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A moon rabbit ( $AAA ) thread 🌕🐰🧵
1.0: Introduction
2.0-2.2: Concept
3.0-3.0.5: Team Background
4.0-4.2.3: Usage
5.0-5.1: Platform & Products
6.0-6.2.5: Goals
7.0: Recap/ Closing Thoughts
🌕 @moonrabbitAZ is a vertically integrated crypto meritocratic techno conglomerate running on Substrate (same as Polkadot). Which constitute a system of systems (Layer0, with ability to launch any Layer1 solutions, such as #DeFi, #NFT, #eSports, #web3).
The overarching mission is to rally the crypto community to expand research in longevity & discover the secret to eternal life! 🐰 But what does it do? Who’s behind it? How does it operate? Let’s dive in.
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$VRA Deep Dive, just my research and general thoughts on the project. There is quite literally so much to this that I anticipate not being able to cover everything.

This will be enough to get you to DYOR on #Verasity.
First above all else...Data.

Gaming Site:
White Paper:…

Proof of View (Patent Allowed 16/023,354) - Protocol Layer
Max Supply: 10,356,466,695 $VRA
Circulating Supply: 4.15B $VRA
Current $VRA Price: $0.01961

Staking Features:
Program status: Active
Current APY: 25.55%
Staking end: March 31, 2022
Staking pool
Total capacity: 2,500,000,000 $VRA
Available capacity: 14,788,354 $VRA
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Bugün sizlere #DeFi , #NFT , #NFTStaking, #SocialGaming, #eSports gaming üzerine kurgulanmış olan bir projenin Temel Analizini paylaşacağım.

Buyurun başlayalım.

Son zamanlarda aşağıdaki kelimelere özellikle dikkat çekiyorum biliyorsunuz.
Nitekim son dönemde isimlerini duyduğunuz projelerin geliştirmelerinden ve yeni özellik diye lanse ettiklerinden ve hatta haber akışlarından sizler de farkındasınızdır.

#DeFi #NFT #NFTStaking #Gamification #SocialGaming #eSports gibi kavramları bünyesinde barından bir proje olmasından dolayı radarıma takılan proje @AnRKeyX .

Proje detaylarını birlikte inceleyelim:
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¿Nos ayudas a encontrar 4 de los mejores referentes de #eSports en España?
Estamos organizando una nueva sesión de #EmpresariosDelFuturo para adentrarnos en otro de los sectores de mayor crecimiento en los últimos años.
Buscamos profesionales destacados del sector, abro hilo ⤵️
Agradecemos recomendaciones de profesionales con quienes deberíamos de contactar para participar en el debate mensual que organizamos en #Clubhouse, así aprovechamos para dar visibilidad del talento #eSport que tenemos en nuestro país 🙌⤵️
Con esta iniciativa de @CEAJE buscamos ser un halo de luz en el contexto económico actual, a través de personas y empresas innovadoras de nuestro país que están en crecimiento o construyendo modelos de negocio disruptivos 🚀⤵️
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🕤 La primera de les quatre #ComissionsBCN del mes de març, la Comissió de #DretsSocials, #Cultura i #Esports, comença a les 9.30 hores.

🔎📺 Consulta'n l'ordre del dia i segueix-la en directe:…
🔛📄 Tret de sortida de la Comissió de #DretsSocials, #Cultura i #Esports, amb la presentació de dues mesures de govern:

👦 La joventut al cap 2021-2022
♀️ Economia feminista

📺 En directe:… Part Informativa
💪 Per ajudar i empoderar els joves en el seu projecte vital, es posa en marxa la mesura de govern #lajoventutalcap, amb 45 accions per contribuir a pal·liar les conseqüències de la #covid19 en el jovent👇

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Another great one with @WallStreetRprtr today!

This thread will cover
- eSports sector
- Recent News
- Upcoming Catalysts
- Opinion


ESPORTS sector = opportunity

$ESE has a first mover advantage in Europe = open for consolidation

Esports is a multibillion $$ global trend

Currently eSports has
- fragmented channels
- lack of standardization

= difficult to manage global media and advertising channels Image
- Closed $3.6M financing
- All execs invested in this round
- After acquisition AND financing outstanding shares = ~50m

- Nuvei = title sponsor for K1ck eSports team
- Great LoL team and $ENTEF maintains a strong relationship with Riot games
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The #NFL + multiple sports teams are invested in $SKLZ. They didnt do this for no reason, read their comments

Some type of #NFL + #esports deal is coming imo.

I see much more potential than $DKNG. No major competition + weaker laws.…
Any doubt a $SKLZ + #NFL   deal is coming? Just a matter of time imo...

