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A mega #Thread compiling some lesser known facts that will make us rethink the #HumanCivilization & the extent of #Bharat
Plz read & share 🙏

1/12 let's start with #Ramayan!
In Rishi #Valmiki narrates the description of #Lanka given by Shri #Hanuman as a beautiful country with ImageImage
chariots & vimanas. He also describes #FourTuskedElephant guarding #Ravan 's gates.
Now known as #Gomphothere , that roamed #Earth 19 million yrs ago! 🤯🚩

NO OTHER text in the world describes it!

In #Ramayan , #Sugriva sends #Vanar in 4 directions to look for Maa #Sita ImageImage
While sending, he describes #Geography as follows
World #Geography >170,000 years was different than present
many parts of Himalaya & big mountain in Kentucky ,USA were submerged in water

So here is the story in more scientific way 💁‍♀️

Team travelling to #east, will have to Image
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👀💭 This video provides a visual perspective on how difficult it is to move multi-ton blocks of granite, & how difficult moving #megalithic stones with modern technology, let alone many thousands of years ago. The key is alternative & #ancient methodologies. #Archaeology
👀💭 I've always had several issues with the accepted hypothesis of how the #Pyramids of #Giza were built. As a Construction professional specializing in the area of logistical coordination & application of construction methodologies I feel compelled to speak my mind. #Archeology
👀💭 These calculations assume 500 stones a day. This is a rough estimate, assuming a 8-hour day, 290 days a year, with 20 years to build the pyramid. Also assuming that more time had to be used for the huge granite blocks for the King's chamber & upper part of the #pyramid. Image
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👀💭 In 2003 the Secret Tunnel Of The Pyramid of #FeatheredSerpent was discovered beneath the #Pyramid in the #ancient ruins of #Teotihuacan. It remained undisturbed for 2,000 years. The sealed-off passage was found to contain thousands of extraordinary treasures. #Archaeology
👀💭 The secret tunnel was discovered by using a radar. It was a group of researchers from Mexico's National University, back in 2003 in the ancient city of #Teotihuacan, #Mexico, located about 30 miles NE of Mexico City. #Archaeology #Megalithic #Ancient #Pyramid
Video credit: Mexico 'powder-glittered tunnel' reveals ancient relics in Teotihuacan @ On Demand News
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👀💭 In 2003 the Secret Tunnel Of The Pyramid of #FeatheredSerpent was discovered beneath the #Pyramid in the #ancient ruins of #Teotihuacan. It remained undisturbed for 2,000 years. The sealed-off passage was found to contain thousands of extraordinary treasures. #Archaeology
👀💭 P1: The excavation of a 340-foot-long tunnel beneath the Temple of the #PlumedSerpent at #Teotihuacan. The tunnel contained seeds, pottery, sculptures, jewelry, shells, & animal bones. Its walls had been covered with a powder made from ground metallic minerals. #Archaeology
👀💭 P2: The secret tunnel was discovered by using a radar. It was a group of researchers from Mexico's National University, back in 2003 in the ancient city of #Teotihuacan, #Mexico, located about 30 miles NE of Mexico City. #Archaeology #Megalithic #Ancient #Pyramid
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👀💭 According to recent research, there is evidence of a 4th #Pyramid which was said to be dismantled in 1759, & it took 10 months. This pyramid would have been different from the others, around 100 ft smaller than the others and apparently had a cube on top. #Archaeology #Giza
👀💭 P1: A 4th great #Pyramid of #Giza in the 1700's was documented & sketched along with the 3 that we know about today by a Danish naval captain. It may now finally have been found by a space outside the #Menkaure enclosure. #Archeology #lost4thpyramid #Egyptology #Egypt
👀💭 P2: This so called tomb is located on the #Giza Plateau, which is believed by some #Egyptologists to be a 4th #Pyramid of Giza. It was identified as a pyramid by John Shae Perring & Colonel Howard Vyse who visited the site in 1837–1838. #Archaeology #Megalithic #Ancient
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👀💭 The builders of the great #Pyramid of #Giza knew something that we still don't. We remain perplexed by the complexity & precision of it. It’s engineered & constructed with designs of intricacy & functional in nature with unparalleled still in these modern times.
#Archaeology Image
👀💭 P1: #Pyramid power refers to the theory that the ancient #Egyptian pyramids & objects of similar shape can confer a variety of benefits. There is a substantial amount of evidence to suggest that in fact is the main purpose of the construction of the pyramids. #Archaeology Image
Image credit & copyright: 1998 @ Christooner P. Dunn
