There is a push by some to place blame about SCOTUS on Bernie or Bust folks, and as satisfying as that may be in the short term it, just doesn't hold up to scrutiny. That position also absolves the Dems of DECADES of inaction against GOP anti-Democratic tendencies #thread
First, more 16' Bernie primary voters eventually came around to voting for Hillary than Hillary primary voters came around to voting for Obama in 08'. The myth that he cost her the election needs to be put to sleep like swing voters and other DC beltway fantasies
Moreover, even in the #WhatIfMarvel version of America where Clinton wins in 16', there is NO reason to believe McConnell would have held a vote on any of her SCOTUS nominees. In fact, he pretty much said he'd never seat another judge from a Dem as long as he ran the Senate
So SCOTUS, and to a similar extent the lower courts are a result of Democrats not putting up enough of a fight when Trump was stuffing the courts with nincompoops and ideologues, especially after McConnell had spent YEARS denying Obama dozens of court appointments
SCOTUS has been a partisan joke since the 00' election Bush v.s. Gore case when Scalia's wasn't forced to recuse himself over an obvious conflict of interest…
Guns, Healthcare, these were all test cases. The goal of the GOP for 40 years has been to reverse Roe v.s. Wade AND destroy any vestige of the Voting Rights Act. They've done both in the last 8 months DESPITE losing in 20' and being in the minority in all 3 federal branches
It's been a 3 alarm fire for Democracy since before #January6thInsurrection with historians, activist and journalists like @AngryBlackLady @Bre@ @sarahkendzior telling everyone who'd listen for years. All of this could've been prevented, heck it could be reversed, if Biden cared
But President Biden does not. If he cared about the slow moving coup in our country he would address voting rights, abortion, and the insurrection with the same energy and steadfastness that he has shown on pulling out of #Afghanistan - but he doesn't have that same energy
At every turn, when truly transformative policies could be enacted, this administration has fought for a collegiality that no longer exists. Parliamentarian won't allow 15 minimum wage, Dems could replace them as the GOP did. But refused.…
Manchin and Sinema refuse to move on the filibuster or expanding the court or impeaching Kavanaugh ? Bully the out of power, committees until they agree. Bush did it to Trent Lott, Trump did it to everyone…
We know who the GOP is, they've been broadcasting their plans for years, but even after an armed GOP COUP attempt the current administration can't figure out how to whip their own caucus into action. This is a grotesque lack of political will and imagination, not actual power

• • •

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18 Aug
Imagine finding out days before you THINK your son will graduate, that they've only passed 3 classes in 4 years of high-school with a .013 GPA. Yet the school kept advancing them to the next grade year after year…
In my school district we had what was called "social passing" where if you failed a grade more than once you automatically graduated to the next grade. Which is why there was a 16 year old bully in the 9th grade junior high-school. But there's no excuse for 4 years of failure
Of course if your school gets paid by the student then you have incentives to either maintain "Ghost students" or keep kids in attendance that should otherwise be gone. This is a pretty crazy story - Same high-school
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16 Aug
Weeks like this are a reminder of the structural weakness that America has because we have substandard public education on current events which puts news media in the unfortunate position of having to inform then contextualize stories that really require more than 3 minutes
911 could have been a fundamental turning point in American education. For all the screaming about STEM education, 911 should've galvanized local school boards to increase focus on world history, geography and history. Instead we doubled down on Mid-East bad, America good
Americans know about as much about #Afghanistan today as they did 20 years ago and yet everyone wants to point fingers about who failed when and how. Our media & elected officials can't be moved to smarter policy when the public is not educated about anything north of Maine
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13 Aug
This week's @Slate #AWord podcast really hits home. We discuss the serious and underreported impact #COVID is having on the black family. Please take time to listen and share…
Rampant greed is one of the reasons America is facing another #COVID and Variant wave despite having more than enough resources to do effective track & trace, quarantine and vaccination. But the push to re-open schools this fall is more about misplaced optimistism than greed
You've got @LSU refusing to require vaccination (but vaccinating an actual Lion mascot) and even at colleges that do require vaccination it's still dangerous to start classes full time again…
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10 Aug
One of my favorite memories from 1st year at @UVA involves this song. Spring semester the OHill Cafeteria surprised us with a cookout (Grilled burgers/ hotdogs) instead of the usual cafeteria fare ( fried burgers/hotdogs). The D.J., food and atmosphere was very dry
Also, this the 90's at @UVA - campus was extra segregated, black and white students mostly congregated together, with AAPI and Latino students sprinkled throughout, served by almost exclusively black cafeteria workers. Nobody seemed particularly happy to be at a cookout
After like 40 minutes of lame hits, the DJ puts on "It Takes Two" and I swear, it was like a scene out of a Hollywood musical. First everybody noticed that there was a real beat playing. Then folks starting tapping their feet, then people were dancing in cookout line...
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5 Aug
I am so nervous about @Y_FXonHulu . Y - The Last Man is one of the best comic series I've ever read. One of maybe 3 comic runs where I literally cried reading the last issue. I don't want it to MATCH the source material, I want the show to exceed the source material
When Y-The Last Man ended in 08', TV shows centering women weren't nearly as well written as they are today, and shows featuring LGBTQA and Black women were still rare and often 2-Dimensional. Things aren't great today but they're better and @Y_FXonHulu should reflect that
Y-TLM comic had a huge blind spot on race, Agent 355 was the only black speaking character for 90% of the run and there was only one awkward discussion of race that was so terrible and tone deaf it should be buried forever. Hopefully the TV series will do better
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3 Aug
With all due respect to @perrybaconjr
The framing of this piece is absolutely ridiculous and is the quintessential example of inside the beltway thinking (even when it comes from outside the beltway )
Campaign to "Keep Nina Turner out of the House" sounds like it was written by a press flak. Turner ran a mostly locally focused campaign for months. But she did raise millions from donors mostly outside of the district, which makes sense given her national profile
#Ohio11 residents are NOT viewing this race as a proxy battle. Shontel Brown is the local Dem party chair & mentored by Fudge, nobody outside of the DC pundit class sees her as the establishment. Turner is a national surrogate coming back to her old district to serve
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