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How to dominate the world quickly?

1. Create a virus and antidote.
2. Spread the virus.
3. A demonstration of efficiency, building hospitals in a few days. After all, you were already prepared, with the..
projects, ordering the equipment, hiring the labor, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.
4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.
5. Quickly plaster the economy of dozens of countries.
6. Stop production lines in factories in other countries.
7. Cause stock markets to fall and buy companies at a bargain price.
8. Quickly control the epidemic in your country. After all, you were already prepared.
9. Lower the price of commodities, including the price of..
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Democrats stop playing politics and trying to drive up unemployment and drive down the stock market. #COVID19 #NancyPelosi
Democrats don't care about the public. They are looking at what they can gain. #coronavirus #NancyChokesWhilePeopleGoBroke
If this bill involved helping illegal aliens Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other Dems would be all over it.
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Here we go. The #Democrats...I mean Communists....are using the virus to try to implement their agenda, including "infrastructure" which I guarantee is related to their #GreenScam.

#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #NancyPelosi
Democrats just unveiled their #GreenScam infrastructure plan in late January, not to mention they've been talking for at least a year now about using an infrastructure package to get their green scam implemented.…
And the Democrats green scam plan includes massive money for #BigBanks. The big banks are funding them.

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🛑Did #NancyPelosi hold the Articles Of #Impeachment to time w the #CoronaVirusOutbreak?

🛑Q #3741 on 12/22/19 asks 3 times:

It looks like there were SEVERAL reasons why...

🛑Look at the parallel timelines in next tweets👇🏼
🛑#Impeachment Inquires:
Sept 2019 to Dec 2019

Oct 2019:
Congressional committees depose witnesses

Nov 2019:
Public witness hearings

Dec 3, 2019:
Vote 13-9 final report

Dec 4-13 2019:

Dec 16, 2019:
Committee releases lengthy impeachment report

🛑#NancyPelosi HOLDS ARTICLES of #impeachment frm Senate

Dec 31, 2019:
#coronavirus in #Wuhan #China announced by @WHO & @SecAzar

JAN 16, 2020:
#Pelosi FINALLY gives Articles of #impeachment to #Senate

Jan 30, 2020
#WHO declares international health emergency #Coronavirus
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4428-T: Donald Trump & Nancy Pelosi shaking hands (PHOTO) • #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #DonaldTrump #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #NancyPelosi #Narcissist #PhysicalAbuse #ImpulseControlDisorder #Objectification #Misogyny
2/ The above image was taken on 20 January 2017 — at Donald Trump's inauguration.
3/ Note the manner in which Donald Trump is shaking Nancy Pelosi's hand:

• Pulling her hand dramatically toward his torso (probably touching his chest/jacket)
• Bending her wrist at a sharp angle (even if you're an 18-year-old athlete, can be painful, esp. if it's sudden)
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2020 is a major inflection point in American politics:

The Democratic Party is poised to become either a party of the people or a party of big money and GOP appeasement.

Which path do YOU choose?

Follow the facts & the money...

First, let's get something out of the way:

The GOP is a rightwing extremist party, a threat to democracy.

But that doesn't give Dem leaders a free pass. It's our DUTY to hold politicians accountable. Unthinking party loyalty is a path to tyranny...

If your overarching objective is to defeat Trump, let's see how we got here in the first place:

When Bush-Cheney launched a brutal war based on lies to open this century, most Dem leaders went right along — the same Dems in leadership roles today...
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REMEMBER: When @SpeakerPelosi ripped up @POTUS Trump’s speech when he was done, that speech contained the names of:

- Military killed in action;
- American heroes;
- American citizens killed by illegals;
- Martin Luther King
- Pioneers

THAT is what she thinks of YOU!
When #NancyPelosi was asked why she ripped up @POTUS Trump’s speech, she replied “it was the polite thing to do considering the alternatives.”

Folks, please please please #NeverForget the level of disrespect she and many Dems showed towards YOU, THE PEOPLE!
While Pelosi probably thought she was sending a zinger at Trump, she didn’t.

She sent AMERICA the middle finger by doing that.

