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I made an 8 page comic about my✨AUTISTIC JOY✨for #ASDComicTakeover in celebration of #AutismAcceptanceMonth! There are several factors that make up Autistic Joy for me: Understanding, Support, and Safe Surroundings. Each comes with its own moments to celebrate. [1/5] Panel 1: The artist (Tay) is waving and smiling. She's weari
First, we have 🧠UNDERSTANDING🧠or Insight! There is so much power in knowing what makes me happy. [2/5] Page Title Text: "UNDERSTANDING". Next to it is thPage Title: "the Joy of Understanding". Four horiz
Next, there's 🙌SUPPORT🙌! This comes from everyone else in my life who has lifted me up and allowed me to discover my happiest self! [3/5] Page Title: "Support." Next to it is the same circPage Title: "Support." Next to it is the same circ
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THREAD: We're coming to the end of #AutismAcceptanceMonth and it's been a ride. We've seen a huge push by celebs to raise money for a charity widely condemned by #ActuallyAutistic individuals and a film which claimed to "give us a voice" win a Razzie, among other things. 1/
Those two incidents show that yes the voices of #actuallyautistic individuals can be heard, but they aren't half as often as they should be. All too often people decide to talk for us instead of listen to us. It's so tiring. 2/
The overwhelming impression I have been given this month is that there are still far too many people who feel I should be ashamed of who I am. the fact that I don't want to be "cured" of an integral part of who I am just makes them claim I am not autistic, or autistic enough. 3/
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I am an Autistic / ADHD / OCD / Dysgraphic / Dyscalculic Person with cPTSD. I tweet a lot. I also write and research. I am also working on two books: MH science, my autobiography. Intro in 1st post in 🧵
Below are my blogs for #AutismAcceptanceMonth
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what does @NEXTforAUTISM really stand for? this essay by one of their board members who’s also part of producing #ColorTheSpectrum about how she abused and abandoned her autistic son for not being fun and making her feel loved makes it pretty clear! #AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism
read the whole thing yourself still up on their website bc apparently they’re proud of this shit…
i knew that all they care about is having a kid who makes them feel loved and important enough but god damn she fucking admitted it in print. they’re not even ashamed of it. she describes HER SON like a curse or inanimate object that stole her chance at the son she wanted to have
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When you're an emotional sponge ...

When other people's emotions come at you like an avalanche ...

When you've got no shield. No defenses. No filters ...

When life is an unending series of knife wounds that bleed you dry ...

This is me.

A short thread 🧵 1/
#AutismAcceptanceMonth sucks. It's a month from hell that starts off w well-meaning puzzle pieces & escalates into nuclear war.

I broke yesterday. Bc my timeline has been steadily building in frustration & rage in the #autism community.

That rage has begun to turn inward. 2/
I'm not throwing hate. I LOVE my community. And I'm as frustrated, angry, devastated, depressed & traumatized as everyone else.

This month SUCKS.

But I'm also a sponge for other people's emotions. And I feel external rage & hate as if it's a personal assault. 3/
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Employers - please read.

I had a second interview with a company that culminated in me having a serious meltdown. This could easily have been avoided.

Firstly, unlike other companies and organisations I've worked with, they made no reference to my disclosure of being #autistic and, therefore, disabled. No mention of reasonable adjustments to any of the process.

So no adjustments were made, and there was no sense that they were aware at any stage.

Last week they failed to inform me of what was actually required on the day, so after an embarrassing start to the interview it was rescheduled.

This is not good for #autistic people.
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Why do good people fall for bad autism charities & related efforts like #ColorTheSpectrum? A thread.

Mostly? "Our media conditions its audiences to fear & pity people with disabilities.”…


And it’s not just sensationalistic, clickbait media outlets that impugn the rights and basic humanity of autistic people. Respected, progressive publications and writers can be just as reactionary. 2/
But because we tend to trust “thought leaders” as both intellectually rigorous and socially fair, their ableism often goes unchecked and is far more dangerous than that of their unapologetically prejudiced counterparts.

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The problem about parents speaking about their autistic kids is that their target audience are other parents with autistic kids. They often don't consider how autistic people will feel hearning what people like Mark Rober have to say. It's about us, without us.
This has been said over and over again, by multiple #actuallyautistic people and yet those voices are still not heard by mainstream media. They don't care about truly helping us, just making it look like they care. Because they care more about their own feelings than our own.
Listening to autistic people means they have to dismantle decades of paternalistic abuse. They need to admit they did wrong (and that they're still doing wrong). They need to publicly admit ABA is abuse. It's a lot of work, so they'd rather keep their oppressive discourse.
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this is heartbreaking. it’s a report of again and again making a kid feel bad about the completely harmless things they enjoy, stop doing what they enjoy, and do a pointless task instead to garner adults’ approval. this mindset is a moral sickness. #AutismAcceptanceMonth
“taught to play with other toys in the presence of bank checks” go to jail. just go straight to fucking jail get out of society you are a danger to all of us if you think that’s a good thing to train a kid to do
I would like a public debate in front of a live audience with someone from this research team over the value of the goal of their research. i want to make them defend the importance of forcing kids to play in ways they don’t enjoy. i have questions & i want to watch them fail.
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Sorry long thread incoming.

