[trans] 210705 aespa SM Super Idol League live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

#aespa #에스파
@aespa_official Image
Note: I can only translate Korean to English. Also, this should be a 2-hour long event so I apologize in advance if I miss anything Image
Ningning is now teaching the aespa members Chinese words that they can use during the game, such as "save me!"
Ningning quizzed the other members on their Chinese phrases!

Karina: 2 *WINNER*
Winter: 1
Giselle: 1

Ningning gave Karina a trophy and Karina said "it's so tiny!" Image
Karina: Ning Yizhuo, there's nothing here!

Ningning: You have to go into the houses

Karina: Kim Aeri, what are you doing?!

Giselle: I need guns!
Ningning got her first kill!

Meanwhile, Winter cannot pick up her weapon
Giselle: Why are the bombs so loud???

Karina: ikr?!

Giselle Please calm down, bombs!
Giselle: OMG the comments just said this is "AI vs AI" we're not babo (dumb) 😭😭
Ningning died :(

Ningning: *screams*

Winter: Did you die, Ning? I'll come and save you!

Winter was downed and Giselle was trying to revive her but someone else downed Giselle

Winter and Giselle are now dying of laughter because they died at the same time
Since she's the only one alive, Karina is now camping

Karina: See, I told you I'm the best
Ningning wanted to tell Giselle something, so she whispered to Winter and Winter whispered to Karina but Karina didn't whisper to Giselle, so Ningning was like " Relay the message to her!" and Karina replied "hold on I'm playing a game rn"
Karina is so paranoid now and worries that people will stream snipe her
Winter: Giselle was so funny... when she was getting shot at while trying to revive me, she yelled "Winter, why are you crawling on the ground?!! Help!!" (Winter's character was crawling because she needed to be revived)

Giselle: Truly a dumb & dumber moment
Karina just died while choosing her gun in an open field
Ningning: Someone just commented that the internet connection in KWANGYA isn't very good
Start of the second game!

Winter: We'll play properly this time...
Ningning got hit by a bullet and she started to sing Baek Ji Young's "Like Being Hit By A Bullet" (She sung this before on Kang Hanna's radio show)
Giselle just screamed really loud and Karina said "I apologize for that, sound director"
Is it just me or is the audio cutting out a lot?
The members wrote "punishments" before they began and they have to pick out a punishment now since they're done with the game. But I literally can't see or hear anything on the stream so idk what's going on rip
Question for Giselle: Is there a word/phrase you say often?

Giselle: Rather than a word, I tend to say things with my own accent. Like, saying things in satoori became a habit
Question for Winter: Please recommend any horror movies that you like!

Winter: I watched "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" and "Hereditary" recently!
Question for Giselle: What's your favorite game? (t/n: sorry I didn't catch the full question)

Giselle: I actually don't play a lot of games these days, but I did play a lot when I was younger.. the game is... can I say the name? It's Kart Rider. Nowadays I like taking pictures!
Question for Karina: What genre of songs do you like?

Karina: I like RnB and Pop and... some unique genres, like Jazz, or anything with strong beats
Question for Winter: What is your favorite fruit?

Winter: Mango, Watermelon, and soft peaches
Question for Giselle: Do you have any plans to dye your hair a lighter color or cut your hair short?

Giselle: I.... do not! I like my current hair! Maybe in the future, I might try blonde hair
Question for Winter: Are there any animals you like other than dogs?

Winter: I was a dog-person before, but now I'm more of a cat-person

*aespa members start clapping*
Winter couldn't get her words out while answering her question, so Giselle said, "ae-Winter, please SYNK out!"
Whenever Giselle makes a mistake, she just says "sorry, ae-Giselle just visited me"
Someone asked Ningning about her meme face, so she started to give a whole tutorial on how to make the face
Someone asked if aespa could rank their video game skills, and they collectively agreed that none of the members are good, and if they were on a #1 to #4 ranking, they'd all be tied at #3
Question: What do you like to do in the summer?

Ningning: I like eating watermelons while sitting in my air-conditioned room
Karina said that she wants to try a wine red hair color or a completely white hair color in the future
Question: What does Winter want to tell her pre-debut self?

Karina: Don't say hair essence...

Winter: Make sure to eat all of your nutritional supplements and remember to put on your sunscreen well
The Chinese translator is reading a list of winners for signed polaroids and posters and the aespa members are copying her while applauding
Karina just told MYs to look forward to next week??!!
guys! i was just excited for their next pubg live stream! i wasn't implying that they're going to release new content or anything ahahahahaha 🤡
Winter: Hey Aeri, get in the car!

Giselle: Hold on let me just k*ll this one person

• • •

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[trans] 210728 aespa SM Super Idol League Ep. 3 - live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

#aespa #에스파
@aespa_official Image
Unfortunately, I will not be able to translate when the livestream begins. Please look out for live tweets roughly 30 min to 1 hour after the game begins!

Sorry 😓
Karina: There's a car over there, should we ride in it?

Winter: Sounds good!

Giselle: Oh, a car! Where is it?

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[trans] 210719 aespa SM Super Idol League Ep. 2 - live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

#aespa #에스파
@aespa_official Image
Ningning's chair made a strange sound and Winter was suddenly suspicious that she may have farted... and then Giselle thought that Winter farted

Ningning is now teaching the members new Chinese words

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