“We invested in Skillz because we believe the platform is driving the future of mobile entertainment, which is an area the NFL believes is critical to engage our fans in an increasingly connected world.”
I’ve read many comments about the quality of $SKLZ games but they are exactly as intended. They are not meant to be complex and intimidating. Other genres will come but to make this the #1 #esports company these games are perfect. Any age can easily play= adults with money
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It’s time to get comfortable with your favorite snacks and other knick-knacks because #NextAtAcer is coming to you live and ready to flaunt its latest technology and upgrades. Say hi to us:…
Wherever you are, stay connected with the #ChromebookSpin513, powered with:

✅ Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processor
✅ 13.3” Display in 12” Form Factor
✅ 4G LTE Connectivity

Witness more: #NextAtAcer
Connect anywhere with the #Spin7, made possible with:

✅ Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 8cx Gen 2
✅ 5G Connectivity
✅ Multi-day Battery Life

Experience it all: #NextAtAcer
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For #Worlds2020, the @lolesports team is leaning into our digital strengths to produce an epic show in true @LeagueOfLegends #Esports style.
Today was Day One.... ✅
A thread… 1/7
Fans who’ve watched Worlds in past years know we put on a show. Our stage productions have actually pioneered in live mixed-reality performances, blending AR & holograms in inventive ways where it’s hard to see where reality stops & magic begins. This year is no different. 2/7
One of the largest mixed-reality teams in the world (40+ technicians & artists) have come together for #Worlds2020. It is being co-produced and art directed by POSSIBLE Productions. 3/7
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🎙️ Entrevistamos a @9zTobiias, jugador profesional de FIFA para @9zTeam. #ESports #FIFA20 Image
.@9zTobiias:"Desde chico que jugaba a la play 2, descubrí el FIFA desdel 2014 y en el 2017 fueron mis primeras competencias. El año pasado ya empecé a competir y ahora formo parte de @9zTeam. Cambia ir a jugar un estudio, en lugar de tu casa" Image
.@9zTobiias:"Argentina tiene referentes muy buenos fuera del país. Estaría buenísimo jugar con @aguerosergiokun y @PauDybala_JR. FIFA tiene más jugabilidad que el PES. El FIFA ha avanzado muchísimo. Antes era bastante bueno en el Call Of Duty" Image
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Can the higher player engagement seen in most gaming platforms boost India's #esports economy?…
"Mobile gaming penetration has surged in the past few years fuelled by affordable handsets and lower data costs. Penetration of video streaming platforms has further helped propel the mobile esports friendly games into mainstream,” said Sudhanshu Gupta, COO, @PaytmFirstGames
As the overall market for esports grows, there seems to be a heightened interest from brands and streaming platforms to monetise the business #esports #OnlineGaming
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NEWS: Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship will be held later this year, featuring 16 players who earn a spot from eight regional qualifiers selecting the best @TFT players from North America, China, Europe, Brazil, South Korea, and Latin America. #TFTGalaxies
Thread 1/5 Image
.@TFT has been played by 80 million+ players globally. We’ve held three #esports events & our most recent one had nearly TRIPLE the viewership of previous ones. If @TFT was a standalone game, it would be one of the top games in Korea, so let’s review Korea’s regional plan 👇 2/5 Image
Our Korea team devised a quad-tournament structure, the path to @TFT: Galaxies Championship:
✅3 Circuit Events & Korea Final during Set 3
✅Any player ranked Diamond or above can apply to participate in any Circuit Event
✅Each Circuit Event will seed top 2 to Korea Final
3/5 Image
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.@riot Games Keeps @LeagueOfLegends #Esports Rolling With Fully Cloud-Based Virtualized Production Workflow @lolesports…
“We are truly replicating the control room — from front bench on — so that crew members are home participating just as they did before. We’re not trying to change the show and we understand that this is not the time to force new workflows on [the production team].”
“We’re heard [crew members] say they never thought that they would be producing @LCSOfficial LCS from their kitchen or their living room. Our producer has all the normal feeds that he would have in the control room, but producing the show from the safety of his home.”
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Junto a balcones y azoteas, convertidos en solidarios y emocionantes símbolos de la vida confinada, medios clásicos y digitales son ahora las únicas ventanas de acceso al exterior: ¿cómo los consumimos? Datos en @eldebatedehoy y fuentes en este HILO 👇

🔗 Image
La #TV es el medio que mejor ilustra cambio de hábitos por #COVID19: recupera capacidad de convocatoria colectiva en situaciones excepcionales y multiplica su audiencia en España ¡justo cuando más baja era su penetración!

🔗 Image
Además de intensiva, la atención a #TV se mantiene constante: audiencia media y acumulada acercan cuotas y algunas emisiones son históricas. ¡El mensaje de @CasaReal sumó más espectadores que el @FCBarcelona_es vs @realmadrid más visto!

🔗 (vía @Vertele) Image
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.@riotgames’s John Needham on Restarting @lolesports Leagues Online, The Desire for a Return to Normal via @esportsobserved…
“Some have touted the fact that #esports can thrive without fans in real life, but our players are fueled every week by the in-arena and stadium experiences. We are no different than traditional sports in feeling the pain of #COVID19
“While we may be able to more quickly adjust in the face of the current situation as a digital-first sport, we join the NBA, FIFA, USOPC, and others in eagerly anticipating a return to the days of venues packed with our passionate fans.”
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The world looks very different than it did 7 days ago.

