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馃摚 Day 21: Uncovering Gender Ideology in our esteemed UK educational institutions 馃寛

As part of our Pride Month exploration, we're heading far north to the beautiful region of Scotland.

Get ready for a thread!馃憞 #PrideMonth @educationgovuk Image
George Watson's College @GWC_News, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a private day school that provides co-educational instruction for students ranging from 3 to 18 years old. Image
Since 2014, Melvyn Roffe @roffeme has led George Watson's College as Principal, following his tenure at Wymondham College. A Durham and York University graduate, he also currently chairs the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC). Image
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La Diputada @MARIACLEMENTEMX y su becario @aldohinojosaart podr铆an ser juzgados con la #LeyOlimpia por actos de violencia digital y delitos que violen la intimidad sexual al compartir videos con contenido 铆ntimo de la activista trans @laurelyeye 馃У Image
El d铆a de ayer, la activista @laurelyeye denunci贸 que tanto la diputada, como su becario, compartieron un video suyo, con contenido sexual, SIN SU CONSENTIMIENTO, con la intenci贸n de degradar su persona.
Los tweets ya fueron por @MARIACLEMENTEMX y su becario cuando se les se帽al贸 la comisi贸n de un delito. Sin embargo, los da帽os que caus贸 este suceso no se pueden borrar tan f谩cilmente y ah铆 les va el porqu茅 馃憞馃憞馃憞
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COMPROMISED COUNCILMEMBER: @ReverendCox w/some solid snooping, outing #Renton Councilmember Carmen Rivera(@riveraforrenton) for disturbing posts. It appears Rivera encouraged a mob to target peaceful protesters supporting a Korean owned biz. FAR-LEFT ideology has infected area.
CITY LEADER CALLING FOR DIRECT ACTION: Councilmember Rivera's(@riveraforrenton) attempts to mobilize counter protesters just led to some aggressive behavior, yelling, and lots of name calling. But there was a financial cost to #Lynnwood.

MORE CONTEXT: Councilmember Rivera blocked me on TikTok. LOL. But the video is floating around. #renton

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馃摚 Day 19: Exposing Gender Ideology in our best UK Schools 馃寛

As we march through Pride Month, let's shine a light on Clifton College, situated in Bristol.

Thread Alert!馃憞 #PrideMonth @educationgovuk Image
Clifton College, located in the vibrant city of Bristol in South West England, is a renowned public school that welcomes boys and girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Image
Dr. Tim Greene is the Head of College at Clifton, bringing a wealth of academic experience from Oxford and the University of Exeter. Image
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馃摚 Day 18: Exposing Gender Ideology in UK Schools 馃寛

As we progress through Pride Month, let's direct our spotlight towards Rye College, situated in Rye, East Sussex.

Thread Alert!馃憞 #PrideMonth @educationgovuk Image
@ryecollegeuk, situated in Rye, East Sussex, is a coeducational secondary school with academy status catering to students aged 11 to 16 in England. Image
Rye College recently gained media attention after a teacher's heated confrontation with a student who questioned a classmate's assertion of identifying as a cat and expressed the belief in the existence of only two genders.鈥 . .
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馃摚 Day 17: Exploring Gender Ideology in Bancrofts School 馃寛

Continuing our Pride Month journey, let's uncover the influence of gender ideology in Bancrofts School, located in Woodford Green, London.

Thread Alert!馃憞 #PrideMonth @educationgovuk Image
Bancroft's School, situated in Woodford Green, London Borough of Redbridge, is a co-educational private day school. It serves approximately 1,000 pupils, aged 7 to 18, with around 200 in the Preparatory School and 800 in the Senior School. Image
Mr. Simon Marshall is the Headmaster of the school since 2016. He has degrees in Classics and English Language and Literature from Cambridge and Oxford. Image
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, a notorious gatekeeper for transgender people.

"The Clarke" opened in 1966 and anyone wanting gender-affirming surgery had to go there to be approved.
Approval was far from simple.

