once again you can see the #D elites hijack the social justice narrative from the oppressed.

So you were in a $ position to hire teachers to come to your house and teach.. so the power differential that is necessary for this to be a public social justice issue is missing.
constant curation needed. I could have just let that one go.. but then that will then stick. For a while.. 😂😂
here is how the trick is played in #D. This is NOT like the woke regime in the liberal west.

There is a concept of "Epistemic justice" where knowledge is obtained through anecdotal accounts. This is called the "Lived Experience" theory. So this account satisfies that. next..
Now there is another part. It is called "standpoint theory" where positionality is important. That is *whose lived experience*. In other words in the liberal west woke - lived experience is used ONLY in the framework of systemic oppression and dynamics of dominance !!
too complex? basically it means the "lived experience" of the dominant oppressor arent considered. In #Dravidian that magic is reversed. The lived experience of the "dominant oppressor" is the primary source of knowledge (epistemics).. Isnt this genius?
Scholars like Margeruite Ross-Barnett also wondered about this.. whenever she talked with justice party elites they would back into some type of 'psychic harm' they suffered at the hands of the brahmins.
Hence #Dravidian cancels out the "positionality" or "standpoint" parts of the "lived experience" epistemics. Too complex? Imagine if the western woke cited the lived experiences of the Virginia elites and how the incoming Italians insulted them in a pizzeria.
Again too complex : Imagine you are a dravidian (nonbrahmin) elite in a Fortuner with your windows up.. then a guy in a 100cc bike shows you the finger and zooms away. What is the "Epistemic" value of this incident?
I mean .. it is undeniable bad manners on the part of the biker. And you are infuriated like PTR that a guy who has nothing has the temerity. For sure..these are knowledge points - but beyond that? nothing but in #D that is everything.
Next: what about lived experience of the truly oppressed in Dravidian ? Dalit/backward/govt school kids cant even get basic access. Again, the psychic harm trumps everything. You can see in #dravidian discourse the following ..
'சென்னையிலேயே பெரிய நிலச்சுவான் பிட்டி தியாகராய செட்டியாரையே அவமதித்தவன்.. நீங்கெல்லாம் எந்த மூலைக்கு'

"imagine if the biggest landlord Theagaraya chetty has been disrespected like this.. imagine how you (landless oppressed) will be. you are nothing "
This template is seen in nearly all #D agitprop .. so the Lived Experience of the lords are placed in front of or side-by-side with the Lived Experience of the oppressed. Because the framework of 'systemic oppression' is not present.
It doesnt matter to the elites if some illmannered brahmin idiot insults but it matters a LOT to the oppressed if the insult leads to a material loss of property or jobs. That framework is removed in #D vs #WokeWest
None of this is to say oppressed havent benefited etc.. they have in due-course as per normal technological and modernity and power is shared per the terms of the elites.

will stop this thread here. / just to record the points.
For reference: the tweet I was responding to in case I am blocked by the OP.
Another reference : The book in the screenshot is "The Politics of Cultural Nationalism in South India" by Marguerite Ross Barnett.

• • •

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25 May
just working backwards.. perhaps the reason why core didnt connect with delhi and rest of india -- is #ideaofindia in TN is maybe 5-10 years ahead of them. similar to how hostilities in frontline wont be felt in HQ.
you need that intellectual effort to extrapolate that and predict the pattern. Without that effort Delhi would consider people like me as miscreants trying to drag them into a fight which is purely local. That was my grand miss.
india would rather deal wholesale with the 'power that emerges' instead of getting deep at a higher cost (braincells) into local fights with some rule of law principles etc. this is how the brits ruled too.
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24 May
What a day down in #D with L'affaire d #PSBB. The sheer intensity of the catharsis of hate and baying for blood of the institution and brahmins by #DStock. Let us document this round guys take screenshots and chronicle all the memes. I have several.
PSBB issues a notice. As per them it was never brought to their notice as I had initially suspected. They did the exact right thing and immediately took action.
But see this not really the issue with the #Dravidian outpouring in the morning. NO ONE of any type will oppose sexual misbehavior from teachers. EVERYONE wants the guy to be punished. They wanted to go for the hole-in-one. get the school.
Read 9 tweets
24 May
Woke people understand what is going on with the PSBB issue. Y'all think you are interrogating your privilege. The other side are in the debate just for the fun and to amplify the defamation and eventually capture the institution. 😂😂
Woke discourse in a fundamentally liberal order - such as the west is a completely different game than 'woke discourse' in a spiteful society.
There are allegations flying .. any allegations of inappropriate behavior needs to be investigated no questions. Understand their methods.
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23 May
okay read this from a critical social justice lens. seems like the brahmin privilege* cancels out. hence we look for intersectionality theory for the source of her triggering angst. one of the possible dimensions is 'attractiveness privilege'. read next tweets

* =😂😂😂
Very very uncomfortable topic. I like @gidla_sujatha who had the courage to talk about this topic in her book when she ran into these beautiful kerala christian girls in IIT. very honest introspection of intersectional privilege
What happens under the social justice umbrella is all kinds of resentment is accommodated. You have no idea where the resentment is stemming from. Attractiveness Privilege is very very real. scholarworks.smith.edu/theses/745/
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22 May
How the Dravidians see non-Dravidian particularly TB progressives allyship. Like the AIDS virus. Here is the proof from their own book.

"Like how the AIDS (HIV) virus impersonates a white blood cell and eventually kills it, tamil brahmin progressives .. "

This isnt normal ppl. ImageImage
hard piece to write for me.

Essentially the social fabric is torn .. nonbrahmin progressives dont really have to even read these things. the system ensures they float to the top anyway. look at the ministries, power centres.

so there is a hard identity divide you cant bridge.
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22 May
no per their logic that makes you a born bigot-spotter.

imagine the depth of #D and #Delhi alliance. a finance minister gets away with labeling a capitalist self driven success story as 'genetically bigoted' and 'undeserved'

No one on the other side can get away with this!
now I learnt this is the cardinal mistake we made.We do not respond to this considering to be 'below our standard' - but that is carried by the ruling elite to the tamil underclass as "நம்ம அய்யா செருப்ப சாணில முக்கி அடிச்சதுல சுருண்டுட்டான் பாரு.. இப்படி தான் ஏறி அடிக்கணும்.."

"Our leader gave a slipper shot to "them" see how they are tongue tied .. this is how we need to hit"

in other words : silence is seen as a vindication that ptr is right. Cuz why would anyone not hit back if it were so wrong??
Read 4 tweets

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