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[Staff complaints: @Apple bans staff from wearing colours associated w/ #hkprotests]

1. I've received complaints by @Apple store staff in #HK who blasted the company for conducting political censorship by banning them from wearing yellow masks or those printed with "HongKong".
2. 2. Also, @Apple allegedly imposed restrictive guidelines, requiring workers not to wear yellow or black in their memoji which will be displayed on their lanyards. Managers even threatened employees with the sack if they refused to change their memoji.
3. If it is really the case, it will be unbelievably scandalous if tech giants like @Apple help #Beijing to impose Chinese-style censorship at the workplace and suppress the city's vanishing freedoms of expression.
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No pasaran!
Suite à une plainte de 3 voisins contre un drapeau #LGBTQ sur la façade d'une mairie andalouse et l'enlèvement de celui-ci, des centaines de voisin/es redécorent leurs rues avec le drapeau arc-en-ciel !

Bien que la ville de Villanueva de Algaidas milite depuis des ImageImageImageImage
années pour défendre les LGBTQ, une minorité de réfractaires ont fait récemment entendre leur voix. Le motif ? La mairie de cette ville de 4000 habitant/es avait accroché un drapeau arc-en-ciel pour fêter la #PrideMonth.
Le maire ne voulant pas d'esclandre a décidé de le décrocher. En réaction plus de 400 drapeaux ont fleuri dans les rues de la petite ville se mettant au couleur de l'arc en ciel.
Symbole magnifique d'espoir et de tolérance.
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Closing the end of #PrideMonth with a history lesson:

1/ Why is "Stonewall" important in LGBTQ+ history?
A. It was the site of protests after Stonewall Inn, a known LGBTQ+ bar, was violently raided by police on June 28 many years ago. It marks one of the most important events in the LGBTQ+ liberation movement.

2/ What year did the Stonewall riots happen?
A. The demonstrations lasted from June 28 – July 3, 1969.

3/ Who is now know as one of the prominent figures of the movement?
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(1/15)Some people think that the West is the birthplace of LGBT acceptance. African politicians and clergy will very often say that queerness is un-African.Actually the OPPOSITE is more accurate and I'll show you why being black means originating from queer cultures:
(2/15) Ancient Africa has examples such as Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep's gay burial or the Book of Dreams' (1200BCE) writings on sex between women. And why would a woman on a Book of the Dead clarify “I never had sex with a woman in the temple.”?
(3/15) Ancient Bushman cave paintings (Zimbabwe) clearly depict men having sex with men. Interestingly, Zimbabwe's late president famously claimed there "are no gays" in the whole country.
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Since it's the last day of #PrideMonth, Twitter, may I present to you...

Lady Gaga as Particle Physics Experiments: A Thread.

First up is @ALICEexperiment, studying strongly interacting matter at extreme energy densities, where a phase of matter called Quark-Gluon Plasma forms.
Next we have Lady Gaga as the Antiproton Decelerator: a machine that produces a slow beam of antiprotons which can be combined with positrons to form antihydrogen atoms!

A number of experiments at @CERN use the AD to study #antimatter and its properties.…
Here is Lady Gaga as @ATLASexperiment, one of the two experiments that discovered the Higgs Boson in 2012. ATLAS is now searching through its vast stack of data for any hints of new physics that could describe Dark Matter or any more of the universe's mysteries.
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"Por una vez en la historia, España ha llegado puntual a la cita con la igualdad"

Pedro Zerolo #MatrimonioIgualitario #LoveIsLove #AmorEsAmor #Pride #PRIDE2020 #PrideMonth #Orgullo #Orgullo2020 #EqualityForAll #Igualdad 🏳️‍🌈
Quince años después de este gran logro de España por la igualdad, en Chile se promulgó el AUC recién en 2015; pero aún falta avanzar al Matrimonio Igualitario, y otros temas de interés para el colectivo LGBTTTIQ+ 🏳️‍🌈, que ayuden a equiparar con el resto de la ciudadanía
El pasado 8 de junio, un tribunal de familia dictó una sentencia que fija un favorable precedente por los derechos filiativos de NNA de matrimonios homoparentales; aunque 3 días antes el TC, rechazó recurso sobre Matrimonio Igualitario
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At Citizens Advice, we’re here for everyone — no matter who you are

This #PrideMonth, we — alongside our LGB and trans and non-binary network groups — are reiterating this message to make it clear we stand against all forms of transphobia, homophobia and biphobia (1/)
If you’re trans or non-binary, lesbian, gay or bi, or you want to support a family member or someone you know who is, our online advice can help you understand your rights (2/)
If you’re the victim of a transphobic or homophobic hate incident or crime, you can find advice on what you can do about it on our website… (3/)
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#Stonewall was 51 years ago today, yet MI's GOP-led legislature can't even #RecognizeMIPride. They refused to bring my resolution recognizing #PrideMonth to a vote — for the 6th year in a row. But that won’t stop us from recognizing #LGBTQ history ourselves. THREAD: ⬇️ 1/ #mileg
#Stonewall didn't happen in a vacuum, so let’s back up. During the post-WWII Cold War, anti-communist paranoia was high. The 1950s Red Scare was our govt’s witch-hunt to root out suspected communists...& other "subversives." You can guess where this is going. #RecognizeMIPride 2/
#LGBTQ people were considered mentally ill & subversive to society & the family. As they gained visibility, they also became subjects of FBI surveillance under the assumption they were vulnerable to blackmail due to their identities & would help communists. #RecognizeMIPride 3/
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Celebrating #PrideMonth with a quiz

