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A moon rabbit ( $AAA ) thread 🌕🐰🧵
1.0: Introduction
2.0-2.2: Concept
3.0-3.0.5: Team Background
4.0-4.2.3: Usage
5.0-5.1: Platform & Products
6.0-6.2.5: Goals
7.0: Recap/ Closing Thoughts
🌕 @moonrabbitAZ is a vertically integrated crypto meritocratic techno conglomerate running on Substrate (same as Polkadot). Which constitute a system of systems (Layer0, with ability to launch any Layer1 solutions, such as #DeFi, #NFT, #eSports, #web3).
The overarching mission is to rally the crypto community to expand research in longevity & discover the secret to eternal life! 🐰 But what does it do? Who’s behind it? How does it operate? Let’s dive in.
$AAA rolled out their very own layer0 and layer1 infrastructure on substrate very similar to polkadot.
There are 2 purposes for the project
🐇 1st is to roll out an alternative where all the rejected projects from polka slot auctions can roll out without limitations
🌕 2nd is to further the research in longevity & various therapeutics via Moon rabbit’s 🐇 Longevity DAO.
The story of @moonrabbitAZ is so important to people in Asia, that the first Chinese lunar rover was named Moon Rabbit by the Chinese govt.
But who is the myth/legend/gate keeper of the fountain of youth? Lets dig further down the rabbit hole & talk about the $AAA founder
,@angelversetti . is a Monte Carlo -based serial investopreneur (investor + entrepreneur), a former United Nations diplomat, and trans disciplinary academic researcher.
As an entrepreneur, Angel has launched & exited several groundbreaking startups with up to $650m valuations (CEO Ambrosus, CEO SecuChip, CEO ChipLess, CEO Smart Security Systems, Dragon Whale of Dogecoin, & Founder of Dogecoin Foundation,
His dream is to merge molecular, hardware, & digital constructs to enable humanity to live forever & build new worlds on other planets, under the benign techno meritocratic governance model. Angel was the CEO over at Dogecoin Foundation since 2020
Angel has also worked with Dr @gavofyork on the project Ambrosus $AMB. Who personally coded most of the early smart contracts of the project. This lead to a multi year technical partnership & collaboration with Parity/web3 guys, Gavin, Jutta, Peter & many others.
🐰 Forbes 30 under 30 lists in Finance
🐰 100+ honors in Monaco, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland
🐰 Founder of Dogecoin Foundation original Shill of $DOGE
🐰Graduate of Cambridge University with a Bachelor of Arts
🐰 Yes I think he’s single 🐇🐇
🐰Angel is also the Co-founder of
ChipLess. A first of its kind, blockchain powered RFID tag that defines the next generation of digital asset management.…
@moonrabbitAZ also provides basic substrate infrastructure that enable anyone to launch their own Jurisdiction (similar to parachain) Which is using crypto/web3 to accelerate research in life extension & anti aging technologies.
$AAA wants to unlock the full potential of longevity via crowdfunding, crowdsourcing & web3 data processing/storage.
Another benefit from using $AAA if you have a DeFi or NFT protocol is that if you want to launch on substrate, Moon Rabbit is targeting all businesses & startups that are in need of their own parachains.
A Plan B for projects that missed out on polkadot/kusama.
$AAA also offers investment into startups launching exclusively on Moon Rabbit.
The team is actively seeking quality projects DEX, DeFi, NFT marketplace, crosschain comm🐇.
Those who help the $AAA ecosystem grow, gain more functionality while the team provides them with investments to sponsor your infrastructure.
$AAA will be able to connect you with bigger funding & accelerate your project. Moon Rabbit is considered the Binance Smart Chain of Polkadot.
By being 20 times cheaper while subsidizing early startups & protocols.
🌕 First and foremost $AAA wants to build out the fundamentals of DeFi of it’s ecosystem. With the ambition to build their own eco such like $SOL, $DOT & $BNB
The future of crypto is multi-chain. We do need hubs for cross chain communications & need them to be accessible/democratic. $AAA wants to return to the basics of crypto, which was all about accessibility & participation even for the smallest members.
Current presale is limited to 2 $BTC, so a lot of people are missing out. This is due to the fact that $AAA requires participants to do a KYC/AML & sign comprehensive paperwork
What's extremely important to notice is that whales are currently getting 88.8 million coins per $BTC & this is going to be the same rate of exchange upon Friday's initial liquidity on @Uniswap & @PancakeSwap So financially, whales and funds are NOT at an advantaged.
The team theirselves have limited all non circulating tokens to a 5-year long lock & the crypto economic model includes regular burning of coins so deflation is programmed into the system.
This Friday, will be the launch 🚀 of the ERC20 contract part (remember that the actual coin is native to substrate, like DOT of Polkadot). On Friday, $AAA will be on Uniswap & Pancakeswap.
Immediately auditing their contract for @1inch to be added to their DEX officially Next week $AAA should have a couple of smaller CEXes list as well.
The goal for the team is to have at least 3 CEX’s within 2 weeks from now.
One exchange that the team is in advanced negotiations with is a Global Top 10 crypto exchange confirmed.
The first native wallet is live here: ; with web3 accessibility it's a joint work not only of the Moon Rabbit team but of the whole crypto ecosystem; providing an open source tech & constantly releasing great products for the community.
$AAA will have regular documentation, developer updates & bounties for people who make tools, APIs & SDKs for the dev community. Also, $AAA is launching a EVM compatibility in autumn (basically allowing any Ethereum Dapp to run on Moon Rabbit)
The telegram is The pinned message will provide the crypto economic model. $AAA does run a DPoS system (delegated Proof of Stake), so stakers will be rewarded. Initial rewards amount to 88% APR But as more participants join, it goes towards 10% APR
The code is transparent & verifiable. Here you can make queries about every block contents.
For instance:… . Otherwise of course the team focuses on self custody. However $AAA is partnering up with custodian providers & wallets,.
Partnerships are currently focused on crypto part. $AAA is planning to partner with various giants of crypto like @chainlink for oracles; @enzymefinance & @numerai for their crypto hedge funds functionalities.
Right now leveraging the partnership with @dogecoin Foundation is a main focus; plus a push for @syscoin Foundation to enter the partnership with $AAA quicker.
Finally, there are some exciting longevity related partnerships that will be announced over the next few weeks, as remembered Moon Rabbit’s great mission is to seek life extension.
More issuing of infographics make the project simpler to understand. Though the deck is pretty simple to understand. However, by making it really simple, people will then see moon rabbit is a highly scalable & secure solution for anyone to launch their blockchain or crypto
$AAA raised 1k BTC already. Moon Rabbit is happening one way or another. Now they are raising funds to make the Longevity DAO much stronger & to immediately hire people for their crypto ecosystem.
I support projects that are focused on changing mankind for the greater good.
Projects that are solving real world issues, while utilizing blockchain technology will always be a win in my book.

• • •

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2.0-2.2: Concept & Usage
3.0-3.2: Team Background
4.0-4.1.3: Accomplishments
5.0-5.3.3: Platform & Products
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2.0-2.1: Usage & Responsibilities
3.0-3.1: Team Background
4.0-4.1: Product
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