Globalist elite's useful idiots in #MacquarieStreet, other state parliaments surely packing their dacks over yuge crowds at today's rallies. Thing they most fear -- mass awakening to how system they've signed us up to *actually* works -- now *habbening* for sure. #NSWpol
It's been obvious they've been fretting about this for a long time. But the loathsome jellybacked areseclowns who pretend to represent people of NSW recently had work done on State Parliament site in Macquarie Street that I think was extremely revealing.
They had a line of bollards erected on street edge of footpath right along length of the building. It looks very much like an extra barrier to protect against threat of vehicular terrorism. Can be seen in this video:
I find it fascinating that it's only just been built. Hasn't this particular threat (so strongly associated with ISIS) all but disappeared in recent years? Remember how Trump said he was "gonna bomb the shit out of them" and he did. Next to no attacks after that.
So why would they have this construction done? Well, what parts of #Sydney have greatest concentration of those who might subscribe to radical Islamist philosophy behind ISIS, etc? Those with very high proportion of Muslims; areas like #Fairfield and surrounds, right?
Current crackdown on that area over dreaded 'rona is obviously insane and fascist. And double standard in relation to Eastern Suburbs (where many pro-Liberal movers and shakers live) stands out like 🐕⚾️⚾️.…
So, with that in context, it looks like this whole crackdown on #Fairfield was long planned (construction of bollards took several months). And if the crackdown was planned, then the "outbreak" was too ...
They knew this would be most provocative thing they could do. Exactly why they've done it IMO. Looks like they really wanna make hothead "go postal" (or vehicular). Then they'll have all justification they need to install full-on police state in NSW.
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Made this video back in mid Jan. At start, shows that construction of the bollards had begun. Ironically, in clip I said I didn't think project was protection against vehicular terrorism, when it turns out that's prolly exactly what it was for.…

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23 Jul
This is from #DailyTelegraph 21/7 issue. Paper has form for occult elite symbolism, so wouldn't be surprised if it's comms about #HillaryClinton. Possum female, called Hillary. Yet it alludes to Edmund Hillary in headline. Remember how #HRC lied about being named after him?
To climb mountain means to meet big challenge. And story refers to death of twin. #HRC uses doubles. Likely shorter one at #BidenInauguration (height next to Bill revealed this). Also, playing possum means feigning death. Is this saying she died, or narrowly avoided it?
Or symbolic in more general way? Maybe meaning is that even though Hillary Clinton didn't become POTUS, as NWO crowd expected, her spirit survives. It's here in Hillsdale (#Sydney) in form of COVID tyranny. Still reached #Everest peak, rules from "on top of the world".
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3 Apr
1) Am intrigued by death of Carla Zampatti. Very sad. She was brilliant, and clearly dying after accident, then coma, an awful way to go ... But somehow I don't think we're being told full story (kinda like with #StairmanDan). (H/T @HeidiJBlackwell)
2) Firstly, speaking of Dan Andrews and his mysterious accident recently: How many people fall down stairs? It happens, but rarely. This misfortune struck two household names within weeks. One has disappeared from public view. The other is dead. What are the odds?
3) Then there was the event at which the accident occurred. It was premiere of #LaTraviata, which literally means "the fallen woman". Again, what are the odds?…
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3 Mar
1) Christian Porter's press conference 33 mins, 33 secs. (H/T @RyanWil62993886) CP himself said events 33 yrs ago. Sacrifice to MSM jackals by secret society wankers? CP willing player? Sick joke, or way more sinister? Dunno. But no effing way is it coincidence. #symbolism ImageImage
2) Check out whole video on ABC site. Looks like it starts exactly when he begins, ends second after his last word. Minder (off camera) seems to be directing length (with stopwatch in hand?). Creepy. @BoliqueAna @HappyPawsTreats…
3) You don't need maths PhD to know odds of three *chronologically related* thirty threes in one event cannot be from chance. If you say they are, and that I've got my tin-foil hat on, you lose -- bigly. You need to offer alt explanation. Give it a try, suckas, I dare ya!
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20 Feb
1) #MillionsMarch Against Mandatory Vaccinations: Crowd leaves #HydePark #Sydney
2) Millions March Against Mandatory #Vaccinations: Crowd on King Street #Sydney #MSM
3) #MillionsMarch in Hyde Park #Sydney: Crowd chant against the #media
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17 Feb
The Wanker of the West gets more loathsome with every hollowman-produced IG update. After violating human rights of millions with border closures etc this "I'm dinkum sport-loving Aussie" act is massive own goal. Apt in a way. Reminds me of the song:… Image
He and Podesta pal Beazley obv told to do elbow thing to "train the sheeple". And what "outbreak"? Almost no cases from dodgy test. Also, what is it about controlled arsehats and chandeliers? Handlers love hanging 'em over their heads for some reason. Image
More I see of pollies' IGs etc more obv it is that they're all vacuous dopes elevated coz they look part but are easy to control. SM accts all run by Deep State smarties trained in conning masses. Here's Canine Companions Template 2A, otherwise known as #FlogsWithDogs. ImageImage
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20 Jan
1) Was on Macquarie Street yesterday. There was another floral display just near the statue of Queen Victoria (second photo below shot from its base). It featured a large #pyramid-shaped structure. #Sydney ImageImage
2) It was just like one I saw in #MartinPlace mid last year. It was associated with others like it (tho smaller and flat) around Sydney CBD. I speculated this was the start of a symbolic incantation to help usher us into the #GreatReset/#NewNormal.
3) It's *interdasting* that #pyramid is back now. It was placed just before #PresidentBiden inauguration. He is full-on globalist who supports #NWO hellscape #globalistelite have planned. So I think this was Clover Moore's way of sending him some good vibes.
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