN backup.
3/ As I covered in this tweet thread, EDN is ideal for full database restore. I often backup MD because it's convenient for getting to individual files. But EDN backup is what is really important for your personal graph databas disaster recovery strategy

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1/ What is a block in Roam? It is a chunk of text, right? This is true. What is a paragraph in a Word document? A chunk of text, right? What is the difference? A very important and BIG difference. In Word, you identify a paragraph by its location ... #roamcult
2/ What is the "Address" of a paragraph in Word? The address is its location in the document, which is very FRAGILE. Imagine a paragraph address of "page 5, chunk of text 2". If you add content above, its "address" changes.
3/ Because the address changes with text flow, the "address" of the paragraph is very fragile. Thus it is impossible to maintain reliable linkage in or between documents.
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