So, What happens when E:Everything "THEY" threw at this Country/World fails (They know it all failed) & the Narrative belongs rightfully back within life's (Gods) Hands? ..

In these coming days, you are going to be seeing things on the news that are 117% obvious comms asking
for forgiveness hoping it will be seen by someone that has been watching over everyone for A Very Very long time. Many were puppets on strings just taking orders. Many people have been hurt by these puppets just "Taking Orders" & now the only ORDER that matters is "the
Order that came form HIGHEST in the land" to ensure everyone does not destroy one another because of the truth that MANY have helped keep hidden.

Please, keep being kind to one another and see things the way it all is meant to be seen. Keep being A rock to lean on for the ones
slowly awakening.
Allow me to do my Job the way It needs to be done so NOTHING like this every happens again.
Ignore all the hate, it means nothing. There is nothing anyone can do or say that changes who I am or what needs to be done for even the asleep. Everyone is being shown
by BOTH sides of the isle. Everyone is being shown there is no sides or drawn lines. BOTH sides & the military are all POINTING/showing you where to seek comfort & Mercy.

peace = Prize
Choose wisely.

Red Pill / Blue Pill
75% of what is happening in the world is either staged or fake. So what happens when Fake news & all the corrupt tabloids know it's over? They have to start telling the REAL truth and within that truth they pretty much just throw their hands in the air surrendering.
Many will Apologize & come clean to what they have been apart of this entire time. Some will continue spreading fake news but at that point, the ones who came forward already threw them under the bus telling the world they are fake & always have been. This is when Networks
will just start disappearing or there will be one of those multi colored bar screens. Or they just put on 'I Love Lucy' in the time slot the Fake news was supposed to be.

Literally the world is about to be shown. I'm just Pre_P ing ALL of you.

Please, Be kind & Rewind ...

• • •

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4 May
Basically, the ending is going to go by so fast that you're going to think to your self "That's it"? ..

So many have been only focusing on the end & it's driving them crazy. So many are caught up/

Papa Roach - The Ending (Official Audio) via @YouTube
have been caught up in all the negative.Why is it or has it been difficult for ones to see all the blessings in disguise? WHY Is it that hard to help BUILD #UP our #NEW beginning?
It's almost like Humanity was HARD WIRED TO SELF DESTRUCT, WHY?
Who made who? Who Programmed the
MANY of you?
God didn't create all of you to treat your fellow man/woman the way so many of you do day in and day out.
It's like the ones who are D-BAGS are praised & Loved, the ones who are SHOWing the world how to FIXXXer all their
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4 May
Please, Be ready ..

Whatever you all have to do to BOND with your families to get back to EYE 2 EYE, do it.
The truth that is coming, they are going to be having A LOT of questions and you have all this time to have all the answers they seek. Emotions cloud judgment, Give them
the answers they are seeking BALANCED.
DO NOT throw it in their faces saying "HAHAHA TOLD YOU SO" or anything like that. BE THE ROCK GOD INTENDED YOU TO BE FOR EACH OTHER. Even when there was No Rock for you when you needed someone. That is what makes YOU so uniQue, YOU can &
Will rise above ALL OF IT ..

Resting Is Peace
Dave Mirra
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3 May
I want to help Skateboarders/Action Sports people that Are struggling with Addiction ..
I Know what ones have to do to make it & what they put their bodies through. Many Skateboarders I've known come from broken homes as A child & seek skateboarding as A escape from that
reality. That demographic, Evil people in this world will target. Whether it's evil people within pushing drugs or pain pills into the public PURPOSELY to control A certain demographic into being controlled or recreational. I want to help. Everything that has been done to
Humanity/This Country has A REASON #WHY it was being done. There is/was always some kind of Agenda that purposely was keeping ones enslaved in some way shape or form. I Want to break ALL those chains. I Am going to break all those chains.

NOTHING can stop!
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3 May
Do you know how many people are laughing at every word I Say/Post?
Do you think I Care that people choose to laugh/Hate or not believe in anything I, The Military or everyone else That matters in your movement has been Saying/ SHOWING you? Not one bit.

Thank you for showing
your true colors. It only proves to me how & why everything has gotten so bad, the way things have been.

It shows me if none of this happened/unfolded the way it has, all of this would just keep happening over and over again. Children would never be saved from be trafficked,
children would never be allowed to have the future they deserve all because of people who care more about bringing others down instead of raising everyone up to A height it's easier to see WHY everything is happening in the world today.

Corrupted DNA at birth is the problem.
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3 May
How many of these people do you think are AWAKE?
How many do you think know what they are truly fighting for?

Lost sheep.
Remember when .@MELANIATRUMP
Or @IvankaTrump tweeted out MEAT loaf? ..

This is Kick A Poo ..

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