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Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, hackers, judges, mentors, and all those who participated to make @ETH_Toronto & @Futurist_conf an unforgettable experience 💛

ChainSafe couldn't be more proud to help bring a slice of #web3 back home 🍁

#ETHToronto #Futurist22
👇 Image
It was an honour to have VP of Product and Project Mgmt @amer__ameen speak in the opening remarks for #ETHToronto

He spoke on the unrelenting energy that keeps the #web3 space together despite the noise in the markets

It was a swell introduction for the festivities to come!
👇 Image
We hosted booths at #Futurist22 & in the hacker dome at #ETHToronto

We were stunned w/ the passion from attendees. Although many were new to blockchain, there is an undeniable draw in energy from web2 to #web3

And hopefully we imparted some of our community's corest values!
👇 ImageImageImage
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[ICYMI] The IOTA Foundation and @walt_id are developing Login with IOTA - a #SSI-based login system compatible with Web2 & #Web3 apps.

Sounds great, right? But what does this *actually* mean - a thread🧵 Image
2/ Logging into a website shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice the privacy and security of your data.

The good news is - it doesn’t have to thanks to Login With #IOTA.

Read on👇
3/ Login with IOTA is a decentralized login solution that removes control of your data from centralized big tech providers and puts it in your hands - preserving your privacy online.

Here's how⏬
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Everybody following me should collect a Company Ownership Token!!!

I'm pretty sure I've accidentally made history by assigning ownership to my company @LMOPro to non-fungible token IDs in the Deed of Partnership, making the ownership collectable across from pieces of art.
@LMOPro The ownership assignments don't provide any explicit future flow of wealth, but they do guarantee access to collaborate with @LMOPro through @TopBrassDAO membership.

The art is also cool.

We have a maximum of 200 available at any given time until all 80,000 have been released.
They also provide the right to identify, with full authenticity, as a "part owner of Let Me Out Productions" and "part of the Top Brass that runs Let Me Out Productions."

We'll help develop your story ideas into production-ready assets built on the LMO Structure for Tokenomics.
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Blockchain Köprülerinin Geleceği Ne Olacak?

Blockchain köprüleri, #blockchain sektöründe birlikte çalışabilirliğini ve toplu kabulünü geliştirmek için kritik bir öneme sahiptir.

Bir blockchain köprüsü, token ve verinin bir zincirden diğerine aktaran bir bağlantıdır. Her iki zincirin de farklı protokolleri, kuralları ve yönetişim modelleri olabilir. Ancak köprü, her iki tarafta da güvenli bir şekilde birlikte çalışmak için uyumlu bir yol sağlar.

İnternet #Web3'e doğru ilerledikçe blockchain köprülerine duyulan ihtiyaç muhtemelen artmaya devam edecek. Gelecekteki yenilikler, kullanıcılara ve geliştiricilere daha fazla ölçeklenebilirlik ve verimlilik sağlayabilir.

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New day, new thread! Today, we'll take a look at @MoonbeamNetwork and dig the tech behind it 👇

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform built with the @rustlang while also utilizing the @substrate_io framework.

The project is essentially a Layer-1 #blockchain with full #Ethereum interoperability presented on the @Polkadot network as a parachain.

Moreover, @MoonbeamNetwork co-exists along its sister-parachain @MoonriverNW which was launched on the @kusamanetwork in June 2021.

. @MoonriverNW is an independent parachain providing real economic conditions on #Kusama. It may be used as an experimental environment to test dApps before deploying them to #Moonbeam. Meanwhile, dApps that require Moonbeam security can be deployed there immediately.

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Let’s make ID’s for everyone. Like an artist? Make em an ape. You inna gang? Brand yourselves up (but pls don’t kill anybody). Who’s gonna start making apes for sports teams? Which football club is gonna be the first to represent their supporters as apes?! …
I’m a proud supporter of @CPFC. Our chairman is hands down the baddest ass chairman in the @premierleague. This is a man who never actually set out to be an owner of a football club but life has a funny way of working out…
A few back #CPFC we’re going through some trouble and were hours away from bankruptcy. @CEO4TAG never actually wanted to buy Crystal Palace but he sure as hell wouldn’t sit back and watch it burn 🔥 to the ground…
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Nerf I don’t want to sound like a dick, I really don’t. I am VERY confident in my beliefs about what this project is about. I fully understand the narrative & tactics being used through the storytelling. I have done this shit all my career…
I have been planning a similar #web3 ecosystem myself for the last few years. I understand what they are building and understand their strategy entirely. They were not counting for someone like myself to get involved in the game so early…
They have mapped out this story like a masterpiece. Each and every single detail. They have likely created a production schedule around the progress that the community needs to take and will steer that process at a pace that suits…
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Let’s dive in to explain what we are about with a couple of highlights:

1. We are excited to share with YOU our pitch presentation that premiered at @Conste11ation’s #Hyd3f22 event on 08/06/2022.

