(1) This thread includes some of my previous work on the far right's concept of #Arkancide and it's relation to the Qanon mass delusion phenomenon, Epstein, McAfee, and the ongoing consequences of not having a #Jan6Commission.

There's a lot to unpack.
(2) Even before Epstein's death on August 10, 2019, it was common for those who saw #Arkancide under every rock to post online messages like this one: Image
(3) People started adding #EDKH to their tweets for "Epstein didn't kill himself."

Yes, I did too. I don't delete tweets from my time as a Trump supporter. That's cowardly. I will instead answer good faith questions about it from anyone.

We're all allowed to change our mind.
(4) Lately I've been researching for a series of upcoming Twitter threads about Epstein's ex girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, and the UK's Prince Andrew. Epstein's death, regardless of cause, looms large over these two especially, but also many other people.
(5) I should've said above that I'm writing this thread because John McAfee was reportedly found dead in a Spanish prison after he allegedly believed his extradition to the US was imminent.

Tweets like this one are so commonplace that IMO they don't need to be taken seriously. Image
(6) Two others who fear US extradition are Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom.

Assange could have avoided all this had he just showed up in a UK court years ago. Accordingly, his persecution by the UK and the US is imaginary. He chose to abandon his young children. Deadbeat dad.
(7) Kim Dotcom still resides in NZ, at his bail address, just down the road from me as it happens. He has been appealing his US extradition case since 2012.

It must have cost an absolute fortune by now. But I guess he has access to plenty of money.
(8) Every country has a right to seek the extradition of persons accused of crime. The US DOJ knows it can take years, even decades, but they don't give up.

Some countries, eg France, have a long record of harboring fugitives. Like the Unicorn Killer:

(9) I make this point bc many seem to buy in to the complaints of people like Assange, forgetting for a moment that the US DOJ is trying to fulfil its duty to enforce the law and counter threats to public safety. On balance, they're pretty good at it:
(10) The DOJ, and it's department that is the FBI, are disliked by both the far right Trump movement, and by some parts of the left.

The left are increasingly concerned that all involved in 1/6 will not be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
(11) The far right Trump movement has no trust or confidence in the DOJ and FBI. The thing is, everyone outside the far right Trump movement has no trust or confidence in that movement.

The US cannot recover and rebuild unless trust and confidence in institutions is restored.
(12) Countries that claim to be democratic in nature, ie the US, rely on having a sufficient level of public trust and confidence in institutions.

A lot of folk think institutions are government agencies.

It's a wider concept, like the rule of law, fee speech etc.
(13) There always has been and always will be a small minority of Americans without sufficient* trust and confidence in the country's institutions.

For example, trade unionist Eugene Debs won 6% of the 1912 Presidential Election vote as the Socialist Party of America candidate.
(14) *My point in the above tweet is that in 1912, 918k Americans voted for Eugene Debs, despite any reasonable observer knowing it would have no effect on the outcome.

That year, two GOP candidates split the vote, allowing Woodrow Wilson to win.

2024 will be very similar.
(15) People take their lack of trust & confidence in institutions very seriously & very personally, regardless of where they sit on the left-right spectrum.

Those who object even to the use of the left-right spectrum as a concept can be found in this group.

They are purists.
(16) I am not a purist. I used to be, when I believed in the paramountcy of political ideology.

For me, 1/6 turned everything on it's head. In terms of political ideology vs pragmatism.

A line was crossed. No matter how hard they try, the event cannot be erased.
(17) The ignorant among us who only read 1-2 tweets of mine before commenting, might think that I bring 1/6 into every thread & am obsessed with it.

Well, I bring it up so much because it is relevant to almost every topic I write about on Twitter.

And bc we must never forget.
(18) Perennial far right MAGA conspiracy theorist claims about the suicide or homicide of public figures absolutely are relevant to the subject of 1/6.

Trump encouraged, enabled, and (still) condones the riot at the seat of the federal government that injured >138 LEOs.
(19) The many public figures associated with the MAGA movement who continue to lie about 1/6 and the 2020 presidential election result are part of why there is a legitimate and ongoing threat to public safety across the USA.
(20) And now I will start a separate thread to discuss the connection between 1/6 lies and the far right MAGA response to Biden's comments today on 2A.

