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So, my plan for #PrideMonth was to write something every day.

It's my plan every Pride Month but Attention Hyperactivity, brain fog and life gets in the way!

It is so vital that we share our stories, resources, information love and acceptance all year round but...
...especially in a month where big corporations make rainbow dollars with no regard for LGBTQIA+ support. Or a passing performative we'll-bung-some-money-at-the-most-obvious-Queer-charity.

It's a month where some Queer charities are uplifted but come July 1st, are dropped... a stone and left fumbling for help the other 11 months of the year.

Today the flags get taken down - the pink pound has been squeezed enough from us folk who tend to have less money anyways...
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LGBT #PrideMonth யூன் மாதத்தில்
கீச்ச முடியாத அளவுக்கு
பயண அழுத்தம் & பணி அழுத்தம்:(

எனினும் கடைசி நாள் Jun 30 அன்று
ஒரு சிறிய அகத்திறப்பு!

உலக வரலாற்றில் தொன்மையான LGBT

நீங்கள் போற்றும்
பல கிரேக்க அறிஞர்களே
LGBT மக்கள் தான்
எ. சமூகநீதி இனியேனும் உணர்க!…
வரலாற்றில் LGBT தொன்மை!

*மாவீரன் Alexander
*தத்துவ ஆசான் Socrates
*Emperor Hadrian
*Zeno, Father of Stoicism
*போர் வீர Band of Thebes
*ஓவிய/சிற்பப் பேரரசன் Michelangelo

இத்தனை பேரும் LGBT மக்களே!
ஒவ்வாமை தவிர்த்து, சமூகநீதி கொள்வீர்!…
உலகப் பெருங் கவிஞர் Sappho
LGBT பெண்மணி தான்! #Pride2022
அதனால், அவர் பெருங் கவிதை..
இலக்கியம் அல்ல எ. ஆகிவிடுமா?:)


LGBT வரலாறு, இன்று நேற்றல்ல
மிகத் தொன்மையானது!
கிரேக்கத்தில் மட்டுமல்ல, சங்கத் தமிழிலும்!
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On the last day of #PrideMonth here's a short love story, from my own life. A railway station romance in Bombay.

A love story should be epic, he says.

One of us has to die for that, I thought.

Who better than him to kill me? Image for representation purpose only
Here he is, standing in front of me, asking me to take my shirt off and wear his shirt.

I want to shut him up with a kiss. I feel flushed like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill.

Why? I ask.

Because I am going to a party, and my shirt is soaked, he says.
He sweats a lot. Too much pheromone in the air to resist. A gust of wind blows it forcefully in my face.

I am convinced. But I want to believe what he just said.

He wants me. Up till now, only I wanted him. It would never have occurred to me that he would want me some day.
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Recently, one of our marketers discovered that Amazon does not allow "queer theory" to be included as a keyword in enhanced product descriptions (the fancy graphics you sometimes see at the bottom of a book page on Amazon).
She was uploading content for our new book by @alex_monea, The Digital Closet: How the Internet Became Straight.

The content was flagged automatically by an algorithm because using the word "queer" is--apparently--considered "a violation of community guidelines."
In other words, our book about how LGBTQIA+ content is rendered invisible by the internet's infrastructure could NOT be tagged as "queer theory." Ironic, don't you think?
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Here is a round-up of #PrideMonth with The Hindu.
We take you through all the inspiring stories we've come across this month and how different cities in India and the world celebrated #PrideMonth2022.
#PrideMonth | A 24-year-old woman in #Gujarat's #Vadodara city married herself by undergoing traditional rituals of a Hindu wedding.
#KshamaBindu, who identifies as #bisexual, claims that her marriage will be the first instance of #sologamy in India.
#PrideMonth | What does meaningful inclusion look like? How can corporations prove their allegiances to the great, grand cause of #queer liberation? A nondescript bakery in a sleepy #Juhu lane in #Mumbai shows us.
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On my way to More Than a Provider event with @socfuture @Certitude @unitedresponse looking forward learning how providers can be better allies to people they support and meeting colleagues from across the sector in person for the first time!
Its going to be a jam pack day @socfuture with sessions looking at topics from how to host a public living room to reframing social care. Personally looking forward to the communal ice breaker dance 🕺🏽 🪩 @unitedresponse @meetmacintyre @Certitude
Important take away from the opening speeches - we all share the vision of @socfuture to live in the place we call home with the people and things that
we love, in communities where we look
out for one another, doing things that
matter to us 🙌🏻 #MoreThanAProvider @unitedresponse
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I would advise you to do some research into the transitional process and the availability of transitional healthcare in your area, as well as make contact with transgender groups in your location.
If you need signposting to groups then drop me a DM and I will find you somewhere you can speak with trans women and work things out. Lived experience counts for so much and having the opportunity to speak to people who have done it will be vital to you understanding yourself.
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There are still a few days left to celebrate. Happy #PrideMonth to everyone living their authentic lives and to all those trying to do so in a virulently homophobic and transphobic time. Sending you strength, solidarity and
Here's a thread of stories of mine that provide powerful #PrideMonth reading. I hope you will read and RT this thread and the stories therein. TYVM

LGBTQ lives are under threat from GOP legislation and assaults. I wrote about it here:…
I interviewed Linda Villarosa about her new book about racism and American healthcare. It's a powerful interview and she is a crucial thinker and writer on this vital aspect of deconstructing white supremacy.
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To celebrate International #pride Day, check out this #podcast interview with the inspirational @Intentionaut.

