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MP #GautamGambhir questions silence of ‘secular liberals’ amid death threats against #NupurSharma

#ProphetCommentRow live updates:…
Nobody has supported the statements made by #NupurSharma. The party has taken strict disciplinary action against her and she has unequivocally apologised for the same: #GautamGambhir
The blatant display of #hatred, #deaththreats against her and her family and coordinated rioting in different parts of the country is a cause of concern: #GautamGambhir
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जुम्मे की नमाज के बाद प्रयागराज, देवबंद, मुरादाबाद में सड़कों पर प्रदर्शन। नूपुर शर्मा को फांसी देने की मांग।

#Up #Nupur
UP के सहारनपुर में जामा मस्जिद के बाहर प्रोटेस्ट. "अल्लाह हू अकबर" के नारे लगाकर नूपुर की अरेस्टिंग की मांग.

मुरादाबाद –

"नूपुर शर्मा हाय–हाय"
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मेरठ में BJP के राज्यमंत्री दो घंटे से पुलिस अफसरों के चक्कर काट रहे हैं। उनकी एक FIR नहीं हो रही है। एक दलित युवक ने 2 पुलिसवालों पर मारपीट-लूट का आरोप लगाया है।

पुलिस कह रही है कि शिकायत झूठी है। मंत्री कह रहे हैं कि आज FIR नहीं हुई तो इस्तीफा दे देंगे। #Meerut #Up
मेरठ अपडेट –
12 घंटे हो गए हैं। मंत्रीजी की सिफारिश पर FIR नहीं हो सकी है अभी तक। SP ने आज पीड़ित और आरोपी पुलिसकर्मी बुलाए हैं। दोनों से आमने सामने बात होंगी, तब कुछ फैसला होगा। #Meerut #Up
12 घंटे बीते
न FIR हुई
न मंत्री का इस्तीफा
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Civil Judge (Sr. D.), Varanasi Court Ravi Kumar Diwakar, has received a #threat letter allegedly written by one Kashif Ahmed Siddiqui. The judge had ordered sealing of the spot at #Gyanvapi complex where #Shivlinga shaped structure has been found.
The letter states:
"Muslim of divided India knows very well that under pressure of nuturere of extremist Hindus, genocidal, Gurjrati #PrimeMinister of divided India, you will declare Gyanvapi mosque as temple and will call Mughals as tyrant robbers."
"Organizations like #RSS and all the affiliated Hindu extremist organizations and your #ModiJi have hatched a conspiracy to organize riots in #UP on the lines of Gujarat," it adds.
#Gyanvapi #GyanvapiSurvey
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And it’s literally the second scene in the movie like what the fuckjng fuck
This is literally the greatest film of all time #RRRMovie
I don’t know how to explain it but like the part of #RRRMovie that’s a theme song for the brotherhood between two totally no homo men is the greatest relationship short since #Up
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#Thread Autocritique de la gauche

L’#UnionPopulaire aurait pu être le 1er mouvement politique anticapitaliste dirigé par la base et la démocratie participative

Les cadres LFI, EELV, PCF, PS ont préféré créer la #Nupes au service de leurs intérêts de caste et de leurs boutiques
Les analyses les plus lucides de la situation sont celles des organisations révolutionnaires.

Notamment celle du @NPA_officiel auquel LFI n’a pas daigné laisser la moindre circo gagnable pour privilégier l’inclusion des socio-traitres EELV et PS dans la #Nupes.
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The Bull, This is the part of the Movie/Show where THE BULL does not get banged up on to where THE UNDERTAKER has to choose, WE ALL WALK TOGETHER !!!

I REFUSE to play the same games so many others choose to play, #REDEMPTION !

The second to last STUNT in JACKASS FOREVER,
Johnny Knoxville pours MILK into A Hat …
“The Milk was supposed to disappear” as he gets hit by the Bull.

Then the last scene was A group of cast members on A carousel surrounded by other cast members dressed up as Military personnel, armed with PAINT ball gunS.
Those who
Played the game, hurt humanity, trafficked children, kept humanity enslaved or committed treason/sedition are SHOWN to the world …

The Booms drop, there will be no war.✍️
Peace = The Prize !

