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[THREAD] I want to tell you about Spelling to Communicate, a method for non-speaking autistic communication that I helped to bring to South Africa along with Nicola Sowah (a speech & language therapist) and Luli Carillo (mother of non-speaking autist Leonardo).
Spelling to Communicate (S2C) teaches individuals with motor and sensory differences the purposeful motor skills necessary to spell to communicate. Motor skills progress along an increasingly complex hierarchy from pointing to letters to typing independently on a keyboard.
The goal is to achieve synchrony between cognition and motor.
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1/7 Reflections by a survivor of suicide attempts

What made suicide more likely for me:
đŸ˜„Living in despair.

What was healing for me:
💙Finding hope that change was possible.

2/7 Reflections by a survivor of suicide attempts

What made suicide more likely for me:
đŸ˜„Shame from child abuse.

What was healing for me:
💙Being heard, believed and supported.

#BelieveUs #YouAreInnocent
3/7 Reflections by a survivor of suicide attempts

What made suicide more likely for me:
đŸ˜„Being forced to take psych medication.

What was healing for me:
💙Finding ways to cope with and transform my pain.

#EndForcedTreatment #CRPD #OPCAT
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@AOC And ban conversion therapy for use against autistic people, where it's called ABA and the US government sponsors it across the entire country. #ABAisAbuse #CRPD #DisabilityRights
@AOC Conversion therapy was turned mainstream first against gay people and then against vulnerable autistic children by Ivar Lovaas. There is still a nationwide multimillion dollar abuse industry sponsored by the US government, based on his work, and autistic people are the victims.
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Nonspeakers are rarely the authors of their own narratives in academic journals. This article changes that, with nonspeakers Samuel Capozzi, Dillan Barmache and Emma Cladis giving their own direct accounts of mentoring for autistics by autistics.

Today I'm sharing a 2018 interview with nonspeaking autist Rhema of the Rhema's Hope blog, in which she gives advice to therapists about helping her and others like her with impulse control and other challenges associated with autism.

Nonspeaking autist Matteo Musso writes about how learning to use a letterboard liberated him, and how ABA is not useful to nonspeakers trying to prevent themselves from having meltdowns. #CommunicationFirst #istandwithnonspeakers

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Hullo, what have we here @MoHFW_INDIA ?!

Your recently released Clinical Establishments guidelines 2019 indicate that 'mentally disabled' will need a guardian for informed consent!

First off why are you equating disabled people with minors?

#Capacity Appendix 9 EXTRACT <br />
The informed consent shall at the least contain the following information in an understandable language and format (desirably which a lay person can easily understand) <br />
Page 133 of Clinical Establishments Amendments 2019 :" src="/images/1px.png" data-src="">
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 Next - bad enough we've had to suffer conflation of 'unsound mind' with mental illness, now we have a sweeping 'mental disability' which means ... what exactly?
@MoHFW_INDIA @EqualsCPSJ @RajivSpeaks @Deepak_TMN @drsitu @netshrink @vjayakumar @amritbakhshy @val_resh @SmithaSadasiva5 If you cannot assume capacity for all, suspect capacity for all. Stop singling out disabled people for guardian consent.
Embrace diversity in communication and supported decision making.
No mention of advance directives?
#Competence #RPWD #MHCA #CRPD #PatientAdvocate #GAL #DNR
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Perus- ja ihmisoikeudet ja niiden edistĂ€minen iloksemme vahvasti #hallitusohjelma’ssa. Monet tavoitteemme hienosti mukana! TyötĂ€ on todellakin tehty paljon ja nyt vaikutukset nĂ€kyvĂ€t. TĂ€ssĂ€ ketjussa nopeasti keskeisimpiĂ€ #ihmisoikeudet havaintoja:
1. Hienoa, ettÀ ihmisoikeuksien jÀrjestelmÀlliseen edistÀmiseen panostetaan: #hallitusohjelma'ssa mm. kolmas perus- ja ihmisoikeustoimintaohjelma, lainvalmistelijoiden ihmisoikeusosaamisen vahvistaminen sekÀ perus- ja ihmisoikeusvaikutusten arviointi. #ihmisoikeudet
2. #Hallitusohjelma'n mukaan kv. ihmisoikeussopimusten toimeenpanoa ja valvontaa edistetÀÀn ja vahvistetaan. Myös #oikeusvaltio'ta vahvistavia toimia löytyy useita. #ihmisoikeudet
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Here's what I see in the lethargic response from most #ABAICon19 delegates towards the idea of condemning torture...
The ABAI leadership and conferencegoers actually don't care about human rights because they don't care about humans.
There's no point anymore in trying to persuade them to care. All that remains now is to show those who do care that the ABAI is a despicable institution, and that membership and adherence to its code of ethics is merely a pact of honour among thieves.
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[THREAD] CW: Graphic descriptions of abuse, images of open sores, children crying.

Evidence of over 50,000 people being abused in Uganda. Adults and young children given bleach to drink. Unpaid independent #actuallyautistic investigator @fionapettit71 is threatened.
CW: Graphic descriptions of abuse, images of open sores, children crying.

Evidence of over 50,000 people including children abused in Uganda by cult introduced by Westerners.

CW: Descriptions of abuse, image of child abuse.

Evidence of over 50,000 people including children abused in Uganda by cult introduced by Westerners.

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The biggest focus area for #autismawareness should be awareness of the principles embodied in the #CRPD.

Do #nothingaboutuswithoutus.

While you exclude both speaking and non-speaking autists from your decisions, you commit human rights abuses whether you realise it or not.
If people in the autism industry stopped violating the #CRPD, we would see:

- the end of harmful practices and substances masquerading as therapy and (ABA, Le Packing, MMS etc.)

- autistic people driving the priorities of autism research

- nonspeakers' access to communication
We have to stop excluding nonspeakers' inputs from these conversations.

Making them the excuse for not listening to autistic people who speak, while you pay ZERO attention to THEIR actual words means you respect neither group.
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I am formally diagnosed, and I don't feel that self-diagnosed people are appropriating anything of mine. Yes, some people fake disability, but that is pretty rare in my experience, and I know a LOT of disabled people. Ironically, one of the suspected fakers got an official dx.
And just to reiterate: I did not "seek an autism diagnosis". I did not self-diagnose. I had NO IDEA that I was autistic.
Subsequently, through me, many people around the world have become aware of their own autistic traits and the majority of these eventually sought and received a formal diagnosis.
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ASAN is LIVE at the UN’s #WorldAutismAwarenessDay event “Assistive Technologies, Active Participation”! Watching live starting at 10 AM here:

Follow along using the hashtags #DisabilityRights #CRPD #WorldAutismAwarenessDay and by following along on this thread.
“Assistive Technologies, Active Participation” is the theme for the @UN’s #WorldAutismAwarenessDay #CRPD #DisabilityRights A multi colored graphic for world autism awareness day
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What does tokenism look like? The abstract that I submitted to an autism conference was rejected on the ground that they were "able to find another autistic speaker" -- not because the content that I proposed to present was relevant to the decision.
I am able to speak on a number of autism-related topics, but there are some talks which I specifically do NOT do, even when asked:
1. "My personal autism story" (also known as the "Self-Narrating Zoo Exhibit")
2. Witty edutainment about the benefits of 'high-functioning autism'.
My primary focus areas for advocacy are:
1. Addressing health issues common in autists and their families
2. The communication rights of nonspeaking autists
3. The paradigm needed for change, and the principles of the #CRPD
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