by the time @ChademaTz announced that they were going to organize the #KatibaMpya conference today, after the useless @tanpol stopped them from doing so on July 17, other opposition parties and CSOs should have flown to Mwanza to show solidarity. they never did that.
it is as if it is only CHADEMA that’s concerned about #KatibaMpya in this country. by being alone on the war front, CHADEMA becomes the weakest prey to the fascistic hyenas of CCM and it’s Nazi-styled security apparatuses.
here is a perfect opportunity to demand #KatibaMpya, if you think the cause is good, what stops you from standing together with those already on the ground, risking it all in order to fight for something that you think is worth fighting for?
what is stopping @ACTwazalendo or other serious opposition parties and Tanzania’s CSOs from joining CHADEMA in its fight for #KatibaMpya? is it jealousy? hypocrisy? timidity? dumbness? what is it that stop these people from making this fight national instead of CHADEMA issue?

• • •

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18 Mar
.@SuluhuSamia has got the opportunity to redefine the politics of this country. We’re at the crisis moment, a rare opportunity to pursue fundamental changes on how the affairs of this country are being organized. She should have the will to do so, and she’ll succeed. Thread 👇🏿
the first task that @SuluhuSamia needs to take immediately after being sworn-in will be convening the National Dialogue where all important stakeholders - gov, political parties, CSOs, religious organizations, unions etc - will discus matters of national importance.
this will help build national consensus, a prerequisite for any national-building project. she should find ways to bridge the present political divisions which have been responsible for breeding polarization and enmity among people who should work together to build their country.
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8 Nov 20
kulikuwa na wabunge wa upinzani 114 kwenye bunge la 11. chadema (70), cuf (42), act (1) na nccr (1). wote hao hawakuweza kuzuia kitu chochote ambacho serikali na ccm walitaka kupitisha. wabunge wa viti maalumu wa upinzani hawatakuwa na maana yoyote kwenye bunge la 12
labda kama ni kuwapeleka wapate pesa za kuchangia harakati za chama, lakini zaidi ya hapo hawatakuwa na msaada wa aina yoyote katika kuisimamia serikali na kuzuia upitishwaji wa masheria ya hovyo na mambo mengine ya kishenzi.
mimi sizungumzii sijuwi ni haki yao au blah blah zingine. mimi nazungumzia 'usefulness' ya wabunge wa upinzani wa viti maalumu kwenye bunge lililojaa makada wa ccm, wengi wao wakiwa wameshinda kwa kuiba kura, na kubebwa na magufuli mwenyewe.
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4 Nov 20
@Sabatho7⁩ says if there’s “any flaws” in Tanzania’s “democratic process” then the solution “should be internal” and not inviting the West “to decide [Tanzanians’] future.” quite a good observation which ignored a number of considerations. a thread…
firstly, @Sabatho7 doesn’t say what if tanzanians aren’t allowed by their gov to fix the weaknesses in their democratic system/process. in a country like ours where all avenues of protesting have been closed, Sabatho should tell me how as a tanzanian can I fix my country?
@Sabatho7 should tell leaders and supporters of this country’s opposition how are they going to protest the alleged voter fraud if the State doesn’t even allow them to hold demonstration and you can’t challenge the election results in any court?
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26 Oct 20
hii nafasi hatutoipata tena mpaka miaka 5 mengine ijayo. hii ni nafasi adhimu ya kutuma ujumbe kwa ccm kwamba haingii akilini tulipe kodi lakini hapo hapo tulipie bili zetu za afya. tulipe kodi hapo hapo tulipe mkono wa elimu ya juu. tunapiga kura dhidi ya ccm kutuma huo ujumbe!
oct 28 tunapiga kura dhidi ya ccm kwa sababu hatuwezi kuruhusu chama kimoja cha siasa kuwa na nguvu kuliko nchi. wanachama wa ccm kuwa bora kuliko wananchi wengine. piga kura dhidi ya ccm kwa sababu watu waliosababisha matatizo yetu hawawezi kuwa na akili ya kutatua!
tunapiga kura dhidi ya ccm kuipa ujumbe kwamba hawana hatimiliki na hii nchi. kwamba tanzania ni kubwa kuliko ccm. kwamba kila maisha — hata yawe ya mtu mmoja— yanamaana. piga kura kukomesha utekaji, mauwaji holela ya raia na mambo mengine ya kishamba @MagufuliJP ametuletea!
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13 May 20
My people, what has exactly happened to @ChademaMdude? Please tell me. I think I’m missing something out.
It seems that the gov of President @MagufuliJP has now resorted to the use of gangster-style method to dealing w/ its most vocal critics: planting drugs on the activists. That’s next level gangster shit right there y’all. So sad, sickening and infuriating.
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9 May 20
People have every right to criticize and call out the irresponsibilities of the orgs that claim to work for them.

If you don’t want to be criticized as an NGO/CSO, stop fooling around by claiming that you work for the people.

Stop that nonsense once and for all.
These petty and childish excuses that “the State is restricting the work of CSOs” is just bullshit and a cover for irresponsibility.

Where on earth has the gov guaranteed basic freedoms to its people w/out a fight? You expect the gov to give you the freedoms?

Come on y’all!
As I said for the media and journalists: if the gov‘s repression has become so intensive to the extent that you cannot even do what the society expects of you why the hell sticking to journalism? Why not quit and find some other vocation? The same applies to those in CSOs.
Read 8 tweets

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