Why the rest of the world/Most can’t see what it is others have been SHOWING
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Screaming Color

🖐 ❤️
Adams Family
Eves Family

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#SupremeCourt a special bench will shortly hear the plea for cancellation of bail of Ashish Mishra, the main accused in the #lakhimpurkheri violence that happened in October 2021. The court had on the last date of hearing asked #UP to file a reply to the plea.
Uttar Pradesh in its counter has said that the kin of the victims of #lakhimpurkheri violence and the eye witnesses have been provided security. UP has also said that it vehemently opposed Mishra’s bail in High Court…
CJI Ramana said that the Committee has recommended cancellation of bail.

Sr Adv Mahesh Jethmalani appearing for State of UP said that I'll seek instructions on it.

#SupremeCourt #lakhimpurkheri
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Shock N Awe …
Cutter ..

-#Scarface / GF III / RAZOR #Scooter
-Step Brothers—Wine Mixer, finding A Happy Medium & playing music PITCH PERFECTly !
-Redeeming Love, Beauty & The Beast are no longer colliding—Same page. . (little m)
-Hancock - Hero Flying around
Saving Grace … #SMITH
- A League Of Their Own—Hanks For Playing …
- 17 Again, No one comes to me until they go through Him …
- Precious—Wings Of A Butterfly, In Bloom …
- The Five Year Engagement—It’sTime100 …
-My Girl—The 🐝BEES!! (BEE MOVIE) Enough Is Enough
The bees just needed A little SMOKE & MIRRORS, that’s it. Story line changes, the twist no one saw coming, Save Ferris/Saving Private Ryann …
- The PUNISHER—The Beginning
- The PUNISHER War Zone—The End

-#HOT FUZZ—From this point down, things get A little interesting ..
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A thread: What is the @INCIndia to do ahead?

There has been flurry of writings, tweets and interviews that have speculated on the possible future of @INCIndia - ranging from 'continuing ahead as usual' to 'hope' to explanation in terms of radicalization in Hindus 1/n
There is a sense of anger and grief. Exemplified here by @Schandillia at the large section of population that has endorsed #BJP whose policies hurt these voters more. 2/n
Then the brilliant incisive analysis looking at the patterns of Hindi voter, something I myself mostly agree with by @ShivamShankarS , the author of very engaging Art of Conjuring Alternate Realities.

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Have you heard of Saryu Nahar National Project? You wouldn't have because it did not fit into media's agenda. This project had been lying 'pending' for nearly 40 years. It has now been completed in 4 years.
PM @narendramodi will be at Balrampur, UP, today to inaugurate Saryu Nahar National Project.
It will irrigate 14 lakh hectares and benefit 29 lakh farmers in 6200 villages of eastern #UP
It interlinks Ghaghara, Saryu, Rapti, Banganga and Rohini.
Work on the project started in 1978 but was not completed. PM @narendramodi 's vision for farmer welfare and empowerment, and his commitment to prioritise long pending projects of national importance, have ensured completion of the project.
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Q uestiobable
Virtual Reality [META]
Second Hand Smoke

Plan 1-2AB

You see how THEY mock me?
THEY will use things that are apart of me, who I AM & implement them within THEIR schemes for “Covid” & so much more … Much of the masses still believes the evil
Monsters spewing out the propaganda THEY are … Which is fine, why? When each of you is at your worst in life (Rock Bottom), it gives God the opportunity to show how much he loves each of you individually..
At your worst, God is at his BEST …

The only way to go is #UP when you hit ‘Rock Bottom’ …
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Role of #Hindu Poets in the Evolution of #Urdu #Poetry by Ganpat Sahay Srivastav…
Published in 1929 #Allahabad #UP , #India

@mazdaki @barbarikon @microMAF
متعصب تنگ نظر مسلمان شعراء ، سرسید ، جسٹس امیر علی ، مودودی ، اشرف علی تھانوی نے #اردو زبان کو اسلامی قرار دیا تھا بغیر کسی دلیل کے جبکہ زبان کا کوئی مذہب نہیں ہوتا کتاب پڑھیے “ اردو شاعری کے ارتقاء میں #ہندو شعراء کا حصہ از گنپت سہائے سریواستو | @FShirin…
اردو شاعری کے ارتقاء میں #ہندو شعراء کا حصہ از گنپت سہائے سریواستو…
مطبوعہ : الہ آباد ، ہندوستان ۱۹۶۹