Spent some time this weekend thinking through the ways #COVID19 might change our lives beyond spending more time on #Zoom.

11 speculations...…

⚽️ Sports: The Year of the Asterisk:

Most leagues will declare season null and void. Those that do try and come to some sort of conclusion will be remembered similarly to Britain's "Wartime League."

No real champions, only champions*.

🔥 Quibi: Suddenly perfectly timed

Desire for distraction, regularity, and social connection all favor @Quibi's 10 min daily episodes. April 6th can't come soon enough.

Chance to hit trajectory of HQ in '17. Better management can sustain it.

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Hello #Florida scholastic #esports community! We're thrilled to announce an exciting lineup for those days home from school, as @NASEFedu shifts from Competition to Community™.

Join us in the “Community Club” on NASEF’s #Twitch Channel:
All streams will be monitored by @UCIrvine vetted professionals with experience working with teenage youth to ensure a #positive and encouraging environment.

Check out this awesome upcoming schedule:
•12-12:45pm PST/3-3:45pm EST: Minecraft Let’s Play + Community Agreements @mr_isaacs

•1-1:45pm PST/4-4:45pm EST: Tilt Management. Join Drake from @ConnectedCamps to discuss how to train your minds to perform like the pros!

•2-2:45pm PST/5-5:45pm EST: Purposeful Practice
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On Thurs-Fri, we produced the first-ever @TFTGalaxies Showcase: a two-day #esports event shown entirely online via a broadcast studio in Burbank, CA. As we move into the next decade of #esports at @riotgames, some learnings, thoughts, and plans. A thread… 1/8
The showcase of 16 @TFT players and 6 casters was a great mix of talent, but IMHO more importantly… a diverse mix of genders, ethnicities, countries, perspectives, playing styles & more. I’m confident that my friend @angelaroseboro was very proud…
On Fri., @RiotMagus, Director #Esports, @riotgames, & @DaxAndrus, Product Manager @TFT sat w/@OvileeMay to talk #esports. Dax said our goal is simple: “We want the best of the best players in @TFT to be recognized and rewarded for the time they actually spend in the game.”
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NEWS: The @LeagueOfLegends Mid-Season Invitational, our annual mid-year global tournament event, will move from May to July this year. Competition will begin on Friday, July 3 and conclude on Sunday, July 19. @lolesports Image
John Needham, Global Head of #Esports, @riotgames: “Shifting the tournament to the summer offers the best chance to see travel restrictions lifted, allowing teams from leagues around the world to travel and compete safely.” Image
Location and other details will be shared ASAP, though we need to remain flexible given how much COVID-19 has impacted international travel and live events for nearly every sport. Needham: “We’re committed to ensuring that MSI remains a truly globally resonant experience.”
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NEWS: On Mar. 12-13, @lolesports will produce “Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase,” an #esports tournament showcasing our popular @LeagueOfLegends autochess Game Mode, @TFT. Sixteen of Teamfight Tactic’s top players will compete remotely. 1/3 Image
Some of @lolesports most popular casters along with event organizers will execute the #esports event from Burbank. Fans can watch starting 3 p.m. both March 12 & 13 on & 2/3 Image
We also will provide an update on our plans for
@TFT #esports on Friday, with
@RiotMagus & @DaxAndrus providing you with the scoop. We’ll be interested in your take on the event and future ideas. Image
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Consolidation works: Our @riotgames LATAM team has opened the first #esports facility for LLA (Liga Latinoamerica) in Mexico, the premier @LeagueOfLegends competition in the region & 1 of 12 regional @lolesports professional leagues in our global ecosystem. Ty @TVAztecaEsports! Image
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Great to see @Nike expand from the @LPL, where they are a league partner in China dating back to 2019, into our #LCK @lolesports league in South Korea, working with one of the most globally iconic teams in #esports.
I meant... @lplenglish
Here’s the @Nike @lplenglish documentary produced last year:
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¡Más novedades del 80 aniversario de EFE!

🎞️ Hoy hemos estado con @OgilvyES para presentarles el documental #LaAgencia

📲 Y les hemos explicado cómo se trabaja en @EFEnoticias, nuestro proyecto de transformación digital y multimedia y apuestas como #EFEverifica
🗣️ En una charla con @nunupadros, el presidente de EFE @Fgarea y la directora de Información @SoleAlvarezM han analizado los retos del periodismo, resaltando la labor de los periodistas de EFE para adaptarse a nuevas necesidades informativas y afrontar desafíos como las #fakenews
🗣️ @Fgarea @SoleAlvarezM han resaltado apuestas informativas novedosas como #EFEVerifica @efeminista_efe #eSports o nuevos formatos multimedia

Pero también han recordado el papel pionero en iniciativas como @EFEverde @efesalud @Fundeu o la credibilidad histórica de la agencia
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