I'm sure a lot of people have seen this video by @MarkRober. On the surface, he seems to have good intentions.

Unfortunately the video is filled with so many harmful ableism stereotypes that need to be addressed.

CW // Abuse, Sexual Assault
I want to disclose right off the bat that I have no issue with Mark revealing his autistic son. If anything, I feel that's one part of the video he does right.

He's also correct when he says that not every autistic person has remarkable abilities.

But everything else ...

At 2:37 Mark talks about Carly Fleischmann. Who is a non-verbal autistic woman, who's short film co-written with her father launched her into public stardom. Best highlighted by the moment where she hosted "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

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Some good things about being #autistic - an incomplete thread.

#autistic people - feel free to add your own, these are mostly mine.

It's still #AutismAcceptanceMonth so let's share this around.
1. I notice tiny things people miss, and absorb a *lot* of interesting info about the world around me all the time. Can be overwhelming, but generally I really like it. #autism #AutismAcceptanceMonth
2. I can focus on a topic for a long time, which can be really helpful, especially if it's work related or useful in some way. Makes writing a bit easier, I think. #AutismAcceptanceMonth
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New blog post is up on my Patreon - how the process of memory integration and recall differs by neurotype and creates learning style requirements that are often disregarded as preferences or never recognized at all. #AutismAcceptanceMonth
This post was inspired by a conversation with my allistic ND best friend in which we found out that despite having photographic memories that use visual representations of words - we're the students who need to take our own notes – our memories are PHOTOGRAPHING DIFFERENT THINGS
And then what our memories do with those photographs and how we use them are completely different and run in precisely the opposite order from each other. Our recall works using completely different information - she can't use my method and I can't use hers
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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective.

‘M’s Marmite, marriage and myopia.


One of the ‘L’s I didn’t mention was likeability.

The desire to be liked is a strong motivation for many of us.

Just look at social media.

So it was hard in my teens when I started to become a bit of a Marmite person.

Opinion about my likeability was strongly divided.

No one is liked by everyone. But this was a bit different.

Some people went out of their way to let me know that I wasn’t liked.

Perhaps the constant smile I’d assumed looked too smug.

Maybe they thought the snubs weren’t getting home to me.

So they told me, maliciously.

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When your child get an autism diagnosis: Here are 13 next steps for parents that I WISH someone had told me at the time! A thread, drawn from the @thinkingautism archives, and in observation of #AutismAcceptanceMonth…


After my son’s autism diagnosis, I wished it hadn't taken me so damn long to figure out the best ways to support, help, advocate for, and express my love for my now-adult son—who has always deserved better than a reeling, terrified, depressed, confused, and regretful mom. 2/
I should have given myself more time to recognize my wonderful autistic boy for who he is, rather than what ignorant, misguided people insisted autism made him. I also wish I'd been able to recognize and dismiss all that debilitating ignorance, fear, and confusion. 3/
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Hey Parents of Autistic Kids: Here Are Five Big, Avoidable Mistakes! A thread based on a TPGA post by @shannonrosa, parent of an autistic now-adult:…


As I have become increasingly devoted to 'learn from my mistakes, so you don't repeat my mistakes,' here are five bonks I made during the early years of parenting my autistic son, and how you can avoid repeating my fails.

If you're the parent of an autistic kid, you probably get advice thrown at your head from every angle, all day long. You may even be all done with advice. And I hear you, because I am you. 3/
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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective

‘G’s (from gatekeeping to gratitude).


I completed a research questionnaire the other day about my experience of autism assessment and post diagnostic support.

Two years on, it was interesting to look back on what got me through the process.

I was supposed to seek referral via my GP, but I hadn’t the energy.

For those of us who weren’t recognised as being autistic when we were younger, it’s often some kind of life crisis that generates the impetus to seek autism assessment.

But ironically, just when we need to be able to articulate our difficulties, we may struggle to do so.

