Campaign starts TODAY: #AllowAACinTherapy. It's aimed at doctors, psychologists and other clinical professionals, and at the institutions that empower them to disempower disabled people. I have seriously had enough of this nonsense from them.
Doctors do this regularly to one of my friends who is mostly nonspeaking.

A psychologist did it to me when I at a time that I lost speech frequently.

Professionals should #AllowAACinTherapy. #CommunicationFIRST, not 'speech first'. They must stop violating the #CRPD.
People with communication disabilities should not be expected to make appointments using a telephone. You should not have to register as a Deaf person to be allowed to use AAC.

We have a right to access to Health. #AllowAACinTherapy…
#AllowAACinTherapy Because communication is a human right, and nobody with a communication disability owes their therapist speech.

Now, I may be angry with all these people, but I also intend to make life easier for them. Because happy patients who are grateful to their doctors and therapists are surely nice to have? I want to help doctors and therapists have happy, grateful patients!
#AllowAACinTherapy and get advice from AAC users on how to implement that in medical systems. Because it has implications. Like, some people need more time. So maybe send them some questions in advance of the appointment?

Learn more from Noah Seback:
Make your own memes with the hashtag #AllowAACinTherapy, and be sure to include alt text or image descriptions if you post them to Twitter.

We're gonna raise awareness in our community, then engage professionals who already support AAC in their practices to support our campaign. Torso of a white-looking person with slender fingers using a
'Smart' people can have communication disabilities.

The ability to use speech can fluctuate, just like someone's pain or vision can fluctuate. Does someone with epilepsy have seizures 24/7? Nah. So, some disabilities fluctuate.


I mean, doh, you know how some people say, "But you could speak fine the other day!" like that means you should be able to use speech today?!

It's like, "You didn't have depression/mania/constipation/a headache the other day so..."

Just #AllowAACinTherapy, for goodness' sake.
We want doctors, psychologists, nurse practitioners, phlebotomists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, radiographers and every other jolly clinical professional in every country in the world to #AllowAACinTherapy.
You should be able to make an appointment without using speech.

You should be allowed to discuss your symptoms without using speech.

You should be able to get treatment without using speech.


This psychologist stands standing up for #PatientRights. ✅

They #AllowAACinTherapy. ✅

#TipsForNewDocs: Be like this therapist. 🤩

I iz not typink propply enimor. Eye macon miss steaks. I shoe gotobed.
Communication is a human right wherever there are humans.

Karen is from Kenya. 🇰🇪

Where do YOU live? Where do YOU want to see clinical professionals #AllowAACinTherapy?

Where patients cannot rely on speech, #AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) enables clearer communication between clinicians and patients... IF the clinical professionals #AllowAACinTherapy.

(Guess what. They should always allow it.)

• • •

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15 Apr
When they speak about disabled children having "challenging behaviour", what does "challenging" mean? Why do they use THAT word? (Not a sarcastic question.) Do they believe that the child is "challenging" them like a drunk person in a bar challenges another guy to fight? Or what?
Or are they projecting the challenges (difficulties) they have in understanding or coping with a child's behaviour onto the child? Like "I'm out of money and it's a challenging situation to be in." So, the OTHER person, not the child, is the one feeling like it's a "challenge"?
There's a webinar coming up with a bunch of 'autism experts', about dealing with autistic children. A bevy of white guys presenting, incl. an autistic vet; and one brown man... And on the TOP of the list of topics is "challenging behaviour".
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14 Apr
The aforegoing conversation below: is this an example of the "social skills" that autistic people supposedly don't have?

Because to me it looks like most of the population are so low on skills that they think a dirty hack is a social skill.
Some social skills could be explicitly taught so that people don't have to take so long to figure them out. Like this--this could be explicitly taught:

From my perspective, respect is a LOT more important than politeness. Politeness should stem from respect. And there are many times, I understand, that it is needed to just save your life, regardless of respect. It's used to de-escalate, and that's OK.
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13 Apr
I don't know why so many people are laughing at this. Oh yes, wait, I think I may know... It's because they're not autistic, and they don't know how to deal with someone who is trying her level best to make a rational case for something, because logic isn't important to them.
It's like Mr Thompson, who led the marching band at my school. I told him I wanted to be in the band. He laughed and said I can't be in the band. I asked why. He said, as though I was asking a ridiculous thing, "Girls can't be in the band." I asked why. HE WOULD NOT TELL ME.
But sure, AUTISTIC people are the ones with the broken brains. 🙄

The desire for logical, reasonable explanations is met with laughter by the Holy Wholesome Norrrmal People. Because logic is a deficit... or something.
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13 Apr
It's been more than 5 years since this happened, and still there are schools in the USA and in other countries that won't allow nonspeaking autistic children the support they need to participate in class, even if their parents pay the aides themselves.…
During those 5 years, several nonspeaking activists emerged who were once reliant on pointing to a letterboard, but who now communicate by typing independently, either from time to time or all the time.

Canadian Damon Kirsebom is one of them.…
Damon is a nonspeaking communication and education rights advocate.

Unlike the US, Canada has ratified the #CRPD. But that still doesn't mean that its provisions have been carried through and that autistic people now all have the support they need.

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30 Mar
With appropriate therapy, most nonspeaking autistic people would be able to communicate using words. Depending on the extent of the disability, their ultimate mode(s) of communication could include pointing to a letterboard, typing, signing, partial speech, and other means.
So why DON'T most nonspeaking autistic people communicate in clear sentences like the one you're reading right now? I'm going to tell you one of the main reasons, and it's horrible.
In a country like the US, it's not because of lack of funding.

The government already funds therapy for autistic children.

There are schools.

There are even therapists who come to your home.

If you don't want them to, the court may order it anyway.…
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29 Mar
This is the start of my 2021 #AutismAwarenessMonth thread. I hope I'll have the stamina to complete it before the end of April.

You may be wondering why I am not saying #AutismAcceptanceMonth, and that brings me to a content warning... Abstract art in blue, grey and purple, with the letters A U
I'm going to talk a lot about ableism and ableist abuse.

There are also good parts to this story, events that have happened since the last #AutismAwareness Month, events that hold promise for our future. 😊

But we'll begin our tale on a grim day in history: 11 February 2005. 😑
What happened on 11 February 2005?
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