q=great+pyramid+hydrogen+reactor&espv=210&es_sm=91&source=Inms&tbm=isch&sa=X&€ great-pyramids-at-giza%3B500%3B433 Image
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👀💭 Discovered just recently was a massive cavity in the #Pyramid of #Giza that is over 100 ft long. Using muon radiography, unstable subatomic particles similar to electrons but with a much greater mass to pierce through the pyramid's exterior & help map inside #Archaeology
👀💭 P1: It seems very possible that the Great Pyramid of Giza may have been a type of #ancient power source or plant. #Scientists have discovered that the #Pyramid of #Giza can collect and concentrate electromagnetic energy in its chambers and at its base. #Archaeology #Ancient
👀💭 P2: The great #pyramid may have acted as a giant battery, using power generated from aquifers beneath the #structure. The lining of the shafts is conductive & the limestone once covering the outside acted as a insulator. The #gold cap transmitted energy like a #tesla coil.
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شی اوپس/خوفو کا اہرام (غزہ)
Cheops/Khufu Pyramid (Giza)
Circa: 2650 BC
پراسراریت اور حیرت کےگڑھ مصر میں واقع سب سے پہلا اہرام شی اوپس یعنی خوفو کا مقبرہ (Mound) تھا جوصدیوں سےاس آب وگیاہ ویرانےمیں لایخل چیستاں کی طرح ایستادہ، فرعونوں کی عظمت رفتہ
کی انمٹ اورحیرت انگیز دلیل بنا فخر سے کھڑا ھے۔
اس اہرام کو20 سال کےعرصےمیں 100,000مزدوروں نے تعمیرکیا اور یہی وہ اہرام ھے جسے دنیا کے سات عجائبات میں نمبرون شمار کیا جاتا ھے۔
فرعون شی اوپس کا زمانہ حضرت عیسیٰ سے تین ہزار سال بعد کاھے۔ عہدشی اوپس میں مصر کی ابادی 2کروڑ تھی۔
اہرام شی اوپس کی جسامت ہی کسی ماہر مصریات (Egyptologist)، موءرخ بلکہ سیاح کیلئے بھی حیرت و استعجاب کا باعث ھے۔
اہرام شی اوپس کی بلندی485 فٹ ھے۔
بنیاد 13 ایکڑ رقبے پرمحیط ھےجو لندن اور شکاگو کےتقریباً 8مربع بلاکس کے مساوی ھے۔
اس اہرام میں پتھروں کی50 لاکھ سلیں (Blocks) استعمال کیے
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👀💭 There recently was a discovery of physical evidence confirming that floodwaters damaged the Great #Pyramid & other structures on the #Giza Plateau. Khafre, the tallest pyramid was damaged by the flood except its top. #Archaeology
#Ancient #History #Egypt #megalithic ImageImageImageImage
👀💭 Part 2: The salt contains many seashells and #fossils that have been radiocarbon-dated to be 11,600 years old. This evidence alone can be used to date the flood, the three main pyramids, & the #Sphinx. #Archaeology #Egypt #Giza #megalithic #ancient ImageImageImageImage
👀💭 Part 3: When the water went back to the sea, it took tons of debris from the desert and deposited it along the way. This water from the ocean left behind its unique signature, which is traceable by science. #Archaeology #Egypt #Pyramids #Giza #megalithic ImageImage
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اہرام مصر__تاریخ سےچند اوراق
اہرام مصر__5000سال قبل مسیح اور دنیا کی پراسرار ترین جگہ
اہرام مصر__یعنی مصر کےمقبرے (Necropolis) اوروہ بھی ریگستان میں
اہرام مصر__چاند پرقدم، تسخیرخلاء، سمندروں کی گہرائیوں کےغواص اور مریخ کی تسخیر کرنے والے پہلےزمین پر مصر کےرازوں کی
گتھیاں تو سلجھائیں۔
اہرام مصر__کا عمل پیمائش گویا پتھروں کی زبان میں الہامی بیان ھے۔
اہرام مصر__کا سب سے بڑا اور اولین مقبرہ "شی اوپس یا چیوپس" کا ھے جسکی تعمیر میں 50 لاکھ سلیں (Blocks) استعمال ھوئے اور ہر سل کا وزن تین ٹن سے نوے ٹن تک ھے۔
اہرام مصر__انتہائی ترقی یافتہ سائنسی
تخیلات کا مظہر جو حضرت عیسیٰ علیہ السلام کی پیدائش سے بھی ہزاروں سال قبل پوری دنیا پر غالب تھی۔
اہرام مصر__کی دیواروں پر رقم پوری ھونے والی پیش گوئیاں اس بات کا مظہر ہیں کہ اہرام کے معمار کائنات کے سربستہ رازوں سے واقف تھے۔
اہرام مصر__کے معمار اعلیٰ ترین Advanced Mathematics اور
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These views never seize to amaze! 👀The Giza pyramid complex (Giza necropolis) أهرامات الجيزة is the site on the Giza Plateau in Greater #Cairo, Egypt that includes the Great #Pyramid of #Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, & the Pyramid of Menkaure, & the Great #Sphinx #Archaeology
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Have you ever heard of the “Orion Correlation Theory”? It’s the correlation between the location of the 3 largest pyramids & Orion's Belt of the constellation Orion, & that this correlation was intended as such by the original builders of the #Giza #pyramid complex. #Archaeology Image
The Orion correlation theory was put forward by Robert Bauval, & the theory was first published in 1989 in Discussions in Egyptology, volume 13. It was the subject of a bestseller, The Orion Mystery, in 1994. Source:…
The evidence shows patterns of stars that is frozen on the ground at Giza in the form of the 3 pyramids & the Sphinx represents the disposition of the constellations of Orion and Leo as they looked at the moment of sunrise on the spring equinox during the astronomical age of Leo. ImageImageImage
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(1\49) A Personal Memoir Perspective on my path and what I see for #Blockchain & #Crypto for the People?

I grew up in a cult religion. First exposure to mind-control & understanding of how profound belief structures were, due to the intensity of such an environment. $EGLD $CEL
(2\49) Upon reflection, while the magnitude was different much of the belief structures of the world were equally as harmful & deceiving. They could create a social construct that to everyone inside it felt like the most ideal way to live. They could make everyone stop
(3\49) questioning things. None of this felt right to me though. Even at a young age I had a skeptical mind, in part because my body was already sick and I hadn’t been on this earth very long, more on this in a future date but just understand the medical industry is full of
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This weekend, @NishiDholakia @AntiokhosE and I explored the largest & most confounding #Neolithic site in China: #Shimao. A massive fortified stone city in an unexpected place, w/ objects from far afield, and grizzly human sacrifices. Vibrant until abandoned around 1800BCE 1/
This first mystery of #Shimao was the location: the city was built on the Northern Loess Plateau, relatively dry and far from the lush Yellow River “cradle of Chinese civilisation”. What might attract a large #Neolithic population to create a major city in such a place? 2/
The second mystery was the building material. #Archaeologists associated this period in #China with rammed earth structures. But this #Neolithic city - built in 2300 BCE - was made of #stone, dominated by a 20 tiered oblong stepped #pyramid structure on the highest hill 3/
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#pirámide es un #poliedro constituido por un polígono simple (llamado base) y triángulos que tienen un único lado que tiene que ver con uno del polígono base; todos los triángulos tienen un vértice común llamado #cúspide
Los #triángulos se llaman caras laterales.

El lado común a 2 caras laterales se llama #arista del mismo modo que cualquier lado de la base. El número total de las aristas es doble del número de lados de la base. Estrictamente el #poliedro tiene vértices poliedrales es el número de vértices de la base.

#RetweeetPlease 🛸
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1) Was on Macquarie Street yesterday. There was another floral display just near the statue of Queen Victoria (second photo below shot from its base). It featured a large #pyramid-shaped structure. #Sydney ImageImage
2) It was just like one I saw in #MartinPlace mid last year. It was associated with others like it (tho smaller and flat) around Sydney CBD. I speculated this was the start of a symbolic incantation to help usher us into the #GreatReset/#NewNormal.
3) It's *interdasting* that #pyramid is back now. It was placed just before #PresidentBiden inauguration. He is full-on globalist who supports #NWO hellscape #globalistelite have planned. So I think this was Clover Moore's way of sending him some good vibes.
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1) Just had a look thru Malcolm Turnbull's Twitter feed. Noticed that he retweeted a post related to the toon dog Bluey by its creator Daley Peterson. He's an Aussie cartoonist and the show is on Disney. #Auspol #dogcomms Image
2) Nothing unusual about that but I found it interesting because Julia Gillard tweeted about the show recently also. She even read from one of Daley Pearson's books. It was one of several canine-themed tweets from Labor pollies.… #symbolism #Auspol Image
3) What are the odds two globalist former PMs would promote same #Disney kids' canine cartoon character weeks apart? Dinkum fans, or is something else at play? Gotta ask, esp since globalist former PM Kevin Rudd's been vlogging about "dogshots".
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