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A moon rabbit ( $AAA ) thread 🌕🐰🧵
1.0: Introduction
2.0-2.2: Concept
3.0-3.0.5: Team Background
4.0-4.2.3: Usage
5.0-5.1: Platform & Products
6.0-6.2.5: Goals
7.0: Recap/ Closing Thoughts
🌕 @moonrabbitAZ is a vertically integrated crypto meritocratic techno conglomerate running on Substrate (same as Polkadot). Which constitute a system of systems (Layer0, with ability to launch any Layer1 solutions, such as #DeFi, #NFT, #eSports, #web3).
The overarching mission is to rally the crypto community to expand research in longevity & discover the secret to eternal life! 🐰 But what does it do? Who’s behind it? How does it operate? Let’s dive in.
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1/ Issue 11: Decentralized Insurance: From Babylon to Web3 ⚖️🖥️

In this issue, we briefly explore the history of insurance to contextualize the progression to #Web3 parametric and mutual insurance models as exemplified by @etherisc and @NexusMutual.

2/ Here is a link to the full piece:…
3/ Two major themes to highlight:

⚖️ Historically, insurance was driven by community (e.g. benevolent societies of Greece). The #Web3 era is seeing a return to the community model.
⚖️ When insurance companies are gutted in favor of programmatic smart contracts, costs decline.
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Super excited to bring you our 2nd 2021 Thesis! Present the current development status of the interoperability of decentralized #moneymarket protocols. The well-known money market protocols to the hidden gem, @KonomiNetwork, are deserving deep diving.…
1/7 Money market and the major lending market play an important role in finance. Demand and supply, borrowing and lending play an important role in the working principle of the money market blockchain protocol. Wrapped token generates the borrowing capacity. Image
2/7 Develop towards #web3, the credit market conceives a new generation of behavioral financial system that is not produced solely by cash and pledge. It requires a lot of stack additions including identity, collaboration, credit building, social networks and more. The crypto credit market is...
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Let's discuss Web 3.0 since web3.crypto is up for grabs on @opensea ➡️

🌐 Web 3.0 is a leap forward to a more open, trustless, and permissionless internet where users control their data & assets online.

Here are some of the key #web3 projects today 👇
1️⃣ @Ethereum

Ethereum is on its way to become the backbone of #web3. It allows you to build decentralized apps that run on the blockchain. These are apps that allow anyone to participate without monetising their personal data.

Over 3000 apps are currently live on Ethereum!
2️⃣ @IPFS

IPFS is a decentralized network that distributes website data across a network. It’s similar to @BitTorrent where each computer stores a piece of a website’s data. So whenever you surf to a .crypto domain, you’re loading the data from other nearby nodes on the network.
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1/ The Curation Game in the works at @TheMetaFactory is a fascinating example of decentralized product selection within a #DAO.

If you haven't heard, @TheMetaFactory is a collectively owned & managed producer of digi-physical goods, connecting the #Metaverse with IRL fashion. Image
2/ First a quick look at digi-physical goods.

Clothing purchased from @TheMetaFactory includes embedded microchips that allow verification of authenticity on-chain.

In addition, #NFTs are issued so you can sport your physical item in virtual worlds.

3/ But The Curation Game is where things get interesting.

The $ROBOT token, which is used for governance, will enable a form of curation mining where designers create product ideas and curators stake their $ROBOT tokens on the designs they like.

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(0) I oft wonder if the way private-round token issuance mechanism we have today is the most elegant – yes there’s a simple vesting smart contract one can write, or one can stream via @sablier, but can we have a protocol that generalizes and tokenizes ERC20 vesting?
(1) The answer is most likely yes – and such tokenized “vesting schedule of ERC20” will also be tradeable on the likes of AMM platforms (if ERC20) or NFT platforms like OpenSea (if ERC721 + ERC1155). I would imagine this approach is superior to off-chain verbal / legal promises.
(2) To an extent, OTC trading of vesting tokens is already kind of happening but that involves a lot of trust (especially when it comes to swapping ETH private keys); perhaps another solution is have a platform for if [receive token] then [steam it to another address].
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Web3 nedir? Web3, internet kültüründe bir değişimdir. Yeni teknoloji güçlendirilen Web3 hareketi bir değişime öncelik ediyor. Tek cümle ile internetin bir sonra ki çağı. Web3, daha demokratikleştirilmiş bir İnternete doğru bir paradigma kaymasıdır.. Ayrıntılar Flood ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
''Charles Darwin'' Evrim Teorisinde bahsettiği gibi internette evrilecek!! Web3!! update Image
Web3 İnternet Devriminde Blokchain Teknolojisi ile #SIACOIN #Filecoin #arweave #ocean #data #hns #audio #Miror coinlerin değişime liderlik edecektir. Ayrıntılı proje paylaşımları Flood ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
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0/n After almost 2.5 years, it is with great pride, respect, and love to announce that April was my last month at Deutsche Telekom.