馃У1/5 Image
The tests used by The Clarke were the same that were used on criminal sex offenders at the same location.
Most people who went in felt The Clarke staff were more interested in researching trans people than helping them.

馃У2/5 Image
The Clarke only gave approval for gender-affirming surgery if the person had a job, was single, was heterosexual and had never been convicted of a crime.
It was their goal that the person "pass" as cisgender & conform to binary gender roles.

馃У3/5 Image
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of Peter Maloney, the first openly-gay person to run for political office in Canada.

Peter Maloney was an economist at the Toronto Stock Exchange when he ran for the Liberal Party in the 1971 Ontario provincial election.

馃У1/4 Image
While he did not win, he did quite well.
In February 1972, while criticizing federal Justice Minister Otto Lang over anti-gay discrimination in federal laws, Maloney came out publicly as homosexual at the Liberal Party policy conference.

馃У2/4 Image
He then ran in the 1972 Toronto municipal election for the Toronto Board of Education, making him the first openly-gay person to run for public office in Canada.
He finished third & then started to invest in several LBGQT-oriented businesses in Toronto.

馃У3/4 Image
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of Delwin Vriend, whose firing sparked a debate over sexual orientation discrimination.

Delwin Vriend was born in Iowa in 1966 & moved to an organic vegetable farm near Edmonton with his family when he was two.

馃У1/6 Image
As an adult, he earned a mathematics and physics degree and then started working as a laboratory coordinator & chemistry lab instructor at King's College (University) in Edmonton.
In 1991, he was fired by King's College due to his sexual orientation.

馃У2/6 Image
Vriend filed a discrimination complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission but this was refused as sexual orientation was not protected under the human rights code.
He then sued the Alberta Government & Human Rights Commission.

馃У3/6 Image
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of George Hislop, the unofficial mayor of the Toronto Gay Community.

George Hislop was born on June 3, 1927. He studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts. In 1958, he met his lifelong partner Ron Shearer.

馃У1/5 Image
In 1971, Hislop co-founded the Community Homophile Association of Toronto, one of the earliest organizations for LGBTQ individuals in Canada.
On Aug. 28, 1971, he organized the We Demand march, the first gay rights demonstration on Parliament Hill.

馃У2/5 Image
In 1980, Hislop ran for Toronto City Council. He received an endorsement from then-Mayor John Sewell.
Both Sewell & Hislop were subjected to harassment during the campaign & the Toronto Police Association openly campaigned against them both. Both Hislop & Sewell lost.

馃У3/5 Image
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of Jackie Shane, a pioneering transgender performer in Canada!

Jackie Shane was born in Nashville on May 15, 1940. In the 1950s, she began to perform in make-up with long hair. In 1959, she moved to Ontario by joining a carnival.

馃У1/5 Image
In 1960, she started to perform at the Esquire Show Bar in Montreal & became the lead vocalist for Frank Motley & his Motley Crew.
Writing about her performances, media always called her a man wearing women's clothing.
She continued to find success in music.

馃У2/5 Image
She released Money (That's What I Want) in 1962, followed by Any Other Way, which was a hit nationally for her and the band.
She continued to perform in the 1960s but less so after 1970. She turned down an offer to join George Clinton's Funkadelic as well.

馃У3/5 Image
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of The Body Politic, Canada's first major LGBTQ publication.

The 1st edition of the magazine was published on Nov. 1, 1971 by a collective of individuals, out of the home of Jearld Moldenhauer, the owner of the Glad Day Bookshop.

馃У1/4 Image
In 1973, the Toronto Star refused to print an advertisement for the magazine, stating it did not accept ads related to sexual activity.
The magazine went to the Ontario Press Council & won a ruling that the refusal was discriminatory.

馃У2/4 Image
The Toronto Star retaliated to the ruling by ending the printing contract for The Body Politic with the Star's printing subsidiary Newsweb Enterprises.
In 1977, Toronto Police seized the subscriber list for the magazine during a raid.

