@PickardJE The issue isn't that Turkey had a stalled EU application.

No. The issue here was a simple racist, xenophobic message:

74 million turks (and 'terrorists'!) -> πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Using Racism & xenophobia to instil fear every step of the way.
@PickardJE Look! If Turkey joins, Syria and Iraq will be 'flooding in' too! More brown muslims! #VoteLeave and save the nation from them.
@PickardJE There was a danger people may not have spotted the inference, so they made it clearer:

Look at those red countries. Syria!! IRAQ!!!!! COMING HERE!!!!!!!

And it's going to be "a deal"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Evil EU, plotting to flood blighty with terrorists)
@PickardJE And it's just the sort of evil plot you'd expect of the EUSSR, which, as you can see, 'wants to kill our cuppa'.

Terrorists flooding in. Tea banned! #VoteLeave

This was all Dominic Cummings. You're right. Remainers hated it.
@PickardJE Dominic Cummings sprayed this filth across the nation and into the minds of a population whose minds had been prepared for infection by years of xenophobic right wing scare stories.
@PickardJE Just a game to Cummings:

"we only got [Boris Johnson] in [@10DowningStreet] because we had to solve a certain problem, not because he was the right person to be running the country"

That problem? Crushing the last chance to put Brexit reality to the people via #PeoplesVote.
@PickardJE @10DowningStreet They say the ends justify the means, the means in this case being:

- Win a referendum on a campaign of lies
- Subvert Parliamentary democracy
- Dupe the people into political choices which will make their lives worse

To what end?

What was achieved for us? For our enemies?

β€’ β€’ β€’

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More from @cnapan

8 Feb
If I were @UKLabour leader, I would work with the @TheGreenParty and @libdems on an official electoral pact to remove all chance of tory victory. As PM, I'd modernise democracy, strengthen its checks and balances, implement fair tax, end tax dodging and send the corrupt to jail.
I'd make the state more efficient by introducing universal basic income. I'd make public provision more efficient by moving it back in-house. I'd transform the business landscape and personal freedoms by joining the Single Market and Customs Union.
I'd make it illegal for foreign nationals to own UK TV stations and print media. I'd make media editors personally liable for correcting falsehoods, with prominence matching the original presentation. I'd make it an offence for a politician to knowingly mislead parliament.
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30 Jan
So: BAD:

1. Some in the EU, angry at life-saving contracts not honoured, consider idiot move"

2. Others in EU point out idiot move. EU doesn't do idiot thing".
and GOOD:

1. Some in the UK dupe the people with lies into idiot move
2. Lies exposed. People not allowed to vote on idiot move
3. Idiot move implemented. Business, economy, freedoms shattered
4. We must celebrate our idiot move because the EU cancelled an idiot move!

#BrexitReality could never win a popular vote unless people have been whipped up into a nationalist frenzy.

They will do their most to fan the flames of every disagreement. Separation. Schism. Anger.

I won't have anything to do with it. And neither should you.
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17 Jan
Tanja is right. Conservatives are a minority coalition. Slave-trader statues? Threatening refugees? Ending foreign aid? Starving kids? Signals to keep it intact.

Rage changes nothing. Let's #TakeControl. A majority coalition *will*.

Let's build it.

#Alliance24 #WorkTogether.
We are the progressive majority.

Divided we *are* falling.

Time to demand better of progressive leaders. Get in a room. One candidate per constituency. Make it happen. This is serious.

It's 2024. Which box are you going to tick?

#Alliance24 #WorkTogether
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16 Jan
A short UK Q&A

"Where is the line with these people?"

There is no line.

They can lie, defraud, steal, destroy, fail, kill. Their support holds. Nobody can hold them to account, and they know it.

The first lie they got away with was a rush. They literally don't care now.
"Why is their support not collapsing?"

To those not on benefits:

"It's a waste of your money"

To those on benefits:

"You receive so little because foreigners/asylum seekers/benefit cheats/lefties"

To all: "hate is good. We are better than everyone else"
"Why do we have no power?"

Over decades we have fragmented into competing parties and factions.

That's it. No need to over-think it.

Till that is addressed, nothing will change.
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13 Jan
If you were a remainer like me, the best thing you can do for your country now is to demand an #Alliance24 between progressive parties.

Populism is here to stay. Lies are here to stay. We can't go on like this.

We have to fight the next election with one candidate per seat.
Caroline is right. But the Green Party will never win power on its own and under #FPTP its representation is all-but-destroyed.


Ed is right. But Libdems will never win power on its own and under #FPTP its representation is hugely diminished.

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11 Jan
I watched this, and the good news is that the in the UK, the army isn't out in the streets yet and they haven't started arresting political opponents.

But other than that, the team behind Brexit and Trump have done an amazing job in setting the scene for decline and fall.
Also 'demonise the press'. Who needs that in the 21st century when you can just buy it instead?
"They know how to use hate and fear. Fear of foreigners, immigrants and minorities".

Sound familiar? Image
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