[trans] 211007MBC FM4U "Kim Shin Young's Noon Song Of Hope" (feat. aespa & special DJ Sunmi) Translation Thread

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#정오의희망곡 #선미
aespa has arrived!
Sunmi holding her signed "Savage" album!
Sunmi got a Giselle photocard and a #blessed ae-Karina/Karina photocard
Sunmi: Wasn't it hard to understand the SMCU?

Karina: At first, it was very hard. But we've been taking classes on the SMCU. We work with the people who created the SMCU and we went to a class recently
Sunmi: It seems like aespa has really "taken the lead" these days. Don't you have this feeling of pride?

Winter: Rather than pride, we feel like it's an honor that we have the opportunity to always try new things. It's so fun and refreshing too
Sunmi: What was your reaction when you heard that you reached 400k pre-orders?

Ningning: We couldn't believe it. The fact that so many people waited for us and continue to love our music... we just couldn't believe it
Sunmi: Black Mamba, Next Level, and Savage all continue your lore. Is it possible for this SMCU storyline to keep going on?

Karina: Well... there's a chance that Black Mamba dies, or there's a chance that the storyline keeps going on
Giselle: To be honest, we don't really know what's in store for us and our storyline. So we're in the same situation as our fans since we're experiencing things as we go along
Sunmi: These girls in front of me really aren't "Savage." How are they able to transform into "Savage" girls on the stage and in the MV?

Karina: Sunmi sunbaenim is also the same way on the stage... the original!

Sunmi: Oh noooo! Not at all!

Sunmi (blushing): Moving on
Sunmi: JYP is someone who directs us when we're recording... I won't go into that here, but what kinds of things does LSM help out with?

Giselle: Our choreography. Originally in the chorus, we took a few steps back, but he suggested that we put more emphasis and wag our fingers
Basically, the dance performance video we got is the old choreo. The finger wagging dance is the new choreo
Sunmi: What's the killing point in Savage?

Karina: I think it's our chorus. "zuzuzuzu" in particular fits with the choreo, so I think that's the killing point
Super famous lyricist Kim Eana recently posted a pic of a 'Savage' lyric on her IG story because it said 김이 나 which means "it's steaming" but it's quite literally Kim Eana's full name 김이나. Her caption was "am I KWANGA's older sister?"

aespa sent thank you messages to her
Sunmi: What b-sides would you recommend?

Karina: When we're hyped up, YEPPI YEPPI. But when we get sentimental, Lucid Dream
Sunmi: How do you have to dance the "zuzuzu" part? What kind of feeling do you need?

Karina: You have to be like "I feel sorry for you." Like, "you're no match for me, so I feel sorry for you!"

Sunmi: There's this one lyric that goes "screw (bog) off!" It was so refreshing
Sunmi: What are some foods that you can't eat?

Winter: Stuff like Ox Blood Soup. The visuals and the stuff that's inside... I can't do well with intestines because they look like brains

Giselle: Same as Winter. I also can't eat spoon worms

Ningning: Carrots
Sunmi: You wrote that spicy jokbal is a food that fits Next Level? How about Savage?

Giselle: Sour gummies?

Ningning: Wild greens?

Karina: Victory onions and marinated ribs
aespa is now playing "favorite food world cup"

They have to pick their favorite food out of two that will be shown, and go on until the final two favorite foods
Sunmi: Jokbal vs Beef Jjamppong Ramen

Karina: Jokbal

Sunmi: Guo Bao Rou vs Yakgwa

Giselle: Yakgwa?

Winter and Ningning: Nooooo

Sunmi: Fried chicken vs pollack roe bibimbap

Ningning: Fried chicken

Sunmi: When's the last time you ate chicken?


aespa and Sunmi: LOL
Sunmi: Sirloin steak vs braised chicken?

Winter: Braised chicken

Sunmi: Why?

Winter: 6 weeks ago, Director Yoo Young Jin bought us sirloin steak again and we ate a lot. He bought it for us because we always ask him to buy meat on shows. It's still in our bellies, so chicken
Ningning: But Director Yoo Young Jin kept putting more steak on the grill. We kept telling him to eat as well, but he told us he was okay, he just wanted us to eat a lot

Sunmi: I understand him. I'd do the same for you
Sunmi: Jokbal vs Yakgwa

Ningning: Jokbal

Sunmi: Fried chicken vs braised chicken

Karina: Fried chicken

Sunmi: Jokbal vs fried chicken. aespa has to answer at the same time

*5 seconds of intense discussions*

Karina, Giselle, Winter: Chicken!

Ningning: Jokb-- chicken!
Ningning: I almost picked jokbal because I don't really like seasoned fried chicken... I'm not into sweets
Sunmi: Can you pick a dish that fits me?

Karina: Spicy chicken feet on the stage

*aespa started doing Sunmi's choreos while making a chicken claw with their hands*

aespa: and cotton candy

Sunmi: Because of my hair?

Karina: It's just so cute like you... and so soft
Sunmi: I was a special DJ for one episode today... and it feels like I was being carried by aespa's energy

Karina: No! We're so honored to be on the show with you
Sunmi: Can I ask about aespa's future promotions?

Karina: We'll go on music shows and variety shows... we also prepared a lot of content on YouTube. We plan to do a lot of promotions, so please look forward to it!
Sunmi: Can you share your thoughts about today's episode?

Ningning: Thank you so much for inviting us again. It was such an honor to meet Sunmi sunbaenim. And thank you for tuning in. We'll do our best during our promotions, so please look out for us!

• • •

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