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Apr 22, 2023 135 tweets 84 min read
#Deepstatemedia uses colour themes for comms. For example there's long been green and blue combo that is symbolic. Now, heaps of yellow. Likely sign of distress, or warning about health danger to globalists. Yellow Jack flag ("Q") seems relevant.…
Yellow often combined with black. I think it evokes #blacksun (eclipse). Just had one of those. Think of timing: Celestial corona featured in lead up to #coronation. Corona-virus, too. Along with Commonwealth itself, Commonwealth Bank comes to mind coz of colour combo.
Apr 27, 2022 94 tweets 51 min read
Megan Fox says she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood for ‘ritual purposes’… <--- Clear ref to blood drinking. Note that they're wearing black and there's pink sign behind. Related:… #occultelite #symbolism Rihanna and ASAP Rocky reportedly host ‘rave-themed’ baby shower… <--- Story is about a dark-skinned couple and baby. Red, pink, purple featured in photo chosen. Fits in with symbolic pattern.
Mar 28, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
#WillSmith vs #ChrisRock fight scripted. Message to elite globally. Jada Pinkett Smith. Pink, geddit? "Get my wife's name our of your f-ing mouth." IOW, spit out pink drug. Rock euphemism too. (Watch Aerosmith Pink vid.) Context:… #Oscars #whiterabbit #Occultelite packing death re pink time bomb. Terrified that DC pizza parlor might return as issue. Note chatter about how Biden's SCOTUS pick presided over case of Q-tard who shot up that stellar restaurant. World now joining dots. Explains this:…
Mar 13, 2022 79 tweets 46 min read
Singer Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' dies at 50… <--- Pink lipstick. Srsly, how often do women wear that? Uses one eye symbolism. Mentions light, kids. Surprised "heartbreaking" not in it. S'pose they included enough to please the Big Guy. Another story in which (transgender) sleb is shown wearing pinky-purple lipstick. That is so distinctive, innit? (Also, what do you use to *blow whistle*? Lips, right?) Kid mentioned as well. What are the odds? #symbolism #occultelite Image
Mar 2, 2022 40 tweets 26 min read
Photos: Ukrainian civilians prepare for war… <--- Many shots of people (often kids) in pink. Hard to know why but pattern exists. IMO symbolizes drug from child trafficking. At top of globalist death cultists' minds coz Putin destroying their evil biz. These all from one issue -- Failing Terrorgraph, 27th of Feb. Look how often the colour pink appears, and stands out. Note how often kids wear it or are near it. What are the odds? Clearly means something to the sinister occultist flogs who own that lie factory. #symbolism ImageImageImageImage
Jan 26, 2022 69 tweets 38 min read
'Abolish #AustraliaDay': Captain Cook statue covered in 'blood' by vandals… <--- "Blood." This like so many stories now. Seemingly isolated act by "lone wolf" vandals. MSM "reports" on it. IMO it's orchestrated (at arm's length) by #Cabal for comms. Related:… Image
Jan 20, 2022 95 tweets 47 min read
Creepy car #comms in the MSM… #symbolismwillbetheirdownfall #savethechildren Image In post I mentioned #Aerosmith's "Pink". Said it symbolized drug prized by elites. Here band member hints that it refers to something "all rock and roll is about". Lady parts comes to mind. Given rock's Satanic vibe same could be said of the drug tho.
Sep 16, 2021 24 tweets 12 min read
Girl, 4, dies of #Covid 'passed on by anti-vax mum'… <--- So many of these stories in #fakenews MSM now. It's like the 'rona is a vengeful god and will strike down unbelievers, and even those near and dear to them! Really is a full on #deathcult. Mum and daughter die just two weeks apart after refusing vaccine… <--- Another vengeful 'rona story. Reluctant to tell of jab-related deaths, adverse reactions even tho thousands officially recorded. Always say conditions these folk suffer are "rare".
Jul 24, 2021 10 tweets 4 min read
Globalist elite's useful idiots in #MacquarieStreet, other state parliaments surely packing their dacks over yuge crowds at today's rallies. Thing they most fear -- mass awakening to how system they've signed us up to *actually* works -- now *habbening* for sure. #NSWpol It's been obvious they've been fretting about this for a long time. But the loathsome jellybacked areseclowns who pretend to represent people of NSW recently had work done on State Parliament site in Macquarie Street that I think was extremely revealing.
Jul 23, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
This is from #DailyTelegraph 21/7 issue. Paper has form for occult elite symbolism, so wouldn't be surprised if it's comms about #HillaryClinton. Possum female, called Hillary. Yet it alludes to Edmund Hillary in headline. Remember how #HRC lied about being named after him? To climb mountain means to meet big challenge. And story refers to death of twin. #HRC uses doubles. Likely shorter one at #BidenInauguration (height next to Bill revealed this). Also, playing possum means feigning death. Is this saying she died, or narrowly avoided it?
