She was already the GOAT, so we need to invent a new term. I’m still trying to acquire the wisdom @Simone_Biles has at her age.

You can’t help anyone (friend, child, partner, country) without first taking care of yourself.

The Olympics is not war. #SimonBiles
You’re a legend for many reasons, @Simone_Biles.

The strength it takes for women (especially young, and especially from underrepresented and marginalized communities) to love and value ourselves enough to say “This is my limit”: radical & beautiful.

Definition of role-model.
I know these defenses of @Simone_Biles are well-intentioned, but they downplay the more important point above.

It’s not that a “really bad performance” costs her team an Olympic placement.

Supporting the team means valuing herself enough to care for her health. #SimoneStrong
An Olympic medal may be hard to win, but a hell of a lot harder to gain:

The strength, courage, and self-love to know your limits — no matter how much, or who, is expecting your help and might be “disappointed.”

GOAT of GOATs, #SimoneBiles #SimoneStrong #simonebilesgoat
I only cared about #Tokyo #Olympics to see Simone Biles soar.

But I’m WAY happier she pulled out for the reasons she did than I’d be watching her compete. If you need to ask why, scroll up.

To me, she’s still the all-around GOAT and all-around gold. 100%.

I don’t believe for a second a young white female athlete would face the shit being slung at @Simone_Biles. Not one second.

She doesn’t owe anyone the sacrifice of her well-being. She’s not your entertainment.

THAT dynamic is why her decision is even more worthy of praise.
Don’t talk to me about the Olympics and “patriotism.”

Want to be proud of your country?

When this nation celebrates and loves Black women for valuing themselves enough to set limits, I’ll host the party at mine.

#SimoneBiles #SimoneStrong #simonebilesgoat

The End.

• • •

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28 Jul
Now back to this heinously depressing data set of leaked Neo Nazi communications I’m working with.

Have a good one, y’all.
Related: I’ve lost count of how many Nazi Telegram channels are exclusively devoted to doxxing and destroying other Nazis.

“Aryan unity” — such a thing to behold.
As @EryqOuithaqueue reminded me, my “Never Ending Neo Nazi Nonsense” thread series here is way overdue for an update.

You might have heard of Matt Heimbach’s Nazi love rectangle (in which he banged his mother-in-law — and much more): aka “Night of the Wrong Wives.”

Stay tuned.
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28 Jul
I happen to fit some of those categories also, so don’t assume or project.

But since the publication who tweeted this article is dedicated to higher education, and the article addresses that context, that’s why I’m commenting on that particular aspect of the pandemic.
And, because of factors my critic above mentions - like homelessness, poverty, and related marginalization mentioned and not mentioned):

I wouldn’t even alive today, let alone an academic, or able to help others, without mentors who took the time to care.

And that’s the POINT.
As you know from my thread, I’m clearly not the same as “higher education.”

I was homeless in high school, from a family too poor to afford trailer doors, so I’m aware of the dire state of the true working class.

Your criticisms are why I do what I do. And that’s the point.
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28 Jul
“The COVID pandemic hit female academics the hardest,” says @chronicle — asking what universities plan to do.

Like me, many have stellar CVs & records lost jobs but can’t land new ones due to massive budget cuts.

Hire us.

COVID budget cuts don’t just hurt unemployed professors. They hurt students.

Not a day goes by without hearing from a former student asking if I’ve got a new one because they want to follow me for a PhD, asking for mentorship, advice, etc.

And I lost my job a year ago.
I worked since I was 14, and taught university students since starting my PhD - 15 years ago.

I’ve never lost any job, or had trouble getting full-time academic positions - even in an already nightmarish market.

26 years.

Until COVID. #AcademicTwitter
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27 Jul
You know “gelding” is a term for castration (i.e. males), right?

If you want to be an ignorant transphobic asshole in public, be my guest.

Only thing I’m doing is loving this incredible kid enough to listen to when he tells me who he is.
FYI: trans folks can still reproduce.

Yet another layer to the Onion of Dumb that was Himmi’s bigoted idiocy about castrating horses.
“Transing children” like it’s a verb. It’s an adjective - kind of like how I’ve known from birth I was “not trans.”

Medical transition (the process) isn’t even something all trans people pursue, whether hormones or surgery.

Empathy isn’t treating kids like breeding animals.
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26 Jul
Concentration is fun but you ever tried

Having ADHD, losing your job, relocating from New York (can’t drive) to a residential neighborhood SoCal apartment with the only two people you know in the city during a global pandemic
(Public library branch in walking distance just reopened for in-person services and I’m trying not to run as I head there now. This feels like religious salvation.)
laugh cry Image
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21 Jul
Remember when we told y’all Matt Heimbach never left extremism, and was running a Neo Nazi rebranding op this whooooooooole time?

You got played and amplified a genocidal fascist — and with well only over a year of plenty advance warning.

Slow. Clap.…
Matt Heimbach’s trial date for Charlottesville has finally been set.

… in case you wanted to know why he finally caved and exchanged his 100% see through CVE mask for the comfy old Atomwaffen adjacent Neo Nazi one
“Matt Heimbach was a Neo Nazi, then wasn’t, but is again? Why are you even giving him attention?”


The CVE community needs to learn from this heinous mistake ASAP because it was communicated in advance, is inexcusable, dangerous, and has done plenty of damage already.
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