The #SOTU speech isn’t about a person; it’s about our nation as a whole. This was a display of disrespect on par with burning the American Flag.
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Democrats stand against lowering drug prices! They represent Big Pharma! Outrageous behavior at the #StateOfTheUnion #SOTU
WOW-Nancy Pelosi destroyed a historical record tonight at #SOTU That speech belongs to the people!
Watch Flotus as Pelosi rips the Presidents historical speech!
These people hate America
#SOTUResponse #SOTUResponse
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New #Qanon thread January 30th - Q post 3806: Q links a post of #LindseyGraham explaining how the #President was completely in his legal right to pursue actual crimes committed by high ranking politicians. He also stated the #Bidens are being looked at outside! #ImpeachmentEnd
Q post 3807: Q points out Sept 19th, 2018 to watch the opponent who decide to run in 2020 because they will say @realDonaldTrump cannot go against his political enemies. See #JoeBiden & #HunterBiden. Also see #TomSteyer #MichaelBloomberg all running out of the blue.
Q post 3808: Q posts a link to an article about #JeffSessions opened 27 investigations into leaking w/ political motives in the gov. Q is stating that the whistleblowers to be revealed in these investigations were 2 sources on the #NationalSecurityCouncil…
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Schiff, Pelosi, & Nadler are panicking. They have invested YEARS into tearing #Trump apart to the exclusion of OTHERS who are investigating the treachery all around THEM. Nadler has spent 30yrs trying (at one point with McCain) to close down Trump when he was about to build in
2/ NYC. He had plans laid out to build NY’s tallest skyscraper on the upper West side. It would have included shopping, housing for low-level as well as high income penthouses & views of the Hudson River. Trump was even looking to move the drive to improve views. Nadler realized
3/ after seeing mock ups it would change the demographic of his voting district. He hurried to Congress to consult with his buddy McCain. Together, the got government funding stalled/stopped. This was funding open to ANY developer. Trump turned to another project. The entire time
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1/ #Burisma Connections: How #Ukrainian organized crime operates; how they buy US officials.

Below @JohnEdHerbst who works for Burisma (the mafia-connected Hunter Biden company in Ukraine).
- An ex US Ambassador.
- Affiliated with @AtlanticCouncil