Apr 3, 2021 24 tweets 11 min read
1) Am intrigued by death of Carla Zampatti. Very sad. She was brilliant, and clearly dying after accident, then coma, an awful way to go ... But somehow I don't think we're being told full story (kinda like with #StairmanDan). (H/T @HeidiJBlackwell) 2) Firstly, speaking of Dan Andrews and his mysterious accident recently: How many people fall down stairs? It happens, but rarely. This misfortune struck two household names within weeks. One has disappeared from public view. The other is dead. What are the odds?
Mar 3, 2021 22 tweets 13 min read
1) Christian Porter's press conference 33 mins, 33 secs. (H/T @RyanWil62993886) CP himself said events 33 yrs ago. Sacrifice to MSM jackals by secret society wankers? CP willing player? Sick joke, or way more sinister? Dunno. But no effing way is it coincidence. #symbolism ImageImage 2) Check out whole video on ABC site. Looks like it starts exactly when he begins, ends second after his last word. Minder (off camera) seems to be directing length (with stopwatch in hand?). Creepy. @BoliqueAna @HappyPawsTreats…
Feb 20, 2021 10 tweets 8 min read
1) #MillionsMarch Against Mandatory Vaccinations: Crowd leaves #HydePark #Sydney 2) Millions March Against Mandatory #Vaccinations: Crowd on King Street #Sydney #MSM
Feb 17, 2021 20 tweets 12 min read
The Wanker of the West gets more loathsome with every hollowman-produced IG update. After violating human rights of millions with border closures etc this "I'm dinkum sport-loving Aussie" act is massive own goal. Apt in a way. Reminds me of the song:… Image He and Podesta pal Beazley obv told to do elbow thing to "train the sheeple". And what "outbreak"? Almost no cases from dodgy test. Also, what is it about controlled arsehats and chandeliers? Handlers love hanging 'em over their heads for some reason. Image
Jan 20, 2021 4 tweets 4 min read
1) Was on Macquarie Street yesterday. There was another floral display just near the statue of Queen Victoria (second photo below shot from its base). It featured a large #pyramid-shaped structure. #Sydney ImageImage 2) It was just like one I saw in #MartinPlace mid last year. It was associated with others like it (tho smaller and flat) around Sydney CBD. I speculated this was the start of a symbolic incantation to help usher us into the #GreatReset/#NewNormal.
Jan 17, 2021 13 tweets 9 min read
1) Now learning about #GESARA and #NESARA. Starting to look like #Trump might have actually prepared the way for their implementation. A crucial step is getting nation off debt based system controlled by central banks and reclaiming control with gold-backed currency. 2) That's why I'm looking at ScoMo's much derided use of phrase "#goldstandard" in a new light. Remember that he made this comment about #NSWpol's handling of #COVID19AU back in September, saying "that is where we have to get everybody to":
Dec 20, 2020 23 tweets 15 min read
1) #COVID19 outbreak in Sydney's #NorthernBeaches is such bollocks. Fact Brad "Health" Hazzard linked it to dude in band called Nothing Too Serious is giveaway. They're taking the piss. It's like when builder tells newbie to go to hardware shop for a "long weight". 2) Clowns running ill-health system want us to believe bug erased across Oz after early Nov. "Well done Aussies. You smashed it." Remember that crap? Yet Kerry Chant herself (and other "experts") said early on they thought maybe 20% infected already.…
Dec 19, 2020 6 tweets 5 min read
1) OMFG. I just had a look at Martin Foley's Instagram. This dude is like a full on parody of the most extreme #culturalMarxist. And that's just the start! 😳 #Vicpol 2) He's now Vic Health Minister. Was Mental Health Minister with other portfolios. A real Renaissance man (sorry, person) who *cares*. He's right. Vital to get people talking about *themself* early as possible. And to celebrate the upside. Yay! 😃
Dec 15, 2020 33 tweets 27 min read
1) Wherever I look these days I see #occult symbols and imagery. Was in Hyde Park yesterday and saw this bus with a big ad for #WitchesMovie. Image 2) There was this ad for #HamiltonMusical nearby in Elizabeth Street. Not about witchcraft, sure. But it still featured the star motif. This is basically an inverted pentagram. #symbolism #Sydney Image
Nov 18, 2020 51 tweets 44 min read
1) Oh FFS. ScoMo's handlers making comms so obv. #Auspol coat of arms over head zif crown. Crown = corona, geddit? Message something like: "#COVID1984 psyop next stage active with #MarshallLaw. Worried about Constitution if Trump stays POTUS, but." Image 2) Look at photo #DictatorDan tweeted. Pot plant above head like coat of arms above #ScoMo's. Clear crown motif. #Blueandwhite shirt too. Something big happened today and it wasn't seeing dear old mum. Alluding to another elderly female figure we all know? #KingVictoria Image
Nov 17, 2020 14 tweets 11 min read
1) #ScoMo recently seen in AAP photo with Aussie flag face diaper on upside down. Various theories about that. Laughing at our demise, or cry for help? I think prolly the latter. #Auspol 2) Reason I say this is because he posted another highly symbolic photo on Instagram, also taken in #Melbourne. #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall