[trans] 210728 aespa SM Super Idol League Ep. 3 - live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

#aespa #에스파
@aespa_official Image
Unfortunately, I will not be able to translate when the livestream begins. Please look out for live tweets roughly 30 min to 1 hour after the game begins!

Sorry 😓
Karina: There's a car over there, should we ride in it?

Winter: Sounds good!

Giselle: Oh, a car! Where is it?

Karina: Well actually, I don't have a driver's license yet so...

Karina is the MVP of this round!
Karina: This is my first time being the VIP!

Winter: You mean the MVP

Karina: Wait what did I say?
Winter: Someone said that our skills improved a lot!

*5 seconds later*

Winter: Wait! Wait! Did everyone BUT me jump from the plane?? I'm so lonely...
Giselle was in desperate need of revive but she was outside of a house that Karina was in. Karina kept trying to jump through the window but couldn't, so Giselle was like "SAVE ME QUICK!!"

Luckily Giselle was revived after Karina found out how to exit the house
Giselle: I don't have any guns :(

Karina: Just grab whatever you can find, babo!!

Giselle: But there's nothing to grab!
Since Ningning and Winter both died, they are now talking about their favorite foods while Karina and Giselle are arguing about what types of guns they're carrying
Karina was shooting out the window but she was downed by another player

Karina: aeri... where are you (in english) 🥺🥺

Karina: It was a happy life...
Karina didn't get a single kill but was the MVP of the match!
Karina picked out a punishment (written by members) from a hat. Winter has to show off her aegyo!

Winter: Daebak. Do you know what I wrote for your guys' punishment?? It was "Everyone except for Winter has to do aegyo for 5 seconds"

Ningning is teaching Chinese aegyo to Winter
Ningning revealed that the punishment she wrote for her members was "upload an ugly selca on bubble"
The members are now playing a "find the differences" game. KariSelle & WinNing have to wear different accessories, and viewers have to find as many differences in 1 minute
Winter: Someone said that Giselle's hair looks like black bean noodles
While KariSelle were putting their accessories on, Winter and Ningning were dying of laughter after seeing some of the polaroids they were taking for each other
Winter's accessory is a blindfold and Ningning's accessory is a hairband that she wore over her eyes

Karina: Ningning looks very futuristic

Giselle: She looks like naevis Image
Winter's TMI is that she took a polaroid but it never developed, so she just drew a snowman on it

Winter: Can we give this to MYs
Q: What was the first thought that popped into your head when you learned that you were going to debut?

Karina: My family? Because they stuck beside me through thick and thin. And I was wondering if a lot of people were going to love/support me or not
Giselle: Of course, I was worried. But upon hearing the news that I was going to debut, I was very happy
Winter: Actually, Karina and I were told at the same time.. our reactions were nonchalant... we were like "oh.. i see" and the person who told us was taken aback. It was bc at that point, we were like "there's no way we're gonna debut" and it hadn't hit us yet
Ningning: I was wondering if people would like us or not, I was happy because I could show off everything I learned and practiced, and I was happy because I could finally do what I loved
Q: What differences did you notice once you were an adult?

Ningning (shortened a lot): I could feel that there were a lot more responsibilities. l realized that I had to become more mature and learn things by myself without the help of my friends and family

aespa: Woahh poetic
Q: What's the longest you've ever slept?

Karina: 18 hours

Winter: At that point, someone probably justed tranquilized you

Karina: Ningning thought I was dead that day and she was wondering if she'd have to put her toes near my nose to wake me up. She said this on bubble
Q: What are three words that describe you best?

Winter: First of all, Guo Bao Rou... very deep, right? Di San Xian, and Fried cold Noodles (all Chinese dishes)

Winter: Was that too deep/poetic for our viewers?
Q: What are your three strengths?

Karina: It's time to be poetic

Ningning: My cute voice?

Winter: You're a vocal yet you're good at dancing?
Karina: Ningning knew where her "lost" airpods were but she was too lazy to get it, so she just chose to buy a new pair instead

Giselle: Wow, a flex
Winter: My brother and I fought so much. We fought over the TV remote, we fought over who got to use the computer, we fought because I was better at inline skating him, and we fought because he said I was bad at this video game even though he didn't even teach me how to play it!!
Winter's brother looks almost identical to her, apparently

Winter: If I cut my hair a bit shorter, I'd look like my brother
Giselle: Unfortunately, we have to deliver some sad news....
Giselle: aespa's very last SM Super Idol League episode will be next week :((

Karina: We were only able to get 1 win so far :(
Once again, I'd like to apologize for missing a lot of live translations :(

However, @aespalogy and I plan to gradually release aespa's Super Idol League episodes on YT with English subtitles! It may take quite some time since we are both busy, but please look forward to it!

Q: How can you learn Korean quickly?

Giselle: Make a lot of Korean friends!

Ningning: But unnie, you don’t have any friends

aespa: OHHHHH

Ningning: It’s okay~ we’ll always be by your side~

• • •

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[trans] 210719 aespa SM Super Idol League Ep. 2 - live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

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[trans] 210705 aespa SM Super Idol League live translation thread

Karina & Giselle: huya.com/635982
Winter & Ningning: huya.com/634983

#aespa #에스파
@aespa_official Image
Note: I can only translate Korean to English. Also, this should be a 2-hour long event so I apologize in advance if I miss anything Image
Ningning is now teaching the aespa members Chinese words that they can use during the game, such as "save me!"
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