Seen doing PR for Burisma.
@JohnEdHerbst @AtlanticCouncil 2/ We obtained info about a trip by #NancyPelosi to #Ukraine. We were able to confirm that during her trip Ms. Pelosi raised EXACTLY THE SAME TALKING POINTS #Burisma had been pushing for. Burisma is the mafia-connected Ukrainian gas company. This raises very serious questions
@JohnEdHerbst @AtlanticCouncil 3/ During #Pelosi's visit to #Ukraine, she discussed "Ukraine's energy security" & "reducing dependence on Russian energy sources" (directly copied from #Burisma's talking points; This was Burisma's lobbying angle). It raises very serious questions.…
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Anons take note! [NP] #NancyPelosi? Is a big indictment going to drop in 4 days? The delta between the first tweet & the #Impeachment correction 4 minutes later? Do we have any 12:27 markers anywhere in #Qanon posts? N & P are also 14 & 16. Could this mean April 30th? 4+(14+16)
The date on this watch is 12/27. The name of this picture was 2729
If you pull up #Qanon post 2729 it pulls up the rocket that as alleged to be an assassination attempt on the #President. Could this be what is revealed on 12/27 with the order being given by #NancyPelosi?
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@Dutchwouter777 White supremacists (#WhiteNationalists) from across the West are flocking to #Ukraine to learn from the combat experience of their fascist brothers-in-arms, & chronicling their experiences on social media before they bring their lessons back home.…
@Dutchwouter777 #WhiteNationalists support the establishment of whites-only nation states, both by excluding new non-white immigrants and, in some cases, by expelling or killing non-white citizens and residents.… #NeoNazis
@Dutchwouter777 Some Democrats still worry about Russia propagandizing a few computer-illiterate swing voters.
They ignore all information about #ObamaBiden's support of the #MaidanCoup instigated by #NeoNazis who still influence the government in Ukraine.… #JoeBiden
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@RBReich You're still worried about Russia's ability to propagandize a few computer-illiterate swing voters?
Did it bother you that #ObamaBiden supported the #MaidanCoup along with #NeoNazis who are still influencing the government in Ukraine?… #JoeBiden
@RBReich Snipers who killed scores of protestors and policemen on Kiev’s Maidan Square in February 2014, triggered a “democratic revolution” that overthrew the elected president, Yanukovych, and brought to power a virulent anti-Russian, pro-American regime.…
@RBReich When a founder of a #NeoNazi party and repackaged speaker of the Ukrainian parliament visited Washington in 2017, he was widely feted by leading American politicians, including Senator John #McCain and Representative Paul Ryan.
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@JoyAnnReid #Ukraine is a top military arms EXPORTING nation.
Hundreds of million$ in U.S. military aid helps Ukraine sell their weaponry to China!
#Trump continually gives military aid to Ukraine to buy U.S. weapons, including #Javelins not used in #Donbas conflict.…
@JoyAnnReid Do you believe Ukraine is now fighting for its survival against an invasion of Russian soldiers with thousands of casualties?
It’s nothing like that.
#ObamaBiden denied all military aid to #Poroshenko fearing that lethal aid would provoke Moscow.… #JoeBiden
@JoyAnnReid Any time you hear the #BidenProtectionMedia wailing that #tRump denied (delayed) U.S. military aid to fight off Russia’s proxy mercenaries (not Russian soldiers) remember #Biden’s impotence when #Poroshenko begged for military aid.… #FlamingHypocrites #DNC
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1 petit #thread récapitulatif sur l'enquête en vue d'#impeachment sur #Trump de la Chambre démocrate qui prend un nouveau tournant aujourd'hui avec les 1ères auditions publiques et télévisées de témoins pour essayer de prendre de la hauteur sur 1 flux impressionnant d'infos… 👇
2) Déjà, de quoi s'agit-il? Rappeler que la Chambre à majorité démocrate a ouvert depuis le 24 septembre 1 enquête en vue d'#impeachment, c'est-à-dire de mise en accusation contre le président D.#Trump à propos de ses actions envers l'#Ukraine au printemps et à l'été 2019...
3)…cette enquête parlementaire en vue d'#impeachment de la Chambre démocrate a été ultérieurement codifiée par cette résolution votée par la Chambre le 31 octobre.L'enquête doit déterminer s'il y a motif(s) de mettre en accusation #Trump selon ces règles.…
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@ChanelRion @OANN @NeilWMcCabe2 #EricCiaramella’s attorney is referring only to #Ciaramella as “my client”
“that places my client, [and his other whistleblower client] the #IntelligenceCommunityWhistleblower, and their family”… #whistleblower #EugeneVindman #YevgenyVindman #AdamSchiff
@ChanelRion @OANN @NeilWMcCabe2 Read the attorney's letter:
"the President equated whistleblowers and my client — AS WELL AS MY OTHER WHISTLEBLOWER CLIENT”
“Let me be clear: Should any harm befall any suspected named whistleblower or their family, the blame will rest squarely with your client,”
@ChanelRion @OANN @NeilWMcCabe2 "While engaging in foreign affairs at the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York on September 26, 2019, the President equated whistleblowers and my client [#Ciaramella] — AS WELL AS MY OTHER #WHISTLEBLOWER CLIENT — with “spies”, stating:"…
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#Ukraine has Europe’s 3rd highest shale gas reserves. Nov 2013 just before #Maidan riots in Kiev #Chevron signed 50 yr agreement to develop W. #Ukrainian oil and gas. This effectively edges out #Russia's #Gazprom 1/5th world’s gas reserves, supplying more than half of #Ukraine.
Geopolitical invasion: US Asst Sec of State, Eur. #VictoriaNuland conference sponsored by #Chevron Oil on Dec. 13, 2013, after return from Kiev where she handed out cookies and sandwiches to demonstrators at a #Maidan photo op. #JoeBiden mentioned ~6:00
#Ukraine violence ramps up, with memorable photo-enhanced choreography oddly similar to 2017 US #Charlottesville riot, with nighttime tiki-torchlight parades. The approach has all the hallmarks manipulative false flag, created for durable domestic and worldwide media consumption.
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4401 Nancy Pelosi's and Donald Trump's 'Meltdown Meeting' #DonaldTrump
#NancyPelosi #Meltdown #MeltdownMeeting #NancysPoint #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence
1/ Earlier this week, a short, abbreviated analysis of this image was tweeted. What follows is a much more in-depth analysis of Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and the others in the room.
2/ When a person has little or no empathy — and/or when they're far from their emotional baseline, their ability to interpret how others will view an event becomes dramatically distorted.
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Selective outrage of liberals. Nancy simply got her arsed handed to her in a mighty way. She is not as powerful as the liberal media would have us to believe. She is a hiccup of a woman. #NancyPelosi
Liberals trying to build up Fancy Nancy. Please! She doesn’t even have control of her own caucus. Pathetic!
Republicans should be all over this. Instead you have dopey Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse siding with Democrats. Fools! Who let the dogs out? #MittRomney
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Wed Oct 16, 2016 marks
1000 DAYS that Trump has Proven to be the Worst
President of the United States in American History.
(Not including the Campaign and Transition period)
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Recent speech pattern issues, cognitive anomalies seen with #RobertMueller #NancyPelosi, and others, are raising the difficult topic of mental competence and cognitive decline. This may become key aspect considered in discussion of #TermLimitsforCongress…
#MuellerInvestigation namesake #RobertMueller, invisible until disastrous final #MuellerReport review, likely covering for real head, partisan #AndrewWeissmann with history of alleged corrupt prosecutorial misconduct. Cognitive decline evident to all:
Speaker #NancyPelosi, 79, difficulty communicating clearly, is 2nd in the Line of Succession after VP #MikePence. At a critical time in US history are #TermLimitsforCongress a national security issue? Few clips "altered", a claim made to hide the issue:
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#Pelosi also implies those who pushed early for #impeachment lack integrity, deliberation, and fairness.

And she initially hoped there was exculpatory evidence for Trump with #Ukraine.
For anyone arguing that ripping families apart and traumatizing children isn't a crime, consider this:

"Last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg trials says Trump's family separation policy is ‘crime against humanity’"…

It matters whether it's politically expedient or not.

It matters whether it pisses people off or not.

This is the truth:
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