We accomplished smth i never thought possible at a large (#86 of Fortune500) company. It was a crazy ride so here is a thread about our journey🧵
1/n My job interview end of '18 started off with me presenting differences between DEXs and CEXs in shitty German and lying about believing that blockchains can exist without a digital asset and that private blockchains are dope.

My infiltration plan worked as expected.
2/n Shortly after joining in Jan 19 i started talking @mopsko into either focusing on interoperability by developing on Cosmos or Polkadot, making the enterprise PoCs future-proof, or better yet running validators for these networks because we have the skills/resources to do so.
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In the last 45 days I've collected #NFTs from many artists and projects. Let's discuss why for many of them...👇
I should have grabbed @sabet sooner than I did. I knew his story of @pixopop and also his original artwork which I loved the instant I saw it. He's been in the space for over 20yrs and has just recently made his way into NFTs. He's just getting started.
I heard @NylaCollection in a Clubhouse room and appreciated her being able to explain the reason and context of her work at such an early age. The "Long-Neckie" collection has a story and purpose.
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Thread on decentralized protocols such as $DVPN, $AKT, $HNS:

We need to "De-" everything.

Decentralized finance, #DeFi, yes, but also Decentralized Web - #dWeb
What is #dWeb or #Web3?

Decentralized web is a full stack consisting of:
decentralized applications, decentralized cloud servers, decentralized file storage, decentralized domains, decentralized #VPN, decentralized media etc, and is the next tech mega trend...
“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Humanity desperately needs to get away from centralized power, media, control of narrative and information.

We are literally in the middle of a global bolshevik revolution and 99% of people don't realize.
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1/ @indexcoop, creators of $DPI, are set to launch a #Metaverse Index on April 7th.

The Metaverse has gained enormous traction as an investment theme in #crypto. Let's review some of the holdings of #MVI to see how this index captures the Metaverse space.

Thread 🦉👇
2/ @enjin - $ENJ - 15.1%

Enjin is an ecosystem of products that make it easy for game industry businesses to develop, trade, monetize, and market with blockchain. With over 20 million users and a robust product suite, Enjin can give businesses a competitive edge in the space.
3/ @decentraland - $MANA - 11%

The first decentralized world, Decentraland is controlled via #DAO, which owns the palatform's smart contracts & assets. Community events, including visits from @3LAU & @RAC, combine with #Web3 tech to create a unique social experience.
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#Web3.0: starting Jan 2009, 1000s of crypto programmers around the world created today’s world of #blockchains #bitcoins & #NFTs. It is finally taking off as car, computer & real estate companies start accepting bitcoins (&other crypto coins) for real goods. #Indian programmers
of course made millions of $$ in bitcoin when it was below $10. Today it is at $60,000 each. Since Crypto is a parallel universe w NO location in ANY country, it cannot legally be regulated by ANY “Govt”. Not even US. If anyone tries extort you, under any pretext, push back!
More importantly, please read the #NFTBible & get familiar w this space. You do not want to miss this boat even if your government is clueless about it.
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🕵️ Introducing the building blocks of private, programmable #Web3 applications 🕵️: Aleo's zk primitives

Aleo’s mission is to enable developers to build truly private applications. Our approach is based on zero knowledge #cryptography (ZK in short). 1/8…
👀 ZK allows parties on a #decentralized network to prove knowledge of some information without revealing the underlying facts that make it true. 2/8
The ability to prove knowledge without revealing it:

🔍 Enhances privacy
🔒 Increases security
⏩ Improves efficiency

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it's been almst 6 months since @AaveAave gave us a grant to create Aavegotchi 👻❤️

between $GHST staking, raffles, migration to @0xPolygon... maybe u forgot what the GAME is all about

So here's a thred 2 br8k down the ebic layers of Aavegotchi!😍
/1 PORTALS 🧙‍♂️

Portals are magickal #NFTs that allow Aavegotchis to move from the Nether to the Ether Realm. Each new wave of Portals come in a "Haunt".

Only 10K Portals are available in Haunt 1.

Open a Portal and claim an Aavegotchi by staking it with @AaveAave #aTokens!

Great, you’ve got yourself a new fren. But, what’s a fren without a name?

