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For those who are legitimately open to reason and facts. I will supply the source.

This is what the #Dravidian-NB-Elite are trying to sell. Maniammai had no agency

The book is "திராவிட இயக்கத்தில் அன்னை மணியம்மையாரின் பங்கு " by Dr Mangala Murugesan a History Professor in Govt Madras University

This is the authoritative book on Maniammai - many many #D journos cite from this book.
I instantly know - the Dravidian response will not be similar to what other cultures responses.

They will immediately trash and cancel the book and the author and the publisher etc. This is how 'facts' are adjusted in #D

The book was released by Periyar Women Wing
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look what I caught trawling the depths of #Dravidian Elite alley.. a @paviraksha. Sweet is'nt he certainly more than a 'normie dad' ? goin about town undetected 🖤🖤😍😍😍

a resourceful bigot
can be a passionate criminal Image
studying the psychology of this group is absolutely critical.Lord knows I fight in Tamizh .. with the underclass. But this elite Peter Dravidian group is the control layer. Because they are the beneficiary group. Those who surf the chaos. Image
A quick research into TL sees he sparks off various anti-Tamizh-brahmin threads and then deletes them. This is how the 'Tempo' is maintained. There needs to be poison in the air at all times. Image
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In a public meeting in Madras in 1926, Mr E.V.Ramaswamy (Periyar) told the crowd

"After Independence is achieved, the TamizhBrahmins are planning to pass legislation that makes it compulsory for NonBrahmin women to be mistresses/concubines of TB Men"

#Dravidian #MEMRI 🖤 Image
I tracked down the Dravidian-Tamil NonBrahmin Elite canard about **Malayalee women** to Mr KV Reddi a Justice Party leader and Chief Minister of Madras . Presidency

Isnt it fun actually researching??
Mr KV Reddi who was a member of Justice Party govt apparently informed the Madras Assembly the following

"During discussion of inheritance act .. in Kerala there exists a law that nonbrahmin girls upon puberty have to deflowered by a Brahmin"

This *isnt riff raff* this is CM Image
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Dravidian accounts are abuzz with the familiar "Poonool (TamizhBrahmin Janeyu) Pulling" motif a very familiar one. In reality it is nothing but an assault on a person. Here are #Dravidian-Tamils in *New Jersey USA* creating a cultural event out of this.
This is an event where they grab a kid dressed up as a TamizhBrahmin and the top galaxy of #Dravidian leaders laugh and pull and presumbly remove it. This meme is wildly popular with #DravidianStock Tamils

you have to be *inside the Tamizh sphere like me* - a Local Fox. 👇👇
So yesterday in wake of new TN Rule mandating all to stand up for Tamil-Anthem.. #Dravidian accounts took the famous motif and morphed SumanthRaman ( A Cong leaning commentator but seen as brahmin by #D fanatics) -- look at this guy.. 🖤😍❤️😍😁😁
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Important.. see non Tamils wont know what is going on here. Here is a leading #Dravidian-Tamil journo presenting a book to Tamilnadu Chief Minister Mr.M.K.Stalin

.. why are you worked up corefox ?? See closely.. let me explain.
You see he is presenting a dont want to look closer. It disturbs you. But zoom in.
Forget for a moment that a CM of a major state which in a modern democracy can even accept such a hate book with a cover like this. That even such books continue to be written in a nook of the world - in Tamil.
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so thread on rajendra chola. why isnt he more popular? they ask. the answer lies in the Dravidian zeitgeist which continues to this day. 1/
In general the dravidian movement plays down Tamil kingdoms because it was in the initial stages led by nonTamils. Second the missionaries posited the entire span of Tamil history as 'period of darkness'.
Now the main thing is Tamil kings were *vedic - in particular the Cholas. The Dravidian imperative is Anti-Vedic , Anti-Brahmin, Anti-Tamil-Vedjic. So that doesnt square. next question. Why Rajendra I ?
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I committed to blog about the famous #Dravidian "Kasi" saga of Mr E.V.Ramasamy (Periyar) but it may take time I have too much on my plate. So let me just put the evidence up here in interest of public. (In English because of interest expressed) 1/
Essentially the story goes Periyar left his house in ~1905 in a huff and spent a couple of years (or lesser) as a wandering hindu sadhu mendicant in AP (Bezawada / Hyd) -- he was accompanied by two Tamizh brahmins Venkatrama Iyer and Ganapati Iyer
The three would go around and give religious discourses -- the two tamizhbrahmin would speak in tamil and Periyar would humorously translate it to Telugu in his own irreverent style. This story is installed deep into every tamilian as a #D foundation issue. see this movie scene Image
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The "Sampaashanai" (dialog) model: An understanding of the #AntiTB hate and defamation propaganda techniques is in order.

