27% of website traffic comes through paid search

We've tested thousands of paid search ads to ensure we're paying for high-intent shoppers

THREAD: 15 questions to answer in your paid search ads
"What's in it for me?"

People who see your ad don't owe you anything

Your ads are an interruption

Capture genuine interest by re-framing your offer as a favor:

• Turn features into solutions to your customers' problems
• Show them that your product's outcomes are desirable
"Why should I buy now?"

Online shoppers aren't in a rush. The Internet is open 24/7—inventory feels unlimited

Give your buyers an incentive to take action now

Create time-sensitive offers to manufacture urgency:

• Seasonal offers
• Limited stock

Urgent ads get more clicks
"How does this fix my problem?"

Shoppers don't always know what they're looking for

Use copy that bridges the gap between their problem & your solution

Open with a question → end with a desired outcome

Shoppers will see your product as the obvious solution to their problem
"What will others think?"

When evaluating, shoppers look for signals that their behavior is "normal"

They want to fit in

Since online shopping is typically a solo experience, your ads require social proof

Tactic: Use reviews and ratings to signal acceptable behavior
"Am I getting a good deal?"

Most people who see your ad have never heard of your business

So you need to establish rapport immediately

Customers view free trials & shipping as generous—and they feel like they're getting a deal.

The word "Free" also attracts the eyes.
"What's the price?"

By announcing your price in your ad, you attract high-intent buyers > shoppers looking to browse

Target keywords that signal high buying intent:

• "Buy"
• "Deal"
• "Best"
"Is this what I'm searching for?"

Shoppers will ignore ads that appear to be irrelevant

Embed the keywords that get the most traffic in your ad copy

Add an image extension so your audience can see what you're offering before clicking
"Where can I buy X?"

Stores that sell a wide variety of products:

You can use paid search by creating ad groups targeting categories

Ex. "BBQ Accessories" ad group would trigger for keywords such as:
cover, scrapper, tools, fuel, replacement parts, thermometer...
"Are you open right now?"

Increase foot-traffic using ads at the top of local searches

Set geographic & time constraints to only show ads to nearby people during business hours

Highlight & update:

• Store hours
• Covid protocols
• Delivery options
• Promotions
"Is there a sale?"

Appeal to bargain buyers by advertising your sale items:

• Helps clear out old inventory

• Cross-sell full price items as they checkout to increase order value

Tip: Offer free shipping after certain cart value to encourage adding additional items
"What's your best seller?"

It's likely that people visiting your site are coming specifically for your best-seller

When shoppers search for your branded keyword, include links to your best-selling items or categories
"What product is right for me?"

Help buyers diagnose their problem and offer a remedy

Ex. Lawn care

Highlight your most popular offerings in your ad that sends them to relevant landing pages
"Where's the nearest location?"

Over 85% of purchases are still made from brick & mortar locations

Use location extensions to suggest your nearest store based on the location of the user
“Is there an alternative?”

Some buyers will research alternatives before committing to buying

Tip: Bid on your competitors branded keyword to steal their traffic

Warning: Ad copy cannot include a trademarked name

Instead, reference features your comp doesn't have
"How can I contact you?"

Including a phone number increases the likelihood of a high-intent buyer engaging with you

Clicks on your phone number cost the same as a click on your ad

Best for products & services that:

• Require a custom quote
• Are urgent or timely
Recap. There are 15 questions that people think about while shopping:

1. "What's in it for me?"
2. "Why should I buy now?"
3. "How does this fix my problem?"
4. "What will others think?"
5. "Am I getting a good deal?"
6. "What's the price?"
7. "Is this what I'm searching for?"
8. "Where can I buy X?"
9. "Are you open right now?"
10. "Is there a sale?"
11. "What's your best seller?"
12. "What product is right for me?"
13. "Where's the nearest location?"
14. "Is there an alternative?"
15. "How can I contact you?"

Try answering them in your search ads.
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2 Jun
We've spent millions of dollars running ads for brands like Perfect Keto, Tovala, Imperfect Produce.

THREAD: 8 ad types that increase click-through
Customer Facial Expressions

Create user-generated videos to show reactions from using your product:

• Dramatic faces are attention magnets—people click because they can't help but want to see what provoked it

• Naturally demonstrates your products' "Moment of Wow"
You vs. Competition

Compare yourself against your competitor:

• 81% of consumers will research alternatives before buying. Test retargeting ads that compare your strongest value props to your competition

• Make customers feel savvy for choosing you over a competitor
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Its goal: Sell an email tool
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20 May
We've created email campaigns that have generated millions of dollars.

THREAD: a list of our favorite tactics in action 👇
Use short sentences & bullet points

Make your emails easy to skim.
Provide the most important points—link out to in-depth resources.

Answer "what's in it for me?"

Make the value of reading your email very obvious. Encourage opens by piquing curiosity about what's inside.

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7 May
THREAD: 7 tactics to grow your newsletter 👇

Ours has 40k subs with a 50% open rate.

Here's how:
People reflexively ignore welcome emails after signup.

But, if people open your welcome emails, they're more likely to consistently open your newsletters.

Try this:

• Delay welcome email by 45min to bypass this reflex
• Send the email from a person—not the business Image
When pitching your newsletter on your site:

• Show a sample issue on the page. Prove that your content is high quality.

• Give them control over how often they get emailed. Some want weekly, but others want monthly. High volume can burn you and your readers out. Image
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16 Apr
We have 30,000 marketers in our community.

THREAD: 9 growth tactics they continuously recommend.

(On emails, ads, copywriting, TikTok, and more)
1) With referrals, most users don't care about earning a bit of cash.

Instead, try rewarding users with more access to the CORE PRODUCT.

E.g. When you invite someone to Dropbox, you're rewarded w/ extra storage. Storage is what people signed up for—give them more of it 👇
1b) If you can't reward with more access to your core product, then the cash reward must be significant:

• Physical goods: Offer the product for free once someone refers 5 other customers.
• Subscription services: Offer the service for free for ~ 3 months. Not just one month.
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7 Apr
I run a group of 700+ VCs and angel investors.

How to pitch them:
First, context:

• These are not ironclad rules.
• Not every great startup has the same journey. Breakouts are often outliers.
• This is not *at all* an exhaustive list of how to pitch a startup.

These are select *reminders* that the group's investors wanted to highlight.
On a call, you don’t need a strong opening hook—although it helps.

What's important is opening with a clear, concise explanation of:

• What you do
• Why it’s likely to be successful
• Why now's the time to do it
• Who you are

Do not bury these details in a long backstory.
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