Like a vaporwave micro-dosed @ensdomains, each Aavegotchi can claim one unique name all for itself (you can change it later, too).


Name it, hoard it, own it 4ever!
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@Conste11ation $DAG is the most advanced #blockchaintechnology out there. This is not a matter of debate. It's fact. The way it's structured is genius and its potential is mind-blowing. Its new #DeFI exchange @LatticeExchange is just the tip of the iceberg.
Its marketing video states that it's inspired by structures found in nature. This isn't just grandiose rhetoric. @BuckyFuller_ - perhaps America's most neglected genius inventor - also had inventions that were inspired by the natural world
In a fitting tribute to Bucky - and instead of using blocks in a #blockchain - the #hypergraph is built out of #tetrahedrons. The tetrahedron encloses the least volume with the greatest surface area (the sphere encloses the greatest volume with the least surface).
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The Internet is at a tipping point, here’s what you’ve probably never heard coming next.

Time for a thread 👇👇👇
1) Let’s start with the users…

Today over 50% of the world is on social media AND on average we each have 70-80 usernames and passwords.

Each of these accounts are owned and controlled by the platforms.

Recipe for disaster.
2) In 2021 American adults spend over 4 hours a day online - that is half a work day.

Time is our most valuable asset, did you realize you are giving this away for free?
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#crypto Founders. Yes it’s a bull run. And a bear will follow.

By all means be opportune. Take what’s on the table.

But don’t compromise yourself, your team or your vision.

You need an evergreen reputation.

I’ve been in this game for 7 years.

I’ve seen a lot of people in 2017 make various scales of money with short term plays and burn there rep in the process🔥

Many can’t get a job in 2021.

And even those that don’t need one crave the credibility they lost
To work everyday in #Crypto / #Web3 amongst such brilliant people (who are going to transform the world in crazy ways) is such a privilege you can’t put a price on it.

And you will regret everyday you cashed out too soon.

Think 🌲
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0/ It's time to meet our investors. Can you guess some of them? Big reveals incoming in 30min slots. Stay tuned! Let's #EthPush for #Web3Notif
1/ Meet our Investor - 🌟 Anthony Sassano @sassal0x 🌟 One who gave his weekends to listening & helping us... also sat through a weird demo with internet woes! Let's #EthPush for #Web3Notif
@sassal0x 2/ Meet our Investor - 🌟 Moonwhale @MoonwhaleBV 🌟 One who was with us from the very start, provided feedback and stayed with us as we evolved the Idea! Let's #EthPush for #Web3Notif
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We have signed & executed a contract to allow for @HackenProof, the top smart contract auditing firm in the crypto space, to audit all of the Chain Games contracts!

We want to ensure our code is as secure as possible before pushing to mainnet so that you can be confident all
funds locked in our smart contracts are SAFU 🙌

They are completing the audit this week. Once the audit comes back clean and without any issues (we don't expect any), we will immediately push to mainnet!

We are getting close CHAIN GANG, can you dig it??? ⛓ 🥳
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We have been added to @giantbomb, the largest video game database online!

Why does this matter?

@Twitch uses GiantBomb to list all of their games available for streaming! This was the first step to get us listed on #Twitch so users can start tagging the game. Image
& we will start showing up in the Twitch lists and categories!

We have already submitted new box art to be displayed on Twitch which should start showing up as soon as tomorrow!

Now begins the process of targeting mid/top tier Twitch streamers to get them to play & live stream
Super Crypto Kart!!!

Get ready for mainstream #gaming to enter into #crypto, Chain Games, and Super Crypto Kart!…

#gamer #gamers #videogames #supercryptokart #ethereum #eth #chaingang #web3 #blockchain #blockchaingames #blockchaingaming
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It looks like each #DeFi protocol issues own governance token (GT) now. But all we know, that minority token holders don't really influence the votes. Tokens from their perspective look really useless...

But, what if they can pool or lend them?🧐
1/ As consequence protocols face well-known "Voters Apathy" problem. For example, @AragonProject @MakerDAO. Often 🐳 own the vote, while a lot of little token holders never use their tokens.
#governance #defi #web3
2/ Accumulation of voting power using AMM and pooling mechanisms will empower minority token holders, provide them income opportunities, and increases participation in governance.
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7 metrics that show #Web3 is coming quicker than you think 👇
① The number of active wallets with more than 10 tokens has tripled from 10k to 35k. 10k of these new addresses have appeared in the last few weeks alone.

h/t @ChainLinkGod @Nyctale_ Image
@chainlink is doing 90k transactions per day, up from 30k a year ago.

h/t @ChainLinkGod @Nyctale_
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