1. Of the next 20 research papers examining effects of HCQ treatment of C19 patients, the majority show positive results.

2. Same bet for IVM.

(Since some studies are small, we ignore stat significance.)

I can go $5,000 apiece.

We can agree on an arbiter.
Who wants a piece?

We can define terms more precisely, of course. This is a tweet to get the ball rolling.
Disclaimer: I am involved (funded) in data collection and statistical analysis of the results for both medications.
Naysayers: What is your level of veracity? Will you put your money where your mouth is?

• • •

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11 Jun
1. Yesterday on @BretWeinstein's podcast, Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, told the world that the spike protein is indeed opening up the blood brain barrier. This should lead to a redefinition of both COVID-19 and vaccine adverse events. I will explain...
2. Coronaviruses never previously caused all the kinds of damage we have seen. It seems almost certain now that the spiked protein is itself responsible for much of what we call C19 and also vaccine adverse events.
3. We should then be talking about something like COVID-type-1 and COVID-type-2 illnesses. The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes both, but those that overlap with the vaccines might be defined as the type 2.
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12 May
These words don't mean what you think they mean...

I'm not "anti-mask".

I'm "most common masks do very little for an aerosolized virus one-two-thousands the size of the pores" and "there really are trade-offs of health and communication" and "harassing people over this seems crazy".
I'm not "anti-vaxx".

I'm "I'd like to know the long term risks both for my person and also existential risks such as leaked evolutionary pressure that might make this thing go 'Spanish flu' for real this time" and "give me a cost-benefit analysis first" and "kids? Really?!"
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19 Dec 20
There is a strangely organized rumor going around that the AMA passed a resolution recognizing the efficacy of HCQ and calling on a reversal of its suppression. Unfortunately, that resolution was not passed, but I suggest the story is more interesting than that...
When you think about it, the resolution never had a chance of passing. Intuitively, we all know this. The AMA and Pharma are far too intertwined, and further with the government. Suggesting that the resolution could pass would be to suggest there was no opposition to begin with.
But here is the interesting part: Almost nobody, save for the few of us doing broad levels of research on the topic, knew to step in and correct the mistake. What does that mean?
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18 Dec 20
@Kevin_McKernan @BrunnerCreative @ScottAdamsSays @vgttrom @JamesTodaroMD There are 20 natural experiments, and in 19 of them, the nation starting to use HCQ saw mortality rates fall OR the nation stopping usage saw it rise relative to baseline.

I will drop some of my own graphs here...
@Kevin_McKernan @BrunnerCreative @ScottAdamsSays @vgttrom @JamesTodaroMD Portugal stopped using in late May while their CFR was tanking. A couple of weeks later that trend reversed (median days to death is 18.5).
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7 Nov 20
As a consistent third party voter living in a state that wasn't going to swing a close election, I don't vote R or D.

But this is the time to throw weight behind an investigation into the possibility of a stolen election. We must investigate the statistical evidence.
So, let us investigate the statistical evidence broadly and as a community. Carefully and honestly. Benford's law is a clever technique, but there is an underlying reason behind it that should be understood to best apply the fundamental test.
The reason behind it is that population pools grow exponentially, so they move through orders of magnitude at an invariant rate. If we take the logarithm, the results are then linear. Discarding the integer parts, the fraction parts should form a uniform distribution.
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2 Nov 20
1. This thread is a bit of comic relief from the pandemic.
2. Somewhere, out in the Ocean, a beautiful and thriving civilization spans the island of Pandemos. Larger in land size than Australia, you might miss it on a map, er, due to distortions in scale caused by Mercator projection.
3. The lush and resourceful Pandemos has allowed for the Pandemosians to engineer an amazing modern society.
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