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21 Aug, 55 tweets, 19 min read
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are Saturday Paper journo Karen Middleton, ABC (Triple J) journo Shalailah Medhora and murdoch ass. editor Cameron Stewart.
Interview is with Scott Morrison.
This thread is not fact-checked.
Kabul falls, the Taliban is back, opens Speers. Back home NSW has reported highest ever daily case numbers, which Speers calls a “record”. #Insiders
the scenes from Afghanistan have “dented American prestige”, Speers editorialises, and Australia “scrambles” to get its people out. #Insiders
montage splices multiple grabs from Biden, including that nasty assertion that Afghans are not willing to fight for their own country. Morrison gets multiple runs too, including his nasty “tough on borders” lecture. #Insiders
Albanese, Probyn, Payne, Howard, a white dude and three (from what I can tell) tiny quotes from Afghans. #Insiders
#MakingNews yes we can re-open based on Doherty Institute modeling. The super spreader events “turned violent, particularly in Melbourne”. #Insiders
interview. Speers starts by asking if Australians should head to the airport in Kabul. Answer is yes. Four flights last night, says Morrison. It is chaotic. A very fluid situation, David, says Scott. #Insiders
we are doing checks in Afghanistan and back at AMAB in the Emirates, says Morrison. To be clear, says Speers, what is your advice about getting your the airport because the Americans are advising against. #Insiders
“weather” again from Morrison, his seeded excuse. Everyone is doing everything blah blah. Speers wants a guarantee. Morrison says he can not guarantee the situation in Afghanistan. Not sure who this line of questioning is supposed to be for. #Insiders does not air in Afghanistan.
the criticism is you did not move earlier, says Speers. This is in reference to the last few weeks but Morrison pretends this is in reference to the last few years. #Insiders
asked if everyone will not get out, Morrison says “it is Afghanistan, David. It is a failed state”. He means an invaded state. #Insiders
was Morrison surprised at how quickly the Taliban regained control. Blather blather. This is not going anywhere. The question is whether closing the embassy in May has slowed the evacuation in August. #Insiders
unknowns. Drink. #Insiders
we have been getting people out for years, that job done, it’s a war zone, a failed state. The Taliban are an evil influence - Morrison, abridged. #Insiders
was the withdrawal a mistake? Let’s talk about history, says Morrison. Disrupting and dismantling Al Quaida was achieved, he claims. Other nations gave the Taliban safe harbour while we, the white saviours, were trying to rebuild the country we bombed [paraphrased]. #Insiders
did you disagree with Trump? With Biden? On withdrawal? All prime ministers have had these discussions going back as far as John Howard, as far as the Obama administration. #Insiders
ahahaha let me finish let me finish. Speers keeps talking. Morrison stops, realises he has yielded, and interrupts Speers shouting irritably look I’m sorry David I am going to finish my answer and says the same shit and cites Howard again. #Insiders
is there any chance of getting back to zero covid? That’s not the point, says Morrison, and segues to his national plan at 70% and 80% vaccination rates. You can’t live with lockdowns forever, he says, a straw man. #Insiders
suppress, isolate, get tested, get vaccinated, recites Morrison. He says the lockdowns have to work. He does not address recalibrating the Doherty targets in light of ‘000s of cases on NSW directly. #Insiders
lives and livelihoods, says Morrison. Once you get to 70% lockdowns do more harm than good, he claims. Speers counters with what McVernon told Sky today. Of course cases will rise in phase A says Morrison. #Insiders
he backs Berejiklian on “exemptions” (privileges) for the vaccinated (privileges) population in phase B. #Insiders
you need to continue to protect vulnerable populations, says Morrison. Protection means control. Vulnerable means dispossessed, colonised, targeted, disenfranchised - by people like Morrison. #Insiders
his happy place, overseas countries that are “overwhelmed”. They both start shouting again. The reverb is bad. Can you just be straight says Speers. I’m trying to be, lies Morrison, but you keep interrupting me. He recites some #CampaignComms and namechecks Frewen. #Insiders
kids. Can they still go to school if not vaccinated? Morrison says he will wait for the advice and the advice is very clear. The TGA has approved vax for 12+ and there is interim ATAGI coming this week. #Insiders
he is barely aware of whether we are in term or holiday time. Name checks Frewen and McVernon again. Says they will announce something about term 4 something something. #Insiders
thanks for your time this morning. Lol. #Insiders
panel. Speers pretends to ask a question of Stewart and interrupts to editorialise before Stewart can answer. #Insiders
he THEN goes to Middleton, a recognised expert on the invasion. It is a circular argument, says Middleton, that withdrawing is hard because Kabul is chaotic when withdrawing caused the chaos [paraphrased] #Insiders
the window for mass transportation out may have closed, says Middleton. The Taliban are trying to present a reasonable face to the world, Al Quaida and IS are roaming the countryside, the problem is people can not get to the airport. #Insiders
people have to carry documents to the airport that identify them as having worked for the Australians, which puts them on a Taliban hit list. Some are therefore giving up - Middleton, abridged. #Insiders
clip of Wong on an ethical and security responsibility. Speers puts “cut and run… as a terrible look” to Medhora, who says it adds to a sense of chaos on the ground. It is an unstructured, she says, because we do not have diplomatic process there. #Insiders
so the May withdrawal trumpeted by Morrison has in fact caused communication breakdowns, in other words. Medhora also points to the political power of the veteran community lobbying to bring Afghans in danger to Australia. #Insiders
lol Stewart jumps in he wants his say on all this war talk. Clip of Dutton impugning the reputation of Afghan interpreters. Alarming thing to suggest? asks Speers. You can take them out and assess them says Stewart. #insiders
no one is suggesting we do not do our own security checks, says Medhora. Speers veers off to refugees, citing the 12,000 Syrians Abbott announced, the 43,000 Chinese students after Tiananmen and 50,000 Vietnamese survivors. #Insiders
if refugees do start coming by boat the mood will shift, given strayan attitudes to people coming by boat, and that’s what he is banking on - Medhora. Yes but compassion can be led from the top, says Middleton. #Insiders
