Basically, the ending is going to go by so fast that you're going to think to your self "That's it"? ..

So many have been only focusing on the end & it's driving them crazy. So many are caught up/

Papa Roach - The Ending (Official Audio) via @YouTube
have been caught up in all the negative.Why is it or has it been difficult for ones to see all the blessings in disguise? WHY Is it that hard to help BUILD #UP our #NEW beginning?
It's almost like Humanity was HARD WIRED TO SELF DESTRUCT, WHY?
Who made who? Who Programmed the
MANY of you?
God didn't create all of you to treat your fellow man/woman the way so many of you do day in and day out.
It's like the ones who are D-BAGS are praised & Loved, the ones who are SHOWing the world how to FIXXXer all their
they are treated like A complete piece of shit by 'The People'..
So, tell me. Why is this?
I'll ask again, who Created who?
All it seems the people choose to do is point their fingers at everyone & anything for blame instead of pointing in the most important place, YOUR mirror.

• • •

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4 May
Follow the White Rabbit ...
Neo = doG
U N (i) 🌽 = doG

Corn & COBB = Pardoned .
"THEY" can't hurt us any more. Meaning "They"/Evil/Corrupt Politicians can't arrest us any more for her & I being who we are.

YoU N (i) #WE Roll TOGETHER.
101 Dalmatians
#PizzaGate (She is/was
Calling "Them" out)

Imagine if everyone saw things the way they are meant to be seen...
So many stuck in 3D hating the very ones saving all of you.

Doesn't feel good fighting the people we are trying to save.
She stands for Trans & gays because the world has been poisoned
And thrown chemically out of balance. Many have been affected by "THEM" in so many different ways. Someone had/has to be A voice for the voiceless. Taylor & all the others couldn't just come out & say to the world "Hey the shit foods the MANY of you have been forced to wat
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4 May
Don't forget to leave A TIP ...

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4 May
"The #REAL Is Back" is Trending ..

#USOBrothers T-Shirt, "Down Since #Day11Day" ..
The REAL Video, 'The reason' ..
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4 May

#AllLifeMatters Should be Trending 24/7/365
Even if there is no one Tweeting that hashtag. Twitter has the ability to make it seem like it's trending. You know certain "Trending" topics are not really trending right? Some are purposely
Being shown like they are trending as comms. It's been like this for A very long time. Same thing with #AD's
If I owned twitter I would make #AllLifeMatters trend just to get it instilled into the minds of
the people that ALL LIFE MATTERS all day every day ..
The world is controlled by God and his Family ..
Both light & dark met in the middle & Made peace to defeat Artificial Intelligence (Meca Godzilla) ..

Kong & Godzilla made peace & teamed up to defeat MECA Godzilla & arrest the humans behind those crazy inventions.
Read 17 tweets
4 May
WHAT IF I place the same judgments upon the MANY of you the same way you have done to ME?
WHAT IF I now ignore the MANY of you the way you ignore ME or refuse to acknowledge any of what you are being shown/Have been shown..

All of this was created for A specific person &
ALL left in time for me to show YOU MY people it's true meaning when the time was/is right ..

DID YOU KNOW, God is just one of you?

I'll ask again, Should I judge all of you now the way I have been judged? This is what you want?
Are you ready for my judgment?
God can only
judge you?

You all wait for God to return or to show himself or speak. WHAT IF King & Queen have already shown you everything? All the proof you would ever need backed by not only the Military but all of the ones YOU look to for confirmations?

Are you at peace?
Read 21 tweets

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