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Every second brain needs organization.

But organizing notes is tedious and takes up valuable time. So what's the solution?

Organize as you write!

Here's how I use the power of @logseq's outlines to organize and find back my notes effortlessly: 🧵
Structuring notes is simple in @logseq.

All you need are:
• Outlines
• Links

With Logseq, you can forget about files and folders. You only need to write your notes in lists/outlines and add [[wikilinks]].

Here's why this works and what happens under the hood in Logseq:
Everything is a parent-child relationship in @logseq.

An example:

• Block A is a parent block; B and C are children of A; block D is a grandchild of A.

• Block B is a child of A, and it’s in the same branch as blocks C and D.

• Block C is a child of A and the parent of D.
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Well as my last attempt⤵️to #StopTheWar in #Ukraine failed to get any traction I thought my 2nd attempt should start with a bang or in the words of #DrStrangelove"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"
2/n It seems I am not scary enough to scare sense into some participants of the current war, I thought trying to use a selection of #GNUTerryPratchett words from #Discworld #Jingo & #Hogfather along with some horrors of war concepts might persuade #WarCriminals in the conflict
3/n that a better path might be available to them and others if the war ended quickly but as another Author @Kurt_Vonnegut said of horrors in another War #SoItGoes🤷‍♂️
I started with the words
From the #WarGames film
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1/ As you start in @logseq you'll soon experience the need to add structure to better navigate and retrieve your info.

Everyone has different needs, and there are a few ways to achieve similar results, as in the pic below.

Finding a way that works for you is part of the journey
@logseq 2/ Should you organise information top-down or bottom-up?

Bottom-up is when you're building links to existing information (usually, though not always) at the location where it is entered.

Top-down means building links to information from a higher-level point of departure.
@logseq 3/ It's not really a debate, rather 'both-and'.

Outliners allow you to branch your notes top-down, whilst easily zooming into & editing at the bottom levels

Bi-directional links mean you're getting a link at both the top and bottom level - you just need to know where to look 🙂
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#Tags - my thoughts - a thread

This one is heavily wrapped in experience and opinion. I will share my biggest learns. How you use them is on you.

Firstly - personal tags are so important and we do not utilise them enough. Here are some reasons;

They are Twitter links...

essentially. One click links to your content on Twitter. Click on one at the end, and then explore the twitter page that loads.
They should be attached to your brand to add recognition to you.
If you can get them trending, then they offer the potential for new eyes.

you find something brand generic, you can add things to your tags as your brand expands. This allows you to drive people to different areas of your brand

Some things to consider;
They can be hard work to create buy in.
Your brand needs to be firm before you start...
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I am endlessly fascinated with content tagging systems. They're ubiquitous in software and have so many nuances, but I can't find anything on how to design and implement anymore more than the barebones basics of a system.

Some thoughts in a thread.
A tag is a metadata label associated with content, primarily used for querying and grouping. The tag name is also the id: two tags with the same name are the same tag.

Tags appear everywhere: #hashtags, wikipedia categories, blog post labels, AWS infra tags...
Now, are `horse` and `horses` the same tag? They're different strings, but I'd be pretty miffed if I queried for `horse` and got only half the data.

So for serious querying we need some kind of relationship between tags
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A thread showing how to install and use @RoamResearch’s Progressive Web App (images are from iOS). This should work similarly on Android. #roam
1. In your mobile browser (in this case, Safari), go to the Roam Research homepage and sign in. Select your your graph from the bottom of the following screen (or create one if you’re new to Roam). Image
2. After selecting your graph, you should see Roam’s Quick Capture screen. This is designed to allow you to quickly capture a note, create a TODO or upload a file or image to a [[Quick Capture]] page. All such notes are synced to your graph. I prefer to use my full graph. Image
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1/ Let us share best practices for using #Tags

By the way this is not a question for any specific tool, rather a broad PKM discussion. The concept of #tags has been around for years now in many products. They exist in @evernote, @RoamResearch, @obsdmd, @logseq, @todoist, etc.
2/ Taggin is even used outside of software. I remember doing GTD years ago, all on paper, and using @ for context and # for categorization. All written out on paper, summarized daily and weekly into lists. (Those were wonderful, simpler times)
3/ Tagging things I found to be very useful in managing present. Do this today #task. Do this at @home. #pending, #somdayMaybe, #people. By having a dozen or so tags, I can nicely focus in on actions and responsibilities in my life.
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1/ @Conaw really liking new CSS work you are all doing & we appreciate whenever UID's are included in HTML stream. The page UID is often included. Would be nice to get UID when HTML renders for:
+ block refs
+ attributes
+ #tags
+ and bonus, but not crucial Alias
2/ Page UID's in the HTML. Well done team @RoamResearch
3/ Tagged element with hash # but no UID
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A nobody cares thread.