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i follow an AFAB adult on tiktok who got diagnosed autistic and then had it revoked because they contacted her mom - who she told them is abusive and she is estranged from - and her mom said “nope she was a regular kid!” this just happened like a month ago #AutismAcceptanceMonth
like yes that request is all kinds of discriminatory and fucked up. but when has being discriminatory and fucked up ever stopped the autism industry?
i understand how important medical diagnosis is for a lot of people, i really do. if you need accommodations, your options are limited. and i do not like to shit on people’s hopes. but i hear so many traumatizing horror stories about autism diagnosis. keep your hopes low.
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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective.

‘F’s (fascination, focus and functioning)


What stands out to me about my childhood was how fascinated I was by everything.

I often remained incredibly focused on activities for long periods of time.

Until I got my autism diagnosis, two years ago, it hadn’t occurred to me that this might be seen as ‘dysfunctional’.

2/ Small child with bobbed hair and short fringe gazing downwar
Fascination and focus have been functional for me in career terms.

They have also helped me bond with people I love.

I prefer fairly serious forms of ‘fun’.

And I find deep conversations more fulfilling.

My ‘focus’ doesn’t seem ‘hyper’ to me.

It’s part of the way I am.

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This #AutismAcceptanceMonth - I want people to let go of ‘female’ and ‘male’ Autism.

It’s just Autism. So many Male people have Female Autism, and vice versa.

Therefore it’s terrible science.
I am not saying that we get rid of the useful categorization, but maybe clinicians need to assess patients for both variations (which again I still disagree with because you can have a patchwork of both presentations).
Get a wide variety of Autistic people to do the test writing, allistic people keep making terrible assumptions about how to ask questions that make sense to Autistic people, or are the questions are tainted by invalid previous bias.

No diagnostic test currently is good. Not one.
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Part of my #AutismAcceptanceMonth is asking people to stop parent shaming.
If you see a kiddo on a harness (leash as some call it) mind your business. Many of our kids elope aka are runners. We don't do this to make them puppies we do this to keep them safe.
If you see a kiddo overwhelmed, dysregulated let it go. Do not approach child. Do not reach to touch or make noises even to help. You do not know what triggered and could make it worse. Smile, silent encouragement is great. If parent is in distress then ask if help is needed.
When speaking to a caregiver do not ask what the child's savant or gift is. Only 10% of our kids avg fall into this area. It's assuming a lot. Assume the child understands so don't speak to their parent over them. Always assume competence.
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We’re only in the first week of April & I’ve already received a multitude of emails asking about how to respectfully speak about Autism & Autistic people.

Here are a few gentle reminders, for those of you who want to be good allies this month:
In the debate over “Autistic Person” or “person with autism”, though individual opinions can and do vary, Autistic person is preferred by most Autistic (not all) people.

It’s always good to ask & respect the individual’s choice in how to identify themselves.
Aspergers is being phased out as a diagnosis though some Autistic people have received this label in recent years (depending on where they live in the world).

Autistic is Autistic.

Separating Autistic people this way harms all of us even those who are given the Aspergers label.
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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective.

‘E’s - enlightenment and emancipation.


When I discovered I was autistic, just over two years ago, my emancipation began.

It was enlightening to realise why so many aspects of life had been effortfully exhausting.

Even lovely, enjoyable events could completely drain me.

At last I understood why.


I had often had to ‘get out of’ social events that I feared I’d find overwhelming.

And employment in roles that required a lot of social interaction left me exhausted.

This made me feel really pathetic.

But now I had an explanation I understood and embraced these limits.

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A few years back, the mother of a young autistic boy reached out to tell me that her son died and that her last good memory with him was reading our book, I am Albert Einstein, which is all about being different. Needless to say, we surprised
her at her son’s school, sending signed copies, etc — but today we get to do one better. On today’s episode of Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, we’re featuring Temple Grandin. In that episode, we hid a very special easter egg: the boy, CJ, who now gets to live on forever.
It’s obviously meaningful to us, to the mom, and to anyone out there who needs the reminder that being different is a beautiful thing. To everyone marking #AutismAwarenessMonth, we see you. Love you, CJ. #AutismAcceptanceMonth
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1/ On #autism & #disability: a thread

Spotted many times around the Internet the last few days, with all the increased focus on #autismawareness: “Autism doesn’t mean you’re disabled, it means you’re differently abled.”

#AutismAcceptanceMonth #ActuallyAutistic
2/ Hmm. I understand the sentiment and I think it’s phrased that way to try to say “autistic people are not less than.” BUT. Are you saying that people who are disabled ARE less than?

What is wrong with #disability?
3/ There’s a huge stigma and cultural view of autism, disability, and mental health diagnoses being bad or making someone incapable.

It’s all wrongly formed around the notion that there’s only ONE good thing and that that's to be stereotypically or classically “normal.”
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