(21) I'm seeing tweets with images like below, & the # #JohnMcAfeeDidntKillHimself & I guess the short form will be #MDKH.

The same people seem to think Edward Snowden is a freedom fighter. I think Putin's Russia will always look after him. He'll be fine. Unlike Alexei Navalny. Image

• • •

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24 Jun
(1) Since a lot of MAGA folk are stridently talking about Biden's comments today concerning 2A, here's my take on the subject.

Let's start with Don Jr endorsing Michael Malice's take on 1/6. (I only saw the @TrumpsAlert tweet bc Malice RTd it.)

(2) Michael Malice (who has a new book out) is known for some really effective pranking of the left from time to time, and for political commentary and satire.

His view of 1/6 below matches that of the MAGA movement.

(3) Indeed, the (supposedly) conservative answer to The Onion echoed the same view: Image
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23 Jun
(1) Potential future storm hanging around in the Caribbean.

This one may turn out to be a nothingburger for the US, but it is tracking in a W-NW direction with a lot of ocean to cover yet.

Hopefully nothing much develops until peak season in August-Sept.

(2) There's a storm in the Eastern Pacific to monitor, and nothing of concern yet in the Central Pacific zone.

In 4 years of watching, I haven't seen a storm off the Western coast of Mexico that developed into a hurricane affecting the SW USA but it's not impossible one day.
(3) It's a fact that weather patterns around the world are less stable, but it's certainly not linear from year to year. I think where folk disagree is on the question of what is causing it.

Regardless, natural disasters affect us all. And the impact is worse during a pandemic.
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21 Jun
(1) Jenna doesn't understand the term "liberty."

Liberty includes not telling others want to do on matters of conscience. Jenna Ellis is one of the biggest hyprocrites in #TrumpWorld. Her theocratic tendencies remind me of Roy Moore, Alabama.
(2) One of the first events that started my journey out of the cult was the 2017 Senatorial candidacy of Roy Moore.

It was around the same time as the Q scam was seen on social media. I opposed Moore not bc of his alleged child sexual abuse but bc of his theocratic conduct.
(3) Moore was removed as a state judge bc he refused to desist from using parts of the Christian bible as props in his courtroom.

He had placed a copy of the Ten Commandments on the wall. He has never shown he understands why that was unconstitutional and improper for a judge.
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21 Jun
(1) Wilton Manors Pride Parade fatality incident 6/20/2021 - Thread #2

My first thread on this is at the link below. Local LE have not yet confirmed what happened but it's getting clearer. I was careful with my wording in Thread 1 & continue here...

(2) A key word in my first tweet of Thread #1 was "if."

At that time, an eye witness statement from Ft Lauderdale Mayor @DeanTrantalis led many to treat the incident as a deliberate event.

I said the Mayor should make a further statement and he did, but it doesn't help much.
(3) Media outlets are a secondary source. They claim police have officially said the collision was an accident.

So to test out that claim I found the primary source:

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20 Jun
(1) These 4 questions are the most important ones to be asked about 1/6.

Instead of weaving a false narrative like media hack Tucker Carlson's, we should all be asking these questions until we get adequate answers.

A #Jan6Commission would have HELPED (actual) conservatives.
(2) Supporting details for the above:

1. The parts of the nat'l guard that should have been deployed AROUND the Capitol on the MORNING of 1/6 were solely under the jurisdiction of the sitting POTUS, ie Trump.

That land around the Capitol is FEDERAL land, not Congressional.
(3) Therefore, it's irrelevant whether Speaker Pelosi or anyone else who happens to oppose Trumpism wittingly or unwittingly reduced the security presence on her "patch." BTW, former SenMajLdr McConnell had the same rights & duties in this regard.

Trump's "patch" was around it.
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20 Jun
(1) This is terrible. If evidence of this incident being deliberate is shown (which seems likely) then this counts as a domestic terrorist attack and a civil rights issue.

If you don't know who #MatthewShepard was, google the name. TW: Violence.

Then talk about #PrideMonth.
(2) Wilton Manors (adding that here to assist Twitter searches.)

A lot of folk see the term civil rights as a racial thing. It's not only that.

You, me, and all of us have certain civil rights, according to what our country has adopted over time.

(3) In the US, the DOJ is responsible for enforcing "federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), disability, religion, familial status, national origin, and citizenship status."
Read 23 tweets

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