“Considering that people in general but especially the younger generation -the very people who are early adopters of web3 technology- have a very short attention span, I made the decision to create a pitch that people remember regardless of their opinion about it.” Aranka W.
2. In our presentation we have touched on certain points that are problematic and are the pains of our current #funding industry.
⁃PHILANTHROPY (aid dependency, no trust)
⁃CROWDFUNDING (investments = donations)
⁃FUNDING BIAS (DAO; research)
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I don't think #BITCOIN will be the #1 token in the next decade

The token that drives the most economic value will

A few things I look for👇
1/ Which chain will capture the 14 trillion dollar real-world-asset (RWA) market

2/ Which chain will capture the social media / metaverse market

3/ Which chain will capture the on-chain bond and equities markets
4/ Which chain will capture the e-commerce market

5/ Which chain will capture the supply chain market

6/ Which chain will capture the infrastructure of communications protocols
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Yeni ve bağımsız bir proje olan #Aptos, dünya çapında çok sayıda kullanıcıya güvenilir ve kullanışlı bir #blockchain ağı sağlamaya odaklanan bir #Web3 girişimidir. @AptosLabs, #Ethereum ve #Solana’yı geride bırakarak #Layer1 blockchain'i olmayı hedefliyor.

1🧵9 Image
#Aptos, blockchain'de eksik olan güvenlik özelliklerine sahip Layer1 blok zinciridir. Layer1 ağında yaşanan güvenilirlik, ölçeklenebilirlik ve kullanılabilirlik sorunlarını çözmeye odaklanmıştır.

2🧵9 Image
Ağ, Rust tabanlı bir programlama dili olan Move’u kullanıyor. Bu programlama dili, projenin merkezi özelliğini oluşturuyor. Diğer programlama dillerine kıyasla Move, güvenliği sağlamak için blockchain üzerindeki kaynakları yönetme ve doğrulama yeteneğine sahiptir.

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How #Crypto will unlock $100B+ of value in mortgage-backed securities

BEWARE: A very boring🧵ahead (Nerds only!)👇
This can be applied to any asset that gets securitized, so lets start with the basics of what this means:

Securitization = pooling assets so they can be repackaged into interest-bearing securities

i.e mortgages, cars, or other loans

There is a MAJOR problem
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🔥 Update the latest and most complete @AptosLabs Ecosystem

There are currently 80 projects built on Aptos compared to about 50 last week
Fast and furious 🚀 I don't know what to say anymore!

Detail more 👇

#Aptos #AptosMovement #web3 #defi #nft #LFM
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Why am I excited for @ObiusERP 🧵🥳

$OBS is delivering innovative enterprise resource planning products to #WEB3 and building on $DAG 🔥
There are 213 million businesses worldwide in 2022 and industrialization is continually expanding driving the need for more solutions with customization features.

In the past 10 years, social media has created entire new economies. Example: social creators like $JAM or $FAN
Web3 is valued at ~1.5 trillion & current offerings ignore or are not equipped to support web3 businesses.

ERP software help companies manage project management, transactions, finances, risk management, etc that can allow them to budget and forecast their financial results 💰
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❺ Blogs about Blockchain, Web3 & #Metaverse Research everyone should Follow ✅

Thread 🧵
✿ Web3 Foundation

Are you interested in staying up to date with the latest #blockchain technology, protocols, decentralized applications, and open source projects?

The #web3Foundation is the perfect place for you.

✿ Hashnode #Web3

Documenting the path to #decentralization.

Discover the Web3 universe with a curated team of Hashnode writers.

Learn about #crypto, the blockchain, altcoins, #NFTs, and about our decentralized future.

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As someone who’s programmed for almost 20 years, and managed a number of software products, here are my top 5 questions about #web3 🧵
1. Why do we need it?
2. Why do we need it?
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What’s a Relayer Network?


Make a guess... Who are the unsung heroes of #Web3?

Not your micro-cap gaming tokens or💩coins for sure.

We'd like to think that Relayer Networks are the invisible MVPs of Web3 💪🏼

What are Relayer Networks exactly?

Let's dig in!

A 🧵👇🏼

A Relayer takes individual orders and organizes them into an order book.

It's similar to what exchange does.

Except, a Relayer is NOT an exchange.

A Relayer helps users create, sign, or find orders to fill without holding any tokens.

Yes😯, just WOW.

2 key definitions👇🏼

A 'Relayer Network' is a way to send meta-transactions to an EVM-compatible chain using a third party's infrastructure.

A 'Meta Transaction' has data created and signed off-chain by one person and executed by another person who pays the gas fees.
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Let's talk about designing player driven economy in #web3 games.

