(1) JD Vance has let slip that he is attacking Gen. Milley for his words without bothering to at least find out what they mean.

The term "white rage" made my ears prick up so I thought about the context in which he used it.

Milley was talking specifically about 1/6... Image
(2) This alleged police-assaulting defendant is Kyle Fitzsimons. He's currently held without bail, like many of the >465 charged so far.

Something tells me he won't be getting 30 months probation and a $500 fine.

seacoastonline.com/story/news/cri… Image
(3) I really wish that someone with the character and patriotism of Gen. Mark Milley had been in the role of Acting Secretary of Defense on 1/6.

Instead of this guy, who aided and abetted Trump's willful dereliction of duty that day.

(4) Milley, myself, or anyone else who uses the term "white rage" re 1/6 is NOT saying all white people are racist, or even that all Trump supporters are extremist, let alone racist. Not at all.

We're saying Trump knowingly encouraged & enabled literal white nationalists.
(4) If Trump's anti-police, far right tendencies had been as obvious in 2016 as they are in 2021, he would never have won the presidency that year.

I, of course, would never have supported him. He hid the truth very well. IMO he is the most effective salesman in US history.
(5) Put simply, when he saw almost a year ahead of the 2020 election that winning it legitimately would be a big ask, Trump had no compunction whatsoever in looking to the hitherto relatively quiet far right segment of his base, as a Plan B.
(6) People with full-blown no-insight narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) believe that rules are for the little people.

They also are capable of doing just about anything to preserve their unfounded, excessive self-esteem and illusory sense of control.
(7) That's why so many people have not yet been able to understand Trump's behavior.

Because they don't have NPD, and they haven't had to learn about NPD.

Survivors of their abuse, and mental health professionals, have had to learn about the disorder.
(8) The only thing that matters to an NPD is control in-the-moment. That's why they lie so casually and so often.

Their self esteem is in fact extremely low. They develop what appears to be high self esteem as a way to avoid facing this fact.

I have zero sympathy for them.
(9) Trump & the far right faction of the GOP, which has always been there, wove a narrative to support aspects of the ideology eg the rejection of claims of racism, where those claims are justified.

The far right have taken over the party, & millions of R voters don't see it.
(10) The many Trump voters who are non-white, and many of the white voters too, do not realize that while he was selling "I support the police, I support the military" to them, he was also keeping actual racists on a low simmer at the back of the stove.
(11) Many current GOP members of Congress are in that extremist group. That's why others took a brave stand against them earlier this year in an effort to keep the party & conservatism itself viable.

This watchdog group's assessment shows the receipts:

(12) Not every enraged adherent of the far right looks like the unhinged Kyle Fitzsimons, or made improvised weapons to use on cops on 1/6.

But the enablers, the narrative peddlers, are just as bad in terms of escalating the threat of further violence.
(13) "White rage" is a technical term that is certainly applicable in situations like 1/6. Most of them were enraged about what they perceived as a stolen election, not specifically about African Americans having civil rights.

The NPD of one man enabled the mask to drop. Image
(14) Ironically, when Reagan talked about a man on a white horse, he said the 2A is there to help Americans protect the country from such a man or regime.

In any country, a charismatic leader is potentially able to seduce enough people to take and keep authoritarian power.
(15) This can be seen all over the place, since human societies started to form.

We survivors of abuse by an NPD can also attest to their skillset and utter lack of a working moral compass.

When an NPD targets you, run. Run for the hills. It's the only safe option.
(16) An NPD targeted a large, powerful country, and thereby targeted the rest of the world, too.

Many of his Presidential predecessors had or have NPD, too. But they didn't let the mask drop. They didn't enable and coddle actual extremists.
(17) If you want to keep getting triggered by critical race theory, and the efforts of most Americans to work on improving the actual civil rights of people of color (which still, in certain situations, are not yet equal with others), you of course can.

I'm not joining in.
(18) I am not scared of words I don't understand, or that I disagree with.

I instead try to find out what the words mean, and what are the logical arguments for and against.

I'm not special. Anyone can do this.

• • •

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27 Jun
(1) #SurfsideBuildingCollapse Thread #4

Welcome to my stream of consciousness tweeting about active emergency management events. I am an EM geek with professional and (sadly) personal experience to share.

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(2) To recap, I was in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand on 2/22/2011 when the lack of a quality engineering report killed 115 people.

An earthquake triggered the collapse BUT obvious damage from an earlier, smaller quake had been missed by local officials.
(3) This point is highly relevant to the engineering reporting process getting underway in Florida after Surfside.

Like in Christchurch, building inspectors & officials are hastily designing a reporting system that is not sufficiently geared to find which buildings are at risk.
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(1) Many events of the past 18 months contributed to my decision to become (proudly) #ExMAGA & #NeverTrump after >4 years in the cult. The pandemic was the main reason. 1/6 was the last straw.

Liberals have been way more reasonable toward me than MAGA folk have, as expected.
(2) The thread linked above is an example of those on the left who are reasonable and can be reasoned with.

We don't have to agree on every policy issue. We already agree on the non-negotiables, like not rioting inside the seat of the federal government, for example.
(3) Once the rampant lawlessness line was crossed in such a large scale and obviously violent way, it became impossible for me to discuss policy issues with people in the MAGA crowd. If you condone 1/6 (by trying to play it down) then we can't discuss anything. There's no point.
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(1) Thread: Hot air balloon fatal crash in Albuquerque, NM.

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In 2012 a crash in our ballooning region took 11 lives.

(2) TIL that in the US there is insufficient safety regulation of hot air ballooning. The same problem we have here.

I think it goes without saying that drone civil aviation is under-regulated, too.

(3) If you're interested in aviation safety, read the news story above about the NZ coroner's findings. These two crashes have a few things in common. Such as trying to out-climb a power line in time. Maybe the emergency rip-out line was not used. Maybe there was panic.
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(1) Thread #3: Updates on the #SurfsideBuildingCollapse tragedy in Miami, Florida.

This short video gives you a snapshot into where the families are now at, approximately 60 hours post collapse:

(2) I'm writing threads about this building collapse for two reasons.

a) It's a tragedy that will likely end up with a death toll of >160 people. That puts it in the realm of Hurricane Katrina, Oklahoma city 1995 etc.

b) I have experience from a similar incident in 2011
(3) I'll add links to my earlier threads further down. For now I want to stress this point:

The community is nearing the point at which they will have to accept that their loved ones are not coming back.

No one wants to be the one to give the bad news, including me.
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(1) I have kept any discussion about the cause(s) of the #SurfsideBuildingCollapse out of my thread of ways to help those affected. (Link below.)

Having spent the past 10 years watching hundreds of New Zealand buildings being condemned for seismic risk, I am aghast. Image
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(3) I also wrote about a similar tragedy on March 15, 2018, that cost 6 lives. The collapse of the pedestrian footbridge at Florida International University in West Miami:

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(1) A time of writing there are still 159 people unaccounted for at the #SurfsideBuildingCollapse in Florida.

We who were in Christchurch, NZ on 2/22/2011 have been through something similar. 115 people died in an earthquake-caused building collapse here.

We send our love.
(2) "Pancaked" was the term used to describe the collapse of the CTV (Canterbury TV) building in 2011.

We, too, kept vigil for days hoping some more people would make it out alive.

(3) In our case, the building collapsed during a Tuesday lunch hour, when some of the building's office workers had just gone out for lunch.

The earthquake caused PTSD among thousands of people, incl. me. There were 300k people in the city, & countless others closely linked. ImageImage
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