government has collapsed in Afghanistan like this before, says Middleton. The Taliban are ruthless, they picked off the Provences, some say it has come from Pakistan, then the US pulled out its resources. #Insiders
there is a moral imperative that Australia take Afghan refugees, stresses Middleton. #Insiders
#TheCurve outbreaks are easier to bring under control in high income areas where people can work from home, says Briggs. #Insiders
Speers asks about covid zero and the prime minister abandoning it [paraphrased]. We can get to 80% and not lift every single restriction, says Briggs. He says younger “spreaders” need to get vaccinated. #Insiders
the vax rate is kicking up (giving the lie to Liberal Party politicians’ hesitation politicking during the supply shortages they caused) and Briggs emphasises that there is no supply shortage now. He must mean in metro areas. #Insiders
we are seeeing do many children get Medhora. If children are not included in the 70% (they are not) what does that mean going forward? She points to the kind of disastrous impacts in Aboriginal and disability populations at 70% due to co-morbidities. #Insiders
clip of McGowan saying NSW is deviating from the national plan. Stewart says premiers will follow their own political instincts and claims Berejiklian “has to give people in NSW a glimmer of hope” (her lies do not inspire hope - Ed). #Insiders
the states are not buying the 70% at the moment, says Middleton. The federal government does not control lockdown, says Speers, it does control the purse strings. Clip of Frydenberg saying we can not lock down forever, a straw man. #Insiders
the decision not to continue jobkeeper is having an impact of its own, says Middleton, on the infection rate. People are under pressure, employers are staying open, workers are moving around and taking the virus home to their families. #Insiders
we got the hang of this last year, says Middleton, then this is a worse version of the virus with fewer economic supports. #Insiders
Speers reframes this monumental fiscal failure as the switch to suppression. The issue is #PayPeopleToStayHome #Insiders
back to 12-16 year olds. Stewart says he is surprised ATAGI is dragging its heels on the advice. We are told it’s imminent, says Speers. We always are, says Stewart. #Insiders
Iliac is a Speersy man.
#FinalObservation 1 is Medhora saying housing prices have gone up by 20% which is a looming generational crisis.
#FinalObservations 2 is Middleton saying there is a pandemic crisis also looming in Afghanistan because people will be too scared to go to the doctor and it was raining instead of snowing in Greenland while we expand fossil fuel extraction #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Stewart warning that the Melbourne superspreaders staged a superspreader event. #Insiders
we go out, not with the turner corned, but with Queenslanders enjoying their non-locked down life. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here🙏🏼🙏🏼


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15 Sep
by characterising it as a blind trust, he is telling everyone that the political donation is an investment vehicle for his donor/s.
hey remember when Tony Abbott set up an anonymised trust to fund legal actions against Pauline Hanson.

what matter.
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11 Sep
in case #Insiders forgets to devote as much time to catastrophic failures by the NSW government as it did to a speech by the Queensland premier last week, a brief overview: Berejiklian has lost control of the people in eastern Sydney and of the virus in western Sydney.
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are former Liberal Party staffer and 9fax columnist Niki Savva; Ch 10 co-host and columnist Waleed Aly; Guardian politics corro Sarah Martin.
Interview is with shadow minister for education and for women, Tanya Plibersek.
opening spiel: NSW unveils it’s plan to re-open. It is “high stakes” - for some - and the prime minister is cheering the premier on. Other states are anxious. #Insiders
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11 Sep
Q: why are people dying of covid at home without being diagnosed?
Hazzard: there are people in large households who want (sic) to go on earning income.
exactly no detail on how to access your become support. The state and federal governments have set up income supports, says Hazzard, and defaults back to blaming people on low incomes in large households.
the NSW government, which has completely failed to control this outbreak, is essentially accusing low income workers in large households of killing their family members by providing for their families.
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10 Sep
“many were surprised by her decision” goodness where is that devotion to conflict journalism now.
please do not link me to the newscorp headline. I have seen that clickbait. It will evaporate inside 24 hours.
I had no idea polling shows that approval of Berejiklian is below 50% but fondly* recall lengthy journalistic discussion about a pandemic incumbency dividend when Labor Premiers Palasczuzk and McGowan romped back in and Liberal Party Premier Gutwein just scraped back.
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9 Sep
the re-opening of NSW is being run by a woman who does not distinguish essential retail outlets from entertainment venues.
it is her personal choice not to associate with anyone who is not fully vaccinated, which is a thing wealthy people in wealthy areas with unessential jobs can do so that’s nice for her.
handouts to business from the good people of NSW are being touted again today. These are direct vote-buying measures for the Liberal Party base. Meanwhile, the life-saving measures of test-and-isolate payments and ambulance fee waivers for covid patients are NEVER EVER mentioned.
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7 Sep
look. Morrison is talking about us, not to us. His summit speech and subsequent campaign comms on it are addressed to males who only need to be told he is doing something for the little laydeez mate, to maintain false “good bloke” self-image and their precious votes.
there is no affordable housing strategy; no serious attempt at law reform; he has legislative amendments designed to HARM single mums before the parliament. This summit tells his misogynist base he is “doing something” about the laydeez. They then go jeez what more do women want.
the vicious Morrison government attacks on single mums, which force women and children to stay in households with violent males and deliberately make income insecurity even worse, are contained in the Social Security* Amendment Bill analysed by Asher Wolf here:
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