馃У3/4 Image
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馃摚 Day 12: Exploring Gender Ideology in St Mary's in Cambridge @StMarysSch 馃寛

Continuing our Pride Month journey, let's uncover the influence of gender ideology in St Mary's School, located in Cambridge.

Thread Alert!馃憞 #PrideMonth @educationgovuk Image
St Mary's School, located in Cambridge, England, is a prestigious private Christian institution that follows the Catholic tradition. The school provides both day and boarding options and caters to girls from the ages of three to eighteen. Image
Mrs. Charlotte Avery, a Cambridge-educated leader, has been Headmistress of St Mary's School since 2007. She also served as president of the Girls' Schools Association and held senior positions at other prestigious institutions such as South Hampstead High School in NW London. Image
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LGBTQ+ heritage is an important part of the history of the nation. It also plays a vital role in unlocking the histories of some of the places in our care.

Here's a thread on some of those stories 馃У (1/15)

#Pride2023 The desk in the Writing Roo...
Henry Cyril Paget

Known as 'the dancing Marquess,' Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey, was considered the 'black sheep' of the family owing to his eccentric behaviour and love of performance and costume.

(2/15) Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marq...
Virginia Woolf

The author Virginia Woolf was a leading light of the Bloomsbury movement in the early 20th century. Her life was shaped by her unconventional approach to gender and sexuality.

(3/15) Virginia Woolf's Writing Lo...
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馃摚 Day 11: Gender Ideology in UK Schools 馃寛

Let's shine the spotlight on Mill Hill School in London today! While this thread may be concise, the festivities at this remarkable UK independent school are just beginning.

Thread Alert! 馃憞 #PrideMonth @educationgovuk Image
Under the leadership of Jane Sanchez since 2018, @MillHillSenior has continued its tradition of excellence as a co-educational private institution in London. Established in 1807, it proudly maintains its membership in the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference. Image
In 2022, Mill Hill School made a stylish debut in the LGBT diversity school scene, engaging in exciting activities led by Mr. Cambridge, the head of the LGBTQ+ society.
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of Michelle Douglas, who legally challenged the LGBTQ discriminatory policies in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Michelle Douglas was born in Ottawa in 1963 & after studying law, she joined the Canadian Forces in 1986.

馃У1/5 Image
She soon became the first woman promoted to the Special Investigations Unit.
In 1989, despite her excellent service record, she was released from the Forces for being a lesbian. Her release stated:
"Not Advantageously Employable Due to Homosexuality"

馃У2/5 Image
She then launched a $550,000 lawsuit against the Department of National Defence in January 1990.
Douglas stated that two male officers took her to a hotel room and questioned her about her sexual activities and told her that she should like men.

馃У3/5 Image
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If the tweets you spend your time perusing consistently send you into doom spirals and make you feel hopeless try following the Biden-Harris Cabinet

I guarantee your outlook will change

They are doing something

A lot actually

Follow facts

Choose hope鈥
Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland is letting you know it鈥檚 National Get Outdoors Day!

Try a national park! Places you didn鈥檛 even know are national parks are in your area!鈥 Image
HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge is having a House Party on the National Mall in DC!

Go and learn about innovative housing solutions!
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There鈥檚 only one choice for President on the side of the LGBTQ+ community.

鈥淭his administration has your back.鈥 ~ Joe Biden

LGBTQ community and allies 鈥 LET鈥橲 HAVE JOE鈥橲 BACK鈥硷笍
#PrideMonth 馃У
Trump has no core beliefs. He wanted LGBTQ votes when running for President the 1st time and talked a good game but turned his back on the LGBTQ+ community when it mattered.
#PrideMonth Image
Joe Biden says in 鈥楧aily Show鈥 interview that Florida鈥檚 targeting of transgender youth Is 鈥淐lose to sinful鈥
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馃摚 Day 10: Gender Ideology in UK Schools 馃寛

We're off to Brighton, the pride capital of the UK, the San Francisco of England. Brace yourselves, folks, because we're about to witness the grand unveiling of gender ideology at Brighton College!

