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20 Jul, 13 tweets, 2 min read
So far it is fairly, ehh, marketing/showmanship heavy.

Not my thing.

It does provide some decent angles of the plane I guess. @TheDEWLine.

Key points:
- high altitude all weather basing
- modularity/cost reduction/logistics/post sale support
- simplified maintenance/operations
- modest AI support
- good aerodynamics/kinematics
- further emphasis on short runway use etc
- long term supersonic flight (supercruise is not mentioned specifically)
- good transportation capability (range/endurance)
- 1,8M max, 2000km+ range without tanks 7400kg payload
- (V)LO, all round passive sensor set
- multirole (ie PAK-FA weapon set)
- AESA with 6 target capability under ECM
- AI support for combat missions
- up to 5 AAMs in VLO config (2 SRAAMs in quick and 3 MRAAMs in main?)
- ECM, counter-VLO capability
- in bay cannon containers
- large bays with varied payloads, bombs and missiles
- low fligth hour cost and large payload - good value for price
- unmanned variant
- working in a manned/unmanned network centric force
Bulatov (project manager) and Slusar (UAC manager) said some general words after the presentation, apparently it is just over one year old and got there this quickly with supercomputers/VR use in design work.
Core emphasis appears to be the economics - the "cheap winner" type deal, for more diverse set of customers, south-Asia, latin America, Africa, as a modular/modifiable product.
Using the technologies developed for the PAK-FA program of course, again modularity and open architecture design is stressed to suit customer needs.
Then the logistics and operation/maintenance, life cycle costs and ease, something that Russia has been less good at that at the straight up weapon systems.
14,5-16t thrust class engine, using existing technologies, same for other components such as aerodynamics.

"75" is taken to signal it complimenting the "57" - Su-57.
Internally financed, soliciting investors for the export production.

They hope that the platform would find some interest from the VKS, ie the unmanned variant.
The comercial plan is 300 planes over next 15 years.

They are contrasting it with the F-35, both in terms of kinematics and stating better VLO performance to it.
Ship based variant is also being worked on, some of the key features such as the reinforced chassis is included from the get go for the base variant.

• • •

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18 Jul
A short thread, created due to the @russianforces's concerns regarding how it appears that the new Chinese silos (find courtesy of @dex_eve) have their tops above the normal elevation of the area.

Such a set up is fairly common for Russian sites.
Here you can see a reconstruction of a silo type structure (regimental command post) at Dombarovsky. Note that the ground level at the crane (used for the work on it) is elevated relative to surrounding area. ImageImage
The steel form of the top silo part in general seems to be placed into the pit pre-assembled, which would be consistent with what we have seen so far from Chinese. ImageImage
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4 Jul
On Ramenki site, a thread.

Many have seen the existing sources on the topic, such as the CIA reports (map related) or the books by Bruce Blair&Yarunuch.

Fortunately today we can also rely on recently de-classified archival materials.

Those materials adequately cover 1930s-1960s (and you can read more in Yurkov's book here:…) however even they are imperfect, information towards the end becomes sparse, especially for military sites and the intended uses of sites.

I would be using his and the broader #bunker703 comunity work from here onwards, all credit to archival materials goes to them.

I would be covering both the core Ramenki site (order 10-A), as well as related ones as they are recorded in archival materials up to late 1960s.
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21 Mar
I think in addition to the inertial scenario (ie modest improvements to modest Moscow BMD) there may be concerns about a grander push for BMD.

Now which elements may form this greater BMD set up?

A thread:

First lets talk sensors.

Over the recent past Russian system has nearly completed two complimenting above horizon radar layers for EW (Voronezh-M/VP and DM) as well as pushed the EW space based sensors (and comms) through IOC, with beyond horizon EW radar layer underway. 2/10
In addition to this there are some programs that appear to be BMD related in terms of sensors, those are:
Voronezh-SM (L-band)
MRIK-VKO/80P6 (S-band)
Volga modernisation
Multiband Yakhroma radar set (Crimea, possibly Chukotka) 3/10
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20 Mar
An interesting blog entry, with the caveat that it begins with questionable reporting (as @steffanwatkins mentions) on the GPS systems.

Makes one wonder about the extend the security discourse and actions are affected by the internal influence operations.
Otherwise a decent take on the challenges in optimising the security posture.

My 50 cents would be that scale matters, being able to deploy an Army Group (or atleast strong Corps) is different to the ability to deploy a mass of brigades such force would be composed out of.
And this devolution in scale can also lead to a dangerous devolution in training and skills of military leaders and staffs.
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16 Feb
A short thread.

If Yahroma is a meter band radar on the lines of Voronezh-M/VP it would make sense for it to be built in Sevastopol as well as in Chukotka (KMZ courtesy of @russianforces) as the coverage there for that band is nonexistant. 1/
Same would apply to the "high potential dm-band" site announced for Murmansk area - that is where the gap in Voronezh-DM radar coverage happens to be.

As such those two new sites (M/VP-like in Sevastopol and DM in Murmansk) would complete dual band EW coverage. 2/
So far Yahroma appears to be an improved stand alone Voronezh-M/VP based on the recent interview (… courtesy of @KomissarWhipla) rather than a missile defence specific radar as previously speculated. 3/
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12 Jan
Some context on the earlier discussion.

Below you could see polygon formed by the Alaskan missile defence site and the two relevant Russian EW radars.

(sorry for the quality, middle part of this horrible polygon is ~200km high above sea level)
As you could see missile defence interceptors from Alaska are unlikely to enter the radar coverage even if they fly optimal ballistic trajectories.

So the only sensor capable of detecting them would be EKS/Kupol or possible future radar at Chukotka.
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