1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4619: Shaking Hands — Matt Gaetz, Ginger Luckey, Nancy Pelosi, and Donald Trump

#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #MattGaetz #GingerLuckey #Trump #NancyPelosi
2/ The above image is the banner that Rep. Matt Gaetz is currently using on his personal twitter page (@mattgaetz).
3/ It appears to be Gaetz introducing Ginger Luckey (Gaetz's wife) to Donald Trump. Gaetz and Luckey were married two days ago.
4/ Note how, in the midst of the handshake, Donald Trump is pulling Ms. Luckey's hand significantly close to his lower chest/torso — in addition to also pulling it slightly upward. (The backward and outward angle Trump's arm acquires in order to accomplish this is significant).
5/ Note this handshake between Trump and Representative Pelosi on 20 January 2017, the morning of Trump's Inauguration. It's even more extreme, particularly in the vertical component. In addition, Trump is bending Pelosi's wrist intensely. His action was deliberate.
6/ This handshaking dynamic, when consistently used by one man with another man — indicates Narcissism and Impulse Control Disorder on the part of the 'puller'.
7/ However, when this handshaking dynamic is used by a man w/ a woman, it not only indicates the man has narcissism & impulse control disorder — but that he also objectifies women and is abusive. He defaults toward solving conflicts physically, instead of w/ diplomacy/discussion.
8/ Note also that Trump does not have eye contact with Ms. Luckey, but rather he is looking at Gaetz as Trump is shaking her hand.
9/ A handshake is one time when eye contact is expected — and indeed its duration should last a bit longer than most all other social settings. Not making and maintaining eye contact during a handshake is offensive and, unfortunately, extremely common.
10/ In addition, notice Trump's left hand/arm is in motion. Although this is a still image, it very much appears that Trump is, most probably about to hold/touch Ms. Luckey's right arm, torso, or hip.
11/ Unless you know the other person well, touching the other person's hip, torso, or arm during a handshake is an indicator of false intimacy — and is absolutely not contextual or proportional to the setting of a handshake, be it of a social or professional nature.
12/ To commit this same false-intimacy touching when a man barely knows/is just meeting a woman is very often viewed as boorish, harassment, or worse on the part of the recipient. It's a rapport destroying act in the a moment that is supposed to be rapport building.
13/ Many men who are narcissistic (or worse) believe such extra touching during a handshake is welcomed, but it's not — it's literally sexualizing a handshake.
14/ Another notable mistake of this handshake is the lack of full body pointing — all three are nonparallel. If only for a few seconds, one's feet, hips, torso, shoulders, head/face, and eyes should be full body pointing directly at the other person.
15/ SUMMARY: Donald Trump's handshaking dynamic shows a strong signal of narcissism, impulse control disorder, objectifying behavior, and a default towards solving problems physically.

continued ...
16/ SUMMARY (continued): Moreover, Trump very much appears to be deliberately trying to physically harm Speaker Pelosi's wrist during the above noted handshake.

continued ...
17/ SUMMARY (continued): Donald Trump routinely sexualizes handshakes.


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