Why do players get bored and leave?

A thread 🧵
🎮 Gameplay first

Blockchain can provide funding to develop a game, it's also an exciting new technology to build on.

But players in #web3 like @brycent_ keep saying:

❗ Don't forget that it's not just an investment opportunity, it's a game. It should be fun to play.
Along with designing a gameplay on an off-chain game server, spice it up with on-chain minigames!

You can deploy them through Moonstream with hardly any extra work. Let's put Game into #GameFi 👾
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Lobster Daily #492 – Daily Recap – 3 August:
1. Binance published a wrong wallet for whitehackers of Nomad Bridge
Link to discussion 👇…
2. (!) Malware attack on in @github #web3 repos
Link to discussion 👇…
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04/August 🔥Gems Supported by Whales (24h)🔥

❤️Most Bought: Rare Apepe YC by @RareApepeYC
👯‍♂️Most Minted: NFTiff. by @TiffanyAndCo 💍
💃🏼 Celebrating CC0 by @harsha_nik Earns Most Social Impact & Followed by 192 influencers🔥

#NFTs #NFTart #NFTCommunity #Web3 #NFTProjects
1/ Top 5 Collections Bought by Whales:
🥇@RareApepeYC bought by 15 🐳
🥈@miragegalleryai bought by 14 🐳
🥉PARTICIPANTS NFT bought by 10 🐳
🏅Rubber Duckz Honoraries by @RubberduckzNFT
🏅@dmitricherniak Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
2/ Top 5 Popular Collections Minted by Whales:
🥇NFTiff. by @TiffanyAndCo 💍
🥈@miragegalleryai minted by 22 🐳
🥉@Uniswap's Uniswap V3 Positions
🏅ChainFaces HD Undead by @secretproject
🏅@dmitricherniak Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak
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Token Design: A Simplified Analysis
As a measure of simplicity, I writing a Thread 🧵 to back up my article about token Design.
Read full article:…
1/ In Real life,the word "Token" is used in several cases. The most common one I can think of is "A token of Appreciation"
From the sentence, you can depict that Token as a word is backed by Incentives. Meaning you are expressing your intentions. It is used in every sector
2/ In Traditional Economics, "Token" represents a systematic management of human behavior. Thus, regarded as a store of value. However, it is different from money because it can be assigned a price. As said in the article, it appreciates value.
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Still confused about what @QredoNetwork does?🤷🤷

@QredoNetwork provides a new way for institutions and traders to store their assets without sacrificing control. Using Qredo’s innovative decentralized Multi-Party Computation (dMPC) encryption,
users can custody their coins and interact with the wealth of the #DeFi ecosystem through a secure, institutional-grade platform.
🛡️Secure Crypto Custody
Qredo solves one of the biggest problems in crypto by offering users a secure platform to custody their assets without
having to give up control of their private keys.

🛡️Better Digital Asset Governance
Qredo provides a suite of compliance and reporting tools to ease the path into DeFi.
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The worst thing about the ongoing @solana @phantom/@slope_finance hack is that people don't even understand yet how screwed they are. Here's why this is worse than it seems, and a clear way we #web3 citizens can prevent this in the future👇
#solana #security #decentralization Image
First, a few misunderstandings out of the way.
This is not Solana team's fault: other wallets don't seem to be attacked
We also truly feel for the affected ones that are sad right now, and we hate to stomp on their hope.
But this is an important topic that has to be discussed
The worst possible calamity that can happen to a network is the leaks of private keys/seed phrases. Why? Imagine the best possible outcome. Let's say @aeyakovenko decides to reverse the chain and refund the stolen balances back to their owners. And let's skip the side effects Image
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GTON Capital: reimagining the #utility and #scalability of #Web3

1/⚜️ The @GtonCapital team is building an ecosystem of innovative web3 infrastructure and products by synergizing the best achievements of decentralized web technology a brave little baby is expl...
2/⚜️ The vision of the $GTON team presents a new phase in the evolution of the #cryptocurrency landscape, with decentralized #stablecoins and scalable #smartcontract execution layers at its core, enabling millions of #dApps to improve the lives of billions of users
3/⚜️ We are currently facing a "Cambrian explosion" of alt-L1 and L2 protocols, #DeFi dApps and #NFT, #GameFi and X2Earn business models, and #Metaverses
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Did you hear about the massive €100m deal between .@FCBarcelona and .@Chiliz x .@socios ⚡️ $CHZ?

The deal from the perspective of all parties involved. 🧵

If you missed the deal or want to catch up with the details, read this, and then let's go! 😉

🟥🟦 FC Barcelona

Barca receives capital to build their team and reorganize the club's finances.

They also get top expertise for their #web3 expansion.

The deal comes as a surprise, as in March this year tones from Barcelona sounded different:

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