The format for each question is not what you see in your typical quiz as the funkily attired @sai_ganesh is explaining right now. Image
We have @vivekisms with the panelists Joshua @WhyGaze and Sakshi from @gaysifamily Image
Starting with paying tribute to Sridevi and Judy Garland who were icons for gay men. Image
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Karl Gorath was just 26 when his jealous lover denounced him as a gay man. He spent years in the concentration camp system until he was liberated from Auschwitz in 1945. But after liberation, he faced another set of difficulties. 1/5 #PrideMonth #Pride2020
West Germany used the Nazi version of Paragraph 175, the law criminalizing homosexuality, for decades after the war. Under that law, Karl was arrested again in the 1950s. 2/5 #PrideMonth #Pride2020
At his trial, Karl realized that he recognized the judge. The judge sentencing him to jail that day was the same man who had sent him to a concentration camp in the 1930s, for the same "crime." 3/5 #PrideMonth #Pride2020
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Miau. El mes del #Orgullo2020 casi termina, y les traemos algunos datos sobre las desigualdades que viven las personas #LGBTTTIQ+ en este blog que publicamos en @Pajaropolitico… #Pride #PRIDE2020 #PrideMonth Image
Por ejemplo, aún en pleno 2020...

- 64% de las personas no aceptan que dos personas del mismo sexo vivan juntas como pareja,

- 87.5% de las personas deciden ocultar su orientación sexual o identidad de género durante su adolescencia, Image
- 41% de los hombres entrevistados en la ENADIS, mencionaron que no rentarían un cuarto de su vivienda a una persona trans*, Image
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CR celebrates recent gains for LGBTQ+ equality, while recognizing the work still needed to ensure that all members of the community are protected. #PrideMonth Image
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1990 war er der erste Fußballspieler der ein Coming-out wagte. 1998 war ihm der öffentliche Druck zu viel und er nahm sich das Leben.

Die tragische Geschichte von Justin Fashanu:
#PrideMonth (1/42)
Justin Fashanu, geboren 1961 in London, wuchs bei einer Pflegefamilie in Norfolk auf. Seine Mutter war als Krankenschwester mit der Erziehung der Kinder völlig überfordert und litt unter großen Geldsorgen. Sein Vater lebte in seiner Heimat Nigeria. (2/42)
Er hatte drei Geschwister, wuchs aber nur mit seinem kleineren Bruder John bei einer weißen Pflegefamilie auf. Die Mutter durfte sie einmal monatlich besuchen. Bei der Pflegefamilie wurden sie unter normalen Verhältnissen aufgezogen. (3/42)
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Homeless Black Lives Matter too. Many of them are LGBTQ and / or young people. I was one. I’ve known many others.

Defund police and reallocate resources to community needs like low-barrier housing for young people.
We can’t discuss the inefficacy of policing without discussing homelessness. Our cities criminalize people who are unhoused, yet have ample resources to address the crisis.
And yes, what we observe in homelessness work is that not only does homelessness increase likelihood of incarceration, but incarceration increases the likelihood of homelessness.
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Alan Turing was born 108 years ago today. He was a computer scientist, a mathematician, a philosopher, and a victim of homophobia.

His work saved between 2-14 million lives in WWII.

Bigotry and intolerance drove him to suicide.

Here is some of what he gave to the world: [1/20]
Historically, Turing is best known for his efforts in wartime codebreaking. During WWII, the Nazi forces used a machine called Enigma, which functioned as a cypher that changes settings on each keypress, to encrypt messages and communicate the location and time of air raids.
Working as part of a top-secret British operation run at Bletchley park, Turing built an electromechanical device, the Bombe, which one of the first (very special-purpose) computers, to search the space of cypher settings and break the German encryption.
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#Hilo 🧵Se cumplen 108 años del nacimiento de #AlanTuring, quien es considerado uno de los padres de la computación y precursor de la informática actual, pero que también fue perseguido por su homosexualidad y aquí lo recordamos a manera de homenaje en el mes del #PRIDE2020 👬 Image
🧮🖥️Las matemáticas y la ciencia fueron la inspiración de #AlanTuring durante sus estudios en Inglaterra. Los estudios universitarios los hizo en Cambridge y más tarde estuvo varios años en Princeton, en Estados Unidos. Image
✍️📑En 1937, publicó un artículo en el que definió una máquina calculadora de capacidad infinita, que luego sería conocida como ‘La Máquina de Turing’, que operaba basándose en una serie de instrucciones lógicas, sentando las bases del concepto moderno de algoritmo. Image
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A brilliant start to the week and our #PrideMonth celebrations! 🌈

This morning, our LGBTQ+ staff network raised our new #Pride Progress flag outside St George’s. 🏳️‍🌈

#ProudatStGeorges | @VirtualNHSPride
We’re also very proud to reveal our new #Pride floor flag unveiled today by our Chief Operating Officer, @avey_bhatia, and Chief Nurse, @BleasdaleRob.

