In a few tweets, let me explain the #JohnsonVariant

For 3 weeks they denied ⬇️ virus AND admissions growth


Now, (from @LBC), we know the plan


Josef Mengele eat all our hearts out

Is this proven science?
Is the risk they are taking justifiable?

Like a cult of satanists, it's the third time they've used the #JohnsonDoctrine. Twice before they failed.

Which times?
1. First you. March 2020
2. Then kids
The first time is why #Johnson failed to close airports
and why NHS was unprepared.
They wanted the virus to spread

The FT, amongst others, estimate that decision to have
cost over 40,000 innocent lives.

That's not a guess - we have the genetic proof ⬇️
The second time led to the damnable policy of using your children as taps to control the virus in waves.

Nope, not making that up, it's a direct quote, and the policy documents are a matter of public record.

You can read them, sourced, here
This "doctrine of death" is an idea out of Auschwitz.

It is contrary to any principle of scientific method or testing

It contravenes the hippocratic oath to do no harm

And it eliminates 200 years of public health adherence to the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE

WW1 Generals!
The only way you could have any degree of ethical credibility, is if you thought you were dealing with pandemic influenza

The cutlists are pursuing a worship of the wrong virus, and have been since the start

However, the worst thing isn't lives risked or even #LongCovid.
It's a pig headed willful attempt to brew vaccine resistance

How to create a resistant variant:
1. Semi vaccinated population
2. Uncontrolled virus
3. Bake until selection does its thing.

I must have said these words 1000 times since March 2020:

People who make bad decisions continue to make bad decisions
They don't get better over time
They get worse

And now they are embarking on the worst decision of the lot.
Forced, mass infection


That phrase, and all its inherent Orwellian doublespeak will go down in history with its bedfellows:

"Living Space"
"Special Treatment"
"The Final Solution"

No, I'm not saying they're Nazis.
They're far too incompetent for that.

• • •

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I've now heard it all. The disgraced Liam Fox live on LBC, complaining about the lack of alignment in vaccine and quarantine standards across the UK and EU Nations
Is he actually insane? Does he not realize he personally killed any institution that might undertake any alignment?
It's an obscure brexit factoid but a relevant one, that's so tyrannical was the conservative purge of European Union ties, that the UK now shares fewer border agreements with its neighbor than does the famous pair that is north and South Korea. We burned everything.
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Another #Johnson Wizard of Oz moment.

You'll recall Johnson's position was the #Hancock matter was closed, no need for him to resign.

Now the reality shift. Instead believe:

#Johnson removed #Hancock decisively, within 24 hours, after considering the matter thoroughly.
Is Johnson blind to his reality dysfunction, has he become so used to denial that like a sociopath, he no longer understands objective truth?

Does he believe reality is what he says it is?

If a tree falls and #Johnson was not there, no sound was heard, for no tree existed.
A reminder why accepting reality denial may kill people.
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25 Jun
Collection of memes/ tweets produced about Matt Hancock.

A few are borderline sexist and almost all are crude, I found them funny anyway, you've been warned.

Before I start, some Tories are already saying that no Social Distancing rules were broken.
Lying is what they do!⬇️
Eat Out to Help Out is a general theme in many of the memes. Some are unambiguous about the point they're making.
A number point to Hancock's obvious hypocrisy
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20 Jun
It should be headline news that the UK is again failing so seriously compared to our nearest neighbours.

Yet you don't know the UK is in trouble⬇️

Is that true?
How can that be?

You'll probably want to check my source. The data are correct.

And comprehensively supressed.
For months you've been fed a sugary diet of jingoistic vaccine nonsense.

- Vaccines will save us
- Britain leads the world
- Our scientists made it
- We're giving it away
- The EU are stupidly behind because (Brexit)

Just as many half truths and outright lies as usual. Sorry.
On 28/3/20 (not 21), I wrote a thread on today - called "Back to New Normal".

Back then we barely understood tests, let alone variants or vaccines.

But I'm about 95% accurate, check it🔽
Trust me, I'm not clever, I have no special insight.

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11 Jun
Twitter says #MattHancock should face prison. Sadly
1. as a crown minister he's exempt from almost any charge
2. Only him?
Collective responsibility?
PM Approvals?

For Justice English law is 👎
We need Int'l Criminal Court, Crimes Against Humanity

But chant "Lock Them Up" for?
For anyone interested in this topic, the Hague grants no MP protections, but it's no certainty

Under CaH legislation it should be possible to put Cabinet members on trial for negligence causing unnecessary mass death

But (simplifying) Public Health Crimes are exempt from CaH
But there are other parts of ICC law that take precedence over any Public Health exceptions, the most obvious being the Rome Statute.

The argument would be that UKGov negligence constituted a serious attack on human dignity.

There are good examples:
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