The official #Dravidian paper carried this.

Depicts TamizhBrahmin couple excitedly celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's assassination
The title says "Quick Di.. here have sweets"..dialog starts.. come here, quick run, have sweets, have you heard the good news. Gandhi has been shot.. .."
Now this isnt a legal issue .. as Sartre said, this isnt like an 'opinion that needs to be protected by free speech' .. it is a criminal passion. Are you legally allowed to have this type of fantasy about a group?
A psychosis of the #DravidianTamil
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Here is a #D thought experiment. Say I push this message

👉Only the vile 3% TBrahmins are opposing such an innocent demand to rename the Centre as Ondriyam"

How many of you would get scared and vacate..

This is how you gain territory.
What is the 'federalist principle' ? Do you guys want a Supreme Court? "India is a Union of States" is a gramatical formation. can you say "India is a Centre of States".. the real messaging is in Tamil communicated by other #D , which yall dont understand.
Most Indians are not curious people. Why is a mere word substitution such a big issue? Who cares.. if you use one synonym or another? I certainly dont care Tomaato Tomatoe..

So there is something else there innit.. the next step requires 'curiosity'..
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Translation of "Brahmins and Jews" an editorial that appeared in official topmost #Dravidian publication on 12-6-2021…
what do you think of this from Tamilnadu? should this be protected speech? what is the nature of this - is this a mere 'opinion' ? @vikramhegde79 @TweetinderKaul
Imagine ideological leadership of an Indian state accusing Israel of Malegaon. Of calling themselves (nonbrahmins) as 'sons of prostitutes' merely in reaction to a private act of wearing some religious marker such as a thread.
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As expected. #Periyar #Dravidian is spreading in Bangalore see the coverage in Tamil media on Chetan Kumar (some kannadiga actor)
You can already see the premises are being set up

observe this:

"எல்லோரும் சமமாக பிறந்தாலும்.. பிராமணர்கள் மட்டுமே உயர்ந்தவர்கள் மற்றவர்கள் அனைவரும் தீண்டத்தகாதவர்கள் என்று சொல்வது மிக பெரிய முட்டாள்தனம்.. இது ஒரு புரளி ஏமாற்று ""
Let me explain> The strategy here is to construct a conception of a "Non-Brahmin" in Karnataka and use the same strategy of canards and defamations against the Kannada Brahmin as they did in Tamil to secure this "split"
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Okay, seeing blank faces. Here is how the fallacy works in Dravidian - if you work in "Policy" or "India Liberal Intelligentsia" this is go above your head. Hence you will dismiss as 'silly'.

Maalan -> came from Uzbek
Babur -> came from Uzbek

same? purpose of this?
This is to 'reduce' Maalan to Babar. This logic is actually a danger to muslims, but Drav do it anyway.

Similar to reducing UVeSa to Bishop Caldwell.. both are foreigners contributing to Tamil.
This fallacy ignores the "Time" aspect. Dont contest the steppe part. EVEN if Maalan (A #NonDravidianStock ) and Babur are from same place. Maalan came 3000 years ahead of Babur, or 2500 or whatever. So there are two aspects

1. first possession
2. civilization development
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once again you can see the #D elites hijack the social justice narrative from the oppressed.

So you were in a $ position to hire teachers to come to your house and teach.. so the power differential that is necessary for this to be a public social justice issue is missing.
constant curation needed. I could have just let that one go.. but then that will then stick. For a while.. 😂😂
here is how the trick is played in #D. This is NOT like the woke regime in the liberal west.

There is a concept of "Epistemic justice" where knowledge is obtained through anecdotal accounts. This is called the "Lived Experience" theory. So this account satisfies that. next..
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What a day down in #D with L'affaire d #PSBB. The sheer intensity of the catharsis of hate and baying for blood of the institution and brahmins by #DStock. Let us document this round guys take screenshots and chronicle all the memes. I have several.
PSBB issues a notice. As per them it was never brought to their notice as I had initially suspected. They did the exact right thing and immediately took action.
But see this not really the issue with the #Dravidian outpouring in the morning. NO ONE of any type will oppose sexual misbehavior from teachers. EVERYONE wants the guy to be punished. They wanted to go for the hole-in-one. get the school.
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Name #Dravidian for lang family was coined by Robert Caldwell who discussed this at length in “A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian Family of Languages”1856

He gives his rationale-justification, also cleverly sowing seeds for today’s “Dravidian movement”

He sort of acknowledges Francis Whyte Ellis & Stevenson for recognising that today’s “#Dravidian” languages had much common between them, distinct from samskRta.
Ellis noted this in his intro to Alexander D Campbell’ book, “Grammar of the Teloogoo Language” (1816)

But the idea of putting tamiZ at the centre of this language, giving it a disproportionately large importance wasn’t just Caldwell’s. He mentions the use of “tamulic” and “tamulian” for this family by European writers prior to him.