Thank you to our LGBTQ+ staff network, @GivingtoGeorges and Estates and Facilities teams for making this possible! 🌈 Image
And finally, a special thanks to the co-chairs of our LGBTQ+ staff network, @VickyMo83965879 and Joseph Pavett-Downer, for all their hard work organising our #Pride celebrations this week! 👏 #ProudatStGeorges Image
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A #thread to celebrate #ZeldaSuplee, nudist leader, LGBTQ advocate, activist, writer, publisher, and occasional actor—seen here in the #DorisWishman film #DiaryOfANudist (1961). #PrideMonth
Born Zelda Roth in NYC in 1908 (pictured here age 2), she grew up in NJ. After high school she moved to Greenwich Village and in 1930 began working as a researcher for “Physical Culture” proponent #BernarrMacfadden, known for his controversial writing on health and sexuality.
She continued working for #BernarrMacfadden through her first marriage, which ended in 1946. It was not long after this divorce that she married the recently divorced #JReedSuplee, an engineer, former Quaker, and owner of Pennsylvania’s popular #SunnyRestLodge.
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Next presentation is experiences of LGBTQ Patients with Gary Stein and Cathy Berkman presenting their research and @kimacquaviva discussing her lives experience as a caregiver. #SWHPNSummit #HAPC
Stein points out that the LGBTQ community has a long history of discrimination in healthcare and social service arenas. While this has improved, there is little data on LGBTQ care in #HAPC
The research the does exist shows discrimination against staff at LTC facilities and that patients who had died had often been #misgendered. #SWHPNSummit #HAPC
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Here it is! I'm delighted to share this new video series with you: "Catholic Leaders Speak with the #LGBTQ Community." Today is the day when "Outreach 2020," the #LGBTQ Catholic conference @FordhamNYC, postponed because of Covid, would have started...
This video series includes Archbishop John Wester; Bishop John Stowe; Timothy Radcliffe, OP; Jeannine Gramick, SL; Shiva Subbaraman; Fr. Bryan Massingale; Fr. Greg Greiten; and many other Catholic theologians and scholars, as well as parents, students and activists....
Over the next few days I'll be sharing some of the individual videos, all of which link back to the full video, which includes over 20 individual messages of love and support.

To my LGBTQ friends: Remember that God loves you, the Holy Spirit is with you and Jesus is on your side
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[Thread] On Trump's appropriation of Nazi symbols (yes, really)

It looks like others (@IwriteOK) have brought this up, but, the Trump campaign is using an unmistakably #Holocaust image for political purposes, so, let's talk about this.…
Here is the detailed ad info from @facebook. It didn't last long but looked to be a hit in...Texas.

(h/t to @MFrancisWrites who included this in his Medium article

FB Ad data:
The ad was created (or placed) for the Trump campaign by @RedCurvSolution, a conservative fundraising and management firm run by a former Romney campaigner.

@TomCottonAR was a that's fun.
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#blacklivesmatter #pridemonth #bias #bully
How relevant is a tiny speck of dust, in a room where it makes up about 0.0003% of the total weight of the "things" in the room, taken together?

An odd thought. Right?
The ratio of mass of earth to that of the total solar system is 1 against 333345.997.

But why am I even saying all this?
We live in a strange pale blue dot. A world where the single most intelligent species decided that its a brilliant idea to be up in arms against each other.
Here you can die simply because of being yourself.
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Our #Pride2020 recreation of the Progress Pride flag uses the full range of our collections to celebrate the amazing diversity of the natural world.
For #MusPride today, we're revealing exactly what's hiding behind the stripes...
A #PrideMonth THREAD >>>
The white of our flag - included in the Progress variation of the Pride flag to represent the non-binary community and those transitioning - is a section from the wing of a large white butterfly, Pieris brassicae.
#MusPride 2/12
The next two colours represent transgender folk, with the light pink chevron coming from the Museum's mineral collection. This is a piece of thulite (also known as rosalite) dotted with white calcite crystals which give it a lighter shade.
#MusPride 3/12
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🏳️‍🌈 Constitue une discrimination sexuelle le fait de discriminer contre une personne homosexuelle ou transgenre. 🏳️‍🌈

Cour suprême des États-Unis, 15 juin 2020
(Bostock c/ Clayton County, 590 US _ (2020))

#PRIDE2020 #PrideMonth #Pride Drapeau arc-en-ciel contre un ciel bleu.
Première surprise : la plume derrière l’arrêt n’est nul autre que Neil Gorsuch, juge de droite nommé par @realDonaldTrump en 2017 qui est connu pour sa réticence quand il s’agit de donner de « nouvelles » interprétations aux lois.
Il va même jusqu’à rappeler ce principe :

« Après tout, seuls les mots couchés sur le papier sont la loi telle qu’elle a été adoptée par le Congrès et promulguée par le Président. »
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