We talk about coming out as transgender at work, writing "the letter" to your colleagues & how we can all be better allies. Check it out!

#Pride2022 #PrideMonth @Pride "There is nothing about being trans that I would do jus
Here are some charities you can donate to

UK: @Mermaids_Gender
US: @TrevorProject

Please help to support gender diverse kids, grownups, friends, colleagues and even gender diverse enemies 🙃

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THREAD on Roe v. Wade & the future of American individual liberties.
1. One Pillar Of Substantive Due Process, Roe v. Wade, Is No More:
2. Reproductive rights at lowest level since recognition:
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Las autoridades turcas han prohibido por séptimo año consecutivo la marcha del Orgullo en Estambul. Asociaciones LGBT y organizaciones de DDHH han establecido un protocolo de seguridad para la marcha de hoy porque el ambiente es más tenso que otros años 👇
Más d una decena de activistas han sido detenidos en protestas del #PrideMonth en Estambul y Ankara
Además ha aumentado el acoso de grupos islamistas. Reventaron un picnic del Orgullo y han contraprogramado hoy una protesta "contra los pervertidos"
La marcha está prohibida en Estambul, Ankara y Esmirna.
En Estambul han cerrado el acceso al lugar de la protesta, las dos estaciones de metro más próximas y sacrificado por un día el corazón comercial/turístico de la ciudad para evitar la marcha
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🏳️‍🌈Personajes LGBTTTIQ+ en el cine mexicano 1939 - 2021🏳️‍🌈: La representación en un inicio se dividía en dos grupos, los que eran motivo de burla o morbo y los que terminaban siendo asesinados. #cinemexicano #Orgullo #Pride #PrideMonth Va hilo 🧵👇 Image
1939: La casa del ogro, Dir. Fernando de Fuentes. Considerada como la primera representación dentro del cine mexicano. Image
Don Pedrito junto con Librada, la portera, cumplen la función de estar pendientes de la vida de los otros inquilinos de la vecindad. ImageImageImageImage
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Let me say this plainly. I just recorded a podcast about an academic paper that says if we don't allow incest, we're participating in a latent eugenics program against disabled people. That's really its point.
You see, because incest produces birth defects at a high rate, by not allowing incest, we're choosing and enforcing a reproductive future that produces fewer disabled people, which the author (an Australian) claims is a form of latent eugenics against (unwanted) disabled people.
This is the paper.
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Yaneer Bar Yam - of ISAG, EndCoronavirus, and now the WHN - has declared #MonkeyPox a pandemic. (didn't know just anyone could do that)

He has been joined by WHN co-founder Eric Feigl-Ding (!) who thinks the WHO should also declare it a PHEIC.…
In the press release they state that "Until now most cases have been in adults", which is true, but leaves out some key details.

The UK's HSA has additional detail. More than 99% of cases surveyed were among men. More than 99% of them, were gay/bi.…
WHN recognise this factor elsewhere on their site, however they fall far short of stating the implications for effective control.

This epidemic is being driven by men who insist on having anonymous sex + orgies (R>>1) despite all the risks.…
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Queerfeindlichkeit gehört in Russland zur staatlichen Propaganda. Es gibt sogar den Begriff „Gejropa“ (Gay+Europa) und Schwule sind angeblich ein Grund für die Invasion in der Ukraine. Wieso ist das so?

Weil #PrideMonth ist, ein Thread dazu. Haltet euch fest, es wird wild. 1/10
Als Putin 2012 Präsident wurde, war seine Macht nicht so gesichert wie heute. 2011-2013 bildete sich die damals größte Protestbewegung seit Ende der Sowjetunion. Viele, die Putin vorher okay fanden, wollten ihn nicht noch ein drittes Mal als Präsidenten. 2/10
Putin brauchte also eine Erzählung, wieso es ihn als den Mann an der Spitze braucht - und stellte sich als Verteidiger von „traditionellen Werten“ dar, der Russland vor fremden Mächten beschützt. Schon 2012 sprach er von Russland als „Zivilisations-Staat“. 3/10
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Asexuality in an allosexual world: A Thread 🧵