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An important and insightful thread (as usual) from @AshaRangappa_. She (as usual) provides excellent legal context for current events.

From the @anthropology side, a bit of calibration, since the terminology of "Aryan" & "AIT" have been misused politically in both nations:
The part of AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) that has been debunked is the Invasion part: #Anthropology, #archeology & related disciplines view an "invasion" of modern-day #Punjab as unsupported by evidence.

The influx of a different ethnic group was real, but probably peaceful..
3/n demonstrated by #linguistics & #genetics, the communities of Northern India & Pakistan are quite distinct from the #Dravidian ones of Southern India. That part is uncontroversial. The (dangerous) controversy is over what this all means. That's where #AIT comes in...
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Let's decode this pic tomorrow 😌 Image
I am trying to decode this picture, what I find ridiculous, unreal, fake and dramatic.. Rational objections are welcome.. Let's begin!! #thread!! Image
The items they displayed in #Ganapathy idols were the plans and agendas of #BJP..if that is the case,u can find #kandashashtikavasam here. It's assumable, that #karupparkootam was a #trojan horse and BJP was planning to create ruckus in tamilnadu with that, Image
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Hey you Linguists -
If you are spending a large chunk of your time involved in
the language wars on Twitter - this article is for you!

Look what i found - A very interesting article on the evolution of South Indian languages.…

#language #linguist
In the research titled
"A Bayesian phylogenetic study of the Dravidian language family"
- researchers have tried to date the language using Bayesian analysis .
For those of you not aware - method of statistical inference in which Bayes' theorem is used to update
the probability for a hypothesis as more evidence or information becomes available.
It combines prior existing info with evidence from info in a sample to guide the statistical inference.

The study has some shortcomings
They have used the Swadesh 100 list
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Revisiting this as I revisit #Hyderabad. The level of pervasive influence #Telugu has had on #Dakhni here is absolutely fascinating, with #Dravidian syntax patterns borrowed. Even echo compound formation is from Dravidian, ie /g/ based - local #Urdu sūṭ gīṭ (suits & the like).
An imp distinction to made here - #Urdu infl on local #Telugu is limited to vocab, while #Dakhni actually shows grammatical convergence with Telugu (#Dravidian syntax patterns etc), a much deeper level of infl, giving us many distinctive #Hyderabadi-isms.

Here's an everyday ex of how #Hyderabadi #Urdu has converged with #Telugu grammatical patterns.

The sūṭ gīṭ ex mentioned earlier is another. #Dravidian langs use /g/to form echo pairs, which #Dakhni uses too - Northern Urdu uses /v/, ex khānā vānā.

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While *most* South Asian Muslims use #Persian terms for religious concepts, Muslims in #TamilNadu & #Kerala (who trace their roots to Arab trading communities) have distinct traditions also reflected in their terminology, which freely draws from #Tamil/#Malayalam & #Sanskrit.
Instead of rozā, the #Persian term for Islamic fasting (itself a translation of #Arabic ṣawm) used in #Urdu, #Bengali, #Gujarati etc, #Tamil & #Malayalam speaking Muslims use nōmpu, lit. ceremonial fasting. The word is from a proto #Dravidian root meaning to do penance. #Ramadan
Sanskrit is used too. #Malayalam speaking Muslims commonly refer to #Ramzan as puṇya māsam, #Sanskrit for month of good merit. Nimskāram, the Malayalam counterpart of the #Persian namāz (Islamic prayer), is from #Sanskrit namaskāra (lit. prostratration, here, to a god). #Ramadan
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I legit can't get over how linguistically cool #Telangana #Telugu #Dakhni #Urdu bilingualism in #Hyderabad is. Pretty much everyone brought up there seems to speak both. Code switching galore. Unique too, coz the langs (#Dravidian & #IndoAryan) aren't related & it's a metro city.
The native speaker split is almost even, close to 50 50. What's even cooler (& more exciting) is the strong, pervasive influence #Dravidian #Telugu has had on #IndoAryan #Hyderabad's #Dakhni #Urdu - structural, phonological, syntactical, and lexical, basically, on all levels.
Lots of grammatical, syntactical features in #Hyderabad's #Dakhni #Urdu are basically direct translations of #Dravidian patterns in #Telugu. The local Telugu dialect however, only features loans from Dakhni - clearly a *highly* asymmetrical #languagecontact relationship.
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