(1) These 4 questions are the most important ones to be asked about 1/6.

Instead of weaving a false narrative like media hack Tucker Carlson's, we should all be asking these questions until we get adequate answers.

A #Jan6Commission would have HELPED (actual) conservatives.
(2) Supporting details for the above:

1. The parts of the nat'l guard that should have been deployed AROUND the Capitol on the MORNING of 1/6 were solely under the jurisdiction of the sitting POTUS, ie Trump.

That land around the Capitol is FEDERAL land, not Congressional.
(3) Therefore, it's irrelevant whether Speaker Pelosi or anyone else who happens to oppose Trumpism wittingly or unwittingly reduced the security presence on her "patch." BTW, former SenMajLdr McConnell had the same rights & duties in this regard.

Trump's "patch" was around it.
(4) Everyone knew that the rioters had to pass over the federal exec branch land before reaching the Capitol environs, which are under the control of BOTH House and Senate.

There can be no excuse for Trump not knowing this. In fact the evidence of failure is damning for him.
(5) Trump failed to ensure proper security on the land under his control BEFORE the riot, then was implicated in the unconscionable & needless delay in deploying enough personnel to regain control & start cleaning up the place.

Security for such events is MULTI jurisidiction.
(6) Which brings me to Question 2:

"Why did DHS not do the analysis & issue their usual threat assessment in prep for a major event?"

We need to know why, and officials need to be subpoenaed and the law enforced. If they want to dodge the question, they can do it on live TV.
(7) The duty of DHS is to do all it reasonably can to prevent terrorist attacks & reduce harm. It's their core business; and (arguably) why they were established.

Millions of members of the public could see there would be violence on 1/6. I assumed security would be adequate. Image
(8) The remaining two questions are covered by what I said above.

@OliviaTroye, a career homeland security & counter terrorism expert, is a key witness to what went on in the Trump admin before she resigned in August 2020.

She knows what went wrong & enabled 1/6 to happen. Image
(9) Every 1/6 assertion made by Tucker Carlson can be easily countered using the available evidence, and simple logic.

I've read in full as many of the (so far) 450 charging documents as I can.

Almost all were clearly & definitely Trump supporters.

(10) The number who weren't Trump supporters, was tiny. Since Republicans are always talking about personal responsibility for choices, it is grossly hypocritical to assert that hundreds of violent criminals only did it because a fake Trump supporter told them to.
(11) I don't let Democrats off the hook, though. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and Merrick Garland have a duty to ensure all of these cases are prosecuted to their fullest extent.

If they fail to do that, they are contributing to the worsening trend of civil unrest in the US.

• • •

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21 Jun
(1) Wilton Manors Pride Parade fatality incident 6/20/2021 - Thread #2

My first thread on this is at the link below. Local LE have not yet confirmed what happened but it's getting clearer. I was careful with my wording in Thread 1 & continue here...

(2) A key word in my first tweet of Thread #1 was "if."

At that time, an eye witness statement from Ft Lauderdale Mayor @DeanTrantalis led many to treat the incident as a deliberate event.

I said the Mayor should make a further statement and he did, but it doesn't help much.
(3) Media outlets are a secondary source. They claim police have officially said the collision was an accident.

So to test out that claim I found the primary source:

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(1) This is terrible. If evidence of this incident being deliberate is shown (which seems likely) then this counts as a domestic terrorist attack and a civil rights issue.

If you don't know who #MatthewShepard was, google the name. TW: Violence.

Then talk about #PrideMonth.
(2) Wilton Manors (adding that here to assist Twitter searches.)

A lot of folk see the term civil rights as a racial thing. It's not only that.

You, me, and all of us have certain civil rights, according to what our country has adopted over time.

(3) In the US, the DOJ is responsible for enforcing "federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), disability, religion, familial status, national origin, and citizenship status."
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16 Jun
This Michael Cohen interview is very interesting. Esp. when he got to the part about spending 51 days of solitary confinement in federal prison.

Highly recommended listening. You will learn a lot about Trump, and America's present troubles.

Now Cohen's talking about making amends to his wife, kids and country. He beats himself up for encouraging Trump to run for office in the first place.

Michael, you are not to blame. Forgive yourself.

He's a deep thinker and is emotionally healthy after it all. I like him.
While I'm a nobody in all this, I see a lot of myself in Michael Cohen. We're both intelligent people who would rather admit that we were sucked in by the cult, if it helps save lives and rebuild the USA.

Plenty of highly credentialed people fell for it, and still have. #ExMAGA
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(1) And so it begins. #HWStormWatch🇺🇸🌀

Hurricane #Bill got a name but he's of no concern to me.

It's the future Hurricane #Claudette⚜️, (lovely Cajun name) that means y'all in her path must get #prepping today.

#Danny #Elsa #Fred #Grace next nhc.noaa.gov/gtwo.php?basin…
(2) Why on earth would a Kiwi fan of Margaret Thatcher be interested in US Gulf and Atlantic coast hurricanes?

Several reasons, but we'll start with being an earthquake survivor. (2011, NZ, 185 deaths in my city.)

It changed my life.
(3) Earthquakes can't be predicted. Anyone who claims they can is trying to scam you.

Hurricanes CAN be predicted.

So instead of despairing at the death toll each time, I promote #readiness and I fight #disinformation too.
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13 Jun
(1) My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Christopher Sign.

Here's a short thread with some background into what the internet will be talking about today in relation to his death.

Nowadays when I write about those claiming #Arkancide is real, I pull no punches.
(2) I'm the first to admit that years ago I believed that at least a few of the so-called Arkancide cases likely were homicides, not suicides. I still don't know if they were, and nor do you.

I later changed my view and in 2019 became so furious I wrote about it (next tweet)
(3) Please note the context of the below thread; the date on which it was written, and proximal events.

It represents my attempt to accurately (at the time) assess the threat level of the "Q" movement that would later be implicated in 1/6/21.

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13 Jun
(1) Thread: Left vs right in 2021

If you read Thomas Sowell or any other free markets economist or thinker, you can learn why the left is now on the ascendancy in so many countries.

Where did the "right" go so wrong?
(2) IMO, when right wing parties fail to get their economic messages across, a lot of ground is ceded, & a lot of damage can be done to a country. During a pandemic or other crisis it's x1,000.

Then add in extremism. (Actually, don't do that, OK?)

(3) The extremist ideology and tactics that were escalated by most of the GOP leadership in the past 18 months has blown away any hope of reaching new voters, or keeping the ones they had.

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