It's #PrideMonth and many people are rejoicing in their multifaceted queer identities and celebrating historical figures who have paved the way for unrestrained self-expression. There have been many discussions over Twitter from 1/
topics relating to Bisexual erasure during Pride month, racial discrimination which still continues, and the extreme violence Trans individuals experience on a daily basis despite being the keystone for the movements and platforms that many people benefit from right now. 2/
I say all of this because while these topics are undeniably critical for the progression of Pride and advancing intersectional dialogue, something I don't see a lot of is the invisibility of the Ace/Aro experience in a world where sexualization is normalized and encouraged. 3/
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The new award for creepiest headline goes to... It's 2022 & editors are still placing this much emphasis on a woman's "virginity," a concept which should have been retired centuries ago, with made up quotes and a complete misunderstanding (and misrepresentation) of my asexuality.
At no point in the interview did I describe myself as a "virgin," neither did the journalist who wrote it up. I've said that I'm proud to be asexual but never that I'm a "proud virgin" because virginity isn't some kind of sacred badge of honour that increases a woman's worth.
There are countless women, asexual or not, who have no choice in whether or not they get to "keep their virginity." Virginity is not a reflection of anything but privilege and circumstance, and it isn't synonymous with asexuality. My orientation is not "lifelong virginity."
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👨‍🏫 Du latin au quotidien ? Eh oui, on peut facilement exploiter le lexique déjà employé par des auteurs latins plus ou moins récents.

🔍 Aujourd'hui, on s'intéresse aux couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel selon l’auteur Ammien Marcellin, un historien du IVème s. de notre ère !
⚠️ Si je précise d’emblée qu’il s’agit des couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel SELON un auteur, c’est qu’elles seront différentes des sept canoniques que l’on connaît et apprend dans notre plus tendre enfance.
👀 Entrons donc dans le détail des couleurs qu’il emploie : elles auront chacune droit à un post plus détaillé avec d’autres nuances proches. D’abord une petite phrase de latin, avant d’avoir tout un passage en traduction :
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Proud Boys have changed course and are now targeting trans ppl & LGBT Pride Groups, as reported by Ben Collins on @allinwithchris #inners #pride #PrideMonth #loveislove ImageImageImage
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Ya know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with lolgay. The one bit there is just a small part of a VERY large section of degeneracy.
A thread by someone who READ THE FUCKING BOOK. KJ version for you whiny children.

#Bible #broble #bibble #PrideMonth
So just for context, this is in old testament, and Sodom and Gomorrah were two of five cities known as the Cities of the Plain. People were bitching that those cities were full of hedonists that were raping everything with a pulse, and God was like "Lemme see this for myself."
Now Abraham said "Yo that's probably overkill to nuke two whole cities, just because some people are horny cunts don't mean ya gotta kill ALL of them."

God was like "You my nigga Abraham, tell you what. Find 50 good people in that pile of shit and I WON'T trash the place."
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1/. In 2019, students at #METU university in #Turkey gathered for their annual #Pride  march

They were met with batons, tear gas, plastic bullets, pepper spray & arrest

Tmw, they will gather for Pride again

The university says they will call the police
2/. The university’s attempt to ban on this Pride march has no legal grounds

METU university authorities must reverse this decision & allow the student community to celebrate #Pride tmw

@amnesty will be on campus
#PrideMonth #Pride2022 #pridemonth2022…
3/. Join @amnesty in calling on the @METU_ODTU administration to reverse its decision to 'categorically ban' the planned campus-based #Pride march due to take place tmw

Please sign and share the urgent action appeal #Pride2022 #PrideMonth #pridemonth2022…
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Regardless of your doctrinal and ethical convictions, #PrideMonth is a good time for listening to LGBTQ+ voices.

Here are some books to help you do that:…
This weekend, we took down our post because the overwhelming vitriol was alarming, and we wanted to protect our authors. We stand by our EerdWord post, so we have tweeted the link again.

But we think we should also offer some explanation.
Some of the replies to our original tweet could be summarized as: “With this tweet, you have gone over to the dark side. Your company is now useless and we hope you go bankrupt and your employees become jobless.”
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In honour of #PrideMonth, here is a thread of my headcanon for how each of the main characters from Star Trek Deep Space 9 is LGBT+...
If this gets 20 likes, I'll turn this shitpost into an actual thread.
Well, okay then.
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Dallas, Texas: Masked far-left militants tried to rob & attack @alexstein99 at a drag show for children in Mr. Mister, a gay bar & club. Video by @TaylerUSA:
Far-left protesters follow & physically confront a black man who protested a drag show for children at a gay bar in Dallas, Texas. Video by @TaylerUSA.
Footage from inside the gay bar in Dallas, Texas (Mr. Misster) that hosted the drag show for children as part of #PrideMonth. Video by @TaylerUSA.
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