Thread Alert! 馃憞 #PrideMonth Image
@BrightonCollege is a distinguished co-educational school in Brighton, England, offering education for students aged 3 to 18. The college was honoured as England's Independent School of the Year in 2019 by The Sunday Times. @educationgovuk Image
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of Kenneth Zeller, whose tragic murder helped advance the elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Kenneth Zeller was born on June 5, 1945 and worked as a librarian for three Toronto-area schools.

馃У1/4 Image
On June 21, 1985 he went out for drinks with friends. As he walked to his car, five teenage boys began to chase him. They caught up with him at his car and beat him to death.
Zeller was found slumped in his car at 12:15 a.m. on June 22.

馃У2/4 Image
After they were arrested, the teenagers agreed to be tried as adults.
The teenagers had been heard saying they wanted to "beat up a ***".
All five subsequently pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter and received nine years in prison.

馃У3/4 Image
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For #PrideMonth we鈥檒l be exploring people in the Schuylers鈥 circle who were LGBTQ+. The first person we鈥檙e meeting is Chevali猫re d鈥櫭塷n, who was a transwoman, born in France in 1728, and who was in Angelica Schuyler Church鈥檚 social circle. Image
Possibly born intersex, d鈥櫭塷n had been assigned male at birth and raised as a son of the French nobility. She had successful careers in the military, as a spy, and was highly regarded as one of the best fencers of her time.
Her espionage career eventually led to exile due to internal court politics, forcing d鈥櫭塷n to protect herself by threatening to publish incriminating documents about members of the French court, including the king himself.
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of Operation Soap.

On Feb. 5, 1981, Toronto Police raided four gay bathhouses in Toronto. Nearly 300 men were arrested in the largest mass arrest since the 1970 October Crisis.
The event is often called Canada's Stonewall.

馃У1/6 Image
Tensions with Toronto Police and the gay community was especially bad at the time.
In 1979, the Toronto Police Association newsletter published an essay called "The Homosexual Fad" that portrayed gay men as militant deviants who recruited children into their lifestyle.

馃У2/6 Image
In the raids, undercover police wore red dots on their clothing so police could "know who are the straights."
When the men were arrested, police used homophobic slurs & references to gassing homosexuals in Nazi death camps.

馃У3/6 Image
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This week join us in honoring Amandla Stenberg for our #PrideMonth changemaker series! From advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and racial equity to speaking out on mental health awareness, Amandla is an inspiring example of what we can all achieve when we use our voices for good. (1/5) portrait of Amandla StenbergGradient rainbow background...
You can be a changemaker too. Support your community by volunteering with Crisis Text Line- click the link for more information! 馃搸鈥 (2/5) Gradient rainbow background...
隆脷nete a nosotros esta semana para honrar a Amandla Stenberg durante #PrideMonth en nuestra serie de L铆deres de Cambio! (3/5) Portrait of Amandla Stenberg.Gradient rainbow background...
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It is #PrideMonth and this is the story of LGBTQ rights activist Jim Egan, who brought forward a landmark Supreme Court case!

Jim Egan was born in Toronto on Sept. 14, 1921. Egan realized he was gay at a young age & in 1948, he met his partner John Nesbit.

馃У1/6 Image
Since he was self-employed, Egan knew he could speak out without losing his job. Starting in 1949, he began writing hundreds of letters, articles & op-ed pieces to newspapers and magazines advocating for equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

馃У2/6 Image
His letters and articles appeared across Canada, first under a pseudonym and then under his real name by the 1960s.
In 1964, he appeared in a Maclean's article that was a positive portrayal of homosexuality that was rare in mainstream media at the time.

馃У3/6 Image
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