Do you know how many people are laughing at every word I Say/Post?
Do you think I Care that people choose to laugh/Hate or not believe in anything I, The Military or everyone else That matters in your movement has been Saying/ SHOWING you? Not one bit.

Thank you for showing
your true colors. It only proves to me how & why everything has gotten so bad, the way things have been.

It shows me if none of this happened/unfolded the way it has, all of this would just keep happening over and over again. Children would never be saved from be trafficked,
children would never be allowed to have the future they deserve all because of people who care more about bringing others down instead of raising everyone up to A height it's easier to see WHY everything is happening in the world today.

Corrupted DNA at birth is the problem.
"THEY" corrupted an entire Generations DNA at birth hoping all those people would stay blind, asleep & continue helping all the Evil people in this world, the people with corrupted Y/DNA were brainwashed/Manipulated, thinking they were fighting for something good. Nope.
Certain Frequencies let out into the world & altered DNA = May people are about to be awakened. That switch is about to be turned off.
Many like myself are not affected by any of it.

Think of it like in the Movie, Godzilla Vs. King Kong, There was A machine giving off
Frequencies attracting Godzilla to attack it. "THEY" would they film Godzilla & the destruction to then just use it as FEAR PORN on the news telling 'THE PEOPLE' that Godzilla hates you & turned on you.

(Side Note)
Why do people watch A news station [CNN] when it was/is being
used in movies?
The creators of these movies are literally showing ALL OF YOU that ones like CNN & many others are fake and just propaganda used to keep the people asleep.

Same thing in the movie 'Rampage'.
Evil people were altering DNA in Space (To hide what "they" were
creating) until the space station took A poop because one of the Animals escaped that "They" were altering. The "Virus" ended up crashing down to earth and altering A Wolf (Who/What is the wolf), A gorilla (Who/What is the Gorilla/Monkey?) & A Gator (Who/What is the Gator)
All these movies have been telling everyone what is kinda happening subliminally but "THEY" knew the people were just to far gone to see any of it the way it all needed to be seen/ understood. "They" knew if "THEY" just kept distracting all of you or spreading hate/lies
about the one who is showing you the TRUTH/True meaning behind everything for long enough, "They" could just escape or get away with everything "they" have done to humanity .
In the movie 'Rampage', "They" use A antenna signal to CALL the animals to the City. All this to collect
samples of their DNA to keep doing "their" shady experiments. Not A care in the world that these "Animals" were going to destroy the City, as long as "They" got what "they" wanted.

I was supposed to post this 2 days ago for someones B-Day.
So better late than never, Happy
belated Birthday .@TheRock !

I don't care what the people say about you or anyone else. The stars are not in my eyes, I'm just being sovereign ME ..
I know the truth of what& who "They" were looking for with all the DNA testing for "Covid" ..
I know about it all, Forgiven.
You knew you had to do whatever you could to help make everything right. Even if it meant leaving truth hidden in plain sight within movies like everyone else has. You wanted to make sure you did your part to help wake everyone up, to make it easier for me to forgive you for
some of the wrongs you have done in your life.
All those Fast & Furious movies, All subliminal comms.
Hobbs & Shaw, same thing.
Paul was about to come forward about everything, he along with all of you knew. I #HONOR the fallen by forgiving the ones who have done wrong
but also did their part in helping awaken everyone to what has been going on behind closed doors for A Very Very long time.

The end of Hobbs & shaw, Samoa helps- SAVES THE DAY!

• • •

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Doesn't feel good fighting the people we are trying to save.
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#AllLifeMatters Should be Trending 24/7/365
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Being shown like they are trending as comms. It's been like this for A very long time. Same thing with #AD's
If I owned twitter I would make #AllLifeMatters trend just to get it instilled into the minds of
the people that ALL LIFE MATTERS all day every day ..
The world is controlled by God and his Family ..
Both light & dark met in the middle & Made peace to defeat Artificial Intelligence (Meca Godzilla) ..

Kong & Godzilla made peace & teamed up to defeat MECA Godzilla & arrest the humans behind those crazy inventions.
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WHAT IF I place the same judgments upon the MANY of you the same way you have done to ME?
WHAT IF I now ignore the MANY of you the way you ignore ME or refuse to acknowledge any of what you are being shown/Have been shown..

All of this was created for A specific person &
ALL left in time for me to show YOU MY people it's true meaning when the time was/is right ..

DID YOU KNOW, God is just one of you?

I'll ask again, Should I judge all of you now the way I have been judged? This is what you want?
Are you ready for my judgment?
God can only
judge you?

You all wait for God to return or to show himself or speak. WHAT IF King & Queen have already shown you everything? All the proof you would ever need backed by not only the Military but all of the ones YOU look to for confirmations?

Are you at peace?
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