#شاعری #ادب #اردو #صلح_کل

@yusufpore @husainhaqqani @Saimi29 @zarqajaved @ShakirAnsari123
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Justice delayed, if not entirely denied, to families of fake ‘encounter’ victims, @rads_j writes. In Pilibhit fake ‘encounter’ where #UP police shot 10 Sikh pilgrims in 1991, accused police personnel convicted 25 years after murders.…
A 2018 survey of 15,563 people conducted across 22 states and UTs by Common Cause and Centre for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), The Status of Policing in India Report (SPIR) 2018 revealed that one out of two Indians condoned the use of violence by the police.
The survey asked the question: “There is nothing wrong in the police being violent towards criminals. Do you agree or disagree?” There were only four states where the majority seemed to reject police violence—Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal and Nagaland.
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Manmohan Mishra migrated to Chennai from UP; in early days, spent less than a rupee on daily meal, a bun & tea, provided for his family of 6 in a single room. At 62, he criticised #Modi & the #UP police came for him, report @saurabhsherry & @DharaniT 1/4…
Mishra, who runs an agency for PAN cards & other ID documents, ranted against #Modi in a YouTube video; he often posted such videos. On 8 August 2021, the Jaunpur police in #UP filed a suo moto case & made a 1,800-km journey to arrest him 2/4
Mishra faces a criminal cases under 5 sections of 4 laws—including those related to incitement, “public mischief”, computer-related offences, “false warnings”, “disobeying orders issued by the state” & “making statements likely to cause fear” 3/4
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#BombayHighCourt bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni hearing an old PIL pertaining to rise in deaths of children, pregnant women and lactating mothers owing to malnutrition in tribal areas of #Maharashtra

Activist Burma appearing in person
Since the matter has come up for hearing after a few years, Burma apprises the bench of the issues involved in the PIL pertaining to malnutrition deaths.

Informs last order passed in 2018 by bench led by Justice Abhay Oka to check into crores of grants made by govt
Adv Neha Bhide for @CMOMaharashtra tells the bench that the Union govt has been seeking adjournments in this matter since 2018.

Burma: In months between May to June this year, 49 students have died. Over 11k children are underweight. No much progress in this issue.
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More Important than any haters or REAL evil in this world ....

Some people man, I tell you. 🤦‍♂️
I really just want to block that guy, he has such bad vibes to him.
[Negative Vibes] & [Hate] of any kind ...
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#Vaccination reality check: Yesterday marked the highest number of jabs in a single day in India.… But as this shows, the peak seems artificial:…. Remains to be seen if supply constraints have been eased to maintain this pace. (1/n)
The pace of vaccination has definitely picked up but there are miles to go before targets are reached. Here is what, that remains to be done. (2/n) @the_hindu #Datapoint by @i_sumantsen and @nihalani_jasmin
Here's where we stand in terms of the estimated % of population that has been vaccinated so far, countrywide, and age-group wise. Only 3.7% of all Indians have been fully vaccinated & 17.2% have got atleast 1 dose (3/n) (See this tracker live on
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Tamil Nadu, population 72 million, a 300 billion USD State economy, percapita GDP of 3600 USD, 83% literacy rate, a sex ratio of 996 (that's very good), with Tamil, one of the oldest classical languages that has survived. Now with a new administration under @mkstalin
Given a fair wind, and if @swamy39 holds his tongue, Tamil nadu will go far in the next 5 years. The new CM is an atheist, and he headed a Secular Progressive Alliance, I repeat SECULAR...The secular ideal is alive and kicking in a corner of #HinduRashtra, thanks to no God!
#UttarPradesh in the North and #Tamilnadu in the deep south make an interesting contrasting case study. Both States are replete with Temples; #UP's Government is a theocracy in all but name. TN is more socially advanced and egalitarian.
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#FactCheck of various "Propaganda Cartoons".

Inflation - Average 4.74% from 2014-2020, lowest in last 6 decades.

Unemployment - Yes, it increased because of Delhi - 45.6%, TN - 28%, Rajasthan - 27.6%.

GDP - India's GDP is low but performance under NDA is still better than UPA.
Supreme Court questioned Modi govt on Vaccine supply & differential pricing and its Ok. Point to be noted that it was States who asked for Decentralization of Vaccines. Supreme Court didn't ordered to Modi government to provide FREE Vaccines to States, but Modi did.
Several propaganda cartoons blaming Modi for Covid-19 situation floating around. 'Health' is States subject in India. fact remains, India has registered lowest Covid-19 De∆ths amongst major countries. De∆th rate in non-BJP States are highest, but entire blame is on Modi.
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