Nobody cares about the things that matter - getting investors in, helping new distributors advisors, making things (Slightly) easier for investors, honest mis-selling etc.
Nobody cares about direct plans of mutual funds
Nobody cares about about mutual funds either

Very few care about mutual funds. Just 2.1 crore unique investors. If you probably take out HNIs/institutions in this, that's maybe 20-30%, what's left are the common gareeb folks.
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𐃏 @RoamResearch in-directly teaches how to think like a Scientist & Philosopher by directly framing writing as Knowledge Cartography

🗺 Mapmaking via Writing to think & discover the paths to knowledge.

🧱 Using blocks as the paths & boundaries.

🌎 To understand the territory. Image
Roam is a Writing & Thinking Tool that lets you outline, reference, connect, search, discover, and remix chunks of thought & information.
The core & most important feature in Roam is the 'Block'

A block is like a bullet. It can be a word, sentence, paragraph, or other media.

That Block can have other blocks nested under it. Image
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While some protest, call outsiders to interfere in Nigeria, INEC has announced date for 2023 elections. Some will prepare, mobilise their base, heavily politick and a party should emerge victorious. Those that make protesting a job might still be protesting about the same things
2. They are "protesting" for now. While those that follow the political timeline might have the latitude and leverage to push through the policies they want. Unless you are a professional protester, it is time to see the big picture. Elections are won through the ballot or
3. At least, the electoral process. Those who win elections will have the right to govern. Protests, curses, #tags won't replace this fact. Citizens action and advocacy have their place in politics but if you are claiming you want to make sweeping changes and make things happen
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Introducing a new feature for subscribers: insights!

Quickly create a card deck of findings from #UXresearch, #marketresearch or #Analytics:
Illustrate with beautiful images from @unsplash and @pexels, or upload your own (video coming soon!)
Add #tags so you can identify patterns and themes:
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Desconstruindo uma narrativa mentirosa da extrema direita fascista. Bom, o discurso é de que o @STF ilegalmente instaurou inquérito das FAKE NEWS, que @alexandre é um ditador de toga, pois persegue o direito de livre manifestação ou de expressão dos conservadores. Segue 👇
Segundo estes cidadãos de bem patriotas conservadores da moral e dos bons costumes, é direito deles expressar suas opiniões , direito este garantido pela CF de 1988, e que não fazem além de emitir suas opiniões sobre questões relevantes a sociedade e ao país.
Sabemos que a constituição garante o direito à liberdade de expressão, abriga tbm a pluralidade de pensamentos e permite que todos possam criticar e emitir opiniões sobre o serviço prestado pelos agentes e instituições públicas.
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1. Hi! I'm a doctoral candidate in English at EmoryU. I'm currently writing my thesis on the object-memory interactions in #Partition Literature of India. I'll be talking about how to use @humcommons to Teach. #HCTwitterConf19
@humcommons 2. Using DH to teach: My students maintained a blog where they wrote in multiple genres & worked on multimodal projects. See: & #HCTwitterConf19
@humcommons 3. There was an excitement in class since there were no traditional research papers that most dreaded in this required course. They could experiment with their voice when writing for a more diverse audience. #HCTwitterConf19
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Vamos aprender a derrubar os bots?
Especialmente, qdo querer subir uma tag...

Depois colocarei aqui os passos. Abçs👊
Rapidamente, sobre as tags #

Pessoal, não adianta insistir em tags passadas (lulalivre/flaviobolsonaronacadeia).

Tudo o q já passou, o twitter registra e dificilmente voltará aos trending topics.

Então, as tags sempre têm que ser diferentes.

Ñ desgastemos tags sem combinar👊
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Thread - #CM En visite à #Bruxelles pour une formation chez Facebook avec des responsables ou journalistes social média de médias européens.
Distribué au début de la session... Faut-il avoir peur? 🤔
Gros sujet annoncé à 11h: le newsfeed!
#popcorn ?
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