Oh God. This is pretty much a planned economy.
.@julianHjessop is right. I've never read anything less likely to work smoothly, or less attuned to how businesses/the real world actually operates.
And as @jonathansimons points out, where are the civil servants to do this analysis and write these letters going to come from? Or does it get handed to Serco etc?
But it’s the basic idea that gets me - the innate assumption that civil servants are better qualified to judge precisely what the economy needs on a daily basis than the companies which *actually make up that economy*
At least this is only for the next three weeks. But what a three weeks.

• • •

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24 Jul
There's a huge focus in the US now on "breakthrough infections" - it's not a phrase I've seen much in the UK but it does a lot to explain what's happening here, and one we may start to become much more familiar with. (1/?)
Put simply, a "breakthrough" infection is one which breaks through the resistance to infection conferred by vaccination. It's what happened to @sajidjavid - double-jabbed, but still got the 'rona.
Remember: the original aim was for vaccines to reduce/eliminate the risk of death/serious illness. The fact that they ended up making the vaccinated less infectious was a very welcome bonus.
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22 Jul
Your regular reminder that a 3% NHS pay rise (or a 1%, or whatever) is a lot more than 3%. Much more accurate to say ‘at least 3%, and in many cases far more’ thetimes.co.uk/article/welcom…
As @CPSThinkTank has shown, the 1% ‘pay freeze’ between 2012 and 2017 actually saw pay rise by 2.7% a year - though unevenly distributed.
In 2018, the ‘three-year deal worth 6.5%’ actually meant between 6.5% and 29%. Etc etc
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16 Jul
If anyone needs a primer on elderly social care, can recommend this @CPSThinkTank primer by @JethroFElsden & Alex Morton which sets out the main options and the pros and cons thereof. (1/?)
Our conclusion was that Dilnot-style ('cap and insurance') was the cheapest - which is why Whitehall likes it - but the most politically problematic and the least likely to incentivise the creation of additional supply. Image
By tweaking the 'cap' and 'floor' it is possible to make Dilnot more generous, and protect more of the family home. But that either starts to massively privilege richer families in the South-East with more valuable homes, or hugely increases the cost (or both) Image
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13 Jul
Ahead of today's vote, it's worth recapping Tory voters' views on foreign aid spending. Namely: they hate it so very much. It is literally up there with 'abolish the monarchy' or 'make Corbyn PM'. See this from @FrankLuntz for @CPSThinkTank
Yes, Tory voters have a distorted view of how much is spent on aid - 29% of them name is as one of the four categories we spend most money on (this set of slides pretty alarming more generally). But that only makes them dislike it more.
The argument is sometimes made by aid's supporters that Tory voters might not like it, but it has a sort of penumbra of morality around it that appeals to Lib Dem-leaning voters in Chesham and places like that.
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12 Jul
In a really crap summer, England gave us so much more than we could have asked for. Yes, the draw opened up for us. And yes, Southgate is still not great at game management/talent maximisation. But...
...for the first time in decades, England were a proper team. Cohesion. Discipline. Tactical flexibility. Round pegs, round holes. And they are mostly young players, and brilliant players, and they will grow.
This, the World Cup and the last few Champions Leagues, shows that it's an absolutely brilliant time to be an England fan, or English fan. Southgate and his team deserve enormous credit for that.
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6 Jul
We've just published a huge set of polling from @FrankLuntz on the new values and language of British politics. You can find the full thing here, but I thought I'd summarise the most arresting findings. (Warning: long, but worthwhile) cps.org.uk/media/press-re…
First things first: the public is really pissed off! Solid majority for 'fuck 'em all' to both business and political leaders Image
Likewise, when we asked them to pick the words that represented their feelings towards same, they were overwhelmingly negative ImageImage
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